Comments for Massive Theme Park Will Soon Be Going For Sale

Big Eli Ferris wheel at Edaville Family Theme Park

Credit: Edaville Family Theme Park


  1. Victor Nazarian

    I’ve been there twice. It’s high quality and genuinely fun for small children but needs some TLC and lots more promotion.

  2. Janice Powers

    Some of my favorite childhood christmas memories are at edaville

  3. Priscilla

    I was 5 years old when Eadeville opened and enjoyed many Christmas Season outings there with my family; great memories.

    1. Martycat

      Went several times as a child. Riding the Christmas train through the bogs.

  4. Harriet Robb

    Back in the 60’s, my family would visit Edaville Railroad. I took my daughter there in 1982 when we were visiting Massachusetts. I hope whoever buys it will keep it open as it was a great place to go!!

  5. Dan

    I grew up in Southern MA and went to Edaville a few times as a kid. To ride the train (mid eighties)
    I now live in the Midwest but, visit family in MA in the summer. Have taken my young family to Edaville twice in the last 6 years and we loved it!

  6. I never knew Walt went there! I remember sitting on that dark and freezing train in the 1950’s though and staring out at the spooky lights set up in the bogs, scared the hell out of me! And many years later going to King Richard’s Faire when you could still afford to go.

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