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Hole in the wall inside EPCOT bathroom at Walt Disney World

All Images Credit: @Gissellax TikTok


  1. Lem

    The wo ke number me too people have completely ruined Disney, and there may just be no coming back this time.

  2. Michelle

    After the recent arrests of Disney employees who are child predators and about the assault of a child by a staff member on a Disney cruise ship (2019), you’d think Disney would want to quickly fix a situation in a bathroom that would make guests uncomfortable. But no, they’re too focused on greed, the color of people’s skin, and LGBT grooming of kids.

    1. CJA

      You do realize that the vast majority of pedo_philes are straight, don’t you?

      1. Dontbeafoolnow

        You don’t possibly think there’s because of the fact that in general homosexuals are a small percentage of the population? A much better metric to go for rule be how many gay people are pedos. I think you’ll find an alarmingly high amount are compared to any other orientation. Don’t be too shocked when you see the truth.

      2. I cannot believe my ears or my eyes! Pedophile? Are you out of your mind? So a guest found a hole in the wall. OMG! What is wrong with you creepy people? Do you honestly think that someone is watching you? There is a saying about those who see the filth through their eyes have filthy minds! Stop spreading ugly rumors. Plus, I seriously doubt that after notifying maintenance, there was not anything done!

    2. Michelle? Grooming children? How stupid do you sound? By the way it is LGBTQA.

  3. Scott Lee-Ross

    or you could realize that someone pulled the caulk around the wall mounted stool and exposed the utilidor running under Epcot World Celebration. I would be more worried about the poor castmembers downstairs being spied on.
    No one is spying by hanging from the ceiling of the utilidor at unsespecting butt cheeks. Get real

    1. Jim

      It’s the glory hole. Stick your weinner in there and hold on.

      1. Julian H

        If the toilets were properly check by the staff this could have been quickly rectified, but alas I guess more Disney cut backs, they just do not care anymore.

      2. You are disgusting!

      3. Jim? You are both disgusting and you have a filthy little mind!

    2. Veex

      Haha, I Spit my coffee out! I’ll admit it’s odd the wall is so thin.

    3. Scott, I totally agree with you. Why are all of these creeps coming out of the woodwork?

  4. Thor

    Funny thing is not all chaulk silicon and splitting apart is natural in some cases.

    This could have a worse case going from if it was natural hole like heavy weight or someone kicked it open

    It went from 0 people to know every one knows which is good but can be bad

    I guess reinforce the side with plywood as well in case of weight unless this was on the ceiling

  5. Lauren Jen

    They did catch more than one cast member in the Orlando pedo sting a couple weeks ago. Pedos love Disney it’s obvious

    1. Lin


  6. Genia

    Sadly the amount of money they make a day there is no way any bathroom under their name should look like this. Just saying its a disgrace and i agree just greed plain and simple.

    1. Gina? It’s the people who make a mess out of the bathrooms.

  7. Sue

    The park are filthy and the bathrooms it doesn’t matter which one bc they all are bad. First they don’t have enough help bc they don’t want to hire anymore people. I might cost to much and sone not all. That work there could care less about there job. They are working there so they can get the discount and the free entry to the parks. When available to them. Sad Disney is not the Disney of 10 years ago. Not even 5 years ago.

    1. rara

      Well maybe the patrons should also have more respect for the park and clean up water themselves as well. I agree that Disney should have things fixed promptly when brought to their attention but the over privileged and entitled as well as the lazy need to clean up after themselves as well.

      1. rara


      2. Rara, my thoughts exactly! Thank you for saying that. You can tell who the true WDW fans are. Then you have the other side moaning and groaning over the prices. If they do not like it stay home!

  8. Hugo Wheynow

    What idiot writes an article about a viral TikTok video and embeds a COMPLETELY off topic video?

    1. Geri


    2. Lin

      Wow! After Reading all these Horror Stories about Disney recently,a lot of of mishaps, rides malfunctioning, does it really make sense to ever spend your money and visit Disney?? NO! Not like it was years ago…Sad…

  9. Ashley

    I will go there with putty and fix it myself 😂 since they dont seem to care, I’ll do it for them!

    1. Bryan

      Don’t do it for them, if they don’t care why should people even go.

      1. Bryan

        That actually sounded kind if harsh so I will reword, it, if Disney doesn’t care that’s up to them, that doesn’t mean someone should help them, they keep on raising the prices on everything, so I’m guessing they should have money

  10. We went to Disney in November and the A/C made a hammering noise and kept us up all night. The manager said he would take the night off our bill. It’s April and still waiting

  11. Geri

    So Thomas Hitchen your point is that the hole isn’t a problem on what the Tik tok posts “alluded?”Why aren’t u asking why it hasn’t been fixed? WOW! Great reporting!

  12. MacGyver

    All you had to do is stuff it with toilet paper or paper towels! Ta da!! Problem solved!!! They are doing a extreme make over. So they may have that on the schedule for refurbishment. Quit panicking!

    1. Bryan

      That isn’t a permanent solution.

    2. Willy

      It’s a simple fix and they have FAILED to take care of it. Will never go there ever again.

  13. Dee-oh

    Being from the west coast, I love Disneyland. I have family in south FL and visit quite often, but I still haven’t been to Disney world. Between the tourists, the weather and park upkeep. It sounds absolutely miserable. I couldn’t imagine paying to spend a week there

  14. Phil

    The location could contain asbestos or lead and therefore is being tested for such, afterwards it may require abatement. Which all takes time. The mouse gears are some times prohibited by OSHA unfortunately.

    1. Phil? I see you using some big words. I have a question. What are mouse gears?

    2. M. Licausi

      That could be the case. I am trying to remember there are lots of other reasons for the hoe. I just wonder why the stall didn’t have an Out of Order sign so guests wouldn’t use it.

  15. Bob.chapek@disney.com

    Fill up your popcorn bucket with water and pour it into the hole. They would notice it then….

  16. amanda

    come on yall it’s just a mouse hole!! (I couldn’t resist)

  17. Don

    That hole leads to a small hallway where they have the plumbing for all the toilets and sinks, if someone wanted to be a pervert at Disney, there’s a lot of better ways to do it.

    (Source, I was a custodial CM in 2018-2020 and I’ve caught people being perverts in the park

  18. D.williams

    Know of at least 3 Disney employees that have been arrested by Polk Count police in a sting operation for sex trafficking . You gotta love Disney.

  19. M. Licausi

    This is concerning and comes as a surprise . I am trying to remember there couid be multiple reasons for the hole but also wonder why it was not repaired, or at least covered over from the bathroom side. There was a time when Disney maintained every inch of the property impeccably. It’s sad. Makes you wonder what they are doing with the money they are raking in by the boat load. We canceled our October trip and won’t be going back until Disney gets it right.

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