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disneyland splash mountain (left) guy sticks foot out of splash mountain (right)


  1. F-ing tiktokers

    Seems like a growing trend due to that stupid tiktok crap!! They should give and uphold lifetime bans for all these idiots and the idiots that leave ride vehicles, amongst others!! On the legal side unfortunately idiots like this get hurt and sue and get money… Disney and all parks should never have to be liable for people being stupid. There should be stricter laws for people suing parks and businesses… when its the fault of the idiot or others then, that shouldn’t be on the business in any way..

    1. Susan

      Very well said

      1. Look! This idiot got his fame that he wanted. It’s posted all over Google. Just another idiot that thinks rules don’t pertain to him.

    2. Victoria Tolivar

      I agree completely.

    3. Sora


    4. Bella

      I agree!!! Stupid people like this ruin for the rest of us!!!

  2. lynn

    dirty water = infections.

    1. Maddest Hatter

      No, water with pathogens in it = possibility of infection. That’s why Disney uses all the bromine

  3. Me

    What do you expect? Hate to sound like an old fart but it’s a brand new world out there where every idiot thinks they have the right to do whatever they want whenever they want to do it. And it’s an extra exciting boost for them to be able to post their stupidity online. Yikes!😀

    1. Maddest Hatter

      I hate to tell you this pops but people have been goofing off on Splash Mountain for as long as there have been Splash Mountains.

      1. Julie

        It’s true. I was really careless as a teen and used to jump out of rides to do stupid things. I would kick my teenage self because I’m lucky I’m alive. 😬

  4. Paul

    One idiot does something like this and it becomes a fad , a fad becomes a trend. It might take someone looking a body part for common sense to prevail, but I doubt it. These idiots don’t think that rules of decency apply to them, let alone rules in general

  5. M

    What a idiot. One guy lost part of his finger sticking his hand out of the pirates ride. Imagine what could happen putting a foot between a log and concrete wall.

  6. John

    I can’t believe the comments are on with a Disney article..pedo Disney never has comments on

    1. Robert

      I’m not sure what’s worse the fact that somebody thought oh l’ll make a tick tock of me sticking my foot out of a ride or the fact that somebody actually made an article about it. 🙄

      1. ChasUGC

        I think the idea is to warn patrons that this trend is not a good idea. Hopefully, when some idjot loses a limb this way, the courts will dismiss their suit.

    2. Coolkc456

      You do realize that Disney didn’t make this article?

  7. Firstname Lastname

    You state in the article that “We are seeing another Guest do the same thing.” Only thing is, that’s the same guy. This dude’s a repeat offender… Or should I say re-FEET offender?

    1. Robb

      And this idiot will sue the park when he loses his foot.., what a totally idiot

      1. Travis Weberling

        Robb, if he did try to sue WDW, he would easily lose the case simply because HE DIDN’T FOLLOW THE RULES THAT WDW HAS REGARDING KEEPING ARMS & LEGS IN RIDES AT ALL TIMES.I mean how hard is that for people to understand & follow?

  8. Disney has the right to impose penalties but ALMOST NEVER DOES. Maybe if people got thrown out or banned for blatant violations, they’d stop doing this crap. I’m tired of the negativity and entitlement of these type of people. C’mon Disney, grow a spine and start making examples of these people. Your public image could not suffer any more than it does now.

    1. Sora

      That’s a problem. Something should be done at least other than a finger wag. They shouldn’t have to wait to go looking for bodies to start enforcing rules.

      1. Jordan alvarez

        You suck

    2. BigRed

      Disneys image?
      Theyre driving billions into floridas economy.
      Id say floridas image is suffering.

    3. ChasUGC

      I think the idjots should be banned for life based on their video and admittance. If it worked for the Jan.6 insurrection, why can’t it work here? True. It does seem that Disney needs to grow a spine, if it really cares about protecting the public. If posting caused them to be banned for life, they wouldn’t post. And if they had no avenue to glorify their stupidity without consequences, likely they wouldn’t do these stupid things.

  9. Jordan alvarez

    Y’all suck. My boy Carlos casteneda jumped off the ride in 2007. This is weak.

    1. Deb

      Bravo you must of been so proud

    2. Heywood Jablome

      If your boy is Carlos Casteneda, you must be dreaming.

    3. Lisa

      Actually you’re the one that sucks

    4. Steelpony

      So your “Boy” is an Idiot ! So you either date or raised an idiot ! So that means you are……ok…let’s hear the answer people…surveys says……..

  10. Heywood Jablome

    He later sued Disney, but the judge ruled that HE DIDN’T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON!!!

  11. Patti

    Just another fool that believes they’re impressing the universe with their stupidity. Remember when most people at Disney parks were respectful? Yeah. Seems like eons ago.

    1. ChasUGC

      You can thank Florida and Desantis for this crazy entitlement behavior. I wish Disney would leave Florida and take all their jobs with them. Move Disney to Kentucky. I hear that state could really use the revenue.

      1. Steelpony

        And you want to pay state income taxes ? Not me ! I’m fine with the idiots paying to go there..that way i kniw where to avoid !!

    2. Itzamna

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

  12. karnie

    Rules are Rules and if you cant follow them, should be removed from the park, and not allowed to return…maybe because of people like this the world is the way it is….strict punishment….I bet other will think twice about doing something like this ….

  13. CRT

    It’s idiots like this that ruin it for everyone else.

  14. Lisa Sanfilippo

    Wow congratulations that’s BOTH stupid and disgusting…

  15. Boo

    Wow…..a lot of self entitled idiots out there…..hope he is banned for life.

  16. Hate to break to everyone but all you’ve done is make this person more “famous” so yeah here’s their 15 minutes of fame.

  17. Sue

    …and this is why we can’t have nice things.

  18. Joseph

    It’s just like the stupid asses who put their feet up on the dashboard while riding in a car front seat (and the even stupider drivers who let them). Those air-bags go off for any reason (not to mention the causes of the deployments) life as they once knew it will be over!!

  19. Kevin

    Its Aholes like this guy that will then turn around and sue Disney when he eventually gets his foot ripped off of his leg. And this, people, is why we can’t have nice things.

  20. Sabrina

    What an idiot then putting it on tiktok now this dummy just started a new trend for kids to do .

  21. Waterspace66

    Disney Has to step up and make an example of these idiot people. They need to be reprimanded somehow and not just a lifelong ban from the park.

  22. As a former Splash Mountain lead, I was working one night when a a couple came back and the guys arm looked like it had been grated with a cheese grater.

  23. Donna Lynn

    FYI, the more views and TIK TOKS made like this, the more people will do them. Did we forget about the Tide Pod challenge?
    What I don’t understand is that Disney has cameras inside the rides so they know if someone does this. I have watched videos of Disney vloggers who have gotten a lifetime ban for practically nothing. Many of the vloggers drive a lot of traffic to the park bc they highlight, many times daily, new features, rides, etc.

  24. Roma

    Totally agreed. All this social media is getting out of hand. People profiting just to get people to start these stupid trends and post them. They should ban stupid video’s.

  25. umopapisdn

    Writing this article means that the ad revenue is more important than whether or not people do this. This person only wanted to be noticed and this article gave them the recognition they sought. So, expect more of this now.

  26. John De

    Disney needs to band all vloggers from resorts, restaurants and the parks!

  27. BigRed

    Sense is no longer common.

  28. jo

    I can only hope Disney kicked this person out of the parks forever. Greedy man chapek wouldn’t that as long as consumers are not yet broke.

  29. Ryan

    Whoever posted this is stupid.. you just gave the kid what he wanted and rewarded his behavior.

  30. The problem is in many cases when things happen they can go and say they didn’t do anything. Cuz you know all these videos disappear when somebody gets hurt

  31. Tee

    I agree completely. Ban each one that does this for life!

  32. Patrick

    What is the point of this article, it said nothing if he was punished or not, did the ride stop? Did he get removed? Anything or is this article just here to provide the person with more views to encourage others to do the same.

  33. welp, sometimes ya gotta let the dogs out…

    1. Victoria

      This is sadly the World we live in, people are becoming increasingly inconsiderate and disrespectful. Its very sad. I remember going to Disney as a child and teen and would have never done something like this. Plus this Disrespect of this person takes on a whole new level posting this Online to show off. First it isnt cute at all, not to mention unsafe and a total disregard for the rules, but it’s also pure disgusting and unsanitary. I gunenualy hope he contracted some type of foot fungas, maybe they would teach them a lesson.

  34. Rebecca Marez

    This Person Is Risking Of Getting The Whole Leg Rip Off From This Ride.

  35. DonB

    This clown needs to be escorted out of the park and banned for life. I’m tired of these jerks vying for attention. They need some video of themselves being punished for their blatant rule breaking.

  36. Ken

    The boat was barely moving and everyone already thinks he’s going to sue. If the article mentioned that he had a phone in his hand and that could’ve hurt someone, you sheep would be hopping on that train.

  37. Lu

    Too bad hiz foot wasn’t broken!!!!!

  38. Jo.W

    Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping the rest of the article was going to tell me how the idiot got their foot dismembered…
    Honestly feeling disappointed.

  39. Jen

    What a sad commentary of the times that people can’t follow simple rules for their own safety.

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