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john stamos and mickey mouse

Credit: Disney


  1. Aaron

    Robert will always be tony stark. He played it perfect. But john is great, to take the role and move on. I know he will do a great job also. I have no doubt he will fill the role and be the best he can be.

  2. This is for a cartoon on Disney kids. In no way is there a connection to the main MCU. Hopefully people read the article without just posting.

    1. Michael Burns

      Shame its not the MCU. I’ll probably watch the cartoon to check him out as Tony.

    2. Kevin

      Judging from a couple comments here it doesn’t look like people are reading the article.

  3. Drew Gars

    Have Mercy!

  4. Patricia Borden

    There’s only one Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr, If you cast someone else in the roll in an Avengers movie I won’t go to see it. Tony Stark is gone, I loved his character and was sad to see him die.

    1. lisa


    2. Manuel A. Martinez Jr

      Exactly, I second the (Fifth) you took the words right out of my mouth and will lose viewers around the world! Tread carefully MCU

    3. JS

      He’s not replacing RDJ. He is just playing Tony in the Disney Jr. show. Spidey and Friends.

  5. Nothing will be the same without Robert Downey Jr

  6. HP

    FFS people, read the article first before commenting.

    1. CalledIt

      Agree but false outrage is like breathing now.

  7. KM

    There are other actors that are Wayyyy younger that they should have considered instead of playing the buddy I got ya covered game , no offense to the other guy but he really don’t fit the bill, I mean come on you start with a stark in his 20,s not his late 40,s that’s marvels and Hollywood’s problem they are confined to their own ignorance that obviously never change.

    1. Sen Ben

      Read the article ffs 😔

    2. JS

      Why should it matter? It’s just his voice for a cartoon. He has a sexy voice that sounds young.

  8. Manny

    Disney doing what it does best. Recycle B actors from previous Disney contracts.

  9. DLand

    “HAVE MERCY” 😝😝 Love it & John Stamos. He’s going to be Wonderful. When I worked at Disney & another time, waaaaaaaaay back in his General Hospital Day I got a quick chance to talk to him. He’s a Really nice & down to earth guy. We all know that NOBODY will ever replace Robert Downey Jr., but John Will make a Great New Tony Stark addiction. Nothing but Love going out to him & his New Adventure 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

    1. DLand

      Note****** NOT addiction🤣🤣🤣🤣but “New ADDITION.”

    2. DLand

      And YES, I read the article & I know he’s going to be working on the CHILDREN’S Disney Channel, but I’m Still Very Happy for Him 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉 I’ll tune in for him & I’ve got grandchildren who Love Spider 🕷 Man & Teen Titans 😉😉😉 Too

  10. Mason

    You heard it here first #notmytonystark

  11. Marie

    Beckys bored….no sjw crap to spew.
    John Stamos isnt playing Stark you half wit. Go blow Adam Driver

  12. Srae

    Done with the iron man franchise completely . not interested in seeing John in this role.

    1. Jon

      You realize he was cast for an animated Kids series on Disney not a MCU movie role…

  13. When MCU destined Iron Man to die in their Cinematic Universe, they should never try to bring him back even as a “cartoon character.” This is not really fair to the fans.

    1. Mason

      You do realize not everything is tied to the MCU, right? The comics still have an Iron Man despite him dying in Endgame. Same goes for this preschool cartoon. The character isn’t off limits. It has nothing to do with “being fair to the fans”

      It’s not like you’re going to be watching a Disney Jr cartoon with no ties to the MCU

      1. Jon

        HAHA, essentially jinks. Typing same time with the same concept.

    2. Jon

      So for the sake of the upcoming cartoon, Tony suddenly never existed. I doubt the pre-schoolers in the target market have watched the entirety of the marvel universe to have centered Tony Stark as RDJ

  14. Larry

    This is a joke right? This has to be a joke…Stamos? Tom Cruze is a better pick and he sucks.

  15. Mezepoo

    Ppl take stuff way too serious it’s a show that it so lighten up it’s not that serious 😃

  16. Jaina

    I’m glad it’s not in the MCU Stamos is too old and not cool enough to play Tony Stark.

  17. Karina

    No, we do not want a John as Tony Stark .

  18. Phillip

    Are the “Family Ties “ twins going to make w cameo?

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