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  1. Trish Hannah

    I am from Ohio and know both Cedar Point and Kings Island well. We used to have Geauga Lake/Six Flags but thats another story. There have been a million rumors in the state about Cedar Point closing after last August and a very serious accident involving Top Thrill Dragster that almost or did kill a woman from Michigan. The public still has not been told if she recovered or died. It made a lot of people lose faith in Cedar Fair. It’s a major Ohio park that people pay money for and we have a right to know if one of their rides killed someone. Or the extent of injuries. How is it different than automakers who let you know that information about their products? No one wants any personal information or names just the outcome. The ride is closed for the whole 2022 season so it must be bad. What is going on? Even more serious than the money I lost on a 2020 pass. Did that woman die or recover? Simple question.

    1. CJ

      We live in southern Nevada and have Passes for Knott’s Berry Farm …. yes, we were affected by the pandemic, and basically 2/3 of 2020 was impossible to visit due to covid-19 restrictions – but we managed to get there for the last 1/3 of 2020 thru most of 2021 with our Passes given extensions for the Lost Time!

      We followed CDC guidelines by masking up where required, maintaining a 6-ft distance when dining from other Park Guests AND in queue lines, using the hand sanitizer provided, etc.

      These lawsuits against Knott’s Berry Farm sound like Karen’s who are anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers that did not want to cooperate with CDC guidelines during the covid pandemic! 🙄

      As for Cedar Fair managing its Ohio based Cedar Point and Kings Island ? That’s another story and a different legal situation (only time will tell when Attorneys allow Cedar Fair to comment on Top Thrill Dragster , but I still feel sorry for that lady from Michigan!) 😥

  2. AngelaZ

    Kings Island is exceedingly ableist and prohibits those with disabilities from riding anything, citing manufacturers guidelines. It is high time that sh** hole gets shut down and sued.

    1. Crimson King

      Yea, that’s a lie my wife is physically disabled and she has been able to ride everything there.

  3. William martin

    The passes were only 100 bucks plus ..give me a fn break stop acting like it costs a arm and a leg

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