Comments for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Franchise May Be Canceled, Could End Years Early

Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. L

    There’s only one Johnny Depp, no other . Bring him back !

    1. T

      No. Mads was better.

  2. David McGary

    Sorry but it’s not fair to compare this movies opening weekend performance to prior years as there was no such thing as Covid-19. Considering post-pandemic premieres over the last 2 years it falls right in line with other blockbusters. Thank you.

    1. Billdog718

      Plus it was also Passover, Ramadan, and Easter all in the same weekend. Let’s see if there’s a huge drop off next weekend.

    2. Kevin

      Still using C19 to cover for failure, huh? Guess C19 took a break during Spider-Man.

      1. Bastien bard

        My wife and I haven’t stepped foot into a theater since COVID began. It’s an incredibly high risk place if you have immune system issues.

  3. Yup

    Depp got canned and prosperity went in the garbage they did it to themselves

  4. Pugs

    I would hope that they are also looking at the financial and economic state of the country when they are thinking of this, it is inline with the post pandemic releases and a lot of people can’t afford $16 for a ticket, or at least that’s what they are here when people make minimum wage that is 2 hours of work per person to go and that doesn’t include the snacks and whondoesnt by a $14 popcorn when you go. Yes there has been controversy of the opinions and actions of both actors and writers and as much as that is their private business and opinions they are in the spot light and need to realize that their actions can and will reflect on how people view the work they are doing.

    1. Peter Rivera Jr

      Sadly I think this will be the end of the franchise. If they end it with this movie I’m not going to buy the game

  5. Kevin

    People don’t want an agenda shoved down their throats, while attempting to escape reality with a fantasy movie. Uou reap what you sow, and they’ve decided to get woke and go broke.

    1. Dee

      Oh please! No one was shoving any agenda down anyone’s throat. It’s a movie. Get over it. Trump LOST.

    2. Shmeep

      Kevin, everything you watch has an agenda. EVERYTHING. Once in a while it’s not going to align with your own personal agenda. If you can’t enjoy it anyoway, that’s your problem, not the creator’s.

  6. eldon

    Eddie Redmayne is unwatchable in this role. Kermit the frog would have been better.

  7. mike foley

    economics really doesn’t play a part in people going to movies because we scrape the money together if we REALLY want to go. covid’s been around; we know how to get around wear a mask to a theather. No, the reason this movie didn’t do well is because the people that said they weren’t going to go to the movies because of what WB did to Depp DID NOT GO. Your audience members aren’t jelly fish and you should have listened.

    1. Adam M.

      For a lot of us, getting rid of Depp is an improvement. His glory days as an actor are long gone. He’s now more of a parody.

      1. Cd

        Agreed. Mads was a huge improvement

  8. Chris

    Speak for yourself. Part of escaping into fantasy for a majority of us is to experience a world without homophobic ass hats for a little while.

  9. Corn Flake


  10. Peter Rivera Jr

    There’s no agenda being pushed in the movie

    1. Nik

      It’s just not a good movie and the story could’ve been told in 2-3 movies, not 5. Not every series needs to be endless. I agree with jk opinions, I’m a big Depp and mads fan, it’s just not a very fun story and the lead actor Redmayne is super boring in the part.

  11. Candy Sweppenheiser

    The third installment of Fantastic Beasts was absolutely awesome. I have never enjoyed a movie so much, it was great! Yes, it was unfortunate that Depp got moved out but he was a little too much for me. I would highly recommend this movie, and I have.

  12. Shari

    Loved it! Mads is a huge improvement, Jude is terrific and some of the lightheartedness and humor came back. I know a ton of folk just waiting for it to stream. Going to the movies isn’t the same anymore. And whether you like it or not Covid changed alot of things. FB needs 4 and 5.

  13. Stefanie Prejean

    This is my very favorite of all the Fantastic Beasts movies so far. I really like the characters Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski ( you average nice guy) and loved that it ended on a happy note with the wedding. Liked the way the actor portrayed Grindelwald. How are we going to know how it ends if the last two movies don’t come out? Hopefully, there will be books letting us know.

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