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Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. J

    Its hard to believe that an attraction as great as twister that really showcased special effects and overall just a fun experience, was replaced with another screen ride and not even a good one at that. Yet they wonder why its one of the least popular attractions at the park.

    Honestly, I know it will most definitely never happen, but I would love for them to demolish it and just put twister back in. However, I know that would never happen.

  2. Angela

    That was my favorite ride! I laughed the whole time! 🤣

  3. Erika

    I absolutely loved the queue for this ride! It was strangely one of the highlights of the park for me because I have gone into 30 Rock many times and they nailed it so well I thought I was suddenly in New York. Even the attendants were dressed like Paiges. That being said, yeah the ride needs work, I’d have it maybe themed completely NBC, like you could have SNL and stuff get into it and yes keep it completely New York.

  4. Oliver Mair

    Jimmy Fallon ride is one of the absolute best rides ever in all parks.

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