Comments for Family Animation Studio Goes Dark, Producing “Gritty” Bloody Movie

Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones

Credit: Laika


  1. Shannon

    Why do you state “unfortunately able to turn a profit”?

    1. Dcosta

      Obviously an error.

  2. Cal

    Honestly I’m super excited for them! LAKIA is probably my all time favorite animation studio, and I’d love to see what they can do in a different genre

  3. Korvina

    Honestly, it sounds like a movie full of love. A boy struggles to keep his family together in the wake of a tragedy, you say? It contains some real world violence? Here’s the thing… Disney is great at making movies that make kids feel safe and happy. That is a good thing… However, the real world is full of violence and disasters. Children honestly have had all the goodness and safety of childhood yanked away from them since the COVID pandemic turned the world upside down. Little ones are questioning their parents for trying to keep the goodness of Disney movies a recurrent theme in their heads when reality is presenting them with the opposite. It toys with their emotions. Especially with the war Russia started, Ukraine being their first target… Face it, Putin is not going to stop at Ukraine.
    Children need animated movies that are better related to real life events.
    They are small humans, but they are still humans. And just because they are children, it doesn’t mean that they are unintelligent creatures incapable of using their brains or having serious thoughts that you think only adults are capable of.
    All the children that have been committing suicide since 2020 has got to be speaking volumes to everyone. Thank goodness Laika has gone down the dark path. The children that are growing up now are not able to be kept in a frame of mind that the world is inherently good, nothing bad happens, or if it does, they can sing a cheerful song and all the bad just melts away, and then they live in a state of euphoria for the rest of their lives, because it’s always happily ever after.
    It’s not happily ever after. It’s scrape, strive,survive, help others in times of need and don’t be too proud to accept help in times of need. The real world needs you to truly love your neighbor as yourself, especially during tragedy. Children need to be allowed to take part in the real world. That is how they learn resilience. That is how they learn perseverance. That is how they learn to be kind in the wake of tragedy. I applaud the makers of Coraline for going to the real world in their movies. It helps children to grow up with real world knowledge. It’s cruel to raise them with unrealistic ideas of life and then let them be hit with a ton of reality and be unable to cope with life.

    It would be truly wonderful if life was really all blue skies and sunshine, you know, happily ever after. But it’s not and children shouldn’t be treated as if it is.

    They are tiny humans. They are fully capable of intelligent thought. They tend to hide it from the adults in their lives, because they are often dismissed. Have you ever overheard children talking to each other? Have you ever just listened to their conversations when they are fully confident that no grownup is listening?

    The biggest problem with children is not the children, but the way society has raised us to treat children… Enslave them to the happily ever after ideal, instead of treating them as human beings and letting them know what to expect from the world.

    I’m not saying that they should be raised without morals. Coraline went a little too far with the scary but thankfully the character came to her senses and realized that her real mother was better.. Funny though…my youngest daughter stopped talking about her. “other mother” once she watched Coraline. After the movie scared the living hell out of her, she decided to stop desiring the entity she kept calling her other mother. She hugged me and told me that she is happy that I am her real mother, and she was glad that Coraline showed her what would happen to her if she went to live with her “other mother”. She said she told her to go away and never come back.

    That makes me wonder if Coraline is based on true accounts of bizarre beings that steal children… Or if someone is spying on my family and then using their imagination to spin it into a long creepy story about what might have happened to my baby girl and turned it into a movie. In that case, where’s my payment for it? Lol.

    Anyway the inherent good of the Disney and the Pixar worlds along with the gritty truth of reality from Laika studios are both necessary for tiny humans… not so tiny humans too. I love me some Frozen and Frozen 2, Rio and Rio2, ice age. Small foot, Finding Nemo and Dory… But I also love the dark and scary. Hotel Transylvania franchise, Addams family, Coraline, nightmare before Christmas, etc. And same thing with my kids. I haven’t enslaved them in a safety bubble. They know that there are people who want to hurt them as well as people who don’t. They know that if they are given poison, a handsome prince isn’t going to break the curse of the poison with a kiss of true love, but that they had better get help immediately and make sure they can give an accurate description of the person who tried to kill them.

    Most assuredly, they are prepared for the attack that Russia will inflict upon us. They are fully aware of the disgusting POS pedophile in the white house. They know that he is a wimp that is supposed to run his mouth to the point where Russia attacks us. They aren’t blind little princesses and princes. No American child should be.

  4. Irene

    Laika studios is incredibly ingenious! I’m looking forward to all their forthcoming ventures!

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