Comments for Guests Complain About “Heinous Smell” at Classic Universal Attraction

Credit: Universal


  1. Jarvis

    This is one of my favorite rides. But one time while boarding the boat, a whiff of something horrible was in the air. I mean putrid. It was not in the boat and the water was clean after we got wet. No one else said anything. Hopefully the park can track it down and take care of it, or the person causing it.

    1. D

      I have experienced the smell before at the hollywood location. On more than one occasion. There is something very wrong with that water. That used to be my favorite ride. Until one of the times my friend and I were on that ride. After the big drop, she had gotten splashed on her pants leg with the water. There was a very little worm also on her leg in the spot that was wet.

  2. Gerald

    It’s funny you say that because I was just on this ride last week with my wife and said the same thing. Their was something definitely in the water that made it smell really bad.

  3. Josh

    I’ve been an AP for 15 years
    And my wife and I have the same experience every time as well. Something in the water always smells. And I love UO we still go but make sure to take
    Sanitary wipes for after.

  4. Jeff

    Fun fact: the new universal park is being built right next to a water treatment facility. And it is a horrendous smell that spreads a decent area around it. Not sure their plan for that. Unless the plan is to build the Mario World sewer tubes next to it. Give it a real life “feel “

  5. billnyenotascienceguy

    Been on that ride over 100 times and the only bad smell I’ve noticed is the people in the line. That ain’t the water people.

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