Comments for Florida House Votes Yes On Eliminating Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District

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  1. C (They/Them)

    Trash state #BoycottFlorida #StopHate

    1. Walt

      You wo kes should go back to whatever country you think will have you.

      1. Bob

        You are under the false impression your insulated social group is legion.
        This country is quite fine with him. Each day less with your social paradigm.
        Worry not, Russia would love to have you if you would like to leave.

      2. Walt

        Southern Baptists boycotted Disney from 1997-2005. Guess they were the founders of “wo kes”.

        Taxpayers in the two counties facing over $1 billion in debt because of Florida legislature.

        Taxpayers didn’t like it when Universal put in 1.7 miles of roadway costing them around $100 million. Imagine what they will say when WDW’s 47 square miles need road repairs.

        Today’s bill in Florida could result in the biggest tax increase for middle class Americans ever passed.

        1. Sheep-are-Tasty


          1. david

            Well damn. Its hard to argue with rock solid logic like that backed up with some solid factual evidence.

    2. Walt is spinning

      Oh pretty please “It”, boycott us. We have enough freaks here already.

  2. Ash

    Good direction. Wrong Reasons. I guess it doesn’t matter where the rubber meets the road. However, Disney should be made to retain the costs of it’s bonds. I’m inclined to think this was an intentional `fight` scenario used to shed of costs on the balance sheets.

  3. Shaun

    This is in violation of Disney’s 1a rights, which they have thanks to republicans. Lets wee where disney takes it. I hope right to SCOTUS

  4. Terry

    Would’ve never happened under Inger bob chapek is a Disney liability and should be let go before he causes anymore public spectacles or debacles the guys clueless sitting in his money bin counting his coins fire bob chapek change.org

  5. franklin

    Conservatives: “Desantis is right for punishing Disney for opposing the don’t say gay bill!”

    Also Conservatives: “I got banned from Twitter? What about the 1st amendment?!”

    1. TimW

      Liberals: There’s no cancel culture.

      Also Liberals: I’m cancelled.

      Liberals: Hate corporate slavery.

      Also Liberals: Disney workers will lose jobs.

      Liberals: Tax the rich.

      Also Liberals: Disney can keep its tax avoidance special district.

      1. franklin

        Aww that’s adorable. Did you think all that up all on your own?

      2. Walt

        Every American has the right to freedom. Freedom means anyone can stop paying for things they don’t like.

        As far as cancel culture. It was the conservative Southern Baptists who were boycotting Disney from 1997-2005.

        Just shows Republicans have done this behavior as well.

        Maybe it’s time to be a real American and support our country. Doesn’t matter which party is in office, real Americans support freedom regardless.

        1. John Smith

          Correct as long as the ” things ” are a service like Netflix or Cable or Phone.

  6. Natasha

    The description in the article isn’t actually what happened. It always WAS that Disney had to bear the costs of its roads and services, and there were associated tax benefits. Now, Orange and Ocala county will have to do that instead. I really feel for the taxpayers who will have to pony up extra money just to prove some politician’s point.

    1. Walt

      DeSantis seems to forget roughly 220k in those two counties voted for him.

      Now he just hit them with the biggest middle class tax increase ever.

  7. betty

    Disney should have stayed out of this…..

    1. david

      All corporations should stay out of politics. There is really nothing good that can come from saying or doing anything other than making a decent product or service that people want to buy.

  8. Tennessee

    A minority of people are frustrated at the citizens and representatives of Florida. But the majority of citizens support their representatives in the law passed with respect to the schools. This is frustrating to a few who were not in favor of what they did. If Christian principles are not taught in school, another religion will be. Florida citizens are rejecting those religious principles of Secular Humanism which are inundating the public schools today. The CEO of Disney may have a questionable future as Disney stock today took a massive tumble. Is the 1960s Reedy Creek law out of date? Is it time to abolish it? It may have served a purpose to help Disney get things started. Many land owners sold their land pretty cheaply to Disney in the 1960s not knowing what was going on. Maybe it is time to drop the special tax status they have had. Disney has been a place of wonderful vacations , and I hope it will be so for many more years.

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