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Main Street Electrical Parade

Credit: Disney


  1. stephen

    DLR is currently in possession of three(!) different parades: MSEP, PTN and Magic Happens. To me it seems kind of strange that they didn’t send at least one over to Florida for the parks over there to use in the meantime.

    1. Kirk

      Because Florida doesn’t need it there especially after they destroyed the famed Blue Fairy MSLP start float giving us the current abomination of an additional Peter Pan Float with tinkerbell

      1. stephen

        I never mentioned sending MSEP over there ya goof. But either Magic Happens or PTN should definitely be running at one of the parks somewhere. Its a waste to have them just sitting in storage somewhere.

  2. OC7

    Seemed shorter and a shame to have taken out the American float. Would’ve been nice to have kept it in.

    1. FrankO

      Totally agree. Very disheartened about this.

  3. Realt

    It’s funny to read when corporations use undefined buzz words like “inclusion” and “togetherness”. Like a good parade benefits from any definition of those words. Perhaps they could offer “inclusion” and “togetherness” in their ticket pricing?

  4. Zara

    Oh people stop whining, if you don’t like it or just want to moan about anything and everything, don’t go…simple

  5. Mark

    Wow, the article’s title makes it seem as trough people were asking because they want it to be over, but then “cleverly” let’s you know that it’s the opposite and people are asking because they don’t want to miss it.
    Why not just write a transparent article without resorting to cIick-bait?

  6. Arlankford

    It’s so fun to watch Disney cancel itself.

    1. FrankO

      They continue to alienate half of their fans it seems.

      1. Elaine

        If they’re alienating so many people, then why is it still so crowded?

  7. Phoebe L Ho

    I’m planning a trip specifically for the Parade’s 50th anniversary in June. Haven’t seen anything on the website about that date.
    I really hope the parade stays at least for the summer. Would be a terrible shame to waste the new float.

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