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Sleeping Beauty Castle

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  1. Jerry

    Did the Guests name rhyme McSantis or O’Baetz?

    1. GymDrax

      Zara Phythian

    2. Walt is spinning

      Flo Hiden

      1. If it really did happen that way, with a simple tap on the shoulder to get the attention of an employee to ask a question. Alt Disney is more woke than I thought. That is utterly ridiculous and they should be ashamed of themselves again.

  2. truth

    something tells me it wasnt just a question or tap on the shoulder. my bet on poor behavior by guest

  3. Ron Loving

    If it were for tapping on the cast member’s shoulder to get his attention to ask a question then it’s ridiculous that they got thrown out of the park. Sounds to me like that cast member should seek other employment.

    1. Jordan

      Highly doubt it was a “tap on the shoulder” but aside from that you don’t touch people. PERIOD! I’ve gone to Disney over a hundred times and never once have Iever touched or “tapped” a cast member. Highly inappropriate on their part!

      1. Steve

        You’ve never put your arm around a cast member for a picture or are you just exaggerating a lie for effect?

  4. stephen

    Another good reason for people to keep their hands to themselves. No matter what happened the person in this video shouldn’t have needed to touch anyone to get their attention.

    I wonder what the real reason was that they got tossed. You won’t have several security CM’s trailing you on the way out simply for touching someone on the shoulder.

    1. Dawn

      Exactly…. You have to wonder what they are leaving out of the story.

    2. Phil

      Touching anyone anywhere without their permission can bring an assault charge!!!

  5. Jordan

    People who post videos like this always make themselves out to be the bad guy. You don’t tell CMs how to do their job and more than likely they ALWAYS know what is going down before guests do. He didn’t need to be “told” amything and surely should not have been touched by a guest! That is never okay!!

    1. Jordan

      They make themselves out to be the good guy haha. Woops

  6. Deb

    Wow Nicole judge a woman’s personality by her earrings wow that’s low

    1. Adameast

      Nah those earrings are nasty.

      1. Paul

        Nah, you’re just an idiot 🤷

  7. Vince

    “Shockingly”.. they post the video of their “poor victim” selves getting escorted out of the park for drama.. but don’t post the actual “tap on the shoulder” or reason they were arguing with the worker to begin with. Like I said… shocker.

  8. Kevin boggs

    I’m not taking sides but the article didn’t go into detail of what happened, and turned into a big ad for the parks

  9. Sarina

    Well when you are on a rampage about supporting trans, gay, etc what do you expect? You push for the sexuality (which should not be addressed in Disney) then expect people to react even in feeling free to do such things as this visitor. Y’all doing it to yourself so you really have no room to complain.

  10. Paul

    So you judge her based on the hoops? By that logic you must also be a whore because of course Nicole is the name a lot of whores I know.

  11. They need kicked out. Its rules. Get them babies out of the park. And get a family dress code.

  12. James

    I remember when I was 10 and on Swiss Family treehouse. Some other kid spit over the side and got kicked out. Seemed harsh but reasonable.

  13. roberto

    I wouldn’t go so far as to call her whore but I can certainly guess that she doesn’t have any small kids otherwise they would be constantly grabbing and pulling at those things. My cousin decided it was a good idea to wear hoops like those around her 1yo and the kid pulled on one and it ripped out right through her earlobe. Had to head to the ER for a few stitches after that happened.

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