Comments for Disneyland Vacation Ruined For International Couple Two Days Before Trip

Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California

Credit: Disney


  1. Anonymous

    Good lord! Stop using the word “tragic”! Unfortunate, yes. Not tragic!!!

    1. Mar (Xe/Xhe)

      Bingo, it was a mistake, but it isn’t tragic.

      Tragic is if their bus flips over going to the airport and they get hospitalized.

  2. Anonymous

    This is just plain stupid, not tragic at all. If you are looking forward to a trip that much then you double-check that your paperwork is in order in good time and not just do it two days before

  3. Sekhmet

    boo hoo. you don’t get to cry because you didn’t make sure everything was in order before leaving the country. stupidity is not worth sympathy.

  4. Justin

    We’re seriously writing articles based on a random tiktok story about a woman who let her visa expire. Do. Better.

  5. Martha

    Since when is it Disney’s fault if you don’t know your paperwork is expiring. Boo Hoo, don’t fee sorry for you.

  6. Marilyn Anderson

    PLEASE, if using Tic Tok in your article, make it usable. Nothing is more frustrating than reading an article that says to view a Tic Tok video that isn’t “clickable”.

    1. Puckles

      Awww the poor PRIVILEGED of the world. Send this couple to Ukrain.

    2. Brian Wood

      These are ADULTS? Should they not be going to Epstein Island instead? No waiting in line there!

  7. Kay

    This is ridiculous. And nowhere near tragic.

  8. franklin

    This is why to make sure you always have your paperwork lined up before booking a trip overseas. I had a cousin miss out on a flight to Europe because their passport was due to expire in less than six months. Always check out the requirements for entry to the country you want to travel to before you spend $$$ on flights, hotel, tickets and everything else.

  9. ben

    Well some of the comments on here are just charming, what a bunch of negative people you can go F yourselves. Nasty selfish gits.

    Yes they should of checked, yes I’m sure there was a lot they could have done but what a bunch of righteous bastards.

  10. Brian Wood

    These are ADULTS? Should they not be going to Epstein Island instead? No waiting in line there!

  11. Phil

    Sad, but don’t you check your gas before you take a trip in your car? If I’m going back to my homeland I’ll check and double check everything !!!

  12. RoC

    I recently went on an overseas flight. When booking I had to provide my passport info with the airlines and they even asked for the expiration date. Something does not seem right with this story.

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