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Reedy Creek Fire Dept. truck in front EPCOT's Spaceship Earth at Disney World

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  1. Scott Lee-Ross

    The most amazing part of this DeSantis theater is the reason he gives for why the RCID should be dissolved. Because Disney has spoke out against his Don’t Say Gay bill.
    That would be a clear violation of the First Amendment. The state cannot abridge the free speech of a person or a corporation. And that is exactly what DeSantis is promoting.
    Cannot wait to see the slap-down DeSantis would get if they ever tried to pass this proposal.

    1. Nunya

      There is no such thing as a don’t say gay bill. That’s what liars say it is. It is an anti-child grooming bill. It just doesn’t let teachers teach little kids about lgbtq+ topics. They are freaking k-3. Teachers need to teach, not coach kids.

  2. Ed

    Hooray for the state of Florida. Disney started this by becoming political itself. They are in the entertainment business and are cowtowing to a small percentage of people.

  3. J.

    Ha ha, when is any sort of politics ever not about theater?

  4. Jeanne Barber-Morris

    Walt is rolling in his grave! To me Disney is no longer a bright childhood entertainment! They are a monopoly by keeping their movies only for their streaming group! I refuse to buy into Disney’s weirdness! This is not political! I’m tired of this being the label for any obstructions against Disney! 1967 seems the time to begin a process but that has now been outgrown! Time to rewrite accordingly!

  5. Nunya

    Hey Kelly Coffee, you might want to wake your woke self up. Stop “people watching” at the park too, that’s creepy. Nobody wants to push k-3 little kids into the path of learning about what queens are or give them the wrong definition of what pronouns are. Or have teachers creepy enough to “just watch them play”. Creepy people defending creepy people…

  6. Anthony

    No were mad at Disney the truth be known…we dormant their pedifilies teaching our your…preschool-3rd grade any sex…

  7. Anthony

    NO…we are mad at disney…and don’t want their pedifilies teaching our preschoolers-3rd grade their type or any type of sex, or making cartoons and stories geared to children about gay sex and characters, they claimed 50% of characters would be…including abc networks…let the kids be kids, and grow up a little…and when their more mature after that…they can teach em sex education in school

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