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  1. Bob

    Great article, thanks for warning guests about this “hell hole”! Important for guests to have all the facts in an unbiased way!

    1. Doesna Matre

      You realize that every bit of this is biased, yes? Every person experiences things differently, and shares their *biased* viealws. Opinions, all that were presented here, are, by definition, biased.

    2. Midoree

      If that’s your experience I apologize think you could’ve been a little more dialetic. I was just there everything was amazing. I also think people expect way too much when it comes too disney. Just let the magic happen as it needs too

      1. Brenda

        Five year olds aren’t going to pay attention to things that adults do! They are kids having fun and the magic of being there as a kid having fun, period so people need to quit going on and on! Just because as an adult SOME people are frustrated. No one says people (adults) have to go because no one is saying or forcing anyone to go anywhere they don’t want to go. I wish I could still afford to go:

      2. Warlando

        Haha! Hates Disney, but has been back “2 or 3 times”!

  2. Andy

    Disney going woke and broke

    1. Cristy

      We loved AOA!! We just got back in April and the stay was amazing!! The value is what we expected, and it was very accommodating to all our needs. Clean and very well kept!!

      1. LV

        It’s called DAAR

    2. Deanna

      Not sure what tou mean. The company is neither woke, nor broke. Even their debts from the past are meaningless, that’s why they never pay them. Unaffected entirely. They literally donated to the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill so they definitely are not woke. Trying to play both sides maybe, but even that is not hurting them somehow.

      1. Jr


        1. Donalyn

          I agree!

      2. Bob

        Disney is a great place but i wouldn’t exactly call it family friendly. Very very expensive.

        1. Brenda

          It is family friendly you just have to have the money to go. Also though Walt wouldn’t be happy about increasing the prices as often as they have over the years..

        2. Donna

          Hey for all those who really can’t afford it then stay the hell home

      3. Cyr

        Anyone that uses the word woke simply shows they are part of a cult that knows nothing about decency. They are caught in a lie from a party that can’t provide any real solutions to real problems so they make up culture wars and run on that division

        1. Madnesses

          So what you actually mean is the Democratic Party because this is exactly what is going on in the WH now:
          “They are caught in a lie from a party that can’t provide any real solutions to real problems so they make up culture wars and run on that division”. And corporate America and yes Disney are foot soldiers

      4. Katie

        I am an annual pass holder and go to Disney a lot. I have stayed at art of animation twice and I loved every second of it. I do have two young children, they loved the themes and just walking around looking at everything. The pools were awesome for them and come with floaties for them to use. They also have activities for them to do on non park days, and they have movies out on the lawn at night. I think this hotel was great for what we paid. We have stayed at swan and dolphin and I prefer to stay at art of animation. I love all the Disney feels even when you are not at the park.

    3. Facts

      It’s the 44th biggest company in the world and they’re expecting 90% earnings per share growth next year. Might want to lookup what the word broke means.

      1. JJ

        90%??? Lmao . .I bet you 100k that’s not ever going to happen

  3. Jennifer

    I started out staying at a deluxe resort and now I’m spoiled. I’d rather stay at the Boardwalk so I can walk to Epcot or HS. I love the area! I don’t have kids so AOA would be a no for me.

  4. Cd

    Another “story” based on a couple random people’s tweets. Why bother?

    I stayed there a few months ago. Magical experience.

    1. Jimbob

      Welcome to ITM, hope to see you again soon!

  5. Jeff R

    We went with whole family and Grand kids ,AofA was the BEST , clean and we were short walk to bus to take us to Disney. Look forward to goin back and doin it again . Sorry for people who didn t have same experience, “DISNEY STILL HAS THE MAGIC.

    1. Casey

      We stayed at AoA in June 2021. Some of the elements needed repainting and finding our room was not the easiest. My husband can’t walk far, so getting to the buses and skyliner was not the easiest until we were able to get a scooter. The room was small but that was expected, not like we spent a lot of time there. And honestly the food was meh at best. We had a much better experience at Caribbean in 2017.

      1. Mook Dee

        We stayed in September 2021 and they were in the middle of repainting all the pieces, as well as the buildings. So you weren’t wrong about them needing to repaint.

    2. Lisa

      Not really since they said no to Johnny Depp over something that needed to be heard in a court of his peers. To find out if he indeed was a wife beater.
      Which it appears he is NOT and Disney absolutely shout themselves in the foot.

    3. Marathon Mama

      I’ve stayed in 14 different Disney resorts, and this is easily one of the best. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve stayed at Art alone. This article is fugazi.

  6. DarthCalypso

    It’s packed. No surprise! Welcome to WDW! This is why they offer online check in and online food. Way easier when you take advantage of these offers.

  7. Nawaf Alrudaini

    We’ve been staying in Art of Animation (my family calls it Nemo Hotel) almost every summer from 2013 to 2019. Its always our favorite stop in the vacation.
    The room is small, but not to the extent of it being a “hell hole”. We are a family of 5. The last time we stayed there (August 2019) my kids were 16, 10 and 10). We didn’t have any issue with the size of the room.
    Crowd was never an issue for us either.

  8. Kat

    Stayed at AOA in March. We really liked it, very cute. Everyone likes something different, but not a hell hole in my opinion. Do your check in online. Food basic but not bad. Loved the theme too.

  9. Unclesneep

    There is no more “value: disney resort anymore. 3-400 dollar per night for rooms at animation, pop and sports are way overpriced. Lower the prices back to the $150 range and we’ll talk “value”

    1. Jon

      I just started at AOA for $215 a night. Stop making things up.

  10. Jamie

    I’ve stayed there a few years ago. The lobby is great to look at. The theming on the buildings are very nice & the pool is probably one of the best. I didn’t care for the so called value price of it or the layout of the resort. That was a problem. I’d you stay in a value room or standard room, it’s about a 5 minute walk to the lobby and the buses to the parks. It was slightly more to pay for Port Orleans resort which is our family’s favorite. Unfortunately, they are so busy price hiking everything, we decided no more Disney. The same vacation at the same resort now is almost $1,500 more from 4 years ago. That’s ridiculous

  11. Jon

    Yet more sensationalist “reporting” from you guys. I think I’ll start getting my news somewhere that doesn’t contribute to the cancer in the fandom.

    I was at AOA last month and everything was wonderful.

  12. Kevin

    Would much rather stay at AoA then ever spend another night at Pop Century again.

  13. My daughter and son-in-law stayed there in March 2022 while we stayed at a deluxe resort. They had a rental car and made use of it. The rental car allowed them to rope drop at the parks. Their only complaint was the long walk from the car to the gate, no tram. They stayed in an Ariel room. My daughter did notice construction going on. They have no children so they weren’t crammed into a small room with kids. If you don’t want to pay for a rental car, I do not recommend any values. You will be wasting a lot of time on waiting for a bus and riding buses to the parks (Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom). They do have a skyliner which makes you get off and get into another line at Caribbean Beach, but lines can be long depending on time of year.

    1. Daniel

      The busses were super fast. We waited no longer than 20 minutes

    2. Kat

      Wait I thought the governor or whatever took away some of the parks legal privileges because they stood against that bill?

      1. Amy Fedor

        Disney has enjoyed a special privilege of governing themselves without government interference for 50 years. The state of Florida did not retaliate by taking that away. If they want to play in politics they need to be on the same level field as every other business in Florida.

  14. Mato salad

    Aoa is awesome! Especially the cars suits! People are just prone to complaining now days! We stayed there over the new year, by request from my teenagers.

  15. Pat

    My favorite is Port Orleans but now we have five in our family so that will not work. Last month we stayed a week in a family suite at the all star music. It was perfect and we did not encounter the crowds at the resort that appear to be at the Art of Animation. It had two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and three queen size beds. ( 2 were Murphy beds in one room and a queen in another room). Cost was cheaper than two adjoining rooms. Yes costs have gone up but this was a much better option than anything else we considered.We will return to this resort again.

  16. Sam

    I stayed in a Cars family suite in Feb 2021 and it was so much fun! The room was super spacious. It’s up to the individual if they want to pay for two connecting rooms or not but the suites are not bad at all. And the hotel is great – sure there are no table service restaurants but it’s cute af and the Skyliner is nice. Just my experience.

    1. Nothing matches the Magic oF WDW 🐭 💥

  17. Brooke

    I’d like to add to the hellhole category Port Orleans French Quarter – while the lobby is nice, architecture is pleasant, there’s a nice long boat ride to Disney Springs, the rooms are dark, dreary, depressing & very poorly lit. It feels like a 1990s motel. In addition to POFQ, the Cabins at Fort W – nothing smells as bad as they do. If you have allergies, asthma, consider yourself warned. The doors, windows have gaps, the window screens have inches of dust and dirt caked on. Curtains, couch stink. We were miserable.

    1. Martha Audet

      No matter where you stay the cost is tooooo much for 90min – 120 min wait in lines. Did not enjoy my time there and the LL was a joke, photo pass was just OK….THATS ALL FOLKS

  18. StevenB

    At AoA as I type, and my family love it. Sure they doing refurbisments and got like a dozen JLGs working on caulking/painting sides during the day. But the themes/decorations are awesome. Quick walk to SkyLine, bus ports easy, food good enough if you for some reason not eating at a park, and pools fine for kids. The pools are def kids, deep end at 4’11”, isnt a Beach Club resort, but it isnt that price range either. Seeing the Cars, Nemo, Lion King, Little Mermaid stuff excites young kids, so in that age range of family, I would not call it a “Hell hole”.

  19. Rj

    If you have that big of a group and want to stay in the same room, the cabins at fort wilderness are the way to go. Pretty sure they cost the same as the AOA family suites but are so incredibly better. Fireworks, water parade, multiple pools, slides, bar and restaurants, horse back riding and even it’s own water ferry to MK. I don’t even like “camping” and I still loved that resort.

  20. Daniel

    Me and my family of 6 just stayed here!! Got back 4/22 Loved it!! Kids had a blast. You could take the skyliner to a couple different resorts. The rooms slept 6 comfortably. The pool and bars were open til 11pm. Only people that don’t like it are selfish travelers that think they are the only guests. We are going back in October.

  21. M

    Funny how all these people are blindly agreeing with this clearly biased article. Why would Disney put out a subpar product? They are a huge corporation, they are Floridas number one employer. They make more money is a minute than most people make in a year. This unfounded bashing, and that’s what it is, is ridiculous. They already had, and have had for a very long time, an entire rainbow pride section. Oh no, some rednecks who don’t have the money to go aren’t going to Disney? Whatever shall they do? All DeSantis has done is passed a $3200+ tax bill to every Floridian every year, And for those of you that think it’s just going to be those living in those two counties, you might want to read the bill you idiots just passed.

  22. Delores

    I don’t like Disney, I love Disney. For all of you haters get a life. There’s too many problems in the world. Disney is not one of them.

    1. CalledIt

      Actually Disney has some problems but not what the right wing bigots say they are.

  23. The Yar

    We’ve stayed there twice and it was great. Really good for larger families. Need to stay close to the center of the resort. It isn’t fancy but who cares, we aren’t there for a fancy room. The cafeteria is fine.

  24. Name

    Seems that entry into the “think for yourself” crowd is getting on the Disney-hate bandwagon, because a talking head told them to.

  25. Joyce

    Will be staying at the AOA for the 5th time in november. Love every inch of the place, and every minute of the experience!! Will always reccomend it!

  26. Dan

    so you compare a value resort with a delux resort. Then get mad at the differences? Since when. Article is garbage and those wanting delux resort amenities are juat as unrealistic as they are penny pinchers. And no, AOA is nothing like the moderate resorts either. Your article is biased, unfactual, and garbage

  27. Give up on a Disney resort stay at a lovely Villa just outside of Disney where you’ll have four bedrooms and your own pool. Debbie from Mickey’s lake Villa and Mickey’s lake Villa 2

  28. Kathy

    I have gone to Disney a few times over the years and stayed both on and off disneys grounds. The last was 5 years ago. I stayed in a pirate themed room. And yes it did need a little renovation, but that is to be expected concidering how many people come and go. I was more disappointed with the parks with them fast passing every ride, I spent more time in lines then I did on rides. And a sit down dinner was a joke. Everything was booked. When I had went 5 years earlier. Everything was so much better. You could go to and restaurant and be seated. Only the main rides wear fast pass and you could get a fast pass for those rides and then go to another and enjoy that ride. Fast passing everything and requiring reservation only. Messed up everything.

  29. Eric

    Art of Animation is my favorite Disney resort hotel! Great pool, theming, shop, dining area. Only things I wish were different: 1) Option to take bus to Epcot so you can enter thru Spaceship Earth, but I understand why this is no longer available. 2) Offer Little Mermaid rooms at similar price to Pop Century or even the All Stars

  30. Jose

    Bueno, nos hemos alojado en AOA en 7 Ocasiones y en cada una de ellas la experiencia ha sido excelentemente grata, por algo seguimos alojándonos en ellos, resorts muy limpios, excelente piscina y buen servicio en los buses, aunque por otro lado, creo que podrían mejorar y variar el menú en los restaurantes del resort vez en cuando, por todo lo demás, seguiremos alojándonos en ellos.

  31. CJ

    “Biased opinions on Reddit” should be the title of this article 😂

  32. Melanie

    AoA was a wonderful place to stay for me in jan. 2022 the resort and staff were amazing!

  33. Karen Hunt

    That garbage doesn’t belong at Disneyland or Disney world anyway. Walt Disney would be appalled, offended and insulted by what those theme parks are like now. It was for entertaining children and families. So what if five year olds don’t pick up on that stuff. If they and their families keep going they will pick up on it the percentage of people who are LGBQ is so minute that it’s ridiculous to pander to them. I didn’t know anything about gays until I was a teenager and that’s how it should be. It shouldn’t be talked about in schools and teachers have no business talking to children about whether they feel like the other sex or anything to do with changing their sex. They dare too young to even think about those things. Besides you can’t really change your sex anyway. You will still have the attributes and the DNA of your sex regardless. Children should be kept innocent.

  34. Aaron

    I’ve always enjoyed AoA we bring a family of 4 and have the grandparents join us typically bringing us up to 6 heads. 4 adults a 9 year old and a 4 year old on the last trip. (When hotel just re-opened from Rona) we stay in a family suite typically mermaid as it’s closest to transportation and not on back of property. We usually like the food here as a good option but some options had been removed when we returned this last time. I would stay here again but have been thinking of trying another location for a different experience. Have also stayed at Dixie landings back in the day now port Orleans. Also have stayed at pop century and all star sports too. AoA is so far our favorite.

  35. Madness68

    A 43 year perspective of Disney because that is how long I have been visiting. As a kid going with my parents it was the most magical experience – because I was a kid. Even for my parents – it was always expensive and a special treat and you expected nothing but the best. Over the years on my many returns something has changed, it’s no longer a family experience, it’s hectic, incredibly expensive ( which means it’s NOT inclusive) the Average American cannot afford to bring a family to Disney. It has degraded over the years and now the icing on the cake – Disney is putting its hand in the political cookie jar… HUGE mistake! Stay In Your Lane!!!

  36. Daniel

    We were there this winter, it was far from a hell hole at the Nemo hotel, the cars and others are a bit far from the large water area. With the gondola, travel to Hollywood and epcot is wonderful. I’m not sure why people are complaining about walking, you probably walk 6mi’s a day at the resorts, so another 500yards isn’t that big of a deal and it’s all themed, it’s not like your walking in a back lot or something. I think it’s the costs of the parks on top of the cost of the resorts that’s overwhelming. family of 5 and we spent about $400 each day on expenses on top of admission and hotel. I’m not complaining but I can see how it can be stressful for people who normally don’t spend that kind of money in a week let alone 4-5days in a row.

  37. JDS

    We stayed there in January and our room was amazing. It was beautiful and comfortable. Being able to use our bands as keys was also great. We always stayed off site for less but with parking and gas prices and time and exhaustion factored in, this was our favorite stay and worth every penny. If enough people post joke articles like this, maybe it’ll be easier to book there when we go back….

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