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  1. Victor Nazarian

    It would be FANTASMIC if Bob Chapek and the Disney organization would stay focused on the business and providing the expected products and services to the customers and stay out of politics.

    As a stock holder and enthusiastic, consistent customer of Disney that seems to make sense. As a member of the general public, keeping large corporations and other deep pocket institutions out of government and politics seems appropriate.

    Just a thought.

    1. Michelle


    2. jay

      You got that right.

    3. AmericanbyGod

      I, as a stockholder as well, agree. With all their current problems we have opted to cancel our May Disney trip and use a fraction of that money to get season passes to Dollywood. It’s much more affordable, less political and totally laid back. There’s no keeping your face buried in your phone trying to get your next lightning lane, that’s never guaranteed what you want is available with the Genie+. Free parking and discounts on food and merch with Gold Passholders at Dollywood. And we can go anytime we want all year, even for holiday events like CHRISTmas and Halloween. Although, I will hold on to my Disney stocks and as they fall lower and lower I will likely buy more at lower prices because maybe one day they will get their heads out of their butts and focus on Walt’s dream.

      1. Kathleen

        We keep meaning to check that out. Maybe after our APs expire at the end of the year we will.

    4. Kim

      As a shareholder I feel both Chapeck and Damaro need to be replaced. They’ve mucked things up pretty bad damaging the brand. Get someone new in there who can address both the cast and guest views. And never get political again.

  2. Michelle R

    My tipping point was 2014! That was our last Disney visit (we’ve visited Universal since then). The bottom line is WDW had become too expensive, too crowded and UnFun. Kids don’t like standing in lines all day! My kid could care less that we’ve never gone back.

  3. Lj

    Disney is a business. That’s the bottom line. If and when, people decide to make other entertainment choices, is when there will be a shift in policy direction. Venting disappointment on social media may feel effective for the moment, but will have no true impact. Not filling Disney coffers is the only way to be noticed. Each customer must decide priorities for themselves. We can’t complain while continually paying escalated prices and think we are being heard. Sad, but true.

  4. Ralph

    Ladies, and gentlemen, boys, and girls may I have your attention please! If you want to make a real impact, write, write, WRITE to the parks themselves. If people express their feelings, observations, and disagreements to the parks, we can make a much bigger impact than merely complaining on social media. Furthermore, don’t threaten, do! Limit your visits to the parks, eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside the parks, or before entering the parks. And if your pass is about to expire, let it, and take the year off. Next, cancel Disney+. Watch something else. If you have Disney DVDs, watch those. It’s time to make a statement with our wallets, and purses. Let Disney know who has the real power. No money, no magic.

    1. 001


      1. Beth W.

        Don’t laugh…this has been proven to work with local governments.

      2. Ben

        I agree, complain to Disney directly.

        Bob Paycheck only cares about his well… Paycheck. Stop spending money at Disney, he will change policies or be forced to by board members and shareholders demanding to fix the problems.

        This is called a boycott, its very effective when customers unite and refuse to spend money.

    2. T.Massey

      Clean up their environmental act in the parks.Should be cutting edge on carbon free and landfill and all forms of zero pollution

      1. Nick

        Zero pollution, no such thing, dream on.

  5. JLev

    If you’re not happy with your experience, don’t go back. That’s what I decided after last summer. Rides were constantly down, lines were long, and the parks were dirty. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  6. Marc

    I’m glad Disney’s involved in politics, standing up for the vulnerable in society.

  7. DH

    Our family visited Disney World in Orlando about 3 years ago(before covid) We encountered all sorts of issues from rides not working properly, to very unfriendly staff which was so strange considering that for our family this WAS the happiest place on earth, to the quality of food just to name a few things. We have been fairly regular visitors to Disney World over the course of 20 or more years. This was the first time that it was let’s just say NOT MAGICAL. We were EXTREMELY disappointed considering what you pay. The rules have CHANGED with NEW restrictions for the park Hopper passes. We use to be able to buy park Hopper passes that you can use for years to come and HOP between parks with no time constraints. We were Not allowed to Visit the different Disney hotels like we use to and very poor quality of food. If you are going to have ALL of these restrictions and lack of the quality of food and unfriendly staff and rides not working properly and not be able to hop parks until 2 pm And I can go on, then it should be more affordable to all families…. The new CEO needs to go back to what Disney was. Disney World WAS Magical…. I guess he became too greedy.

    1. Nick

      If you’re talking about the No Expiration passes that program ended 10 years ago.
      You’re allowed to visit any Disney hotel you want by walking, taking the bus, monorail, boat or cable car. You just can’t park your own car unless you’re staying at the resort or have reservation at one of the restaurants.
      The food quality in general is really no different than it had been. Sure, some of the food has gotten a little better while some has gotten a little worse, just like in real life.
      Prices for park admission, hotels, food, beverages, tours, merchandise, parking, etc., have gone up steadily under every single CEO, no exceptions.
      If you’re not satisfied with the level of service and/or the costs, just don’t go. There are lots of people willing to take your place.

  8. Mickeymouse3

    For those complaining of Paycheck and D’amaro, neither of which I am a fan, I would look more behind the scenes. The board president (SA), the movie maker (LR) and now their newest addition to the PR department (KS), are all in favor of their current direction. Paycheck is merely their puppet at this point. He will also be the sacrificial lamb when the time comes.

  9. Cary San

    I read an article stating it is a whole new disney. Time to get used to genie plus and mobile ordering. Bring a back up phone battery charger cuz your going to need your phone all day. Need a reservation and park hop only after 1pm. Bring all your water and snacks in because the only good thing to eat their is churros. That’s all I got and yeah it is no good when compared to pre Covid times. My family got legoland passes for 2022. Includes parking, discounts, and water park only downer is they close early at 5pm. Just pick another park for your family.

  10. Cary

    Also agree to keep disney put of politics. There parks already sell rainbow stuff during gay days so they are supportive but why try to put in public schools adult content. I don’t need my kid seeing cartoon relationships straight or gay it is adult content who wants to see pda? Holding hands whatever but making out or more should be pg13 not PG.

  11. Lisa Carey

    We went to Disney World in January 2022. There were many ride closures, there was a price increase on a lot of the food at the resorts, the wait times were high, cast members weren’t as friendly as what we were used to, the free Magical Express had already ended, and so many more issues, we will spend our vacation time and money elsewhere

  12. Dawn

    It feels like people just watch the ride wait times on their phones and look for what rides are down, to give them something to complain about. There have always been ride closures/break downs, just now it’s easier to see what is not working in “real time”. We have also had things down for refurbishment from January to the end of May, to get prepped for the summer and higher crowds. Still plenty of stuff to do and they try to get the refurbs done as quickly as they can, as to ease the stress on the other ride times.

    I just spent the last two days in DL/DCA and only one ride broke down while we were in line (Web Slingers) and that was taken care of rather quickly (about 15-20 minutes). Other than that we had no issues. I do not use the “Genie/Genie+” system and do not use the app to monitor the wait times. Go with the flow, it’s less stressful!

    1. Dan

      There are a lot more breakdowns now than there have been anytime in the past. Part of the issue is that these rides were designs to be more or less in continuous operation. They were not built to be off for months, or in the case of Disneyland over a year. They all need significant maintenance, but Disney is reluctant to close them entirely for any meaningful length of time.

  13. Carl

    Really there is nothing about Disney that is worth the thousands it costs to go for a week. Poor food quality, overpriced China crap, rides constantly breaking down and dirty trash strewn parks. Even the bathrooms which used to be clean are just nasty now. Disney has lost focus on what it is supposed to do and that is providing entertainment. But not surprised, when a company becomes as successful as Disney, the element of greed takes over and eventually the company eats itself. Go woke…go broke!

  14. Teresa

    We were last at WDW in April, 2019, pre Covid and pre Genie+ and LL. On that trip we noticed a marked decline in service. Bus system was very bad, parks were super crowded. This was while FP was still the system. Things have gotten far, far worse with Genie+ and LL. I do not understand why Disney no longer allows you to reserve rides in advance, as was possible with FP. This is a MAJOR part of the problem today. You spend all day on the app, seeking out ride openings. Yiu havd to be on the app by 7am each day to reserve rides and many LL rides are booked solid by 7:15am. Absurd. I predict more rides will become LL and the cost per ride will go up. It’s all about the $$$ now. I just priced some rooms at various WDW deluxe resorts- $650 and up per day with limited maid service. What a joke!
    So many perks have now been eliminated too, yet you’re paying far more , for much less.
    The ONLY way things MIGHT improve is if people stop going to the parks. Disney only cares about profits now, so hit them where they’ll feel it. Don’t go and write Disney Corp to tell them why.

  15. Ben

    We need to organize a boycott and show Disney these are unacceptable practices. That we will not pay for their new lousy service.

    We need to make earnings calls not a source of pride for Bob Paycheck, but of stress and shame. Thats when he will listen to guests concerns.

  16. GShrout

    I do not want Disney to experience any cancellations over political issues. I invest in Disney’s stock and really would like to see growth and productivity, but in recent visits I have experienced less than pleasurable moments at WDW. While they consisted of little things, the problems added up. Cast members have started to exhibit aggression and have no problem getting snarky with guests. I felt uncomfortable having to make reservations for each park we wanted to visit. It has become so structured to go to WDW.
    During my visits to Universal Studios I didn’t experience any of those issues. The on property resorts were cleaner. The staff was pleasant and engaging. The food was amazing. I felt like I was on vacation.
    So my comment is come-on Disney…Do better, be better. Stay out of politics and focus on family fun. Get back to “The Happiest Place On Earth”.

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