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Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disneyland Paris


  1. John walsh

    Seems Disney claims to be care only when it does not mean $$$. They truly do not care about anyone but the rich!

    1. NotMY RealNAme

      Exactly! A couple of weeks ago at Disneyland we were forced to wait in the teacup line while the Kardashians skipped the line and had the ride all for themselves.

      1. Peter

        A boycott of Disney is the only way to get their attention.

      2. Michael

        This isn’t new. They’ve done this for decades with people that have a higher level of fame and can pay the fees for the VIP guides. I remember working at Its Yough to be a Bug and sneaking Drew Carey in the back. They closed down attractions for guests and their entourage. Not saying it’s right but it’s not new policy.

  2. Marquita

    I wonder how long it’ll take before this appears at WDW and DL/DCA. Didn’t take long for them to bring premier pass to the US parks.

  3. Jamie

    I thought I already purchased the ability to ride all the available attractions when I bought a bloody ticket!

    1. Julian H

      Exactly what I was going to say Jamie, this is nothing short of yet another money grab from greedy Disney.

      The lightning lane queue are longer than the normal queue now and I’m not buying that either.

      Change this terrible Disney Board lead by Greedy Chapek.

      1. Trdy

        This isn’t new. They’ve been doing this for 40 years.

  4. Choo Choo

    Universal Studios Orlando has had an Express Pass for some time now. I think it’s $80 for one park, and $150 for both parks. But people get angry at Disney when they do it? Disney is darned if they do and darned if they don’t. These express passes are optional. If you don’t want to pay it, then don’t. Wait in line with the rest of us and don’t complain.

    1. Tiger

      I guess because up until a few years ago Fastpasses were free and it also meant everyone has equal opportunity to obtain one.

      Now it’s feeling more like a class system. If it was paid from the start most would’ve accepted it by now. But it’s a big adjustment for many.

      And really doesn’t help when you buy Genie+ for FP in America but STILL have to pay more on top of that for additional rides. It is as greedy as it sounds for a lot of people.

      1. Choo Choo

        Tiger – I do get that. It’s why I don’t pay for the passes because it is an adjustment even for those of us who live here. I guess one advantage I have is that I can pick days which historically are slower, and have figured out what parks empty after lunchtime and have smaller or no lines. Thank you for reminding me of the old days of the free FastPasses. I also miss those.

        1. Michael

          I think many of us live with the expectation of Disneybdoing it better because they did for the longest time. But those days are gone and honestly have been for years.

    2. Julian H

      We are cross with Disney because you used to get 3 fast passes with your stay included within your holiday cost, which was taken away, along with many other things and yet the price hikes just keep on coming. I wait in line but am justified in the complaint.

      Choo Choo, open your brainwashed Disney Eyes, Disney are taking you for a ride – And its not on Space Mountain.

      Universal has not ripped off its customers like Disney is doing. That cost was always there, they did not take it away and then bring it back for another fee.

    3. Thats because Disney raises prices every 6 months and in addition to EVERYTHING else that rises in cost the minute you walk into the park, except the use of the restrooms, which wouldnt surprise me if thats next, how do you expect people to feel? And these are not a dollar or two, the food is ridiculously expensive for half the portions of what they were pre-pandemic, anything from the stores has risen atleast 15% and even the small snack kiosk’s are crazy– $4.50 for a cookie? Really?? But people continue to pay– so its the visitors fault, i guess!

      1. Michael Smith

        Given how bad most of the Disney food is for you, smaller portions may be a blessing in disguise but I get you… value for the dollar keeps going down at Disney

  5. Leslie

    My sister and I were just wishing for an option like this yesterday! Lightening Lanes were great in November, but regular Genie + isn’t worth a dime. Anything to skip those lines! We stay at the Value Resorts…I’d rather spend my money on rides!

  6. Ray

    Yes Disney doesn’t give a crap about your pocket only that they make up the money they have lost due to supporting child grooming & woke movies. I live in Florida & advise you not to spend your hard earned💰💰 on Disney. You keep letting them get away with their price increases, they’re going to keep doing it. Regardless of the stupidity Disney has done politically, they had a habit of constantly raising the prices and you can’t let them get away with that or they’ll never learn. Don’t buy anything Disney

    1. Latrae Osborne

      They don’t support child grooming. Where did you ever get that and what constitutes woke in your eyes?

      1. Michael Smith

        QAnon. He’s a whack job. Anyone that supports LGBTQ+ is a pedophile to these sick whackos. The bigger issue is people like Tucker Carlson who is pushing this also and actually has a platform at some point someone is going to get killed over these idiots and when that happens I really freaking hope the people that are drumming this crap end up in prison where they belong

      2. L. Jen

        The video was release of one of the big wigs saying how she wants to push more sexual themes in child movies. She said this. It is a fact. Plus pedos work at Disney consistently.

  7. Mickeymouse3

    As Disney Paris goes, so goes the USA. This will be in the USA within a few months. The version of a “fastpass” will still keep two long lines. One that guests pay for and one that they don’t.

  8. Travis Weberling

    The thing I don’t understand, is that it’s becoming a common theme now for WDW to raise it’s ticket prices & etc, & they’ve even made it clear that they were going to be cutting portion sizes of the food, but yet STILL CHARGE THE SAME PRICES OR CHARGE MORE FOR THE FOOD & yet people are STILL going to WDW & allowing themselves to get legally mugged by WDW with paying ridiculous prices for everything including PARKING. To me, people should consider going to Busch Gardens or Sea World for awhile & basically give the suits of Disney like Chapek the middle finger, because that’s basically what they’re doing to the customers & have been doing it for awhile now, & it seriously needs to stop. I mean, what is the line that people will say “ENOUGH” when it comes to WDW ticket prices, is it $200 or $300 a ticket?

    1. Lakuma

      Where is my +1000 button!? People are sheep, unfortunately. I plan to go to other parks in Orlando where I can get more for my money!! This is coming from a life time Disney fan and AP holder for 20 years, but no longer. Vote with your wallet.

    2. Angela Marks

      100% right!

  9. JoeBryant

    Just give me back the days where I can do stuff randomly, instead of a schedule. I would pay big to not have the I gotta be here at blaa-blaa o’clock or there at xx o’clock.

  10. Angela Marks

    Funny, that was what the ticket price included all along for 40 plus years. All they want is to squeeze more and more money. They lost me when they got rid of the disabled access. Those if us with chronic illness causing extreme pain and fatigue cannot go with our family anymore. I used to absolutely love Disney but no more.

    1. Dawn

      They have the Disabled access, it’s called DAS, I used it yesterday while there.

  11. L. Jen

    The video was release of one of the big wigs saying how she wants to push more sexual themes in child movies. She said this. It is a fact. Plus pedooos work at Disney consistently.

    1. L. Jen

      Why do families still go? The family values are all gone. The founders ideas for the company are thrown in the trash. Run.

  12. Melissa Turner

    I would gladly welcome an all access FastPass option like the one at Universal. I didn’t like “free” fastpasses because it required too much planning and the popular attractions were hard to get. I like the option of leisurely walking through the park and riding all the attractions with minimal wait. This is free enterprise at work. There are many things that rich people can afford that less wealthy people cannot afford. If a guest wants the option to skip lines, then budget for that and give up other luxuries in order to afford it.

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