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Kylie Jenner Bodyguard at Disneyland

Credit: TikTok @jonnymetro77


  1. Heidi

    If the Kardashians don’t want people to film their own vacations then maybe they need their own theme park. Just because someone was filming didn’t give the bodyguard any right to go after them. All visitors to Disney have the right to record their trips. Maybe the Kardashian family should stop flaunting their wealth by cutting ahead of regular people just to get rides all to themselves. It’s not right that normal people have to wait in long lines while celebrities get to act so high and mighty to get what they want all the time. They need to grow up and realize that they are not any more special than anyone else. At least normal people work for their money unlike the Kardashians. They do not know the meaning of earning money all.

    1. Jane

      I agree completely. I am so over these entitled morons.

      1. Diane

        Disney Cast Members let them cut in front of the line. It’s their fault. Should have said no, get back to the end of the line. I’m a big Disney fan and it saddens me that Disney lets that happen.

        1. Barney

          They pay lots of $$$$ for that privilege cast member are doing their jobs.

      2. Brian Wood

        Maybe if brain-challenged idiots weren’t so besotted with like-wise idiotic self-described “celebrities” these incidents would not occur.
        Many, many people, including me, resent being filmed by cell phone wielding numbskulls, for many reasons, and I am certainly NOT a “fan” of the publicity seeking K family, nor any other “celebrity”.. I would be more entertained by a toddler dropping his ice cream, then snatching it back up and stuffing it back in his mouth without a thought!

        1. Irish

          How about you have enough money that amongst all of you, you could have closed the hold damn park and you wouldn’t have had to cut the lines in front of everyone else. What are you teaching those children!

          1. Andrew

            They are filming their Disney owned show the Kardashians so it only makes sense they wouldn’t want anyone filming and that they got to skip thebline

            1. Julian H

              Its a public place they are out in the open they can be filmed Tough.

        2. BonBon

          I wouldn’t know most of if I bumped into them. Maybe Kim’s big butt and ugly boyfriend but seriously that is pushing it.

      3. Royn

        You’re right! Most Celebrities aren’t the nicest people anyways. I’ve only met a few celebrities that were actually nice to me. I had one celebrity follow me because I was so Star Struck. I walked away in a panic. The celebrity said come here. I said yeah? They said I don’t want you to feel intimidated by me. I’m no different than you are. They gave me a big hug. This is the perfect example of the way all celebrities should be.

        1. Jan

          I agree most of them should be willing to acknowledge their fans but think about it most people in today’s society are rude and self-absorbed so why wouldn’t those in Hollywierd be the same? I have a few friends that have been sports stars, and some were sweet to fans and others were jerks! (I called them out on it!) Informed them you get more smiles with sweet or acknowledgment than with anger! A simple smile and wave works wonders for a fan.

    2. Brian Campbell

      I would have pressed charges and kicked the remaining lil k family out for not following the rules that everyone else has to follow. As far as I am concerned they are NOT SPECIAL

      1. Karen

        That would be bad publicity for Disneyland. They wouldn’t dare. Remember this world isn’t fair.

    3. Patti

      Spot on. Sorry, but they constantly demand the spotlight (nobody knows for what) and this is what it gets them. Don’t want anyone noticing you or filming you? Quit pretending to be special.

      1. M. Licausi

        Let’s see now, hmmmm.
        We want to visit a huge theme park , we want to visit when it is extremely crowded and then cause a stir when we get recognized so we get more attention. Ridiculous people who do absolutely nothing but constantly look for ways to stay in the spotlight.

        1. tvnutt

          Absolutely. You must have poor self esteem if not even make up can make you look attractive and you have to resort to plastic surgery in your twenties!

    4. C. Rowles


    5. ROB


    6. Beth

      Well said! Ditto!

    7. JCK

      Listen to all the jealousy in these post. Call the Kardashians what ever want, they cant hear you over the “cha-ching !”
      You sound like they are the first to get special treatment.

      1. Karen

        I’m just surprised one of the billionaire sisters didn’t close the park down. Maybe they were trying to show their kids they can be normal too? Sorry my last sentence made me laugh!

    8. Tom

      As I have said before, “they’re a fine example of a

    9. Jamay

      You are so wrong on the work level. They do work and being a celebrity is work. Not to mention , beauty lines, clothing lines and celeb appearances, etc. Your jealousy is flopping out all over the place. Their money buys slots you can’t afford. Not their fault they made riches. Their momma taught them well.

    10. Christine

      Agreed. Now if someone was recording them in the bathroom or first aid station, it would be a total different story.

      It’s the life they chose to live. If they have an issue with people recording, they can work as a medic like me and I will totally take their lives, complete with actually being able to afford to make a salad, because produce is getting waaaayy expensive.

    11. james

      She just wants to sell the footage herself. Why anyone follows these scummy people is beyond me.

    12. Kevin

      While I personally agree, it’s a long-standing discogram policy to allow you to pay extra to skip lines and ride with just your party. I think it’s like 1200 bucks.

  2. Leslie

    They aren’t anything special. If people would stop watching reality TV then no one would know their names, and maybe we would actually have good shows to watch.

  3. P. Evans

    I wouldn’t know who Kylie Jenner was if she knocked on my front door and introduced herself. The only thing I know about the Kardashians is the name.

  4. Chris

    It went much farther than your article covers. The body guard was overly aggressive and she was definitely ok with it. The bodyguard actually shoulder Checked me and demanded I stop taking pics of my kids while they were in the area! They took over more than one ride, taking easily four times what others get and clearly refusing to ride with the average trash in the park. We left the park earlier, as my kids were just nervous wrecks over this huge man approaching us and acting like he did. If this is normal LA behavior I’m never going back! This was our first time there and probably our last. We saved two years for that trip and the this entitled family ruined it. Disney really let us down by allowing it. I’m sure all the fans of that family think they deserve it, but they don’t! We paid admission just like everyone else. They took that experience away from us!!

    1. Deb

      Well I’m truly sad that this no mark spoiled ya visit , I guessing cm dared not say anything to them as Disney now owns the ridiculous family show , considering how one of them got famous I’m surprised at Disney

    2. L

      I wish you would’ve called the police for assault. That’s disgusting and unacceptable

    3. C. Rowles

      Not fair if they were allowed to skip ahead in line. Sure known but, why? Because normal everyday people made them famous household names. Now they pay that back by cutting in line and not allowing a phone recoding in a public place. That people pay a lot of yearly earnings to go to, not just pocket change. They can afford to rent out park for an hour or two after hours if want alone first in line private service. Fame is a double edge blade. Being known has you lose some or a lot of freedoms in exchange for being given that fame by everyday people to be known on sight or by name and live the life of wealth and privilege. Yes there are those that have the wealth but without that Fame they can live in background when out unless flaunting that wealth.

    4. F the kardashian

      you should of called the cops and pressed charges for battery if he touched you….

    5. No Name

      That is actual bs of him to shoulder check you – INVADING your damn privacy, like wth and tell at you for just taking pictures of your kids. I would’ve raised hell if that was me, lol. Anyways I am sorry to hear that your experience was ruined because of selfish pos!

    6. Beth

      That is terrible! That shows just how self-centered they are. Ugh

    7. Christine

      Wow. That’s a shame. Seems like he thinks he has more power than the referral person at a doctor’s office. (Smh.)

      Sorry you had to go through that.

    8. sam

      wait, you didn’t film the exchange with the body guard? there’s gotta be a lawyer out there looking to get you a nice payday.

    9. Shea

      I am sorry to hear this was your experience at Disney. I have been a fan my entire life. But lately the Disney Magic that Walt build hasn’t been there and its sad to see. Your first experience at Disneyland is supposed to be memorable and filled with love and excitement and they ruined it for your and your family. I can assure you this is not normal LA behavior. I have been at Disneyland with Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie, Hailey Berry, Gwen Stefani etc. and nothing like this has happened.


    Him and the witch should have been arrested for shoving the guest.

  6. Gee

    Don’t wanna be filmed, stay ya ass at home, free country, public space , suck it up buttercup, rich privilege my ass

  7. Boo

    Perfectly legal to film in a public area…..c’mon body guard….be an ass. I’m sure your boss would love a lawsuit and assault charges. Self entitled morons….

  8. Deb

    Mindless creatures all of them

  9. JW

    They are worthless people. It is a public place and legal to film when out in open. Ibwould of not shut off camera and bodygaurd would be looking for bail money once he come near me.

  10. James

    This is the 2nd article I seen about this that the writer pumped up how many wonderful things Disney has to offer .

  11. She just didn’t want people to realize she photoshopped a picture of her later in a tight dress…just like Kortney was pictured in a bikini all skinny,when pictures have been posted of her not so skinny..not body shaming but they shouldn’t try to hide the facts that they lie about everything….

  12. Suzy

    I’m so sick of these people feeling that they are intitled ,and say screw you to everyone by be rude and cutting in front of others. And HOW dare you have your body guard go after some one for filming you, you went to a PUBLIC park knowing a thousand people would be there WTH your so stupid to think that not one person would recognize and take a picture or film you

  13. Jerry

    So, we have a video showing who knows who. Sorry I don’t follow reality TV. Big guys walks towards person with phone, no interaction shown, and ITM makes a non-story with no back up for clicks

  14. Mickey Mouse

    You have no right to privacy in public don’t wanna be photographed or videotaped stay home people can capture anything they want and you can’t do nothing about it

  15. Vicki

    I had not seen this! Shame on Disney for letting it happen! I have been at WDW when lots of celebs have also been there. Notably, Princess Diana and sons and a couple of times when Steven Tyler has been there. They didn’t get this kind of treatment! They were taken in the back way and loaded but others still got to ride. Tyler has even waited in lines with people if the lines weren’t ridiculous!

    But I have an even bigger problem with the special treatment the K family got. For years parents and grandparents were told ABSOLUTELY NO WAGONS! Low and behold, Kim ( she’s the only one I know about) and sister come with their kids in a wagon! And just not any wagon…one with monogrammed Ks all over it! I think everyone should screen shoot the picture of the girls in their luxury wagon and then demand that Disney let them in with theirs! Just who in heck do those people think they are? Every one has been married at least twice, had numerous kids with numerous men (as a family), posed naked, appeared in public in clothing that would have gotten the average person arrested for indecent exposure,…. And what is their claim to fame? Did they discover a cure for a disease? Did they work in the ICU of a hospital during the pandemic? Did they fight in a war? Did they match on the front lines of the Civil Rights marches last year or so? No! The only claim to fame is that their father defended OJ Simpson (who May or may not have been guilty…not the point!) and their stepfather is now what? Their step mom? Give me a break! For Pete’s (not Kim’s current bed partner) sake, people, stop watching their horrible show and stop buying anything they are selling, including magazines that feature them!

    (By the way, why didn’t anyone ever tell me you could make money off an enormous a$$ snd fake boobs! I did every thing I could to minimize my natural a$$ and boobs!!

    1. tvnutt

      Best …post…ever!!!

    2. Evie

      Love it😍Well said!

    3. Shea

      Everything we are all thinking…Nice post 🙂

  16. Rob

    Why was this article even written? You are playing right into the Kardashian’s narcissism and are just enabling them. They are attention-whores and are famous for nothing. Why continue to make them think they are famous for something?

  17. michael

    As it’s a PUBLIC park in a way, sure you have to pay to get in and these Kardashian pukes are famously in the public eye , the bodyguard can’t do ANYTHING to the camera operators who filmed them at Disney. If they put their hands on them because of the video filming then the idiot bodyguard can be charged with assault

    1. Rroe

      Plus Disney will have a another HUGE liability case on their hands.

  18. John Schubert

    The Kardashians are scum with absolutely no value. Why these dysfunctional individuals are polluting TV is a mystery to me. Even more of a mystery is why any one would ever watch them.

  19. Michele

    Why are they special, famous for nothing

  20. Lisa D

    Mr Disney would never allow this to go on in his park! These Disney higher ups don’t care about anything or anyone except money. Disneyland lost it’s magic. It’s really sad

  21. Lara

    Who do these people think they are? Americans got rid of royalty back in 1776!! Get off your high horse, princess wannabe.

  22. Mouse

    Disney has totally lost its way. “The Magic” can return, and it is not too late. Clean out the current leadership before all is lost.

  23. Teresa Davis

    I don’t care about that whole dam family.
    Nothing but a bunch of morons. I will never go back to Disney. I hated every minute there.
    Nothing but a bunch of ignorant people that are so rude and obnoxious.
    The whole family is fake and acts like their
    S__t don’t stink.

  24. Stephanie

    SMH. Why can’t she push her own baby in the stroller? #richlife #toogood

  25. Cary

    I agree 👍 totally the Kardashians I never liked them ever and to think they are better than others specifically in a Disney park people work for the money to go to Disney I can’t stand them ever

  26. Rroe

    Disney is ONLY about MONEY and this is the type of behavior you can continually expect at Disney theme parks. This is why I no longer will give my hard earned money to a huge corporation that could care less. Keep catering to Disney and you can keep expecting this type of behavior from this company. Wake UP Folks!!!

  27. Chris B

    “Hollywood reality TV sensations.” lmao ok. I see what ITM did there. They talked about how the Kardashians have a show on Disney+ so that automatically means the Kardashians are now cool in ITM’s book. You wont see ITM talking bad about the kardashians and the Jenners now. In ITM’s view the “reality tv sensations” cutting in line is perfectly fine now.

  28. Brandy

    Well apparently you all know more about them than I do. Idk if they’re morons or even good/bad people. They aren’t apart of my life. Now I agree completely about the body guard bs, if he approached me or my family in any way. There would’ve been charges. For one thing cause I wouldn’t have known who this strange man was or any of the people with him.
    But when it comes to the rides, come on now yall. You know they paid more than a pretty penny to get the treatment they did. And if you can come up with that kinda cash to spend a day in the park, you would’ve excepted the same treatment. Just like buy a fast pass, your gonna skip people in line that have been there for hours, cause you paid the money to get that. Thats all they did, paid ridiculous money, (probably more than I make in a year), to enjoy the park for a day. Now yeah, they probably could’ve rented it out and had it to themselves. But they didn’t.
    We can’t be bad that they got what they paid for. But the whole bodyguard, picture taking crap is a whole bother story that is not except able for anyone!

  29. Ken

    First amendment…no expectations of privacy in public

  30. Kevin

    It would be much different if someone went and invaded their personal space to take a pic or video. So here’s an idea: Don’t go out in public if you are famous and don’t want people taking video or pics of you from a distance. Oh wait, if not for those people you wouldn’t be famous. You can’t have it both ways celebritards.

  31. Bella Corday

    These so called celebrities are a joke. You are human, same as the rest of us. Get over yourself.

  32. Sam

    That family is so annoying. If you don’t want public attention then stop being fame-whores.

  33. krm

    Rich whores feel entitled.

  34. Sen

    Maybe if people stopped watching those reality shows.. or watching them reality stars or following them on social media their fame will burn out and they get cancelled become part of the real working class people and guests. those people wouldn’t be famous or become like the K family self entitled people that they are if you never watched them or followed them in the first place. Think about.. would they be where they are today if their first show never made it past episode 1. They’d be 1 and done… Ahaha

    1. Greg

      I think it’s more appropriate to say if they didn’t shove their lives in everyone’s faces for money, they would be able to enjoy privacy. They sold out for money, and this is the price.

  35. Greg

    Kardashians – “Hey everybody look at me look at me, i’m special and everyone should watch me live”

    Kardashians later- “why are people looking at me, where’s my privacy”

    EVERY NORMAL PERSON WITH A BRAIN – “You sold your privacy a long time ago, its gone because of YOU. Get over it.”

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