Comments for 5 Reasons Why ‘Joker’ Is a Much Better Movie Than ‘The Batman’

Joker 2019

Credit: DC/ Warner Bros.


  1. ejanss1@comcast.net

    Warner? Batman?–Uh, that Six Flags, Dan.
    Sort of a dirty word, around here.

    (Yes, I WARNED the site they’d be back to “The days of Jared Leto’s Joker and Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut”…)

  2. Thomas

    While Joaquin Phoenix gave a stellar performance in the movie, I actually thought ‘Joker’ was one of the slowest, most boring movies I’ve ever sat through.

    1. mike

      Boring? Held me from beginning to end. Intriguing, challenging, never let me drop.

  3. JustJessee

    Disagree, sternly.

  4. mike

    Both good for different reasons. Each one takes its characters at pivotal stages in their development. Each character portrayal was riveting. As for memorable scenes, the shooting of the mayor and flooding of the ballroom with Batman coming to the rescue was memorable. The scenes with Selena (I wished I was in Batman’s Cape!). Loved them both.

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