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Epcot harmonious

Credit: Disney


  1. When we were at the park in March, we were tired and wanted to go back to the room. Our group decided to stream it from youtube and watch it in the hotel room. It was good. I liked watching it from my bed, very comfy. The only thing I don’t like about it is that in the day the barges block your view of the countries.

    1. Stephanie Burch Jakes

      Disney had lost it’s magic because they’ve strayed so far from the family and traditional values it was founded from.
      Walt would be outraged. Greed, liberalism and total lack of morality have taken over. And they always go hand in hand.

      1. Mgw

        You’re a tool. Quit making everything political. If you hate it so much, don’t go. That will make it nicer for the rest of us.

        1. Jewls

          Lmfao.. you can have it.. enjoy our sloppy seconds

      2. David

        Because hatred and intolerance is a family value based on your short sighted, poorly educated opinion.

      3. MPL

        Thank you for speaking up. Don’t let the loud voices of these haters ever make you stop telling the truth

      4. Bobbie

        Oh no, Disney is trying to support liberty and justice for all. Well conservatives will hate that.

  2. Emile

    These people have problems.

    1. Veebee


  3. Dave

    Like anything some people will enjoy the new show while others might not. In the past we took our 3 grandsons who got to see Illuminations several times which we all enjoyed. This past March we took the youngest, now 9 years old, to WDW and he was just THRILLED to see Harmonious at Epcot. He enjoyed it so much we saw it 3 times! We have no complaints. In fact we all enjoyed the Epcot display more than the Magic Kingdom display.

    1. The new show is not as well done as the show out at California Adventure, it isn’t as good as illuminations, and the barges are ugly as sin.

  4. Hugh

    Grotesque what does it have gay people kissing in front of children

    1. Latrae Osborne

      That’s not grotesque. Just like it isn’t when straight people kiss in front of children.

      1. Gay people kissing is not natural. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I personally have nothing against gay people, some of my friends are gay, and I respect their choices that they have made. And I don’t push my straight marriage on them, either. We enjoy each other’s company, while leaving sex and intimacy out of our conversation
        We feel that this private territory between the couples, and should not be talked about, or displayed in front of others. It’s called RESPECT.

        1. CalledIt

          LOL! I don’t push straight marriage on them! Yeah that is rich. And if you are against gays kissing in front of children then the same should be for straight couples. Fair is fair right. Oh and the Bible has all kinds of crazy stuff including orgies. Actually read it sometime instead of going to church once a week and listening to a con man “preacher” and praying to “White Jesus”.

          1. Veronica

            CalledIt, I’m truly sorry for you. You sound bitter and unhappy to your core. And if the Bible “has orgies”, it also has murders. That does not mean it advocates the behavior. Duh.

          2. drew who

            Jesus certainly wasn’t white nor was he black . He was a middle eastern Jew so he was likely to have been of a darker complexion .

            And orgies in the bible ? I must read it one of these days .

        2. JC

          Suzanne you’re a trash human, keep your trash insights to yourself

        3. Laura

          “God” made everything right? Then how come some animals can change gender? Why were there two MALE lions in a pride once? Lions outside in the savannah. Sounds like nature to me.

        4. For anyone who knows me and reads this, please be aware that I am a different Suzanne Taylor. For my 2 cents, humanity is still evolving, and look for the progress where the creators of the new show included what they did.

        5. Kim

          “I have nothing against gay people” and go on to say EVERYTHING you have against gay people. They have just as much right to show public displays if affection as straight people do. Get over it, and get used to it.

          1. CalledIt

            Just remember these are the people who are still in denial over Ernie and Bert being gay for decades.

        6. Mgw

          I thought your god made everything and doesn’t make mistakes? Maybe you should actually read that book you all keep trying to force on everyone. Maybe you’ll realize what a load of garbage it is.

        7. Nosecone

          God didn’t make Man, Man made God. Get it right.

        8. Ray w

          Well said!

      2. drewwho

        It depends what sort of kissing . Its grotesque if straight people are making out in front of children . A peck on the cheek is fine but full on tongues really isn’t .

        1. Angela

          I agree, it’s not cool on either side. I will say that younger children may not know or understand that there are homosexuals and that can be confusing for children. The parents may not feel that they are old enough to explain to them, just yet. I think any make out sessions in front of children, or public, is out of line. No one needs to flaunt that, save it for later.

      3. Tom

        A technologically advanced soulless IP display with a high school musical like Demi/Christina screeching at the top of your lungs overwrought soundtrack, and given the cost we’re stuck with it for many many years.

    2. MPL

      Thank you for speaking up and voicing your opinion. Don’t let the loud voices of these haters keep you from speaking the truth.

  5. Filomena

    very disappointed, we expected a larger display with. more fireworks for the 50th
    Was not centered , music was not enjoyable 😊sounded like screaming

    1. Beth

      Don’t know what you watched but we were there in March and thought it was the best show ever and as for those who moan about the ” spoilt” view of the countries walk around and see them properly. Great show Disney well done

  6. Filomena

    very disappointed, we expected a larger display with more fireworks for the 50th
    It Was not centered in the lake , music was not enjoyable 😊sounded like screaming

    1. GG

      Sad how deeply hostile people are in response to another’s opinion that doesn’t mesh with their own.

  7. Terry

    Think that’s bad magic kingdoms so called 40th enchanted fireworks are absolutely horrible. 50 years and no mention of Walt or Mickey. Absolutely awful show states we are the magic. Guess bob paycheck is to cheap to bring any magic to the kingdom. We have to bring our own. Fire bob chapek

  8. Mattfitz566

    Was there Christmas week it was great ! I loved the original Illumination show and will forever cherish those memories but this was next level and I am very grateful to have seen it 3 times during our holidays!

    1. Jan

      Did you enjoy the skyscraper in the middle of the lake during the day????

    2. From everything that we have been hearing about Disney, I have absolutely NO desire to ever go back. I went as a single woman with a friend back in ’83, and we had a wonderful time!!! I prefer to keep those happy memories. My husband has not been to ANY Disney parks, and at one time he wanted to go, but has since changed his mind. We go to Six Flags parks that don’t push this “woke” culture. There, it’s thrilling rides, adorable cartoon characters, and awesome shows and festivals. Six Flags is OUR magical place!!!

      1. Waxon

        Lol! Enjoy Six Flags then!
        Why are you here commenting then since you haven’t seen the show? People have the right to exist despite your bigotry. We definitely don’t want your kind in our parks. Stay away! Besos

        1. CalledIt

          Six Flags doesn’t want bigots either.

      2. Jules

        When you sub the word “ enlightened” for your use of “ woke”, it makes you sound like the ignorant person I believe you are. Six Flags can have you.

        1. CalledIt

          Six flags doesn’t want her either.

      3. Laura

        I don’t know about the one near where you live but the Six Flags here isn’t that great. Staff doesn’t care. It’s like talking to a wall.

      4. Nosecone

        Treating people nice is now considered “woke” and something to be distained now. Noted. I guess in today’s society of distain, love thy neighbor doesn’t really mean anything more.

  9. EricJ

    Anyone who ever lived to see Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management has a much HIGHER bar to pass before ever calling another park show “Grotesque”–And even I never got to see the Studios’ Goosebumps show.
    The new guests today are too soft.

  10. Romo

    Eye sore between all the beautiful pavilions.
    I compare it to angry Ursula, during the kissing scene on the Ariel ride in MK. That is my nickname for the ugly contraption with no magic.

  11. malcolm

    I this age of cancel culture , it’s time they got some push back ! I have many friends in the LGBT community and even they are against grooming our kids ! It’s just a small group screaming the loudest and having these corps’ buckle under to their crazy thinking ! Disney should have never should have never got political about this , they are a business and their stockholders should be their concern ! People are boycotting Disney not because they don’t want equal rights for gays it’s because it should be parents choice , the child’s brain is not fully formed at three year old to start pushing sex on them !

    1. CalledIt

      LMAO! The only groomers are white conservative christians like yourself who want the marriage age dropped and think rape is a swell time. Btw i don’t a single straight person who was groomed to be gay but tons of gay people who were groomed to be straight. Guess what though? It didn’t take. What does that tell you bigot?

      1. AH


        1. CalledIt

          So you won’t answer the question will you. Again tons and tons of gay people were groomed from the age they were a toddler to be straight but again it didn’t take. What does that tell you? Surprise they been gay all along and guess what? There has been gay people since the beginning of time including in the Bible. Deal!

          1. drew who

            So at what age do you think a child should be taught about gay sex ?

          2. Clifton Brewer

            Make that any sex.

      2. drew who

        If they are straight then how are they going to be “groomed to be gay” ? if they were groomed to be gay they would no longer be straight would they ?

        Didn’t think that one through did you lol .

        1. CalledIt

          Exactly. Millions of gay people were groomed to be straight since they were toddlers. Didn’t take. What does that tell you? Again never even enters their heads.

      3. Bob Vance with Vance Refrigeration

        Damn, you guys are all crazy. It’s a show for crying out loud. If you don’t like it, don’t go. If you like it, go. What ever you want to do, do it. All you Christians, Jesus is gonna come and the wheat and the tears are going to be seperated and the wicked will be burned. You all LGTBQ+, keep on being you. Don’t let others bring you down. Keep on keeping on. 👍

      4. Kim

        You are 100% correct.

    2. Marcus

      Speaking out against an unnecessary law that was only created to energize the bases does not make Disney groomers. That word is just a dog whistle the right is using to get you and the other blind sheep to follow. Do you even understand what grooming means?

      1. CalledIt

        They keep saying “groomers” to deflect the fact they are the ones doing it. In Tennessee the Republicans pushed in a bill that dropped the marriage consent age. Who lead it? Some scumbag who groomed his wife when she was in high school and he was middle aged.

        1. drew who

          In Tennessee the age someone can get married is 18 its not been dropped at all . The lowest age someone can get married in an American state is 16 . Did you not check your facts before making that comment ?

          1. Kris

            It was a proposed bill that would have mage it legal for minors to be forced into marriages. It was amended/dropped because of the public outcry against it. Perhaps try researching for yourself as well before scolding others for it?

      2. AH

        Obviously you do not know what is in the bill now law. It was supported by majorities from across the political spectrum.

        1. CalledIt

          No it isn’t at all! Its just with you white bigots that it is. Again we need to now ban princess fairy tale books because they end in a love story. Congrats bigot!

          1. Ray w

            And now we break out the race card!!!!

    3. Susan brooks

      Well explained. I have zero issues with different life styles ut I don’t think Disney made a smart business move throwing their hat into the political arena. I love Disney.

    4. Jules

      Lol, “ grooming”. You cult members are so gullible, and perverted. No one is “ grooming” anyone. Perverts.

      1. CalledIt

        Actually the GOP is grooming little girls to be child brides. Just look at what happened in Tennessee for details.

        1. drew who

          OK I found the bill you are talking about . Its actually been amended because it was criticized . The minimum age is still 18 but they can marry younger at 17 with parental consent . What you assumed was going to happen is not happening at all .

          1. Kim

            Just the fact that it was introduced goes to show you how that sode thinks.

    5. Mgw

      How’s that boycott going? Seems like Disney is having record crowds.

    6. Kris

      Yeah that would be because the /ENTIRE/ LGBT community is against grooming and it’s not actually what that bill is about. Only the nasty people like you who reduce gay people down to what they do in the bedroom and nothing more are obsessed with “grooming”; it’s why y’all accuse EVERYBODY you disagree with of being predators and it’s beyond stale at this point. I stg y’all aren’t capable of having a single solitary thought if a pundit doesn’t put it in your head for you. Do they hand out a flow chart or something??

    7. Nosecone

      Nice copy-paste.

  12. Cindy

    I saw this when someone live streamed it on tik tok n didn’t like it. Don’t plan to watch it on my next trip there

  13. Eugene Artemyeff

    I’m not a Disney park regular. Have not been to any of the parks for ages and have to admit that firework displays are fun but would not go too far out of the way to see one. But in Feb my wife and I visited EPCOT and were blown away by the pyro show at the end of the day. Yes, there are many negative things that can be brought up about the whole Disney organization. From overcrowding to a lack of forethought regarding fast passes, but be it a product of commercialism or social norms, they put on one hell of a show in my opinion!

    1. Beeswax

      Harmonious is amazing!! People that don’t get music may not like it. It’s absolutely beautiful. I cried the first time I saw it. I’ve watched it four times. There’s a lot more to look at in the park, I’m not at all bothered by the set up.

      1. Htk

        It’s really not great and was created as a cost-savings to Disney. Watch the Illuminations show that existed previously then compare the two. Also reflect on viewing angles. Harmonious was created to lower costs and to supply Disney an additional profit stream as the plan was to monetize viewable space. The original multi-tiered garden was supposed to have several “pay to view” platforms which would have provided ideal viewing of the spectacle. Disney plans to monetize the space surrounding the lagoon starting this holiday season. This will be an option that exists outside of the Genie+ service and from what I understand it’s not tethered to the lightning lane either. I can tell you that the previous NYE fireworks display was the worst ever, 7 minutes long instead of the typical 23/24 minute fireworks shows of previous incarnations.

  14. Marcus

    This review is accurate. Disney usually makes the right decisions. But sometimes they miss and Harmonious is a miss. It’s a bad show and should be removed/replaced as soon as the costs have been amortized (probably a decade). The barges look really ridiculous and need to be removed from the lake. Recent WDW successes: Dwarf’s mine train, France upgrade, Guardians of the Galaxy, Tron, Galaxy’s Edge, Runaway Railway. Recent WDW fails: Harmonious, Little Mermaid, Swan Reserve, and next failure Polynesian DVC tower.

    1. Barry

      The Swan isn’t owned by Disney.

    2. SCOTT lee-ross

      It is amazing the list of recent success you list. Really, Tron is a success? It is not finished. Cosmic Rewind is still not finished or open yet you call it a success.
      Then you list fails. Harmonious is not a fail, it is a now beloved addition to EPCOT. Not sure how you consider Little Mermaid a failure, but will leave that one alone. Then you list Swan Reserve as a Disney fail, yet they did not design, build or own the project. That is Tishman. Finally, you predict Poly Tower as a fail, and it has not even been permitted but I can tell you I can not wait to stay in that failure, just like they can not fill that other failure on the lakes, Bay Lake Tower.

  15. LuAnn

    A waste of my time. No story to much going on a disaster I will say one thing positive the music but all in all horrible

  16. Tom Crane

    I agree with the barges being an eye sore during the day. That being said I love the message of harmonious. Unite with music. I for one am tired with all of the hatred going on all over the world. I think it would be a wonderful thing if people would stop the hate and realize that we are all part of one race and that is the human race.

  17. Name

    The level of bias in these articles is amazing. These anti-Disney articles read as if someone said, “Okay, we’re supposed to hate Disney now. Find a half-dozen people who will complain about literally anything, and get their quotes from Reddit. Then pretend they represent more than their own opinions.”

    For God’s sake. It’s Disney. People already turned against the NFL and their children. What’s next? Apple pie?

    1. CalledIt

      Turn against the NFL? What are you talking about?? The game shatter records in terms of viewership last year. Reminds me of the whole Nike “boycott” when a bunch of middle aged white bigots burned their Nike stuff only to see the stock hit records after they cut a deal with Kapernick.

      1. Calledit_is_clueless

        Calledit, the only person in this comment section that is insulting and is not adding anything to the conversation is you. Channel you mean angry energy into something productive, because what you are doing here is not it! It’s just sad 😔 and it truly feel sorry for you. And no I, as well as many others, do not have a life that revolves around a comment section for one article, so I will not be responding, nor see your ignorant reply. And from a gay black man, please stop fighting our fights until you learn how to do it constructively. Xo

    2. drew who

      Disney isn’t the family friendly company it once was . You just have to turn on Disney plus as see how much LBGTQ content it has aimed at children . Its a company that is trying to indoctrinate children into thinking that abnormal sexuality is normal .

      1. Kris

        Because it IS normal. If it’s between two consenting adults, it’s normal. Cry more about it.

        It must suck to have such a narrow world view coupled with having to lug so much bigoted hate around with you every single day. Is it not exhausting to live in so much fear-fueled hatred?

  18. Mike

    The structure in the middle of the lake looks like the Stargate from the TV show.

  19. AH

    I saw it last year the week following Thanksgiving. The old show fit EPCOT. This one does not. Waste of time.

  20. Sam

    Grotesque?? Everyone’s entitled to their opinion I guess. I saw this show for the first time in person last Feb and it was amazing! I loved it. Sometimes Disney fans are way too critical. Enjoy things for what they are and have fun.

  21. Rick

    We were there in February and the display in EPCOT was just amazing, great job!!

  22. Carol

    I have to agree with the negative comments. I have been to Disney World 3 times in 3 months and after seeing the show for the first time, we never went back. We were very disappointed and basically said “what was that?” The stationary equipment in the middle of the lagoon is not visually appealing and takes away from the ambience of Epcot. Can’t wait for it to be replaced!!

  23. Tom

    We were there in February. We loved the new show. Saw it twice at Epcot and once from the top of the new restaurant at the Riviera. Change is not always the best and yes I do miss Illuminations but the music and mix of lights, fireworks, lasers, moving parts, and projections was in our view spectacular.

  24. Who, me?

    We just were there yesterday, taking a boat across the lagoon and saw the equipment for this show up close and yes, it is grotesque. It looks like it would belong on an oil drilling platform.
    As far as the esthetics, it definitely destroys the beauty and design of the water and the reflections of the buildings and Florida sunsets upon it.
    The show itself is beautiful for ten minutes until it dawns that it is just a mashup of segments with these huge alien arms swinging around the Stargate.
    And to address those that say homosexuality is normal.
    No it’s not. Seeing a man sashaying outside the Germany building wearing a Tennis skirt and long painted fingernails rubbing his boyfriend’s behind while he wore a Lilac Tiara is not normal. In all actuality, in all of my recent years going to Disney, there has never been so many gay people as there was this past weekend. Almost like their presence was requested. Men with dresses…..nope, not the norm. As bizarre as the show on the lake.

  25. Wally C.

    We saw the show for the first time this past April. The only thing I liked about the show was the seats with dinner package at rose and crown. We loved illuminations and would go every night we could to see it. This new show was a huge disapointment and downgrade. As others posted ugly display unoriginal music and nothing more then projections of Disney movies. Will not go out of my way to see this show ever again. So sad to see that even with the addition of new attractions the magic is no longer part of Disney. Everything from customer service, guest experiemce, to cleanliness of the restrooms has all gone down hill from the past.
    We were so disappointed with our last trip and the harmonious show just added to the disappoitment. Been going to Disney every year for over 30 years sad to say that we will now be using our dvc to travel elsewhere , as Disney is no longer worth the money we spend to go there. I dare anyone to tell me that the Disney experience today is better then it was 10 years ago. I’m just glad that me and my family had the chance to experience the old Disney.

  26. Chris

    Perhaps a show with lighted drones would be better. Water, screens, lasers and fireworks are clearly obsolete.

  27. Jay

    Epcot, particualry during FLower and Garden is awesome. But I must admit, the barges and garish structures in the middle of the lake are out of place. ALso, once again, Disney unnecessarily inserts their LGBTQ salurte. The last 2 shows were much better and without the propoganda.

  28. Dan

    Not getting into the Lgbtq stuff. Its all over the tv to start.
    That said, I really didnt like this one. It ignored the best parts of the original; 1. you could view it 360 degrees! Thats amazing in itself. 2. The fireworks and story were firmly routed in the world coming together theme as well as himan achievement. This one really doesnt segue well, feels forced together. Nothing natural about it. Last, the permanant scaffolding in the lagoon really ruins the scenery. I think this ones a rare miss on Disney’s part. E for effort. F for fail. I hope they reimagine this one. If they need help, Id be happy to.

  29. Peter

    As an event tech from up north, I believe this show is a magnificent achievement of technology. Also with the screens it allows kids to be more engaged with what is familiar to them, while evoking emotion from us adults all while having us stunned with outstanding visuals. People seem so critical these days as if shows like this should be catered to them individually. Smile more yo.
    See ya real soon!

  30. Sandy

    Two problems: 5% of population keeps forcing this on our families. Disney also knows digital images are reusable and far less expensive than one time real fireworks. After 40 years of $$$ loyal Disney travel we’re done.

    1. Kim

      Which 5% and what are they forcing?

      1. Kris

        For people like Sandy, us simply EXISTING within public view is “forcing” because they’re obsessed with what complete strangers do in the bedroom. Meanwhile she probably thinks it’s perfectly normal to hold a literal PARTY to celebrate what kind of downstairs plumbing a BABY has. Because THAT isn’t creepy, not at all.

    2. Nosecone

      And how many of that 95% is currently in denial or hiding because they are being made to feel bad about who they are.

  31. kathy

    The show is very nice. What isn’t good is that the ugly barges are left out in the lake. They used to bring them out when it was time for the show. This is an eyesore.

  32. Patrick

    We were in the World over the holidays and we skipped Harmonious as we watched it via YouTube and was not impressed enough to bother on our trip. We wanted fireworks shows not video screens with a couple of fireworks.

  33. We have been coming to WDW since the 80s. Epcot is slowly losing its charm. This new show is not at all charming. I really wanted to love it but I don’t. I agree with people in regards to the really unattractive delivery system. Sorry Disney.

  34. Sam

    Bring back illuminations! (I know they already dismantled the globe… 🙁 ) Less is more. Even after seeing Illuminations dozens of times, it still caused me to get goose bumps. Harmonious? Not so much… all I got out of it was “what the heck was that?” IMHO, Epcot should be about the different nations of the world, not a “best of” of Disney movies. If you were (un)fortunate enough to never have watched Illuminations, you probably will like Harmonious, because it is cool, but for us “oldtimers”, it’s an eyesore by day and a reason to go jump on rides instead at night, because the lines are hopefully shorter while people watch the fireworks.

    1. SCOTT lee-ross

      Well Sam, I am a very involved Disney fan from Texas. And still manage enough trips to make my annual pass worthwhile. I saw and enjoyed Illuminations many times, dating back to the original Illuminations.
      However, Harmonious is a far superior show. It maintains the themes of harmony around the world, while showcase the musical styles of other nations. Perhaps its theme went over your head?

  35. Ron

    We were there on March. Saw it twice from different angles.
    Harmonious was bad. Way to”busy”.. they just cram 30 minutes of screens and song burst into 15 minutes. A real disappointment.

  36. chuck

    Why dont all of you people just shut up .Everyone has their own opinion and yes Disney is losing their magic and should stay out of politics and take care of the parks and also be far to everyone not just one sided and continue to be over priced on everything .They need to get rid of the Reservation System cause the Annual Passholders are getting screwed over

    1. SCOTT lee-ross

      Your comments display an ignorance of the world around you. Disney is entitled to their free speech in an attempt to make Florida and the world a better place. You seem to advocate censorship in order to protect your views.
      Disney is not overpriced in anything. Perhaps you might want to actually review that old Law of Supply and Demand. When Demand exceeds Supply, then price must increase. And right now with the parks selling out on a daily basis the Demand exceeds the Supply so the price is too low and must increase. Finally, I think you even fail to understand the reservation system. The parks are sold out daily. That means that you can not show up and just get in. As an Annual Passholder (Sorcerer) I understand that. And if I do not have a reservation, there are no tickets. Just like you can not just show up and expect to be seated for the premiere of Dr. Strange or show up at ATT Stadium and expect to get a ticket to a Cowboys game. They are sold out, so you get a great view of the parking lot.

  37. Emily

    I agree that the barges during the day are an eyesore. But the show itself was beautiful! They way they projected the scenes on the fountains and smoke from previous fireworks was amazing! And the MUSIC! I could binge the music all day long! It was epic and moving and filled every fiber with excitement! Literally brought both my husband and me to tears. Great show! I don’t understand how it can be called grotesque at all.

  38. GG

    Sad how deeply people are in response to another’s opinion that doesn’t mesh with their.

  39. Kelsey

    I have to agree! I wish they would bring Illuminations back! We had a fairly decent spot and didn’t feel any magic or have those “chills” moments like we did with Illuminations. We feel the same about Enchantment as well.

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