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  1. drewwho

    I am kind of glad about this if it means we have a more streamlined story without too many filler episodes . Just look at how Picard season 2 has turned out they are stretching a story out over ten episodes that probably could have easily been told in six .

  2. Mike

    What show was scrapped?

  3. Backcountry164

    Does anyone actually care?? I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t get canceled entirely about half way through the first season. Star Wars shows are too expensive to be nothing more than filler for Disney plus.

  4. Matt

    Excellent series the star wars shows would like to see a series that goes back even further to the days when the jedi were the galactic cops and before the imperial scrap.

  5. CJ

    I am enjoying the Star Wars Content developed for Disney + more than the last Star Wars Trilogy (will not be surprised if Lucasfilm is put the task to retcon Star Wars VII , VIII , IX from Canon!).

  6. GreedioDisney

    ‘Andor: How I Became A Murderous Backstabbing Sociopath Hypocrite’ has always been the least important show to be made in SW.

    No one asked for this show, just shovelling woketard Disney laughable crap down our throats.
    Is there gonna be a Rose communist fatigues show next too?? Zapping deserters?!
    Not the Rebels I know!

  7. Jacoby Ellsbury

    There’s no point to this character or story whatsoever

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