Comments for Guest Furious as Groups Behave Disruptively at Universal Orlando

Guests entering Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Credit: Universal


  1. Polly Ticks

    So what is the proper etiquette for someone who is waiting in a 3 hour line with their family, gets half way into the line, has to use the restroom (cause let’s face it, I would not want to pee in my pants then ride the ride and let the poor shlub who sits in the pee seat after me cause I have a small bladder) so they backtrack to the restroom and then want to catch up to their family after relieving themselves?

    1. CalledIt

      I don’t know but to me the problem is the 3 hour line.

    2. Zara

      There’s a difference as the guy stated, but when it’s 5 to 15 that’s clearly just plain rude and inconsiderate

  2. Edward

    To me it still not a excuse should have pee before you got in line.

    1. Polly Ticks

      Not an excuse but I have been known to use the restroom and 10 mins later having to go again. It happens.

  3. Polly Ticks

    Not an excuse but I have been known to have to go 10 mins after I relieved myself prior.

    1. billnyenotascienceguy

      They sell depends…just saying.

  4. Paula

    That had nothing to do with a bathroom break get real it was rude ass kids with no respect at home or as you can see in public, there parents should be real proud of there teachings..if it was a bathroom break an excuse me would of been better.

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