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Chef Mickey's

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  1. RC

    I got food poisoning there in July. Got it from Epcot, either at the American quick service restaurant (Regal Eagle Smokehouse) or the San Angel Inn at Mexico. Wasn’t norovirus as nobody else in our family got sick. Crazy because the food was good everywhere we ate. My guess is something got cross-contaminated or left out too long. I’m the one in my family that has a weak stomach, so if anything isn’t right… I’m the one who gets the issues.

    My family went ahead and went to Hollywood Studios for our last park day and I stayed in the room because I couldn’t go more than a few minutes without a bathroom.

    Disney comped a park day for me without hesitation, and the Imodium did the trick and I was able to handle my flight the next day.

    We’re going back in a couple weeks to see what I missed out on.

    We’re going back in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

  2. MikeinVA

    About 10 years ago, I got very sick after eating two slices of cheese pizza for a late breakfast/early lunch at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom; we were staying on property at the Wilderness Lodge, and it was horrible being that sick at WDW. If I remember right it took about 2 days to get somewhat back to normal. I haven’t eaten there since and have no desire to ever eat there again, despite having been back to WDW 8-10 times since.

  3. Cp

    We w we e just there in March. My son got very sick with food poisoning after eating fries that we ordered with a mobile order in Hollywood Studios. He missed the next day at the park and was still feeling crappy later in the week. We’re a family of 6 and we were there for a family vacation with my sister and her family. We all live out of state and this was a once in a lifetime trip (as it cost our family thousands between park tickets, flights, since we live in Montana, lodging and food). We had 3 days for the Disney parks, one day for rest, and 2 days for Universal. We stopped by Disney Springs our last day before going to the airport, but my son & husband never got to see Animal Kingdom or Epcot. It was a huge bummer for him and he was so miserable. He’s 15.

  4. Dwayne MacDaniel

    I got food poisoning on 12/3/2022 at River Roost/PO Riverside. Had pulled pork. Woke up the next morning sick. I threw up, took care of myself, and it was pretty much gone in 24 hours. I didn’t call the media or hire an attorney. This can happen anywhere.

    1. Property Manager

      Pics or it didn’t happen.

      1. Julian H

        What do you want a picture of someone puking? Come on Man

    2. jk

      so exactly how did you get food poisioning in December of this year???

      1. Kim

        It’s March 12 not December 3

        1. Pete Antique

          Disney World is in USA, which uses mm/dd/yyyy, not dd/mm/yyyy.

    3. Pete Antique

      12/3/2022? Impressive, considering that that is 8 months in the future.

  5. Ryann

    I’ve gotten food poisoning at Disney twice. The first time from akershus in Norway and the second was either breakfast at the quick service at riviera or lunch at Via Napoli in Epcot Italy. Second time was worse and had to go to urgent care to iv fluids and meds etc. it was not an experience I recommend to anyone. But I’ll keep going to Disney 😂

  6. Barbara

    I got sick at Tusker House character breakfast buffet. Everything was so good, but a little while after, my stomach hurt so bad. It ruined my whole day. I was so sick the next day as well. We had to cancel all of our reservations and stay in the hotel because I couldn’t even stand up straight from the pain and cold sweats.

  7. Denise

    I wonder if they had breakfast or dinner there. Year ago my daughter got really sick from dinner at chef Mickey’s. However we ate breakfast there last year and nobody got sick. My daughter still to scared to eat dinner there again and Truth be told so am I

    1. Pete Antique

      Guess they only serve food poisoning at dinner. Helps thin out the crowd for the following day.

  8. René Dibert

    My daughter-in-law and I both got food poisoning at Disney. We both had a hot dog at the restaurant by the castle while everyone else had something else. We both became sick at 3am and it lasted 2 days. She has an annual membership and I had to pay for my tickets. I lost a day and I lost
    The money for that ticket because Disney crappy policy states you only get a refund if you give 24 hrs notice. So I was out $130 dollars because of their over priced food. I will never make a reservation again as they are not necessary. I wanted the opportunity to at least bank my lost day but Disney kept my money and said to bad for you and they kept my money. Their food is overpriced, very salty and gross.

    1. Pete Antique

      Sounds like you didn’t even try to get your money back. Others have said WDW was happy to comp when they explained the situation.

  9. Amanda

    I got violently Ill from Chef Mickey’s dinner years ago. Can’t go back there 😐

    1. Pete Antique

      Mickey only adds his special sauce at dinner time.

  10. Peggy

    While I can guess it was food poisoning for you. We always have issues with the pools. Seems like every time we go some kid in swimmmies has an accident in the pool. While being an annual pass holder in the pass we would just take the time with our girls to get over the stomach and other issues . But not being able to get the pass we loss 2 days of tickets. I will say Disney was very helpful including checking on any help with laundry etc. we have special needs daughters so I bought along rapid Covid test. Which were negative just for peace of mind. It always seems to happen when we go to the pool. They use to have separate pools and I don’t know how swimmies work but it just seems they aren’t very good

  11. jk

    Both times I’ve eaten at Casey’s in MK i have gotten sick. The second time my Aunt said to me “you actually look green”. Thankfully i only live an hour and fifteen min away. But i was super nauseated the whole way home and stayed that way for several days. plus a bad upset stomach

  12. Alex

    We were at Disney world in January and got food poisoning from chef mickeys too. We were there for my daughters birthday trip and lost our only day to animal kingdom because of it. Luckily my daughter didn’t get sick because her food allergies and she didn’t eat what we did, but I wish they’d investigate chef mickeys with how common this is happening.

    1. Dee Dee

      What did you eat at Chef Mickeys?

  13. Sue

    Doesn’t surprise me. The most wonderful place on earth. 🤮 but people will still
    Spend thousands of dollars going there and making the ceo rich

    1. Natalie

      Convinced I got food poisoning there last month from AK! My mom and I both had pulled pork in our meals from the BBQ place there; we flew home that night, I woke up the next morning insanely sick. My mom got it the next day, both passed in 24 hours.

      1. Pete Antique

        Sounds like norovirus, not food poisoning.

  14. AH

    Everytime a person gets sick from the food, it needs to be reported to the health department and the management at the restaurant and a physical letter written to Disney customer service. The letter should not be a screed of B&M’ing just related what, when, and where. If nothing gets reported, nothing changes.

    1. Dawn

      The trouble with that is…. Food poisoning can take 21 days, yes….21 days, to actually hit you. It depends on the foods eaten. It can kick in after a day or two, but up to 3 weeks. So anywhere you eat at in the prior 3 weeks would have to be notified.

    2. Pete Antique

      What is “a screed of B&Ming”? Is that English?

  15. Scott Lee-Ross

    Having worked in the Food Service industry for 30 years here are a few observations after reading both the story and the comments.
    Food Borne illness is actually very low. However, suspected cases of Food Borne Illness are very high. The difference can be attributed to a few things.
    Food borne illness is very difficult to diagnose without lab testing. Even then, tracking down the source of the contaminant can be even harder. The most common food borne viruses like norovirus are also transmitted by touch. Symptoms can last for a few hours through a couple of days. But an infected person is contagious for an additional 24-48 hours. So you can get norovirus from touching things that a virus shedding individual also touches, even after their symptoms end.
    So guests that may have norovirus get sick, stay in their room till symptoms end, then return to the parks and are spreading the virus at high touch points like handrails in queues, door handles and restrooms.
    Cases of norovirus were down significantly during the height of covid due to the increased handwashing and sanitizing despite more food being exposed to critical temperatures with togo and delivery food orders.
    Norovirus illness can be a bad experience, but often food is not the real culprit, it is recovering victims. Wash hands often, especially before eating.

    1. Dawn

      Exactly! And if it happens to be food poisoning….
      The symptoms of food poisoning usually begin within one to two days of eating contaminated food, although they may start at any point between a few hours and several weeks later.

      SEVERAL WEEKS. So anywhere people eat at for the prior 3 weeks can be where food poisoning comes from.

  16. MH

    I got food poisoning (or norovirus, take your pick) in 2000 after eating a late dinner at the old quick service at the Grand Floridian. It was our last night….we packed up and drove to Tampa for our cheaper flight home the next day. When we checked into the motel 6 I curled up and wanted to die. Our flight was at 2PM and I didn’t want to board the plane. Out of 4 of us, I alone got sick (which blows the norovirus theory). I had a very old loaded baked potato for dinner and blame the sour cream. I spent the flight laying down in the back galley with a hefty garbage bag, vomiting every 15 minutes while the flight attendants stepped gingerly around me. This was pre-9/11, so I was able to lay there and not cause a problem. How do I know it was Disney? Because when we landed in Philly and I was laying on the ground on my coat (it was December) shielded by my 2 daughters, the flight from Orlando landed. Half the flight was sick. Everyone picking up bags was talking about it being the worst flight ever and how they had never seen so many sick passengers at once. They ran out of air sickness bags! I am glad I was on a different flight and had the “luxury” of suffering in the back out of view of the other passengers. I still go to Disney but we try not to eat buffet food outside of the main meal times so the food is fresh (hopefully). We still joke about this, though I remember my 5 year old saying “Mommy, please don’t die” while I was laying on the airport floor. Quite a memorable birthday trip!

  17. gjd

    No one has mentioned that the went to an ER or Clinic to verify that they had Food Poisoning. My husband and I bought got ill at the same time and were sure we had food poisoning. We went to a Clinic and found the we both had the Flu!

  18. Trinity

    I got food poisoning when I was there 2 months ago I got it from animal kingdom yak and yeti. And Disney did nothing about it when I emailed them and messaged them thought the app. It just kept saying “it’s been resolved” when it hasn’t

  19. Lora McPherson

    My ex-husband got food poisoning at Chef Mickey’s many years ago.. I mean like 20 years ago. Strange that they are still having issues.. Maybe a storage problem.. Makes you wonder. I know we have never eaten there since then..

  20. Tina

    I got food poisoning at Disney. It may have been from Hollywood and Vine or somewhere else on property. I became severely dehydrated and was taken by ambulance from Boardwalk Villas. The hospital ran tests and confirmed food poisoning. We had been at Disney for over 72 hours and had only eaten food from Disney as we were on the dining plan (this was in 2016). We ended up missing our Disney cruise.

  21. Dawn

    I always get amused at everyone saying they got sick from food at Disney. Guessing people don’t realize that food poisoning can take up to 3 weeks before affecting you. And in order to know for certain that it’s food poisoning and not a random stomach bug/flu/norovirus is to be tested. I mean, sure you can just call it food poisoning, but that doesn’t make it true. Guess I’m lucky…. I have been a passholder for about 15 years and have never gotten sick after eating at Disney (and that’s averaging 160 days at DL per year).

  22. Susan

    There is a difference between “food poisoning” and gastric distress. Food poisoning is usually caused by toxins produced by food borne bacteria- there usually is a factor of time during which improper handling and/or storage occurs. Based on how I’ve seen Disney following protocols, this is less likely to be the cause of gastric distress. Other causes include change in diet, change in sleep schedule, stress, dehydration, and “stomach flu” (contagious viral infection which can originate from multiple sources). Most people walk around Disney Parks in one or more of these conditions.
    There can be contamination in the food with things like cleaning chemicals but these will generally effect taste/smell. In actual cases of food poisoning and contamination, literally everyone who eats the same food will get sick, so if this is not happening, the cause is likely something else.
    Please consider these factors before claiming “food poisoning”.

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