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Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. John Deloise

    Biden is an iron muppet.

    1. Hugh Polloitine

      If Amanda is cool then I must be Jesus himself these days. She looks like a meth addict. Meth is definitely not cool. Amanda is definitely not cool.

      1. The COOL Amanda

        Poor Hugh why does my Twitter handle trigger you so?

        Easy to say someone looks like a meth addict when you aren’t sharing up a picture of yourself right?

    2. Mike

      And Trump is a db a$$

    3. TruthSeeker

      So was Trump. Ask Putin

      1. J

        Who cares? Its plexiglass. Keep it. It literally does not matter what the guests think. People are going to be upset by something no matter what you do

    4. Joyce

      I’m not talking covid but I really prefer the plexiglass barriers stay. I’m really tired of people sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths. It’s really disgusting and very inconsiderate.

      1. CG

        1000% plus, covid is not over. I appreciate how my employers protected me in nyc.

  2. Trent

    This useless plexiglass is hilarious. One day we will look back and laugh, similar to how we now look back and laugh at 17th century plague masks.

    1. Sora

      To be fair they do look pretty cool. Though it did have a use aside from making the mask smell nice. It did help protect them against droplets of spit. If someone with the plauge coughs there’s a chance they could be unintentionally spitting along with it.

      You might “look back and laugh” at all the people who died from all the deseases we now have cures from today but it seems disrespectful. Might I suggest learning from history instead of just looking, taking a guess, pointing and laughing.

      1. YeahRight

        Well said, Sora. 👏

      2. Victor Nazarian

        Actually, almost all studies show that the plexiglass barriers did more harm than good by hindering proper air circulation so that stagnant air with a large load of 0.1 micron to 20 micron droplets could accumulate and raise the chances of communicating a virus.

        Spittle and large droplets were apparently not a significant issue associated with COVID due to the fact that large droplets fall to the ground more quickly and infection usually required extremely small droplets in large numbers to be inhaled deeply.

        In short, better circulation without plexiglas barriers reduces transmission (good). Ad hoc barriers installed hastily promoted and likely increased transmission (bad) while also being a fire hazard (plexiglass burns quickly) and being an impediment to evacuation or rescue.

        1. Trent

          Well said, Victor Nazarian. 👏

        2. Sora

          I was mostly talking about the plauge masks but you do you. I still find it disrespectful to “look back and laugh.” at all the people who died from unexpected deaths.

          1. Amanda

            no one is laughing over the deaths.

          2. Trent

            How you got the idea that I was laughing at deaths from what I said is beyond me.

        3. Seriously, Again?

          **Studies that totally happened and aren’t a convenient figment of someone’s imagination to fit their narrative.

      3. Dilbert

        I think Trent was being sarcastic since the mask during the plague saved many lives.

        1. Tim

          Yeah, but where did it get them? They’re all dead now.

    2. Joyce

      You are a real jerk. Why don’t you have compassion for someone who has to work 8 hours everyday having to be exposed to all the sneezing,coughing, no handwashing people?
      I don’t think it’s too much to keep this of protection.
      Have you ever been to a place with a salad bar? Does it bother you that there’s a plexiglass barrier?
      If yes, I guess you don’t mind people possibly sneezing and coughing on your food.

  3. Dawn

    I think all the safety measures should stay in place this virus isn’t over yet and there are do many people walking around not protecting their selves that the virus will keep spreading in fact I think Disney should have the right to see a vaccination card when you enter and if you font have one you need to wear a mask

    1. Tim

      Unless it is comic sans.

  4. Dawn

    I think all the safety measures should stay in place this virus isn’t over yet and there are do many people walking around not protecting their selves that the virus will keep spreading in fact I think Disney should have the right to see a vaccination card when you enter and if you font have one you need to wear a mask or don’t go to the parks, you are just spreading the virus around

    1. Ashley

      It will never go away. It will become endemic and now it is time we all learn to live with it. Even Fauci said it is time for individuals to make their own assessments based on personal risk. I think most people are glad masks are gone. This is coming from someone who is vaccinated, since people like to assume you only don’t like wearing masks if you aren’t vaccinated.

      1. Trent

        Most people are glad masks are gone. Except for crazy people, which are often the loudest (by a large margin). So it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing about masks for a long time. I just won’t be wearing one myself.

        1. AT

          Totally. You can tell how many support dropping the requirements by seeing how many choose to mask up when it isn’t required. A very small percentage are still wearing them once the requirement is gone.

        2. Joyce

          That’s your choice. I’m bot crazy, I just feel, for myself, that it’s safer to wear a mask. Whatever you do is up to you. But I will continue to protect my 65 uear oldmyself.

    2. Louise

      Plexiglass prevents people from jumping the line / rudely cutting in. Plus, Covid did not miraculously disappear. Masks are a good source of protection and any distance possible is appreciated. People forget that you can still contract Covid at the happiest place on earth.

      1. Amanda

        You know that unless both people are wearing n95s you really only get maybe 40 minutes of protection? And that’s IF the infected person and yourself are wearing them correctly.

        1. JMH

          Right, so wear a mask.

          1. Mike

            And go back to your hotel after 40 minutes at the park.

  5. Ashley

    There are so many things I would prioritize over removing plexiglass.

    – bring back rest of normal character meals

    – fix genie plus / lightening lane issues

    – bring back after hours events and early morning magic

    I am sure there are more but the plexiglass won’t impact my experience regardless of whether or not it is present.

    1. Amanda

      Plexiglass is the easiest of them to fix though. You can literally just take it down. You are right though, there are many more things to fix.

      1. Louise

        Yes, plexiglass is an easy fix.
        Limiting people that enter the park and more efficient systems for queues would provide greater comfort for patrons.

  6. Eric

    Ignorance of the value in plexiglass shields and masking doesnt make them wrong. Good for Disney for doing whats best for its staff and patrons rather than the political views of the uneducated.

    1. Walt is spinning

      Another prime example of how it’s much easier to fool an idiot than to convince that idiot that they have been fooled.

  7. JN

    I’m all for safety, but while there in January, we were smooshed into The Three Caballeros line. I don’t normally get claustrophobic, but with a packed queue & the plexiglass up & masks on, I couldn’t breathe.

    1. DO

      Lol, yes you could. Nice drama act though.

  8. JH

    Studies have shown the plexiglass makes it worse. Real studies, not idiot Q anon studies. The key to not spreading the virus is air flow. It’s painfully obvious no one is keeping up with this anymore.

    1. Trent

      It doesn’t matter if the studies are real or not. If it doesn’t give the illusion of safety, or at least the illusion of an attempt at safety, it’s not gonna be promoted by the elite and their pawns. It’s not science they rely on, it’s perception. To them, perception is reality.

  9. Phoebe L Ho

    Considering that with the so-efficient, better and very considerate Genie-“plus” system, people are going to be tightly wedged into indoor queues on a regular basis, I will have to continue to wear a mask regardless of my fully vaccinated status or park rules changing back. Yeah, it’ll be saturated with BO but I have no choice. No one even bothers to check if anyone’s vaxxed anymore. Now to stay safe you just have to assume that everyone else isn’t and try to protect yourself.

    1. Pat D

      Totally agree with Phoebe as I am now immunocompromised and on supplemental oxygen. I can only find the magic and happiness at the place that offers me a semblance of COVID protection from those that only think of themselves.

      1. Tim

        If you feel that you are unsafe at Disney parks, or anywhere, you shouldn’t go. That is your only truly responsible option.

    2. Zach, PhD

      Well I hate to say it, but buy the Lightening Lane. When you pay more for things, you get a better product. Disney fans have the worst understanding of capitalism. I’m a moderate Democrat who grew up in abject poverty on welfare, but somehow I understand and appreciate capitalism. I don’t complain about it. I either find a way to get more money, rearrange my budget, take a lower level experience, or I don’t go. Why do Disney fans feel the need to complain about everything? Not just you. It’s fans of all backgrounds and ideologies. I even had a woman tell me the government should nationalize WDW so everyone could visit. How ridiculous. It’s impossible! Then you have conservatives mad that a studio that makes movies about witches and magic won’t reflect evangelical Christian beliefs. 🤯 You think you deserve the same short and roomy walkway as those who paid a premium price [of only $15]! America needs to go back to high school and take economics again, they didn’t get it the first time.

  10. Anne

    I applaud all of you who spoke your opinion without the name-calling and bringing in politics. For the rest of you, why do you feel that’s necessary? I can be for or against plexiglass without being an idiot or a Trumpster, or whatever name you decide to use. I miss respectable conversation.

    1. Amanda

      Because that’s all some people have sadly.

      1. Sora

        Hate to say it but you’re right. Wish people wouldn’t sit there, doing mud and take the lowest hanging fruit.

      2. Zach, PhD

        It’s not commendable to tell people to avoid politics. That’s actually a form of privilege. It’s commendable to applaud civil discourse. People think Disney has no right to be involved in politics, but the Supreme Court decided in Citizens United that corporations are “people” with free speech. Disney is also a corporation in our wonderful capitalist country where they get to set their own rules without input from the government [aside from safety, sexism, discrimination etc]. Disney is free to become as “woke” as they please. They’ve wagered that it will pay off BIGLY for them 🤷🏻‍♂️. My PhD is in Cultural Studies and I know they’re right. Younger people are more likely to be liberal and less religious. Those are the ones having the next generation of kids. Today’s kids are already majority non-white, and that tend is going to grow more and more. Non-white people tend to be more liberal. Here’s some more to think about. Democrats are by far better educated than Republicans. Education is correlated with higher incomes. No wonder Disney is becoming more “woke,” they tend to be more educated and have more money. Among these groups you have one subset that includes my family that Disney especially wants… two dad households. Why do they want us as a market? We have the most stable homes in America. We are the least likely to divorce. We also make the most money on average, and tend to spend the most on our kids.

        Disney has moved past their old fanbase. The evidence is all around, just look. They are politically progressive. They put LGBT-Q characters in content. The park freebies like Magical Express and After Hours and fast pass are gone. They want fans who can and will pay for those things. So far it’s working. You can’t get a reservation. People are upset over long lines. The content is more popular than ever. People say they’re leaving Disney, be clear it’s conservative white people leaving Disney. In their place are twice as many new fans excited for the changes of a new inclusive Disney.

        1. Amanda

          Assuming that someone is a Trumptard is not commendable by any means. My opinion on plexiglass isn’t based in some idolatry of Trump. I make more money than most of the Disney fans I run into on Twitter too. So the whole oh Republicans are uneducated is tiresome. And really the mentality will drag more regular people away from the Democrats than bring in.

  11. Zed Kanata

    I appreciate all safety measures. Without them, more people would surely contract COVID. The only reason that the virus is still among us and variants crop up is because of the lack of safety measures and the many people who have refused to get vaccinated. The measures exist for the greater good.

    1. EvolutionaryUturn

      It’s a big wide world out there and not one country has been able to contain the virus. The reason the virus is still among us is because that’s what viruses do. Were you aware that only 0.1% of all cases world wide right now are considered serious? Are you aware that the number of daily deaths is at its lowest level since the pandemic began, even though there are well over 1 million new cases every day? The vaccine is not 100% effective against infection and it’s definitely not a cure. COVID is now endemic, like the flu. Learn to live with it.

  12. Kimberly

    People feel so entitled and their level of audacity to think that demanding to remove safety measures put in place is ridiculous. If you feel it isn’t necessary or ineffective, then move on. You have no clue the health or the health of the households of the people employed in those shops. If it stops just a single person from getting sick…not only with covid but any illness then it served its purpose. Move on Karen. This world isn’t about you!

    1. Amanda

      It literally doesn’t help though. COVID is aerosolized which means it will go over those things. It will linger in the air in front of you. It will be there in the common spaces. What’s the point?

      1. DO

        I’m sure that every doctor you meet wearing a face shield is doing it for Voodoo reasons too, right? Because you know much more than they do, right? Tell those ICU doctors and nurses to take off those face shields too, don’t they know that they can’t breathe and that the armchair scientists think they don’t help?

        My righteous indignation is better than your knowledge! I saw it on a TV opinion show!

  13. C

    People have nothing better to do than to complain about plexiglass. Have some priorities and stop being selfish.

  14. Chad

    Disney’s policies on masks are the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. Was there two weeks ago and you have to wear a mask on the monorail and busses yet once you are in the park take them off. They will then cram you into holding rooms and make you squeeze in a tight as you can. Come on Disney, make up your mind.

    1. ashley

      Transportation is federally regulated. WDW can’t remove these requirements. Buses are under same guidance as airlines.

      1. Louise

        Yes, plexiglass is an easy fix.
        Limiting people that enter the park and more efficient systems for queues would provide greater comfort for patrons.

  15. F

    So the article is about removing plexiglass. Riveting.

    The comments are as always ridiculous. The “virus” is aerosolized.

    To disperse as an aerosol.
    disperse as an aerosol
    become dispersed as an aerosol
    ALL barriers like masks and plexiglass do is provide minimal protection against droplets like coughing up a loogey or a sneeze which sprays mucus and travels to 20ft.
    There is NO protection from a virus that is aerosolized. It is literally in the air. It is in your lungs, eyes, ears, in your nose, on your tongue, deep in your throat. The only defense is to stop breathing entirely, or with an oxygen delivered hazmat suit.
    AND Yes I am fully vaxed, I was lucky the shots didn’t kill me.

    WDWC has far more problems than plexiglass these days. Wake up.

  16. S.Czech

    Sorry to be a party pooper but COVID is back and spreading again in several states since the weather is starting to warm up. I’m in Ohio and we’re not discarding anything yet. Re-think what you’re planning on doing.

  17. Erika

    I don’t think they should get rid of any of the safety precautions. I think they should keep the plexiglass and people should wear masks at wdw because covid is still here. I also think that until it actually becomes endemic and becomes a lot weaker the smart move is to not play Russian roulette with the virus.
    I feel that removing the plexiglass would the stupidest move in the history of stupid moves. If I visited I would still wear a mask.

    1. Amanda

      You realize aerosolized particles move over and under those dividers right? And so probably concentrate the virus a little more for the people directly around you for a bit

    2. Yes, remove the plexiglass but make masks mandatory, I like that compromise.

  18. X

    Guest should not have a voice here it’s not for them at this point it’s for the employees. if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go simple as that. you have no say

    1. Y

      What’s funny is no one is demanding anything.

      Stating they should be gone is not “demanding that they go”.

    2. Tanya

      They asked our opinion.

  19. Tanya

    I think things should go back to normal. Masks dont work unless n95 and vaccines do not prevent spreading it or getting it.
    Remove plexiglass If it takes away from experience then it should be removed or if it encloses people so air can’t circulate.
    All the fun things that were removed/paused should be started again.

    1. Mike

      Don’t like it don’t go.

  20. Dice

    Yes, because we all know that.a.thun piece of plastic or cloth can stop the COOF.

  21. Jen

    Plexiglass is the last thing anyone needs to worry about. It’s not hurting anything and it’s likely to be around for quite some time. Some people just want to complain.

    1. DO

      I love it. They complain about Karens and then complain about plexiglass. The obliviousness of it all is breathtaking.

  22. Babz

    Plexiglass seems good to me to keep direct coughing/sneezing off my neck and soften the screams of other ride passengers.

    I wish they would Require the spacing we’re supposed to have! When I went last year (masked in kn95), I had to hold my bag behind me or move around a lot to ensure any decent amount of personal space. It’s maddening!

  23. Lola

    If you are complaining about plexiglass, man I wish I had your problems. Your lives must be soooo stressful. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Amanda

      You’re right I live an incredibly easy life now. Not even going to try to make it seem like I don’t. Doesn’t mean I cannot have an opinion on the uselessness of plexiglass barriers.

      A random “journo” decided to take tweets from people who didn’t do more than just post their own thoughts about plexiglass barriers… I mean, that’s pretty sad isn’t it?

  24. What about bob

    Silly question.. if “studies” show the plexiglass makes things worse… then why hasn’t Disney removed them? Only reason I can think of is that there isn’t a definitive answer. Companies like Disney wants to attract customers and make record profit…. so whether “we” the common folk think otherwise, they can do what they want. Get over it.

  25. J

    Wow, I’m shocked there are any of these things still around. Maybe someone’s work order to get them removed accidently slipped through the cracks.

  26. Robert

    Just another reason I will continue to wear a mask while at Disney World

  27. Disney execs were recently caught on leaked zoom video talking about Thier hidden agenda to push transgender into the theme parks and motion picture industry..
    I don’t have a problem with transgender people, infact I wish them all the best and find help with Thier mental sickness. That being said, Do not push and sneak your hidden ideologies on our children..
    I’m amazed these people still willingly hand Thier money over to this corporation..
    lol worried about masks?
    Wake up people.

  28. The masks that were scientifically proven useless? lol go right ahead hahaha

  29. Peace

    You all Karen’s that want the glass to come down why don’t you all go work at Disney. Then the glass will go down. It will not be a big deal. Now unless you will do that keep quite. Do I have to get COVID because of yourself ways? Have of those calling for the glass to come down is not vaccinated. My only wish I could sue anyone who shares their virus with me.

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