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Kim with her kid Chicago and niece Dream in Disneyland

Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram


  1. Eric

    Why are these morons even considered famous? They have no talent and have nothing of importance ever. They need to wait like everyone else, screw who they are or what money they have. We all pay to get in and have to follow the same rules. Stop worshipping these idiots like they matter. They don’t care about you and expect to be treated better and think they are better than you.

    1. KMeredith

      Exactly!!! Well said! 🙄 It’s ridiculous.

      1. Lord LaughyPants

        I like how the article starts by saying how angry guests were, and then turns to how much the Kardashians must like Disney.


        1. JoAnne

          I am so sick of this non famous family who use black men to have babies. Known for make up, liposuction and dating all kinds of men. Just trash and the media keeps them in the news. WHY? so sickning!

          1. Jr

            I think they misspelled their name. I think it was supposed to be “Trashdashians”

            1. Kevin

              I always thought it was “Kartrashians”, but yours works too.

            2. Kim

              Disney o lyrics cares about money NOT the little people. The rich and famous can throw money at Disney and they will bend over backwards to do what ever they want. Boycott Disney!

            3. JJ

              Kartrashians. FTFY.

          2. greezythumb

            Blame the TV networks. That’s who make these talentless people famous. Just like the those misfits from the show Jersey Shore. Just a bunch idiots constantly getting drunk, high and screwing everything with a pulse. Then add in the drama filled talentless housewives shows.

          3. Clara Rotti

            Pete Davidson should dump her now.

        2. Heather

          So wait did they purchase the line passes or did they just skip the line it doesn’t specify that what so ever.

        3. S

          Cough cough written by Disney for good press.

      2. Pstamp

        My thoughts exactly who do these people think they are they are no better than the Smiths living on Brown Street you have to start out somewhere to be famous they started out nowhere and they take over Disneyland that’s ridiculous people are scraping their pennies just to be able to take their kids to Disneyland and these people just walk in probably free and take over the park to me they’re nothing they’re all fake and phony and plastic, get in back of the line like the rest of us do you lowlife Kardashians😡

        1. Rochelle

          It’s wrong on all levels..they should wait in line just like everyone else.unless !! Unless they have a special pass or something…it’s wrong !! Unfair

      3. L

        I Agree 💯 that they should wait just like everyone else. They are not Royalty,. and they’re not the President. I realize that when you go to a theme park, the lines are long, if they wanted to have the place to them selves, then they should have rented the whole park.

        1. Jennifer

          I don’t even think that the president would do something like this.

      4. Angel

        We had Jaden Smith & Aaron Carter do the same thing to us at Harry Potter & I agree there idiots well said …

      5. Jax

        Just because someone is rich and famous doesn’t give them the right to do whatever the hell they want! that shouldn’t have been allowed! If you’re gonna come to the park with everybody else there is there and not you know put aside a special time for yourselves then you need to Follow the rules and wait just like everybody else no cutting in line and no getting the dawn right older yourself Nope !

        1. Jax

          Sorry to better edit my comment Follow the rules no cutting in line and no getting the damn ride to yourself!

        2. Rochelle

          💯 right,!!!

      6. Frank

        Just another reason why I will never spend any $ on anything Disney or Disney related. Apparently we are all not created equal.

        1. Rochelle

          No frank we all are created equal..money doesn’t make your character.everyone is special.they should have waited in line just like everyone else

      7. Schizo

        Just more trash people taking advantage of money and status while the little people angrily watch. Welcome to America

      8. Sue

        Get in line like everyone else lady!!

        1. Rochelle


      9. Ivia Funghini

        They are narcissistic, selfish and totally inconsiderate. Absolutely no regard for the other families and children waiting patiently while they have to watch and explain to their children why the Kardashian clan gets to disrespect everyone else. Yeah and who does the kardashian clan market their TV show and labels to, ummm, the public?

        1. Clara Rotti

          Well said. What a bad example they are giving their kids. It’s bad enough to cut in line but to ride alone an to think they are too good to ride with the regular people, that is really bad. And why everyone watches them. Wow, they are really narcissistic. I hate the Kartrashians. Their whole empire is built on blood money. Their day will come.

          1. Sheri

            They became famous because of Kim’s video that got out doing a BJ on her boyfriend at that time. He sent the video to one of those rag papers.

      10. Gracie E

        Well said. The whole KK Clan are think they are so privileged. They have money but no class.

      11. Brian

        They should nicer to all there fans that’s what made them rich.

      12. Sylvia Dowling

        Well said, I agree. It’s not right to other children. Ŕich people should wait there turn.

      13. Ladys8n

        If these entitled poopsicles were any more unconscious they’d be de☆d.

    2. Bets

      It isn’t fair to everyone in line. They aren’t heads of state or ride safety engineers.

      1. Mac

        If your a lib dont complain. Disney is your kind of place .Just watch your kids dont get groped by Mickey .

        1. CJA

          This is a ridiculous response by a brainwashed Faux follower.

          1. George

            The only one brainwashed is you liberal lemming

        2. David

          If you are going to say stuff to others, at least learn how to spell! Typical trumpet response and yet you cannot spell you’re*

          1. You’re wrong! They used your properly!

            1. Linda Foster

              No, they didn’t. It should have been “If you’re a lib” meaning “If you are a lib”, thus it would be “you’re” and not “your”.

          2. Ryan

            You liberals just are plain bullies. Shut up nobody respects you. We can’t say anything without you bully liberals stirring the pot.

            1. tvnutt

              Typical conservative nut jobs acting like a snowflake and calling others a snowflake. Telling people to shut up and then calling the other side bullies. Did you pass the sixth grade???

          3. Kevin

            Attacking a spelling mistake and calling names when you have nothing else. Typical Lefty response, David. By the way, as much as you Lefties want to believe it and try to use it to vilify others, not everyone who disagrees with your politics supports Trump.

            1. Sheri

              Get well soon

        3. Fred

          What does politics have to do with this ! Just say any old stupid crap 😂

    3. Julie

      I totally agree. Disneyland should not let this happen. At the same time aren’t teaching their children any valuable morals.

      1. West

        Too bad nobody was thrown from ride. That would have been some cool Karma.

        1. Savannah

          You should be ashamed of yourself.

      2. Jennifer

        I don’t think that family is capable or has any.

    4. Kerry

      Eric. You echoed my sentiments exactly. They are just a bunch of rich bimbos . Screw em

      1. R

        Kardashians, they suck! I still can’t figure out what makes them so special. Way to go library’s, this us what you get. Only thing missing is Bruce ” I’m really a girl” Jenner. Boycott Disney and the POS Kardashians.

        1. David

          OMG another typical trumpet response, learn how to spell, because you sound like a moron!

          1. Ryan

            Typical liberal trash supporting this trash family.

        2. Sheri

          That’s how the Kardashians became famous because Kim loves to “SUCK”.

      2. Marjolaina a. Riggs

        How rude. No upbringing. They should know better. Who do they think they are. No class either.

      3. PH

        Isn’t that how they got famous.,.screwing people.. lol; nice of them to teach their children that they’re entitled.

    5. Zero 1

      If I remember this Anthony Anderson and his Wife they went to Disney and guess what they would say hi their fans even the Full House sit-com cast do as well that’s real talent there

      1. Disney should never allowed this to happen. Everyone should be treated the same.. VERY SELFISH OF Kardashian to not let others ride. That’s on Disney…..

        1. Jessica

          Find it ridiculously sad they are teaching their children this rude despicable behavior. They feel entitled and above everyone else. This they are teaching their children that they too are entitled and above everyone else. Disgusting behavior.

        2. Rochelle

          It is very shelfish n unkind,.treat others they way you want ppl to treat you.point blank..🤔💯

      2. Rochelle

        Humble people..not forgetting the fans made them famous..

    6. Christy

      Not that I agree with them at all but they bought the VIP tour that allows them to do that. I read the entire article that was all about it. I looked into it for my kids and I when we were at Disney world the same exact day that they were at Disneyland. Those that can afford a can do it those I can’t can’t get over it that’s how life is.

      1. Christy

        I should have said a different article that stated they bought the VIP tour.

      2. Walt


        It’s the people like you who have ruined the parks!

      3. Kim

        Dont forget the part though that they made all the other guests wait so they could ride ALONE! Totally disgusting.

        1. Rochelle

          It was wrong 💯..guest had probably waited in line hours with their kids to ride that ride this the “messed’ up part!!!

      4. Julia

        The VIP Tour does not include the attraction to your self. It includes priority access. They get to move to the front of the line but share the ride with other guests. They have a special entrance to the attractions.

        They believe they are royalty and deserving of special treatment. If they wanted the rides to themselves rent park out.

        1. Philly Billy

          Park officials NEED to be fired, PERIOD!!!!

        2. Clara Rotti

          That’s the part that really bothers me. Riding alone while others watch. Plus, they most likely rode four times as long as a normal ride lasts, at least.

      5. Michelle D

        I”ve done a Disney VIP tour before. You get access to backstage to be able to move quickly between rides, you skip the lines with Lightning Lanes and exits-as-entrances, but you don’t kick out the other guests waiting you ride. You just cut in front of them. Then, you also don’t get extended rides. This video seems to show the K’s got to ride longer than a typical ride would be. Both the exclusive ride and the entended time are not part of the VIP tours.
        The fact is Disney is DEFINITELY looking to cater to the rich and famous. If you are wiling to pay, you will be trteated well. They are no longer interested in making a great experience for everyone. That being said, SOMEONE should have recognized this was unfair.

      6. Waldopepper12

        Doesn’t have to be. It’s people like u who say ” that’s life” is y things don’t change

      7. Helen

        Money talks.

    7. They think that because of all the silicone in their boobs they are entitled

      1. Cary

        Their money replaced any moral compass they might have ever had. They have enough money that if they want privileges over what a standard VIP package gives them, they they can f’ing rent a park out for themselves. And who in their right mind EVER thought these silicone bimbos ever deserved any attention!

    8. lori

      Disney world sucks
      because they let people do this. it ridiculous
      they are no body, who’s teaching their children the same. Boycott Disney. normal people have to save for a trip like this. and to make other wait is pathetic on Disney part.

      1. Chris B

        They were at Disneyland not Disney World. Reread the article.

    9. Hakan

      I TOTALLY agree with you! They have made other kids who’ve been eagerly waiting in line , see that it’s ok too cut the line, some kids won’t even know or give a damn about the Kardashians and will be disillusioned as they had their moment waiting in line taken away from them, plus the spoilt kids of the Kardacs will grow up believing everything belongs too them, I HATE THIS FAMILY, THEY R THE BIGGEST, IN EVERYWAY, THE WORST SPOILT GREEDY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET, GO BACK TOO HELL , OR R U FILMING JEEPERS

    10. Mel S

      Agreed!!!! They are pretentious, self entitled, RUDE, talentless women! Shame on Disney for catering to these people!!!

      1. Katie

        This is for their safety tho. If they were to walk around freely and stand in lines there would be stampedes and bottled up walkways. Someone would be bound to get hurt

        1. NateSims

          Sure, sure. People might flock to the Kardashians, therefore making it difficult on everyone. But I’m pretty sure they mob deep with security. They can afford to cut in line yes? So the line isn’t really the issue…..it’s that they can simply walk up, get on the ride and ensure everyone waiting there (lots of people before them too probably) has to not only wait longer but watch as me and mine literally enjoy the ride in everyone’s faces alone. Literally broadcasted to everyone watching, we get/have/are more than any of you. Straight up disrespectful. I wouldn’t even be able to ride comfortably or enjoy myself if I did that, and had to watch all the guests around me as I elevated myself above them? Nah that’s ultimate cringe for any normal person


      Way to teach your (exploited) children that rules don’t apply to them.

      1. Rochelle

        I don’t care if I was famous.i would teach and show my kids ..that no one is better than anyone.andtrust n believe we would wait jus like everyone else..!!!!

    12. Lorenzo

      Disney sucks. Kardashians are whores who parade their bodies and sell them to the public to make a dime. Disney will not get me back this year.

    13. Ruby Ann

      Snatched the words right from my lips!! Smug, entitled, arrogant elitists.

    14. Victor Anker

      I wish they would effing disappear. And that Kim has a mouth like a toilet. They all are utterly disgusting.

    15. Jsejuse001

      Realy though..I mean ppl wrk hard to take their kids an here comes these who ppl cuting etc.Get a clue and try actually being just a mom n kid having fun. IMPOSSIBLE !!

    16. W.inkie

      The funny thing is Kim and/or Kylie are sitting in their house reading all your comments and don’t give a damn about what you’re saying. Having seen Kim on her show, after season 6, no longer watch, she is probably saying, then laughing, “They’re just jealous, that they can’t do that,” all while shoving salad in her mouth. I don’t care if the VIP tour is $10 dollars an hour or $750 an hour, you just don’t treat people that way. Maybe all that spandex has made some of their brain cells explode. The only one in that family that has any common sense is Kendall.

      Now that they are on Hula, they are part of the Disney Family, which means they may have gotten in free. Maybe they think they are Disney Princesses.

      1. Rochelle

        They need to understand it’s about treating ppl with the same respect they want ppl to treat them with..that’s be 💯

    17. L

      For those of you saying crap about liberals. Stop. Bunch of idiots. What those worthless women did has nothing to do qith the left. GROW UP ALL READY

      1. Clara Rotti

        Right. How did this turn into a political conversation?

    18. Mel

      Unacceptable! They are glorified trash, and it shows you what our world is coming to in this regard.

    19. Rita

      The Kardashians have no humility even tho they write how much they care for others but remember the saying, “ the fruit doesn’t fall to far from the tree “. Proof is in the pudding, they also don’t have any shame. Their children are watching and learning how to treat others and how to navigate through life.

    20. Jesus

      These trash ba NARCISSISTIC idiots should have been banned from existence years ago.. they have zero value to HUMANITY and are EMBARESSMENT to america and the world… disney should be embarrassed even acknowledging their existance… if disney thinks they are higher than scum then invite them after the park closes … let the filth pay their way …

    21. Anne

      Agreed with that thought forever. These vapid women contribute so little to modern civilization. Why do they feel that they are better than everyone else?

    22. Matt

      Agreed. Why do people put up with this? DON’T!!

    23. Keith

      I don’t even know the k’s like everyone one else and I don’t Particularly care for any of them. , but as I understand they paid money just like anybody else can to skip a line so they follow the rules so why is everybody getting mad?

      1. Misha

        You can skip a line with the pass yes, but having it all to themselves isn’t how the pass works, nor an extended time riding it..That is the problem..

    24. Mike

      Because other morons idolize and worship these nobodies who have zero talent and care for nothing but themselves. It’s the same as when Paris Hilton had all those girls worshiping her and copying her horrible attitude and behavior. Sadly it only seems to get worse

    25. Joe

      The Kardashians and Jenner families are so dysfunctional and out of touch with reality. People are sick of them and laugh at them. Their so fake. First they all date and get impregnated by black men
      (Which is ok). But as soon as one dates a black guy they all have to. If one dated a prison inmate they all would date prison inmates. And they dress like
      Prostitute. Even how they talk is laughable. And Kim with her overly obese butt is gross. Now they are tired of blacks guys and switched and are starting to date white guys full of tattoos. When the family male role model decides he’s a women thats all you need to know about a family full of mental illness

    26. Sheri

      Totally agree. Wait like everyone else. They aren’t royalty.

    27. Sharon

      Omg so over the karTrashians and their “fame” for sleeping around with anything with a pulse (and probably without considering who & what they are)

    28. Vicker

      I so agree with your comment they are no more special than anyone else waiting in line..my question is did any one say anything to them..like i would get out of line and go tell them .um excuse me back of the line like everyone else waiting..again why r they famous..oh yes..sex tapes.. make-up and clothes..WHO CARES..get to the back if the line 😡 we are going in Nov. I will speak up if this happens while my grandson and granddaughters are waiting teach your kids the right thing

    29. You said it all! Have never understood the popularity of these “Barbie dolls”!

    30. As we are this is absolutely sick! What the hell are they dimensions

    31. Leonie

      Some one should have let them know they are just trash and swept them to the curb where they belong we are sick off the likes of them

    32. Rochelle


    33. Kyle

      like royals crazy how some people are so famous they can do anything. Not many people have it like must be nice.

    34. Shea

      I’m not a fan of any reality TV but now they actually are all successful business owners, which does take some kind of talent and lots of hard work. I’m just giving credit where it’s due. But it is annoying that they get such special treatment, they’re not Royalty or even close! And seem to think they deserve to be at the front of the line. To be people that are totally obsessed with their looks and image you think they’d realize that being humble is way more attractive. But society let’s them do it and they stacking the cash

    35. Suz

      My nephew worked at an animal park in Florida years ago and ran a skyride. Tom cruise came with his two kids and no one else could ride but them. Celebrities and their kids yes they bring them up Kardashians why people worship them from sex tape and 🤮

  2. Charmon

    These people are no talent hacks pushed by their exploiting Mother-their Father is spinning in his grave over what they’ve become-they think they are so above everyone with all their plastics and baby’s after baby-They need to disappear and take your lips and big asses with you

  3. Elefante Blanco

    Anyone can pay for VIP service at Disney Parks which includes skipping lines -as long as you have the money to pay for the service. No one should be “infuriated” they paid for a service.

    1. Backcountry164

      How much do they pay you for this service??

      1. HEIDI

        The Kardashian family needs to be stopped. They are always thinking they are above everyone else when it comes to visiting Disney parks. No one should EVER be allowed to cut ahead of others in line just because they think they are entitled to do so. They do not know what it is like to work so hard to save enough money to go to Disney so they should be put in their place and made to wait just like everyone else.

        1. Stacy

          That is correct, but will I be able to make other paying VIP serice guests wait while I ride alone?? Is that included? Hell they can rent the damn park if they want to be alone!

      2. Amber

        Just cause their so called famous, they should still wait in line like everyone else, pathetic.

    2. Milo

      Skipping the line is absolutely normal. Making sure no one else can get on any of the other teacups so they can have the entire ride to themselves while the peasants watch was a little much.

      1. Traci Jennings

        Can’t they go before the park opens?

      2. Ann McLaughlin

        I agree 💯!
        I blame the park. I think a lot of vendors encourage the behavior

    3. Teddy Gingerich

      VIP touts don’t include kicking all other guests off rides. And I doubt that these entitled talent-free twits paid for this.

      1. Donna

        I agree that rides like this would be hard to control the crowd unless they did something really simple like load everyone else first and lock them in, then load the more-special-than-everyone-else-guests. After the ride, they unload the ultra-entitled-guests and escort them away before unlocking all the less-important-and-not-as-wealthy-guests.

    4. Pat Oldham

      So now Disney caters to the rich and not the average guest? Great message for kids

      1. Deb

        I’m glad people are realizing Disney as a brand is broken. Letting this happen is just one of many of Disney’s problems.

      2. Michelle D

        Yes. Ever since October 2021….look at the price of the Disney stock since Chapek anjounced the preivously free Fast Passes at Disney World would no longer be free and the previously free virtual lines for Rise of the Resistance, Spiderman, and Cars Radiator Springs rides in Disneyland would no longer be available. You must pay about $20/person/day to ride them without 2-3 hour waits.

    5. Cherisse

      That’s all great but to insist on riding alone with just their family is just absolutely not acceptable.

    6. Debbie Jo

      Well said Elfante Blanco. ANYONE who can afford it can purchase the exact same PRIVILEGE. Do not hate these people because they have earned an honest living and paid for this privilege. Besides they wouldn’t have been able to afford such privileges if the public hadn’t made them so rich by watching. So peeps don’t hate what YALL created. Just saying.

      1. Mel S

        The passes are fine. However, shutting the ride down so the kids that were waiting was cruel and should not have been allowed. If you paid for a pass, they are not letting your kids ride alone. They are putting as many on as possible!

    7. Lisel

      If that’s the case, it should have been upfront told to the people in line. This is the problem in this country. Communication and assuming. Not knowing about a vip tour doing this is the first problem, the second problem is it should have been communicated to those waiting in line that this is what’s happening. And third, to those suing anyone can buy this, no. Not even everyone can afford vacations anymore in this “rich” country. Go in peace

    8. Walt Walt

      Go buy some more makeup and ST-FU!

      Take your privileged attitude to Funspot!

      1. OT

        At least they didn’t rent the park that day. They’re not the first to do that, and they definitely won’t be the last.

    9. Mark

      You can get cut in line pass That’s a thing. Which they probably got.

    10. Kardash-holes

      Disney has lost touch with reality. You need to pay a small mortgage to do a Disney vacation nowadays. I think Walt Disney would be ashamed that the average Joe family got left behind.

    11. Hakan


    12. They didn’t pay to ride alone. That’s fine to pay for Vip and skip the lines. It’s not fair to ride alone and make others wait

    13. Victor Anker

      How can anyone go to where for an extra dollar you can skip the line, is subjecting themselves to being belittled and humiliated

  4. Angela

    They should not be able to cut in front of guests when the guests have already waited in line to ride. They think money can get them whatever they want. Not very cool.

    1. Puckles

      They don’t “think” their money can get them whatever they want. They KNOW their money can get them whatever they want.

    2. Natalie

      I agree with everyone saying. I have been going to Disneyland since I was 5 years old and I have loved it but I have noticed now that more than ever that people have special favors there and I think everybody should be treated the same now you can buy the special plans so you can get into the front of the lines but do you really think Disney is becoming more and more for rich people only for a normal family that doesn’t have that kind of money can’t afford all the stuff they’ve saved for a year just to go there and then these people can go on the ride by themselves they should have filled up every teacup and not let them just have it themselves .
      You know who was really big sad and turning his grave is walt he said when he was making this park said he wanted everybody to come and enjoy it and be able to afford it now you can’t afford it because you’ve put in everything up and normal people are even poor people that want to go there go ahead and make themselves into debt just to get there but I don’t think Walt Disney would have been very happy because he always wanted everybody to come and enjoy themselves and keep it at a price that everybody could afford I am so very hurt with the people that have taken over and are not like walt it’s a shame

      1. Bob

        Jesus Christ dude have you heard of a period?

        1. Bob

          Sorry you actually did use one. Have you heard of sentences?

          1. Walter

            Have you heard of zero fooks given?

          2. MMeel S

            LOL, Bob. That was funny!!!

    3. Rochelle

      No it wasn’t cool…it was all the way messed up!! Ppl who waited in line should have not waited longer cuz they wanted to show off !!

  5. Nancy Little

    Why should ANYONE be surprised? Americans made them in to the entitled twits that they are
    They now believe they are better than the average person! Stop watching their shows, stop reading their Instagram posts! They will stop being important!

  6. Disney allowed them to skip that line and ride. What the Kardashians should have done is, waved for them to allow others in line to ride as well.

  7. Patrick Vargo

    What people should have done is start screaming at them and booing them. Make it be known they aren’t welcome to do crap like that.

    1. Cherisse

      💯 Patrick

    2. Diane

      I agree. Also, wouldn’t it be very uncomfortable to be them looking out at a whole crowd of angry people looking at them? And if that tea cup ride was so special , what can’t they put their gd phones down and watch their kids having fun, not taking selfies? Narcissistic a**holes.

    3. Matt

      Nailed it. Boo them.

  8. Ella J.

    Who gives a flip about these people. They are so fake. They are only famous because of their father being O.J. Simpson lawyer. Who probably would roll over in his grave If he saw how his wide was exploiting their whole family. Fake boobs,butt, eye lashes, finger nails. You see them without all their makeup. Yikes. No one gives 2 cents about these prople.Who think they are privilege. Look now Kim dating a white boy. Yet, he’s got so many tats.Yet,he looks like hrs stoned all the time.

    1. Startworshippingyourownlife

      Start teaching the children to stop idolizing brainless people that just dress nice and drive fancy cars with dysfunctional families and maybe they’ll go away. And start grooming them to be successful. My pre-teens don’t have time to be bothered with twit influencers. If they have that much time during the week, you’re doing something wrong.

      1. Like my granddaughter told me. I feel sorry for them because they have to do all this stuff to themselves just for people to like them. That’s so sad that they don’t even like themselves how God wanted them to look.

    2. Ronnyb

      Apparently millions DO give more than 2 cents and flips about them cause its the very same public that has made them billionaires,watching their shows and buying their sht, not being OJ Simpsons lawyers kids.I don’t see Johnny Cocrans family out in the spotlight. The public has created these bimbos.

  9. Mickey Rat

    Boycott Dismal Land . Simple as that

  10. Ariel

    This is disgusting! It’s one thing to skip the line but to stop people from riding because you want it all to yourself is gross! If I was there I’d start booing and chanting with everyone! Disney should not get away with this

  11. JJ

    This is embarrassing for the park and I’m disappointed that the author is making it sound like something exciting happened that day. No, what happened was some people with a ton of money were treated like they were more important than the other guests. Guests who likely saved for years for that one trip and who had already stood in line 1+ hours, only to be told, “Hold up for another 30 minutes, the Kardashians want to take up three tea cups and spin around in front of you”, while you try to explain to your own kids why the Disney folks are allowing it. Even when the park first opened and political dignitaries and movie stars (NOT reality “stars”) rode the rides, they rarely had guests held from the rides just for them. The Kardashians aren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last. Just factor in the additional wait time for famous people to stroke their ego while you and your kids wait another hour.

    1. Ronnyb


    2. Bxmamipr712

      Well said! They are absolutely disgusting. Bob Paycheck is allowing more and more of catering to idiots with money.

  12. these privileges snobs need to either be social and ride with guest like the rest and loose the black rod up their ass’s..

  13. Ronnyb


    1. Deb

      I’m glad people are realizing Disney as a brand is broken. Letting this happen is just one of many of Disney’s problems.

    2. neil


  14. Michelle

    I would have been yelling at them the whole time. With all the shady things they did for money they could buy their own private Disney Land complete with workers on stand by for them.

  15. Roy D

    Disneyland and World both are turning into affluent playgrounds for the super wealthy and the influencers who pander to them.

    Shame, that’s certainly not how Walt Disney would have wanted it.

    1. Diane

      I thoroughly agree. Disney needs a reality check. This wasn’t how Walt was, this was not his dream. Yes he wanted to make money but not at the expense of others. Heck, the first time I went out was a dollar for admission and. 35 cents per attraction. If you look at it that less than $50 for entrance and 10 attractions.

  16. Nasty stinky women, they wouldn’t ever be famous if it wasn’t for O.J, AND, there father.

  17. Leroy Jenkins

    Sickening entitlement behavior.
    Not sure if Disney or Cardassians deserve more righteous hatred for this privilege mentality, but in either case they both suck.

  18. Hakan


    1. Shelly

      What crazy is they have the $$$ to close Disney down for a day and cater just to them BUT like MOST wealthy prople… THEY ARE CHEAP!!! YOU ARE RIGHT about their NARCISSISM. HOWEVER, Americans helped create it by buying into their tv show. IT IS ALL FAKE!!! They got famous selling sex. Isnt that what EVERY girl should want to emulate? People dont bother paying attention to what their kids watch online or on tv, listen to, play on video games and nobody wonders why kids are having kids, kids are killing kids, kids are DISAPPEARING. There is NO OUTRAGE OVER ANY OF THE ABOVE regarding OUR CHILDREN!!!!

    2. Pam

      You are right on! I can honestly say I have NEVER seen one episode of their show and I do not understand why it has not been cancelled!

  19. John Dev

    Well Disney’s plan is working…cater to the rich and who they think are famous. The poor people can eat sh@te!

  20. Mike

    A bunch of Prima donnas who think they’re better than everybody else. I feel sorry for their kids who have to grow up with a mother like that.

  21. Marcus

    They are a creation from society. People spend money to make them elitist. Don’t blame them. This is the fault of everyone who want someone to look up to other than people like themselves. In this world there are the haves and have nots. You just met some who cut line because of their money and status.

  22. Tamika

    All I Know Just Because They Are Famous with money doesn’t give them the right to skip the line for people who’s working hard to take their children to Disney World With There Children For long periods of time .. While Her Kids Just Go Past And Just Get On The Line😠

    1. Rochelle

      It wasn’t cool.it was wrong….in my book it doesn’t matter how much 💵 you have no one is better than anyone..they should have waited in line just like everyone else!!!🙄

  23. Shelly

    The Kardashians are involved in trafficking ALONG with DISNEY. These famous elites (that become famous for no reason) are typically into trafficking or into Satanism and willing to do WHATEVER necessary to hold onto their status.

    1. Klm

      Lol…maybe whoever in charge of the ride made the decision to give them a private ride. These comments are hateful, and serve no purpose except to reveal ignorance, negativity and prejudice still exists after our species has endured 2 years of a global pandemic that should have united us all together with love and compassion towards one another.

  24. Janet

    Aren’t they special?😡

  25. Sim simmer

    In my opinion- even though they paid for VIP…it just shows how selfish and proud they are of “themselves.”Don’t know why people even support them. They could have lest have a few family join in. They know standing in lines for hours at times in the hot and cold weather just for a ride. And even though they could afford it, paid for it… there’s something called be nice to others.

  26. The One Who Knows

    The article goes from a short blurb on how offensive they were to a glowing report on DL in general. WAY too tired of both of them!

  27. Grandma Jo

    Entitled folks make me want to throw up. Just because you have money doesn’t make you first , only in her world. Why does a woman pucker every time she takes a pic, even with her kids?

  28. Robyn

    I have never understood why the Kardashians are so interesting to others. They are no more important than anyone else. Their family is one of the most screwed up and disgusting families I have ever seen. But on this with Disney it may be due to the fact that the Kardashians and Disney just signed a big contract, which is totally sickening that Disney would even want them. But Disney has gone down the toilet recently. Disney is not a safe child base anymore as the founder Walt Disney intended it to be and stay. I will not support Disney anymore, and I dang sure don’t support the Kardashians.

  29. Seren

    I blame the intelligence-deficient imbeciles who pay attention to the vapid trollope, and her witless doxy sisters. I mean, the entire family are abhorrent, yes, but their enablers are much worse.

  30. Ruby

    Not cool ridiculous people. The only reason people know who they is because of their father. Honestly after seeing this I think they should be banned from ever going again. They’re nothing but plastic.

  31. Johnny Green

    1. They paid for a VIP experience that gives them the ability to cut in line.
    2. Its Disney rules
    3. Its Disney equipment.
    4. Its Disney property your walking on.
    5. Dont like it? then go someplace else.
    6. Who ever has more gold gets more perks in life its always been that way. That has always been the new Disney way.

  32. This is just plain selfish of that whole clan. No consideration for the rest of the guests there. I have always thought that they need to earn there popularity by accomplishing more than just being wealthy for being egotistical and capitalizing on their good looks. They certainly aren’t sympathetic to anyone else at the park. I will never see what all their fans see in them. Open your eyes and see the truth.

  33. Bobbi

    Kim Kardashian was a nobody till Paris Hilton . What makes her family more important than all those children waiting. What is Disney of all places teaching our children. It’s terrible if she is so important than rent the park for a day take your kids without publicity . Disney shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dawn

    Wait in line like everyone else! This is absolutely disgusting! How can Disney do this to the common people? People who actually work long hard hours to save money to visit their theme part while this “famous family” who doesn’t have any idea what it’s like to have to budget and save for a vacation just walk on up and take over the place. Disney…. SHAME ON YOU!

    1. Travis Weberling

      @Dawn,I agree with you 1000%,& it’s sad that people like Johnny Green #1 think that the way people like the Kardashians acted at Disney like it’s the new norm that the rest of us should either accept it or don’t go there, which will start happening at some point.

  35. West

    Too bad nobody was thrown from ride.

  36. Jill Smith

    Ok I get that people get upset about seeing this but I can promise they are not the only ones too get special treatment to go to the front line. I was just at Disney in November and if you do a VIP tour guide they take you behind the scenes to the front of the lines all the above all day long it comes with a hefty price and I’m not for sure if the Kardashians got it for free or not but regular everyday Joe can get it as long as you pay. The only reason why they’re getting so much backlash is because they’re “famous”. And let’s be honest most of the people complaining are probably jealous not saying I like them not saying I like the situation but I don’t mind what they have because I love what I have!!!!

  37. charles ward

    Disney is only concerned with pleasing the people who have big money and can afford the most exclusive experiences. Everyone else is of little to no concern. The Tragic Kingdom.

  38. Marsha

    Just another person that thinks she’s special.

  39. TJ

    It’s no surprise this happened. The people that watch their stupid show and idolize them have made what they are. But what Mother or Father that has any feelings and dignity would do what they did to small children that had been standing in line for a long time?? Well that would be the Kardasians! They think the rules don’t apply to them. And what are they teaching their children?? They are teaching them that just because your Mommy is famous you can treat other people like crap! It’s really sad that they are treating the people that made them tv reality stars by watching that stupid show they call entertainment. And I hate to see their children when they become teenagers. It will take an army or lawyers to handle all the court appearances that those kids will have to attend. Money can’t get you out of everything you do!

  40. Xavier

    You were made by same people you now abuse of
    Same goes for you Disney
    People make but can also break you
    Be considerate

  41. Mr fixit

    You know what’s incredible these Kardashian women have low had massive quantities of plastic surgery to make themselves look the way they do they are all fake to do what they did to those children waiting online shows how insecure they really are as long as they get attention whether it be negative or positive that’s all they care about they will older and then their ugliness on the outside will match their ugliness on the inside they are just pure evil

    1. Tom

      No talent, but are very good examples of apawka-napawka.

  42. Chery Slater

    Who in the hell do you think you!!! Your family should be the freak show at Disney. Kardashians are plastic as heck. No one cares about you anymore! Go to the back of the line like everybody else. Guests that go there for their kids too work a real job unlike you. Your like PH and Megan nobody’s cares.

  43. TMan

    You’d probably be more upset to know how much they paid for admission. Or worse yet, given the posts on Intagram, how much they got paid for the post.

  44. Chill out

    I don’t like or care about the Kardashians, but this reaction is ridiculous. They most likely had a VIP tour guide, and when you PURCHASE that very expensive extra perk, they get you on the rides faster, which means cutting lines. Not only celebrities use this service, and if I could afford it I would absolutely be purchasing that experience. Also, celebrities, no matter how unworthy they are of that title, are constantly being bombarded by fans. They’re always at risk and their safety is often thrown to the side, which can result in some very dangerous situations. This makes it all the more concerning when their children are involved. I completely understand them wanting to ride alone for the safety of the kids. Besides, this is a 2 minute ride. The fact that people are complaining over an extra 2 minutes is ridiculous and immature.

    1. Jennifer

      Great response, very few others seem to understand Disney offers this very expensive perk to anyone who can afford it.

  45. William

    I guess the Kardashians will always be royalty and be treated like the royal family they claim to be. Just ruining people’s day when they cut in line at any attraction at the Disney parks.

    1. Sharon

      Shame on Disneyland for allowing this. There is no reason why they should be treated special. All they do is flaunt their bodies 24-7 that is no reason for them to get any special treatment everyone entering the park should be treated the same
      What morals are they teaching their kids that nobody matters but them. They are pathetic individuals.

  46. MyBelle

    The way to knock down these entitled Kar-trash-ians is to boycott any and everything their names are tied to. “Pride cometh before a fall”, and this despicable display of pride and the total disregard for regular hardworking people that spent their hard earned money on these over priced disneyland tickets deserve the utmost respect as any celebrity in that park. Now its time for them to experience the fall and knock them down a peg or two so they’ll realize the same public they disrespect is the same public that can diminish their bottom line. These type of people only understand money so you have to hit them where it counts and that’s in their pockets!

  47. Reggie

    I think the Kardashians are a low grade people and nothing but trash, because of their money they think they are better than everyone else, but they aren’t

  48. Ash

    Have fun and smile be kind and say “please and thank you” manner go a long way 🪴

  49. Natalie

    Look guys, if these celebrities waited in line with all of you, theyd never get on, neither would you bc fans would be all over them wanting pics and their kids would be in the middle of it all. They are just being safe bc of their kids, its a few minutes, not a big deal.

  50. Brooke

    This and many other reasons why I don’t like kim or anyone in her family because since they have their own show on T.V they think that they are better than anyone else

  51. Debra Walsh

    It is Disneyland’s allowing it that is wrong. People pay hard earned money and their time to have what should be a pleasant getaway by disrespecting people this way they might learn that these people won’t forget this and not return. As far as the Kardashians or any others that feel that they can demand and be permitted they will always continue to do it because they are so wrapped up in ego that they don’t even know how to consider anyone but themselves. So it is shame on Disneyland and someday the park may be filled with just the Kardashians and the like so just think about that and see how it goes for you.

  52. Michele

    Don’t know why these fools so special, ugh

  53. Ralph

    They have always been sleazy. Everyone paid the same amount to be in the park so no one needs to cut. Shame on Disney and the Kardashians for allowing that to happen.

  54. Rick

    If they want to celebrate and not wait in line, then they should rent out the entire park if they think they are royalty.
    It’s not unheard of Disney closing the park for a special party who rented the entire park.
    Or was it a Disney free publicity that went wrong.
    They probably just paid if they did the regular price if at all.

  55. Rev John r novak

    Why give Disney your money
    They support woke culture
    And gay and lbgt values and push
    It down the throats of their guest at their parks
    Also In their animation and films
    Counter culture why would you pay to be
    Brainwashed in values that you do not hold to

  56. Rev John r Novak

    If I had kids I would take to knots berry farm in California or some other not so commercialize tourist trap like Disney

  57. Rev John Novak

    At least knots berry farm has snoopy and the peanuts gang

  58. Patricia Whiting

    That is inexcusable for them to do that! imagine how the little kids felt having to wait while there were empty seats going around! If it was the President or the Queen ok. But not regular people like the Kardashians.

  59. DJ

    No common courtesy or consideration by these snobs. They should have been booted from the park if they can’t or won’t follow the rules. I’d call them trailer trashed but I don’t want to insult those people.

  60. Mark

    We live in a country where Hollywood actors, reality stars and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

  61. Brenda

    LOL, don’t hate. . This is just another perk from being rich. This was definitely not a free transaction.


    1. Captain Obvious

      No one is hating. Just pointing out the fact the Kardashians are disgusting piles of puke. If that upsets you, go somewhere else.

  62. Ty

    Guys HOLY SHT!!! I just realized that Kanye West, one of the greatest musical geniuses and minds to walk the Earth today had children with Kim Kardashian, one of the most beautiful, talented moguls of our day- and the possibilities, nay probabilities, of what they could accomplish are genuinely staggering

  63. Unless they had the “express pass” I have heard about Park officials Should of Stepted in a and Did its Job, no one else is ALLOWED to just skip to the front. Why isn’t there two lines for this very reason? Have an express pass line and then the regular line,it can’t be that much harded,can it? Also, this whole family is a Cancer on our society and must be put in Check. NOT a Fan.

  64. Holly Hagelin

    Entitled, rude, clueless of social niceties, self promoting nobodies.
    Famous only because their father defended OJ.
    Bringing up their children as spoiled, entitled little copies of themselves . . .
    And people actually watch and/care about their life . . .
    Disney cast members should have stood up to them. . .
    The crowds would have backed them up. . .
    Would be good for them to hear “No” & not be able to get away with such selfish behavior.
    Shame on Disney for enabling this behavior!!!!!!


  66. Anthony

    Kim would’ve had to suck me off to skip in line ahead of me and I still would’ve trolled her ass

    1. Captain Obvious

      Haha! My thoughts exactly!

  67. Ray

    I remember when sandra bullock brought her adopted kids and team of bodyguards to Disneyland she did the exact same. Hollywood feels entitled to just pay and cut the line while other regular kids standing in line watch how rich and famous gets treated. What a example to set for their adopted kids. That day we only got 3 rides in entire day. Thanks to Sandra bullock I never went back there again. If these celebrities got enough money the rent the entire Disneyland for whole day. Get on every single ride and shows your adopted kids how empty your life is but don’t do this on expense of other regular kids.

  68. Beth Semilof

    This happened to me at Disneyland 10 years ago after waiting to see Cinderella with my granddaughters as we neared the front of the line. We were told we had to wait until some important guests saw the Princesses and got their autographs and could not even enter the area. The general public was not allowed to even view their exchanges. No employee could tell me how long we would have to wait or if Cinderella would still be signing autographs. I remember how furious I was and how do you explain this to two little girls. There are many alternatives Disney could take so as to not disappoint little kids IF they were interested. It seems they are much more interested in appeasing whoever is the “star of the month”. It seems the general public allows this to happen and expects this type of treatment regardless if the children are disappointed. My granddaughters are in high school now and we haven’t been back to Disneyland since but the frustration is still fresh in my mind years later. Until we as customers who have paid dearly to go to Disneyland refuse to accept this type of treatment, this will happen again and again. The Kardashians and other stars expect not to wait in line and we have given them and Disneyland this message.

    1. Jesus

      Piss poor business decisions….

  69. Scott

    See the Disney ad text at the end of this article? The author would have shut the ride down for the Kardashians herself if Disney said so!

  70. Steven Zettlemoyer

    I think that the entire system Disney has where those with high financial means can purchase passes that allow them to skip the lines and move immediately up to the front of the line and enter onto the rides. This is wrong and is highly discriminatory against those that cannot afford those special passes. Disney is all about revenue and doesn’t give a damn about its guests as long as they can collect there exhorbatent fees. I will NEVER take my kids or grandkids to a “woke infested” environment like Disney. Poor Walt Disney never meant it to be like this as corporate greed and liberalism have taken over the Disney establishments.


    They think they are special think again they are discussing.

  72. Cynthia R HUBBARD

    Who cares they should have been told you can stand in line. Like everyone else because you aren’t that great.

  73. Captain Obvious

    Another reason to avoid anything and everything Disney!

  74. Jesus

    These trash ba NARCISSISTIC idiots should have been banned from existence years ago.. they have zero value to HUMANITY and are EMBARESSMENT to america and the world… disney should be embarrassed even acknowledging their existance… if disney thinks they are higher than scum then invite them after the park closes … let the filth pay their way …

  75. Sandal

    This is so wrong in so many ways! My money is just as green as theirs! You have children waiting for maybe an hour and just because she’s a star she get a pass above everyone else! It’s dead wrong! My granddaughter has a pass and she goes every weekend! You don’t see them give her a head of the class pass!

  76. Russ

    For some kids it might be a once in a lifetime trip. Obviously it’s not the first time they have been there. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. It makes me want to puke. Maybe people should start booing them. Throw food at them. They flaunt their billions of dollars in people’s faces while people are struggling. Why don’t they drive their kids down skid row like their father used to do to them to be thankful for what they got.

  77. Lisa D

    Kim stop wearing the yeezus tour shirt your husband is not God! So now that Disney is doing their reality show they can just do whatever they want now and others don’t matter? I was a big fan of the show when they could relate to people but they are to rich and to intitled to be relatable. To even get close to one of them you have to pay up money. They don’t do anything for anybody. I’m really annoyed with Disneyland right now and hulu to allow this. I’m thinking about boycotting them both.They are teaching their kids that everything is handed to them especially when you have money you can get whatever you want.

    1. stephen

      Too late to yell “BOYCOTT!” while also admitting to being one of the brand dead idiots that watched their show in the first place.

  78. Amanda

    These people are nothing more than trash as far as I’m concerned. In truth, they are part of the problem with our country; the silliness, the over the top dramatics, and the way they carry themselves in general I find repulsive. It’s ridiculous that other people were made to wait by the staff because of these spoiled trashbag is beyond sickening and I believe that the Disney park needs to be sued for their allowing this; they wouldn’t dare for anyone else. Just as the person stated in another comment- why are these “ladies” famous anyway??? If the media would stop glamourizing stupidity maybe our youth could see what our country’s actual heroes look like.

  79. Savannah

    I’m really tired of getting these articles. It really doesnt make me want to go anymore than the unscrupulous raise in ticket prices and the rationing of over priced food that isnt as good. I am starting to hate what Disney has become, thanks paycheck

  80. Shelle

    A few years back they got our whole zoo closed for the day so they could visit it in Omaha. Only they were allowed in that day. It was ridiculous

  81. Jammer

    Their show is on Hulu. Hulu is owned by Disney. Therefore, Disney will cater to them at the common folks expense. This is why I cancelled my Hulu sub and won’t buy anything Disney anymore. Classic Disney is history. Time to take a stand and cancel them all.

  82. Rita Loy

    It is bad enough that there is Genie+ on some of the attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure. The Mad Tea Party is not one of those attractions. To me that this is the pinnacle of arrogance and stupidity.

  83. Doc

    Someone should have exterminated them.

  84. Jael

    The only thing a kumdashian is good for is target practice. Unfortunately that means I would have to waste a perfectly good bullet on something I definitely wouldn’t eat…

  85. john

    who are the Kardashians..?

  86. Mark

    They contribute nothing to society! All they do is take, take and take more. If it weren’t for their lawyer father, we would have never known if them or been subjected to their entitled bs behavior! They are a disgrace!

  87. LFP71

    They are one of the reasons for the downfall of society! Worthless, overpaid pampered nut cases! Only people that pay attention to them are the ones who think their life sucks so they watch the drama these idiots show on TV to make themselves feel better! Cancel Disney and the Kartrashians!

  88. Lady

    I understand they are celebrities, but to be fair about the matter. Everyone else that waited in line should have been able to ride alongside as well. Disney really need to do something about that. Making other guest wait because a celebrity wants to ride. They should be able to wait their turn just like everyone else..i like how Cardi and her daughter did the same and she had no problem with other guest riding along and not making them wait.

  89. Tina ruhr

    Kim and her kids and her sister and her kids should be in line like everyone else just because you are know dose not give you the right to have everyone else wait for to get on a ride 30 mins for them to get on a ride .

  90. yomama

    i watched kobe do this with his gjrls and it never made news but i guess cause its the kardashians its a problwm.

  91. Carly

    We must never question the behaviour of the Kardashian Royal Trash Family. They are above the rules of social graces, politeness and showing gratitude for their privileges. Disney is their private playground. So we must bow to their exclusive rights, as Disney itself does.

  92. Tissiny Montgomery

    How very selfish of them. If I was running the ride I would have told them that they could ride or not but other guests will be on the ride too. I would not have let them ride alone.

  93. Susan

    They are stuck up “I am all that and you are nothing cunts”. Until people walk away and quit drooling over them nothing will change cause they aren’t smart enough to get it

  94. Mary

    This no count classless clan of clowns do not even deserve to walk among us. And this kind of behavior will just go on through their innocence kids that will grow up not knowing any better.

  95. Matt

    Heckle them out of the park. Public shaming isn’t a bad thing and needs to be more common. If you want to be special, rent the park out before or after hours you inconsiderate fool.

  96. Aric

    The Kardashians are a plague to society. They reflect exactly what is wrong with this world. They should be cancelled and burned at the stake. All they care about is themselves, so screw them.

  97. Kevin

    I’m not sure of the full situation but I’m guessing they had a plaid with them and usually if you pay for a private to where the pladson they get on the rides without having to wait

  98. Jennifer

    Maybe they paid for the VIP tour? I know if I had their money I would.

  99. Troy

    Screw them. Famous for one thing only. Kim K. Getting railed like a roller-coaster. Before that sex tape we did t even k ow who they where.

  100. Shea

    I’m not a fan of any reality TV but now they actually are all successful business owners, which does take some kind of talent and lots of hard work. I’m just giving credit where it’s due. But it is annoying that they get such special treatment, they’re not Royalty or even close! And seem to think they deserve to be at the front of the line. To be people that are totally obsessed with their looks and image you think they’d realize that being humble is way more attractive. But society let’s them do it and they stacking the cash

  101. Huera Verde

    My grandson was there at Disneyland and we’re in line together with them at ” It’s a small world” and my grandson kept calling Kim Kardashian and she kept ignoring him he’s 8. Kim was totally rude to my grandson and I ask why? You have kids too and the same way you treat other children are the way your kids will be treated. On the other hand Khloe ❤️ really made my grandson day just by waving at him from far. My grandson just kept talking about it and is still super excited. Thank you Khloe, for not being so prideful and never forgetting that we are all humans,we all eat and poop lol. Khloe, made a memorable moment for my ❤️.

  102. Huera Verde

    My grandson was there at Disneyland and were in line together with them at ” It’s a small world” and my grandson kept calling Kim Kardashian and she kept ignoring him he’s 8. Kim was totally rude to my grandson and I ask why? You have kids too and the same way you treat other children are the way your kids will be treated. On the other hand Khloe ❤️ really made my grandson day just by waving at him from far. My grandson just kept talking about it and is still super excited. Thank you Khloe, for not being so prideful and never forgetting that we are all humans,we all eat and poop lol. Khloe, made a memorable moment for my ❤️.

  103. Beverly

    This is inexcusable! Talk about “entitled!” Disney should be ashamed for allowing this, but based on recent Disney decisions, I expect this is only the beginning.

  104. Tracy Edwards

    This makes me HATE THE KARDASHIANS even more. They are a family with absolutely NO TALENT. Money is what made them famous. They are only famous for there fat asses and loving blacks. Who are they to skip line. Why didn’t they rent out Disney Park like they normally do. They honestly need to be taken off the air.

  105. yoyo

    Greedy man Chapek loves it I’m sure. If you have enough money his pockets are endless. Richer you are more rights he gives you as long as you are sharing the wealth with him. To bad regular people did uprise on the rich folk.

  106. CJ Neal

    A bunch of Skank Ho’s that are manufactured out of used parts. Ever see them with all those parts missing? Pretty nasty and it stinks to High Heavens.

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