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(l-r) gwyneth paltrow as pepper potts, robert downey jr as tony stark, and elon musk as himself in iron man 2

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. drewwho

    Hopefully he will clean up the service and this is the beginning of the end of Cancel Culture .

  2. Normal12

    Cancel culture? You keep using that word(s). I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    1. Not a sheep

      Inigo Montoya… is that you? 🤣

    2. drewwho

      Its the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure . Which in itself doesn’t sound a bad thing but in practice it has become a movement of far left activists using it to silence people who have a differing opinion to theirs . We are now in a situation where they go after people like Chris Pratt simply because he has attends a Christian Church that they perceive as homophobic ,not because he has ever said anything homophobic . Its just all gone too far and most people outside of the Twitter bubble are tired of it .

      1. CalledIt

        So in other words you want people to tolerate your intolerance. Got it.

        1. drewwho

          The intolerant have as much of a right to voice an opinion as the tolerant in a free society . So the question is does someone like you support the freedom of speech or not ?

          People like you often want to cancel someone and destroy their livelihood’s because they express a different point of view to you so it could be argued that you are equally as intolerant as the people you label as such .

          Woke culture is having a bad couple of weeks in the wake of the Netflix stock market , Elon Musk becoming the owner of Twitter and Disney’s shares dropping due to their stance against the parental rights bill in Florida .

          While I am sure in the future woke culture will still exist its influence will be severely diminished in the next few years . You were never in the majority , you were never going to be profitable and that is why you are going to fail .

  3. KB

    Twitter board were so scared they adopted a poison pill without the usual “chewable” feature which would have exempted an all cash tender offer for all shares. Poorly represented. Also had no shares and no skin in the game. They folded once they saw the financing. Dopes could have gotten more. Their fear of being sued is ironic. They caved for that reason and will now face multiple lawsuits. Makes me smile

    1. CalledIt

      Except the deal isn’t done and Musk is already losing tons of money has Telsa investors are honked off and rightfully so. The company is having huge problems (how many recalls is it now) and the CEO is playing games.

  4. L. Jen

    He is an African American and is trying to keep one of the things strong in our country freedom of speech….. The new town square is social media platforms.

    Don’t like it? Just make your own platform or buy it from him if you have the money.

    1. CalledIt

      You are too stupid to insult. Congrats.

      1. drewwho

        I had to look it up . Musk was indeed born in South Africa so he actually is an African American albeit not a black African American . He was born to a Canadian Mother and South African Father and left the country at 17 years old to attend University in Canada .

  5. Kay

    What I find amusing is watching Disney attempt to trash their own theme park. Talk about cutting off one’s face to spite one’s nose *fallsabout*
    Elon is Tony, but smarter, richer, and more ethical.
    The left has painted themselves into a very uncomfortable corner. 😀
    It’s simply delicious.
    Is it November yet?

    1. CalledIt

      Meanwhile back in reality, his car company is hemorrhaging money, Space X is writing checks it cannot cash (when are exactly we getting to Mars troll since all the government it received is based on that happening before the end of the decade) and the EU is starting to lay the hammer down on social media propaganda. He bite off more then he can chew and is going to pay a steep price.

      1. drewwho

        I think question is how successful with Space X become rather than how successful it is while its developing its technology . In the short term estimates of what Star links annual revenue are projected to be around 30 billion a year . Space X within the next decade or two going to be main company used by large corporations in regards to private enterprise in space . Which could easily earn the company hundreds of billions annually .

        I think your comment is simply sour grapes because one of the most anti-woke people on the planet now has control over the very platform ( Twitter ) that is the main mouthpiece for woke culture .

        You’ve lost . You know it and you don’t like it .

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