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Governor DeSantis Disney World Reopening


  1. C (They/Them)

    Desatan continues to show why Florida is the worst state in the USA.

    1. Harry

      Is that why people keep moving there?

      1. Desantis = Mayor Quimby

        They come for the debauchery that is the republican party. Reading rainbow.

      2. F

        Correlation =/= causation

      3. DK

        They move there for the weather, not the idiot Governor.

    2. Kevin

      You misspelled “best.”

    3. Not a sheep

      I love seeing you mentally ill snowflakes have temper tantrums. Classic.

      1. 25 year annual passholder

        Who’s having a temper tantrum? The only pouting wimpy angry people are the GQP who listen to Tucker Pucker & little liar Laura. 😆 Disney is going to be just fine whereas your knickers are always in a bunch about some non- existent issue. Wonder what it’ll be next week?

      2. 25 year annual passholder

        Tell me you ARE a cult loving, low IQ, missing teeth, uneducated SHEEP without coming right out and staying it. Baaa 🐑

  2. The Patriot

    Time to boycott Florida y’all.

    1. Kevin

      Funny name ya got. Patriots don’t support child grooming.

      1. david

        Grooming, the new buzzword for the GQP this election cycle when all else fails. Well at least there are less of your screaming “LETS GO BRANDON” because for someone reason no one like to curse these days for whatever reason.

      2. DK

        Get out of here with the ridiculous “grooming” thing! Talk a out being groomed, take a look in the mirror.

  3. Dan

    Good. Tired of these woke companies. Not only does Disney support teaching sex to K-3rd graders, but they announced they are going to make 50% of their characters LGBT by the end of the year. Florida has a right to decide what is taught to our children, not Disney!

    Why should Florida give special tax breaks to a company like this? They obviously don’t care about anyone else but the radical left wing in this country. Walt would be ashamed of this company today.

    1. Desantis = Mayor Quimby

      Vote quimby.

    2. Walt

      100% of their characters already are LGBTQRSTUV+ as it is!

    3. John Smith

      ” Walt would be ashamed of this company today. ” Not for the reasons that you are stating – Walt Disney was a business man – why do you think there was that agreement in the first place – his goal was always to reach as many people as he could – Check your facts lol

    4. 25 year annual passholder

      How ill informed you are. Disney will save $160m in costs per year for roads, bridges, fire dept, security… The residents of the 2 counties property taxes will now absorb the costs. DeSatan is a moron. The only thing Disney suffers is minor inconvenience. I’d prayed that all you GQP would stay away from WDW & it wouldn’t be so crowded but nope yall full of hot air & the place is rocking more than ever. But don’t worry, next week Tucker Pucker will give you something else to be mad about, lol. Love the mouse!

    5. Blessed by God

      Seems like a lot of uneducated people from FLORIDA talking about what’s not True. Disney did support DeSantis. No more, money was pulled and there’s where cheap shots of untrue teaching of sex to children comes in. GOP talks about Freedom unless it’s not supporting them. The only thing taught to K- 3rd graders is common sense education. NOT sex…get real.
      So it’s all about money…don’t agree…mark my words and follow into the future and you’ll see.

  4. Robert Joleson

    This idiot of a governor and the morons in the legislature are about to stick the residents of the overlapping counties that the Disney properties are in with massive debt and tax bills. By taking away this status from Disney, all of these municipal costs that the company has always absorbed will now be the responsibilities of these counties. And all in the name of spiteful, vindictive politics. They could saw Florida off the mainland and let it float out to sea and it wouldn’t be missed.

    1. Not a sheep

      I love seeing you mentally ill snowflakes have temper tantrums. Classic.

      1. 25 year annual passholder

        Who’s having a temper tantrum? The only pouting wimpy angry people are the GQP who listen to Tucker Pucker & little liar Laura. 😆 Disney is going to be just fine whereas your knickers are always in a bunch about some non- existent issue. Wonder what it’ll be next week?

      2. Janny

        Move down here and actually SEE what Disney offers our communities…. the taxes they absorb, the benefits that they share with us. They give back to not just us in Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Lake counties, they give back to the entire state. Duh-Santis is having a hissy fit because he wants omnipotent power over all of Florida and anyone who defies him “will pay.” That has nothing to do with money and all to do with being a power control freak. He wants to appear strong so his Presidential bid will appeal to GQP. I’ve been a 44+ year GQP, who has watched a reasonable, bi- partisan group splinter into too right narrow minded folks. The shame is that there are those of us who want the days of old back but we don’t pout and yell loud enough. Needless to say, with a saddened and eyes wide open heart, I am no longer with that group.

        1. Travis Weberling

          Janny, you’re 100% right. I mean, God forbid that 1 of the major employers speak out vs Desantis & 1 of his bills. Desantis is a bully, & with any bully, you have to stand up to him. I mean, it’s easy for Desantis to talk tough since he’s got his security always around him, I’d to see him bully people around without his security around him. I hope he’s booted out of office Come the election in November.

      3. Money Talks

        This isn’t a tantrum. It’s recognition of the disastrous fiscal consequences that will confront Florida taxpayers when the bills and bond debt that Disney has paid for 50 plus years will fall in the laps of Floridians and especially the counties where Disney’s properties are located. Learn something about economics before you display your ignorance here

      4. Money Talks

        Forgot to add: My cat will be President before Ron DeSantis. He may appeal to the 30% of the electorate that worships Trumpism, racial and LGBTQIA bigotry but the rest of the voters not so much. He has record that will exposed every waking minute of a national campaign and that’s not a pretty prospect for him.

  5. Steve Lockwood

    I guess Deathsatanos does not mind the billion a year its going to cost Floridians. He’s going to jump state soon anyway running for Idiot in chief.

  6. Jason

    I’ve spent most of my life sending actual child predators to prison. I’m sick of hearing right-wingers who’ve never worn a badge throw “groomer” around as the latest buzzword. It diminishes the pain and suffering of the real victims of the most heinous crimes. This attack on a private business in retaliation for their mild criticism of a showboating, government overreach bill, is a move right out of the Kremlin. You DeSantis fabboys call yourselves Patriots? For Russia maybe.

    1. Ethan

      LOL, way to pat yourself on the back “jason”. There’s been an awful lot of government overreach the last 2 years with all the plandemic mandates but I’m guessing you’re ok with those. I thank you for putting actual child predators in prison, now can you please explain why you think its a good idea that sexual orientation and gender identity is a good idea to be taught to 5 year olds? I have an open mind and I’m waiting for somebody to convince me . . . . . hasn’t happened yet. You seem like you might be a smart person, come on let’s hear it!

      1. DK

        Ethan who knows nothing: Who have actually spoken with in the education field that knows ANY school that is teaching children this? This is right wing BS meant to sway the newest idiots to support DeSatan in his run for emporer of the country. You fit the profile perfectly.

        1. Ethan

          If it’s not being taught anywhere then who cares if the bill is passed or not right? You don’t seem to like the bill which tells me that you think it’s a good idea to teach sexual orientation and gender identity to 5 year olds. So since Jason can’t come up with a good reason to convince me that that’s a good idea, can you? I’m still waiting and nobody can tell me!

      2. “Party of small gov’t, huh?

        Did you really just un-ironically say “government overreach”?… wow, you people are perfect examples of the uneducated population these politicians want.

    2. Not a sheep

      I’ve worn a badge for most of my life and I’m tired of listening to snowflakes like you defend exactly what the law does. Prevents grooming.

  7. Elly

    I for one applaud Desantis’s effort to greatly increase government employees in construction, maintenance, and other jobs. The state needs more union jobs.

    1. david

      Other than cops and firefighters who said that any of the other jobs would be union? As with most things even at the county government level I fully expect them to go out to bid for the lowest price possible.

  8. Leah

    I’m glad Governor DeSantis made this decision. Disney needs to stop pushing sexuality on children. They are wrong to assume most people support the woke agenda.

    1. DK

      Good Lord! What in God’s name is wrong with you? Disney has been around for 80 years or more! Where are you seeing them push anything on anybody?? Examples!! I bet you are just fine with going to the parks though, aren’t you, where all of those bad, bad castmembers are pushing you to change your kids over to being lesbians or gay, right? You people are such idiots it’s beyond comprehension.

      1. Jerry

        Disney very publicly said they plan to make 50% of their characters from now on LGBTQ. Not a few characters here or there…but 50%! If Disney wants to do a movie with a LGBT main character…fine. I just wont take my kids to see that movie. If I don’t like something, I can just change the channel. I dont care. But they want to put this in literally EVERY movie now! They are JAMMING this stuff down everyone’s throat! They are forcing it. Soon you wont be able to watch a Disney movie without it being woke. They don’t want to give you a choice.

        Chapek also publicly declared that Disney will dedicate money and resources to fight the parental rights bill and get it overturned. So he wants to fight to make it so teachers can teach sexuality to little kids? That seems to be Disney’s position. And that is in opposition to the majority of Florida. Polls show a majority of Florida voters favor the parental rights bill.

        1. Rusty

          So what you are really saying is that you have a problem with reality. Because the things they are “jamming” down your throat are simply things that they will deal with in the real world. There are not more gay and trans people in the world because of Disney, but our society has advanced to the point where they no longer have to hide from hateful knuckle draggers. Grow up and get a clue.

  9. drew who

    Why is Disney against parental rights ? Surely it should be down to the parents to decide what sort of sex education their children receive and at what sort of age they children receive it .

    1. DK

      Who said that??? Disney is against parental rights? Prove it!

      1. Read the law and let us know why Disney’s Chapek is against it. Additionally, local parents from Florida want this law. What makes Chapek think he should interfere? This is not California.

        1. Travis Weberling

          Hey Brautiful Gorgeous, the reason Chapek & the suits at Disney spoke out against the bill is because they have s large percentage of employees that are in the gay community & apparently felt offended by the bill that Desantis passed God forbid somebody uses their constitutional rights & speaks out & speaks up vs Desantis. The man’s a bully, just like Trump was, & just like Trump, I bet Desantis he as never been in a fight much less win 1. He’s a prick..

      2. Jerry

        Bob Chapek said it.
        Disney is dedicating millions of dollars to overturn Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

  10. Disney was drunk on power during the pandemic. Covid restrictions that had no common sense were forced on the public. Wearing a mask outside is lunacy (transmission rate beyond low). DeSantis is just dropping them off at the rehab facility.

    1. david

      The covid restrictions they had were in place on private Disney property. People that didn’t want to deal with it simply just had to avoid the area. No where in WDW is there anything remotely considered public areas.

  11. Tennessee

    There are two sides fighting here. The majority of the citizens of Florida and their representatives have made a decision to not teach certain tenets of the religion of a Secular Humanism in their public schools. Advocates of the teaching of these tenets are frustrated about the outcome. The CEO of Disney has made some decisions to speak out and fight the will of the citizens of Florida. Some people are glad he is doing this. Unknown to many people, Disney as a company has been enjoying a major benefit from the state of Florida since it opened there. The company originally bought thousands of acres of land in Florida from owners who were never told what was really up. All legal of course. But now Disney is vowing to fight those very people who have given so much to them for years. The state of Florida and its citizens are now fighting back by taking away the special privilege they gave the company. All is legal. We are all imperfect people. Our Lord Jesus is our prophet, priest, and king, and nothing will ever change that.

    1. OwlNight

      Who is Disney fighting? Their employees don’t like bigotry and hate, and want their company to speak up against it.
      Disney will sue the state for billions because of this once something bad happens, like a fire. It will save them tons of money.

    2. david

      Lots of people don’t believe there are invisible sky wizards watching over us. Your life might be better if you did the same and dropped the crazy rants.

  12. OwlNight

    Let me get this straight. A Florida company is willing to pay for their own roads, fire department, police and general maintenance. This saves the state hundreds of millions of dollars in direct costs, legal liabilities, untold indirect management costs, and issues with unions.

    And DeSantis cacnels this because he doesn’t like gay people? And Floridians like this guy?
    Well, at least let them pay for their bigotry. I’m all for that.

    1. Jarvis

      Owl night,

      Please quote where our governor stated he doesn’t like gays? You make yourself look ignorant by just throwing out CNN garbage. And you misspelled cancel.

      Please read the bill.

    2. Rusty

      Haha! Yesssss.

  13. jeff

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.
    The governor of Florida passes a law and Disney HQ’d in California makes a statement “Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law,” “Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts. Does this sound a little retaliatory on Disney’s part? Now to disagree as a company may be their right but to make that statement might be stepping over the line a little? Now maybe Disney could of said something like we don’t agree with the bill and we will respectfully voice our concerns with the Governor of the great state of Florida? Now a good course of action maybe to clean house on upper management? It does not look like a firing may be a recommended course of action but what about going about it like other business’s do with employee’s under contract. Pay them out and send them packing? Might be millions spent in the short term but could save billions in the long run? Those Disney stocks at an all time low might actually start going back up almost immediately and it might send a positive message to the paying customer base. As far as a tax bill to the local counties. There does seem to be a lot of special districts around if Florida. So every time one gets dissolved the locals pick up the tab if they mismanaged the district and accrued debt? Along with companies debt also comes their assets? Disney has a lot of assets (look at their portfolio) and probably just one of them could be sold off to more than satisfy that debt and cover the cost of all kinds of services for years for Disney World . Still confusing as to what the bill had to do with the company’s business operations and their paying customer base (K-3 year olds normally do not buy tickets)? With the special district in place do they even pay taxes to the schools? After 50 years it was probably time to reevaluate how much of an advantage Disney may be getting in comparison to their competitors in the area? Maybe re-creating the district with changes and leveling the playing field was long overdue anyway? It would seem that most going to Disney World are there for the most “Magical” time they can experience and not contributing to expanding Disney’s portfolio. Leave the drama at the gate? As long as you let others enjoy (and not interfere with) their time at the parks with their families most people do not care if you want to identify as Mickey or Minnie Mouse or a ham sandwich, or whatever else makes you happy. Right?

  14. Jarvis

    Best governor EVER!!

    I can’t wait for election day in November.

    We need more Kari Lakes and less Cuomo’s.

  15. Wonder man

    They already pay you blazing idiot!!

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