Comments for International Guests Turned Away From Disney As Parks Reach Capacity

Mickey and Minnie at Town Square in Hong Kong Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Kathy

    Don’t like the reservation system at all!!! Sometimes you just can’t plan what days to be there. Rather take a “first come, first serve” chance to get in before capacity. Also, seems unfair that there may be availability for passholders on a certain day, but maybe not for the average guest they may be traveling with. Same goes for cast members, they have a hard time getting a reservation & park entrance is one of their perks. Back to normal would be great!!

    1. Mike

      Hard to believe that no one in the group looked at the Disneyland site to plan their vacation. It tells you that you have to make a reservation at the park. We live in Florida and have season passes. Way better with the reservations system. Keeps the crowds down so you can enjoy more rides.

      1. What would cut the crowds even more is to eliminate Annual/Season passes. These pass holders coming in daily or weekly are the main crowding problem. I’ve read that some come regular just for the exercise of walking around the park (taking up space). The reservation system might not even be needed if they did this and the change should be permanent… make locals pay same as everyone or 10 to 20% off… but NO passes allowing them to enter whenever they like (daily, weekly, etc.).

        1. Stephanie

          Ok, first of all you sound really ignorant. I don’t go to Disney but we do have passes to Busch Gardens Tampa because we are local. They offer free preschool passes for 3-5 year old which is fantastic because they are care about kids and know that families can’t afford to take them somewhere fun all the time. We still pay for parking which is 30 a day along with food and drinks for the day. Most locals of Florida are not going almost everyday due to the heat during summer. But our passes let us be able to take our child somewhere often during the slower months, spring and fall. Maybe you don’t live really close to a theme park but if you did and you had a small child I bet you would love having a pass.y child’s pass was free but we paid for ours and we pay extra to have passes. When all of the tourists are here for the summer I would rather not go. So another reason for passes, they are still making money from locals and staying busy enough to be open all year around. Just because we have passes doesn’t mean we are “taking up space.”Still have to pay $5 for a bottle of water. And keeping the park busy during off season especially during the week.

        2. Murphy

          The reservation system is what keep passholders from crowding the parks. They have a very specific allotment of reservations for APs. Once those are gone, they aren’t making reservations even if day guests can still get in.

      2. Justin

        Park reservations are the worst idea ever besides removing fast passes. Parks are more packed then ever and unless you’re willing to shell out even more money you’re not going to ride anything worthwhile. Our 14 person family passes is NOT renewing and half of us are locals.

      3. Kathy

        I agree with Mike. There be a limit to season pass holders allowed in the park each day. Some people are paying alot of money to come to Disney World. Some come for the first time. The experience should be much better for those people, then spending 6 hours in a line for 1 ride or not getting into the park at all, because of season pass holders.

    2. Sandie

      Won’t be going until reservations aren’t required. I had a AP for 20 years and went weekly and spent lots of money but no more.

    3. Elnator

      Sorry this is just lazy talk. You absolutely can plan which parks to go to weeks, even months, in advance. Park hopping opens after 2pm so we plan the parks without extra magic hours first then the others. Never been a problem.

      Seriously, if you can’t bother to do it yourself, book through a travel agency and they’ll take care of everything for you.

    4. Bill

      Well maybe you need to plan ahead. Who want to win. Takes a family to Disney world or Disneyland. You knew you were going. You just didn’t feel like making reservation. Your fault

    5. CD

      The reservation system doesn’t change the park capacity. I like the res system. If you don’t make one when you know you should that’s no one’s fault but your own

    6. TonyG

      I hate to break this to you but the annual pass holders get far less availability for reservations than the “average guest”. As a matter of fact, I can almost always make a reservation as a “average guest” whenever I am unable to do so as an annual pass holder.

    7. Raven Goode

      Lmfao get over it. We pay extra to get our passes we deserve our perks. Get over yourself.

  2. Dani

    Disgusting!Aussies don’t get perks like Brits do, so it’s even harder for us to save. This new system has become an elitist, rich people’s club- not the idea of Small World dear Walt stood for.
    New CEO please..

  3. Martha

    I’m not disagreeing with the previous posters, but, I’m not a fan of ANY reservation system. I have to get new glasses, but I have to make a reservation, which I have to wait two weeks, then, go and wait again. That stinks. I don’t know what I’m doing day to day, nevertheless on my vacation. IF I read the article correctly, these people flew in from Australia, walked up to the gate and expected to get in. Hmmmm. IF I was planning on going to the Paris Disney, would I hop a plane and walk up to the gate, I don’t think so. These people should have gotten a travel agent and researched what they wanted to do. Actually, I’m leaving a month from today for Disney World, I have my plane tickets, car rental, hotel reservation, dining reservations, park tickets, park reservation all printed and in my hand, as well as documents on my phone. The week of, I will then be confirming all those reservations BEFORE I walk out the door.

    1. martha

      Similar article a couple of weeks ago about couples vacation being “ruined” because they didn’t know their visa expired. How is this Disney’s issue?

      1. david

        The visa thing isn’t Disney’s issue. Frankly I don’t understand how people can plan a trip internationally and not have all their travel documents all in line. I certainly don’t have the vacation time to fly across the ocean just to be denied because I forgot something simple.

    2. Dawn

      Well, according to her “TikTok” she was able to go to DL yesterday and going to DCA today. Not the days they planned, but guessing after being walked through the process they were able to get tickets and reservations.

      But yes, any time you are going to be traveling you should always make arrangements prior to the travel dates. Last time I went to WDW I bought the plane tickets and upgraded my pass to the “Premier” pass 3 months before the planned trip.

    3. DP

      I’m not going until October and have the same all ready! The reservation system sucks but a little planning and responsibility goes a long way!

  4. Aaron

    Like I said before Disney is just setting there self up to fail and won’t be long before Disney may not be magical place at all after your governor gets done with his decision

  5. Kimberly

    As a Florida local and passholder for many years I tried to be ok with the reservation system just because so love Disney. Going after work on a whim was part of the joy of it all. Book a few fast passes and head out to Epcot, spend 5 hours have a few drinks and maybe dinner with some friends……it was magical to be able to do that BEFORE they changed everything. Now it just sucks. I gave up my passes Thai year and was heartbroken to do it. But, after the reservations, then the passes changing, then the fast pass system reboot. I couldn’t be bothered any longer. So sad.

    1. Raven Goode

      Seriously you’re all whiney irresponsible babies. It’s easy to make a reservation. Why are you so special you should just be able to do what you want? Boohoohoo. You’re all mad at passholders well why the hell don’t you just become one. Stop batching like it’s so bad. No it isn’t. Yall are just spoiled brats who are mad because they need something to be mad about. Get off your high horses and thank you for not renewing and refusing to come because of this stuff. Believe me, we appreciate it.

  6. Karen

    I have been going to Disney World since the day it opened. We lived in Orlando for 30 years so we went weekly. For the past 20 years we have gone 15-25 times per year. We are DVC members and Annual Passholders. WE HATE THE RESERVATION SYSTEM. It does not “curtail crowds”. They need to get rid of it PRONTO!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mindy

    Our flight got cancelled which was out of our control and we were rebooked to fly out 2 days later and we could not change our reservation dates and could not get into the park we wanted. It was sad because we really not only had our vacation cut short we did not get to enjoy Disney Hollywood Studios.

    1. Brandon

      I feel sorry for you. Right now the airlines like Jet Blue are canceling 50% of their flights most days so it’s like playing Russian Roulette! Almost all the airlines are like this and the news won’t cover it. And diversity hire butt buddy Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary won’t do a thing about it. That’s because he doesn’t know anything about transportation, he was a small time mayor in Indiana. What a joke and Disney should have done something to help you. My wife and I are Universal Premier passholders and we simply walk through the gates and we get free express pass after 4pm. Maybe switch?

  8. Nicholas Reale

    Did this woman show up at the hotel without a reservation ? So she knew to make a hotel reservation and airplane reservations but didn’t look at the Disney website come on give me a break.

  9. david

    When buying single tickets the system should immediately lead you into a screen that shows you the reservation options. At this point there is no reason to have two separate processes for it. This just leads to disappointed guests and (even) more terrible PR for Disney.

    1. Raven Goode

      It does that already…..STOP batching if you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  10. The idea I keep promoting & suggesting to Disneyland & Disney World:

    What would cut the crowds even more is to eliminate Annual/Season passes. These pass holders coming in daily or weekly are the main crowding problem. I’ve read that some come regular just for the exercise of walking around the park (taking up space). The reservation system might not even be needed if they did this and the change should be permanent… make locals pay same as everyone or 10 to 20% off… but NO passes allowing them to enter whenever they like (daily, weekly, etc.).

    1. Mickey Mouse

      People who live close by wouldn’t wanna pay for day passes when they can get AP Disney would lose money on this if they did that any park will have crowds that’s how things are just go to a park that isn’t very popular

  11. MB

    This was just an excuse to write an article to get more affiliate income. No new information.

  12. Tom

    I’m from Australia and visit Disney with my daughter every 2 years. Everytime I travel I make sure to check and see what has changed or about to change. Made sure I knew about fast pass and the paid version. Making sure I know about the new genie system. I check to see if anything is going to be closed so we are not too disappointed when we get there. This isn’t a new system that started while they were flying over there.

    I don’t like the system, but it’s in place for the time being and I know when I’m there in November I’ll have my dates sorted. It’s didn’t take that much time to check this stuff.tom

    1. Brandon

      Come back to me, like the woman above, when your flight is canclled and you get their two days late. Then tell me about all the planning you did. Right now airlines are canceling up to half of their flights PER DAY!

  13. ann

    I am a person of over 65 years of age and I am going to disneyworld in august 2022 booked last year from UK and I reserved my park days so if I can do it any one can as I am not good on computers but I done it .

  14. Scooterfox

    What kind of human goes someplace they’ve never been without even a perfunctory look at the website? It’s literally plastered everywhere that you need a reservation. Why are we sensationalizing people who can’t be bothered to do even the slightest worry in planning?

  15. Julian

    It’s OK Disney turn us away, we will take away our money too and spend it in all the other brilliant theme parks and the space centre.

    Disney gives very little value these days for what they want to charge and expect you to jump through hoops to fit their business plan NO THANK YOU. Universal all the way.

  16. Tom

    It’s hard to make plans months in advance for parks without knowing weather and sometimes even hours of the parks. Disney is using Covid as a excuse to make changes that only benefit Disney! Universal and other parks are doing just fine without a reservation system.

  17. Glen

    I grew up around Disneyland. I now live in Florida. It ain’t the same folks. My wife and I have decided that Disney has overstepped it’s bounds and no longer cares about it’s guests. I am not spending my hard earned money at a woke corporate, prices be damned corporation.

  18. Brad

    I’m not a fan of the new CEO but this kind of thing is not in his wheelhouse. This is either intentional by a disgruntled employee or faction. The biggest disappointment is the lack of what Disney use to do best.. look ahead.

  19. Miche

    Apparently the rules don’t apply to everyone! The Kardashians brought their kids, went right in front of every line and rode the rides by themselves when everyone watched and waited.

  20. Joyce

    My family have been going for years & are dvc members, this year was the worst time we’ve ever had & won’t be going back unless they change the new changes are awful, they need to bring back Bob, they are taking away a place you could bring you family & just enjoy having a good time, they should not be getting involved in politics, you go there to escape things for a few days, now you can’t & all the paying on top of paying is ridiculous, I have put my dvc up for sell, it is not the same place we’ve been going to for 40 years, it has list the magic!

    1. Sharon

      I agree!

  21. Sharon

    Making reservations is not ideal, specially when your from out of state. When you do make a reservation, have technical questions, good luck, no answer! We recently had a trip planned and trying to coordinate all members of our family, was so inconvenient. That, plus the fact that what DISNEY is charging, is ridiculous. Never again for us.. not worth it! Still stood in line for over an hour in most places. So much more to see and do, besides Disney!

  22. James

    This isn’t an issue if you make a reservation. The new system makes it so the parks are not it if at the seams and it’s a good move.

  23. John

    Reservation system is great! Hope it stays like that forever. Anyone whose bothered by it doesn’t know how to plan and is kinda a clown. LOL

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