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  1. TimW

    So instead of pricing customers out…

    Pay them “better than living wage”

    This doesn’t follow. Disney will pass costs to customers and pocket the difference as profits. These people don’t understand economics.

    1. Andre

      100% correct. the same people who hate capitalism and push for dishwashers to make $25/hr will overlook Disney’s record profits because they put a rainbow flag on mickey and a hammer & sickle over the magic kingdom castle.

      oddly, those same people will never research how Lenin & Stalin treated minorities and homosexuals.

      1. CJA

        You are being absurd – money is one thing, civil rights is another.

        1. Brandon

          They are making the point that these are the same people who champion Disney for their gay rights BS. Yet when it comes to overseas they hide black people from the movie posters (China Star Wars), help China commit genocide (Mulan Uyghurs Muslims) and then cut gay scenes out of every movie (Star Wars UAE). The whole point is its hypocritical. Duh!

          1. Erik

            DeSantis passing the vote to strip Disney of it’s self governance is going to not only hurt Disney World, but the people who work for Disney, the neighboring counties who will have to pick up the slack in there taxes which be jo led up and the guests who come to Disney World. In a year when Reedy Ceeek is dissolved Disney will have to rely on outside sources. That means there’s prices for park entrance, food, hotel,etc…will climb even higher. Bob Chapek was the complete wrong successor for Iger. He’s been screwing up Disney since he took the helm. Now DeSantis just struck a major blow financially to Disney and in the long term the guests and the surrounding counties who’s taxes are now going to go through the roof over this. If people think Disney is expensive now…wait till the dust settles from this crap! Chapek needs to step down now! I would recommend to Disney…even though I believe he’s retired…maybe go talk to Michael Isner just to pick his brain. See what he would do in this situation. When he and Frank Wells ran Disney they did ease ticket prices but…they more then gave you your money’s worth. Maybe he can fox this whole mess or at least help. The mouse needs help!

            1. J

              Disney will have to pay taxes for county services & request permission to build. It is going to hurt their bottom line, but now maybe they’ll keep their noses out of politics, stop being so woke, and hypocritical.

          2. JJ

            Other countries have different cultures/priorities. Don’t try to make the whole world to live according to american standards. This is not a mono-polar world (something that Americans struggle to understand). Americans already ruined multiple countries, left them completely wrecked, destroyed their cultures and did not bring anything close to the promised piece.

        2. Walt

          excuse me but sexual issues are NOT civil rights. Stop equating the melanin level of a person with a sexual proclivity.

        3. Susan Wuchter

          We were there in November and had a real wake up call. It will be a LONG time till I return again.
          I agree that prices are way out of control. Mgmt. continues to think of ways to get more money out of Their visitors. They are making it nearly impossible for the average family to visit one time, yet in all to comeback again. I have been coming there for multiple times in 45 years and I understand how WDW must keep up with the times but they are are getting out of control. Walt is rolling in his grave at what is happening to his legacy – it isn’t the happiest place on earth any more, it is losing it’s luster..
          Mgmt. is nickel and diming the people to death. Over the years I have seen many of the not so “subtle” changes take place that most visitors aren’t aware that happened. My question is when will it stop spiraling out of control? P.S. for a 50th celebration your offering of sub-par clothing and expensive “trinkets” leaves a bad taste in my mouth. All I came home with was a 50th pin and very empty pockets.

          1. Susan

            Management has not only lost Mr. Walt’s vision, but they just plain don’t care.

      2. Gary L

        Andre, What an incredibly absurd and stupid thing to say. Why are you even on this page troll?

      3. Ileene

        I have never been to Disney and don’t ever plan on going. There are other places in the United States to go. People complain about the high prices but then continue to go there

    2. East

      The laments being posted are truly sad. But the irony is YOU STILL WILL GO!

      1. Mike Newhouse

        Are you paying? If so I’ll go.

    3. Dan

      Meanwhile stock prices are down 33% compared to a year ago. Just focus on giving families a good product, lower the prices and stay out of politics

    4. I paid sot Genie+ and hated it. You can only reserve 1 ride at a time. I spent the whole day with my face in the phone. It totally ruined my experience. I’ll never pay for it again. If I go back, I’ll just go on rides with a reasonable wait.

    5. Mike Newhouse

      I have a real love hate relationship with Disney. I’ve been visiting for the last 20 years and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately the bad and the ugly are taking over the good which sadly will stop me visiting. Overpriced, poor service, longer queues, dirty restaurants, and seriously losing its magic touch! Sad really. Too much focus on greed! Not what Walt would have wanted. 🙁

  2. Gerry Camilleri

    I have been traveling to Disney world since the late 70’s. Sometimes once a year up to 3 times a year. I visited disneyworld this past February. I have never seen the parks as crowded as they were and it’s all about pay more and get much less. The ticket prices went up but many things were not functioning. I think the whole situation is tragic including the misfunctioning genie service.

    1. Jackie

      I agree. I went to Disney world when my children were young. It was the total experience full of Disney magic. I had the opportunity to go this past Jan with my grandchildren. I was very disappointed. Everyone moved around like cattle. Didn’t see a single character. Spent the majority of the day waiting in line. Sadly I will never return. Universal was outstanding. Hands above Disney.

      1. Amy Haupt

        This is all so sad. Ive been going to Disney for the past 42 years. Ive taken my twins for the past 19 years and going again this June however after reading all of this and seeing several other reviews were thinking Disney isn’t gonna be so great. There are 8 of us as we’re combining 2 families and a few of them have never been to Disney so it was a big deal when we told the family we were going. With the lines and the extra fees to avoid only being able to do maybe half the rides unless we take out a loan to pay for the lighting or gene skip line option 8 of us as you can imagine is already expensive I dont think we will have much money or time to really enjoy the park. Its seems the greed of Disney has forgotten its the happy magical fun loving people that have made Disney what it is today, your sit behind a desk and collect a high paycheck didint make Disney, we the customers made Disney.

  3. Jose

    Disney is in desperate need of new leadership. Chapek and his executive team are failing and trapped in the Hollywood bubble. The Board is disengaged and not listening to their customers/guests.

    1. Andre

      they’re listening to a small, small (but loud) section of the population. classic example of the tail wagging the dog.

      1. CJA

        And you are listening to Tucker, Sean and Laura.

        1. Brandon

          You are a grade “A” idiot and so is Disney. Disney is paid by families who visit their parks and watch their movies, so let’s go overboard on teaching 5 year olds about sex (of ANY kind)! Companies need to stay out of politics, religion, etc. And I’m sorry if your brain thinks it’s OK to brainwash children. And if Disney and the left want to keep playing this game with our children I’d like to quote the amazing Danielle Brigoli (sp?), “Cash me outside, how bout dat!” Keep playing with Americans kids and see what happens…

          1. Nancy

            Why are even even reading this? You clearly don’t have a clue about Disney magic. Keep believing what you read in the NON mainstream media. Meanwhile the world is moving on without you. We’re not in the man is boss world of 1950. Catch up, the world is evolving.

            1. S

              No the world is not evolving, the world is over and humanity cannot change anymore. It’s time to move backwards and you will be made to move backwards, too.

        2. Dan

          This knee jerk response is why youll never get it

      2. John De

        And that limited population…would it be the LGBQT+, which populates most of Disney’s management and park CMs??

        1. Carol

          What a crock of Shi———-!

    2. Walt

      Agree BUT this started long before Chapek – Igers fingerprints are all over this. DeAmato needs to go.
      the board – as every board is now – is totally woke. This is a battle.

      1. EmiEm

        Iger was much better at threading the needle to keep everyone happy. Chapek isn’t worth the salary they’re paid, because the entire job of managing Disney is threading the needle…

    3. JW

      100% agree! Planning and taking a wdw vacation used to be so much fun…now it’s just all work and so stressful.

      1. Bruce Katzenberg

        I don’t understand. If so many people are totally unhappy with the Disney experience and swear that either they are either cancelling their Disney trips or not ever coming back, why are the parks still so overcrowded ? If people want these problems fixed there is only one way to make Disney listen. DON’T GO. If people didn’t go and the parks were empty for a year or two, they would be forced to reduce prices and increase services to get people to return. I went for the first time in 1975 and returned 3 times in the 2000’s but never again. 5 years ago I walked through what was at the time called Downtown Disney and felt ill at the merchandise prices. Although I don’t have grandkids yet(children are 20 & 24) when I do I won’t be taking them to Disney until all of these problems are fixed. There are way too many other entertainment choices that don’t require spending a ridiculous amount of money for a sub-par experience.

  4. Andre

    As prices soar and service/products degrade, I ask myself “Why do people continue to flock to Disney(land/world)?” I haven’t been there in 20 years and refuse to ever go again.

    Disney ruined Star Wars, is actively trying to ruin Marvel (and doing a great job) and is supporting “values” that go against all common sense and the family values Walt stood for.

    1. Brandon

      My wife and I just bought Universal Premier passes and we get free premium parking, free express pass after 4pm, a free ticket to Halloween Horror Nights, food and merchandise discounts and more! Way more value than Disney!

    2. Gary L

      I get a kick out of people saying that Disney needs to get out of politics. Guess what guys, Disney’s been involved in politics politics for 50+ years. And for the people say they’re going to stop going to Disney because of the position of inclusion (and not exclusion, as many of you want them to do), good, you’re not wanted and it’ll thin out the crowds.

      1. Who, me?

        You really don’t get it do you. Seriously. It’s about entertaining all people, not going out of your way to recognize or bring attention to just one group of folks. I’ve been going to Disney for 50 years and never saw a sign that said if your Gay, White, or Disabled your not welcome here. Homosexuality is not nor ever will be the norm and most parents do not want their families exposed to it. Heterosexuals do not demand they be recognized as such with a flag and Hetero Days.
        So why this? At 3% of the population, your position is that of a school yard bully. We should all be able to enjoy Disney or anywhere else in life without any group, straight or Gay making demands on the other. Live and let live.

        1. John de

          Well said!

  5. Anthony

    The only way for Disneyland to listen is to stop visiting for a while, at the same time writing a letter (not an email).

  6. Peter

    F*#@ Disney and their warped social engineering. Not one more penny from this family.

  7. John

    the radical right said they were going to boycott Disney, so the lines should be shorter. Or was this statement, just another big lie.

    1. stephen

      If everyone that hated Disney right now would stay away there would be no need to buy Lightning Lane when visiting the parks. lol

      I look forward to the day that I see that happen.

      1. Stark

        You realize you just pretty much proved there is no radical right.

      2. John de

        Stephen….wait to the depression 2.0 takes grip, your wish will come true!

    2. Dan

      It’s basically all foreigners at disney parks, with a couple Peter pan syndrome people. Disney doesnt care as long as the gravy train is flowing

    3. Walt

      hahahaha raadical right – yah its real radical to want to be able to teach your own kids about sex.
      But rest assured there are MILLIONS more of us “radical hateful racist” (did I get all your needed descriptors) than you.

  8. Peter Ward

    Walt Disney would be horrified that his name has become a symbol of greed.

  9. James Peter

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Disneyland was created to be a magical place for families to escape the everyday routine. It’s based on tradition, American History, imagination and wholesome values. Disney leadership should recognize who their core customers are and their fiduciary obligation to their shareholders. Disney is a business first and foremost. Profit is important and enables them to expand and improve the customer experience. However, at what cost does the value and introduction of higher prices, social issues, politics and ideology (that’s counter to what others view as tradition and family) start to degrade the brand, turn off customers and eventually opt out of what used to be a magical experience. Disney is in the the business of entertainment. Stay in your lane, ignore the politics and try to make it affordable the average American. Ignore the the small but loud and obnoxious rants of whining groups that are hell bent at shutting down opposing views and altering speech and traditional values. Those folks have a place at Universal. Don’t mess with mouse!

    1. Brandon

      Amazing post, well said!

    2. Dawn

      Their core customers are …. HUMANS. That’s it. It’s not only for the secular family, it’s not only for those with kids, it’s not only for one specific group of people. It’s for EVERYONE.

      1. Nicole

        That is such a b******* comment. That is so ridiculous to say that it’s a “human experience”. The whole point of Disney was to have a fun escape from reality with no political agenda no BS from the outside world. To actually live and experience the cartoons and characters in person.
        With the stance they’re taking now which is BS, you might as well Burn the magic Castle down get rid of ALL the classic characters there’s no such thing as Prince and princesses boys and girls anymore, totally absurd. No one’s going to want to meet up Cinderella that looks like a drag queen or a guy with a 5:00 shadow. I agree with Andre, that it is the small minority that’s dictating what happens to this place.. that’s why it’s falling to hell. And if that’s a direction they’re going I hope they lose so much to go bankrupt.

  10. Rusty

    It’s ironic they are not at capacity because it looked like capacity in early March.
    Meanwhile manners take a backseat and merch resellers are emptying the shop racks.
    It’s a broken system

  11. J

    We cancelled our residence passes because of the politics and prices. Don’t complain about prices or politics if your still going to the parks!! People STOP going Disney will have to lower their prices and stay out of politics. NO kids shouldn’t learn about gender or other sexual stuff in school!! Sick and tired of this “rainbow” crap!! THANK GOD FOR DeSANTIS!!

    1. J

      GROW UP PEOPLE!!! If your born a woman YOU ARE A WOMAN!! Born a man YOU ARE A MAN!!! If your not sure :::go back to school!!!

      1. J

        Marriage is between a MAN & WOMAN!!

        1. Dan

          You Had me until that last post.

        2. Dawn

          Marriage is between two people that love each other. What is in their pants does not matter, it’s what is in their hearts. Love is love.

      2. Cindi Galaxy

        Many people are born with some or all of both gender body parts. I have 3 cousins who were born this way that my family members will admit to. 2 of them the parents totally picked the wrong way to go upon birth having them surgically altered. Google how many people are born like this. Talk to the medical staff who attend births. Not everyone is just a man or just a woman. Have compassion.

        1. Who, me?

          Ummmm, yeah they are. The Magic Word for the day is….Chromosomes.

  12. Dan

    Meanwhile stock prices are down 33% compared to a year ago. Just focus on giving families a good product, lower the prices and stay out of politics

  13. Jill

    We were at Disneyland two weeks ago. This reservation system is a joke. The park was so crowded it had to be at capacity. Not one meal in the park was actually hot, it was actually barely edible. Meh.

  14. I just wish it was Walt Disney World. Just the idea that Mr Disney wanted. Just the magic just the mouse!!! I have been well over 20 times and I realize the last time might very well be the last time. Very sad..

  15. Gazza

    Disney Sucks, has always Sucked and will always Suck.
    Just you fools that go there and pay stupid prices.
    Glad to see Florida is taking away all their tax benefits.

    1. Penny

      Yet here you are.

  16. Disney vacations are often $7k-$8k for us. We are from the Mid-Atlantic. Nickle and Dime Bob makes it difficult. Genie plus will only get you 3 lightning lanes a day on average (that you actually want.) Not everybody wants a lightning for Small World. Long lines and inflated wait times cause guests to give up and open their wallets. If you wait until you have arrived at the park, you are too late. You have to purchase and be ready to get your first pass at 7am. Thrill rides sell out instantly. You can’t get another one until you have used your first one. I prefer the old way. Having 3 fast passes before starting your day.

    1. I paid sot Genie+ and hated it. You can only reserve 1 ride at a time. I spent the whole day with my face in the phone. It totally ruined my experience. I’ll never pay for it again. If I go back, I’ll just go on rides with a reasonable wait.

      1. JP

        Same situation when I went in February.February- it was packed! Geni+ wasn’t worth it and as a great part of the experience is in the ambiance, the scenery, the surroundings; I missed out because I spent my 5 days there with my face in my phone. I don’t even feel like I took a trip to Disney and my husband flatly refuses to ever go back.

      2. Stark

        Same here, never used my phone so much on vacation as at Disney. The only thing I liked about it was you could order food from the app and pick it up without waiting in the line.

  17. ronaldyorick@hotmail.com

    Over priced and too crowded not enough places to sit and too few water fountains will never go back

  18. ronaldyorick@hotmail.com

    Lower prices so the average family can go not the rich

    1. Tom

      You do realise crowds are the main problem right? If they lower the prices more people will go. They need to build more rides and make the parks bigger. Hollywood Studios way too small!

      1. Penny

        What about using the ‘at capacity’ number as a tool to stop it from getting to the point where it is right now?

  19. Steve

    Unfortunately we were at the parks over the last week. We are a family of four and did a different park everyday. It cost $700 to $1,000 a day depending on meals. Tickets alone were $500 a day with the genie. Only magic kingdom was worth it – all the other parks we only got in 5 to 6 rides per day (about $100 per ride). We did Hollywood studios on Tuesday and was only able to use the genie for two of the five rides we did. The park was so crowded and lines were so long (many were 2-3 hours), we ended up leaving in the middle of the day because the genie booked in the morning for rock and roll coaster was not until 7:45 PM. There was not a bench, table, or spot on a rock wall available to sit in the middle of the day. That place was a cash cow and not a magical experience. Totally trip cost with airfare, car rental, and lodging was close to $10k. Next time anyone asks me to go to Disney, I will give them $1,000 to never ask again.

    1. Rob

      I don’t know if this helps anyone, but last time I was at the park a few years ago, outside food and drink was okay to bring into the park. The park. That in itself is a perk. Spend some money in a hot bag and have prepared food and you’ll save yourself some dough.

  20. Don Lutz

    I visited the parks once again this year. Up until Covid, I had visited twice a year; the past two years I had visited once per year.

    In 2021, I took my girlfriend on a 12 day trip. In 2022, we went for 5 days. BOTH TRIPS WERE IN EXCESS OF $10,000! And we did LESS in 2022 because of Genie+

    I am not returning in 2023 nor in the immediate future, until Genie+ is drastically reimagined, prices stabilize or drop, quality and maintenance improves and Chapek is removed as CEO.

    1. Jimbob

      Lessee. You did less on a 5 day trip than on a 12 day trip, and it was genie plus fault? More likely its because your bad at math.

  21. Garnett

    We have been annual pass holders for years and are snow birds. Are passes expire in August and are not returning. The reservations are stupid. We leave next Thursday and couldn’t get the parks we want For our last days here. Last year all we could get was the last four days at Hollywood. I realize we have been here 4 months but we pay the same as everyone else. Everything is so expensive and things just are out of hand. I wanted to buy 3 of the same things for my grandkids and they said I could only buy 2. I’ll go to wmart and get as many as I want for less. I’m glad I got to experience Disney as it was. So magical. Good bye Disney you’ve got our last dime.

    1. Jimbob

      You realize there are tons of complaints the parks are too crowded? So they put in a reservation system and people like you complain they cant get in last minute.

      You dont pay the same as everyone else. You pay a flat fee for a pass.

      Merch is in short supply and people complain thats why they put a limit of 2. Easy workaround send someone else in to buy 1 more.

  22. tom

    Too crowded and too expensive is a very contradicting statement.
    If it were too expensive, there would be hardly any people there.
    People still pay those prices because people want to go still, no matter the cost.
    The only way to fix crowds (cheaply) is to raise prices even more.
    The other option is build more rides and expand the parks for more room, but I can see Disney investing even less in the parks now if Reedy Creek gets taken away,. That being said, they’ll be screwed if they don’t the time Epic Universe opens. As Disney will be contending with 3 parks + 1 water park and muliple new hotels.

  23. When are you fools going to realize that Disney doesn’t want the poor and the lower middle class in any of their theme parks. Only the wealthy are wanted. Disney has been pricing certain people out for quite a while. Senior citizens on fixed incomes, don’t even bother trying to get into Disney. You old people on fixed incomes will never be wanted.

  24. Vicki

    Things I get from this….the Governor of Florida is only cutting off his nose to spite his face! By ending Reedy Creek, he is basically adding $580 in taxes on EVERY person who resides in those two counties. And it doesn’t stop there! He can’t just do it to Disney….every other compact like it will have to go too! I just read that one of them is Daytona International Raceway! And I’m sure that Universal, Sea World, snd Busch Gardens along with the big cities of Miami and Tampa will also be affected! And it will serve the a Republican government of Florida right if the economy takes a big hit because of it! I’m all for Disney adding a fifth or sixth park…just not in Florida! I think they should build in VA or MD. Weather is pretty good there most of the time! (Paris gets snow….) and considering that most of their visitors from the Northeast and Northcentral and Canada and Great Britain, it will considerably reduce travel costs. It would put most people within a days drive! I t would cut my trip in half so I might go more often! And considering the forecast of what Fl is going to experience in the next 35 years or so, Disney might be wise to jump ship sooner rather than later! As the seas rise, FL gets smaller and smaller!

    1. Darren

      Morons like you need to stay out of Florida! Lol

    2. Who, me?

      Better tell that to Obama, Biden and Kerry who all have ocean front properties. We in Florida will not miss you and “ The way we do it up North”. Anybody want to invest in a Desantis theme park?? Lol!!

    3. Stark

      They tried to buy land to build a park in Virginia, it got shot down years ago.

  25. DarrellD

    The Guest writes that she “understands economic conditions mean some should not have access to this place.” Poor people aren’t allowed to have fun now?

  26. Ben

    Disney’s Greed has no limits clearly.

    This extremely greedy board needs to be removed before they destroy Disney any further.

    Start with Bob Chapek, and then the others. Bring in new people that cares about Disney’s reputation and its customers.

  27. Pat

    Just got back from six day stay at Disney. It was a good stress free trip with us making adjustments. Got a family suite at value resort, used our car with handicap sticker for transportation, used DAS instead of Genie+, and had quick serve meals. Only disappointment was we couldn’t run the 5k race when trying to register at the exact time it was suppose to open to public it was sold out Don’t get down often and was really disappointing to 13 yr old grandson. He had to do virtual race

  28. Penny

    I’m going to steer away from the politics and religious/sexual education part of it, times change, how the world works changes. I’m just going to go by the philosophy that it was built on and intended for. It was never meant to be a cash cow. It was a place for families, for people to put the outside world behind and just sink into the magic.
    We used to go every 5 years. It took us that long to save up the $ to go. On my last trip I took my mom. She had 1 trip before that wasn’t good (her husband, not Disney. He didn’t understand it) So she want to go all out and stay for about 10 days. That trip cost about $10,000. I can’t imagine what that would cost today, and it was in 2017, not long ago. It was a horrible trip. She got very sick and ended up in the hospital for several days. Amazingly, that was not the only thing that ruined it. Between the on-call Dr (we ended up calling for an ambulance because the Dr was, let’s just say not helpful and suggested we call in the morning. It was around 7 pm at that time) and the manager of the hotel, let’s just say there was no magic, only 1 block after another. I extended our trip by a couple of days, she needed to to recoup enough to get to the airport and home. They insisted on moving us to another room, because someone had specifically requested that room. (I understood that was never guaranteed?) We were on a nice, quiet area, which is what she needed. I told them it had to be quiet. They ended up putting us near the pool area, but towards the lodge and away from it. Not bad, but they neglected to tell us about the construction on the wing across from ours, which echoed through.
    There was more, but that was enough. There was no magic, not even towel animals.
    She will never go back. As much as I didn’t want to go, it’s hard to resist that draw. But as it gets more and more expensive, and now more confusing to plan, it isn’t worth it. I am not going to wait a couple of hours in a line, I spent too much $ to waste my time with that. I am also not going to pay for every little thing. And I thought it was bad when they made guests staying at the hotel pay for parking at the hotel.
    I can go to Europe for less that I would have to pay for a Disney trip. Or a few domestic trips. As much as I will miss it, it just isn’t a good value anymore.

  29. Jeff Bahr

    We were planning on going to WDW this year for the 50th but they have just went to far with the pricing and the changes are not for the better. We know that the company hasnt made profits the past 2 years but dont try to make them back at the expense of the customer. Your only hurting yourself with these bad ideas

  30. Joyce U

    We used to go every 5 years, but no more. We are unable to afford it. It’s sad. Was hoping to take the grand kids when they get a little older, but we won’t be doing it.

  31. S.Readout

    If you believe Disney gives a crap what you & I think……you are absolute insane! There’s just no shortage of upper class Domestics & Foreigners to ALWAYS patronize those parks!!! They’ll pay the Genie+, they’ll pay s as la-carte lightning lane!! Gone forever are the wonderful 1990’s style disney vacations!!
    ………..unless a concerted effort is made to BOYCOTT the product, this is….what it is!!!!
    PS; I’m going in September!!
    Ugh…Dammit we Love WDW!!

  32. Walt

    If you booked a Disney hotel package, it would take minutes to cancel.

    For all the people complaining, why are the parks as busy as they used to be only during peak season?

  33. Cindi Galaxy

    Disney is a company that offers a product for a price. It is under no obligation to make that product or price fit everyone’s needs or agenda. If the product doesn’t make you happy, don’t buy it. If the price is too much, don’t buy it. I was a 25 year annual passholder. Really enjoyed so much of the parks, resorts and surrounding area. I withdrew because of covid. I’d like to go back now but it’s not so magical for me any more so I don’t buy their product any more. Very simple.

  34. Cindi Galaxy

    Anyone who thinks Disney shouldn’t get involved in politics is delusional. Of course Disney has been political forever. Almost all large corporations are political. They have been donating to politicians and political groups since both groups began. It’s in their interest to do so. Big money rules most political endeavors. They pay for and sponsor legislation. How do you think all these politicians get so wealthy while making mediocre government salaries?

    1. Stark

      Getting involved in politics for corporations it’s all about money. It’s not about teaching first graders about gay sex and confusing them about gender identity. Disney has only themselves to blame for this mess.

  35. Sarina

    As a mom of 12, 9 currently holding passes we have decided not to renew next year. Bush gardens n universal are so much cheaper and not the political agenda to deal with. Disney food prices snack prices and gift prices are through the roof and frankly not worth it. We love Disney and tolerated the prices to make memories but it’s a struggle now. Add to that all the changes Disney wants to do in regards to characters? We are moving on to other parks and adventures Florida has to offer next year. Seems Disney is no longer about family but instead building their own kingdom and their own political agendas. Quit sad.

  36. Katie

    We just cancelled a VERY expensive DW trip set for this month. Between the crowds, ridiculous lines, and attractions shut down, why pay that much money and get nothing? We typically go once every year. Airline fees are up and ticket prices insane. No perks really for staying on location. Hoping it gets better, but I’ll be traveling overseas numerous times with the money I saved from ONE DW trip.

  37. We have been going to Disney for 48 years. This will be the last year for our kids and grandkids. Prices are way out of control, food price included. Hard to enjoy a place when u you know Disney does not have the same values as we do, the original Disney will be turning in his grave right know!! So to Disney —-our last hoorah!!! Change your ways, wokeness isn’t working for u!!!!!

    1. Gary

      One word ” Chepak” worst thing that happened to Disney is making him CEO- good idea take the free fast pass away and ask people spend there entire day standing in line 😆

  38. Mark

    They have ensured single parents with kids will never ever be able to afford to experience the magic of Disney.

  39. Na

    Glad to have experienced Disney with my family of 6 when we have over the last few decades. Great memories. Sadly after our trip this last March it is over. The parks were overcrowded and prices more than we are willing to pay for the product. We’re an upper middle class family with comfortable disposable income but we as a family made the decision to take it elsewhere. Hopefully others will benefit from ours and others like us absence and the parks will someday return to magical. I think we all want a fairly priced place to escape the reality of craziness from time to time. Hopefully a company will develop something to fit those needs. Supply and demand often has a lag process and I think prices may have reached a tipping point were demand will wane for Disney.

  40. Gary

    One word ” Chepak” worst thing that happened to Disney is making him CEO- good idea take the free fast pass away and ask people spend there entire day standing in line 😆

  41. Jason

    As for me and my family we will just cut out the middle man and go to universal instead. In my personal experience universal is a far superior experience anyways. Disney was nice when the kids was younger and magic kingdom was the place to be but Disney is slowly loosing it’s magic and luster from it’s glory days and it’s sad. But it is what it is.

    1. Stark

      I don’t know we went to universal and the lines were even longer than they were at Disney it was crazy.

  42. Mo

    My family and I recently visited the Walt Disney Theme parks. We had issues with the genie + syncing to our passes at first. Once that was squared away it was a bit confusing to navigate through. By the 3rd day we were finally able to get the hang of things. The biggest issue I had was for most of the e ticket rides (ie: Star Wars rise of the resistance and Avatar flight of passage), was that they were operating at “limited capacity”, According to some cast members I spoke with. This meant that the e ticket rides were primarily 120 min wait times all day until park closing. During Spring break is the worst time to operate at limited capacity. Definitely takes away from the magic.

  43. Dale

    Disney Corp. will feel the wrath of the people with their flat out greed and disregard for the people who made them. They are very fat with deep pockets, but no one is too big to be so arrogant and think they are untouchable. Disney will not remain the same.

    1. Sith

      Sure it will. Nothing will change. You underestimate people’s willingness to tolerate crappy services they think are unique.

  44. No

    Get your ads under control the sit keeps moving as I am in one place on mobile and the comment section is a joke on mobile

    1. Stark

      You have to select the view as desktop website mode in the browser.

  45. Mike

    Sure some people will pay any price. However lower middle class and the poor are priced out. How many children will never get to experience Disney Land/World because Disney is too greedy to cater to the less fortunate? That was not the vision of Walt Disney.

  46. Tim williams

    Lots of price increases. And yet stock prices are down. I would rather pull my own teeth than go to Any Disney park. At the same time…I have 50 shares of DIS stock than I am losing money on. Get your act together.

    May be time for Bob Paycheck to GO!

  47. Erwim

    Wants:Lightning Lane, Bottled water, ect. Plenty of free things at Disney:Water, Waiting in line, chatting to people.

  48. LaughingAtYou

    I am so tired of the pathetic whiners and complainers crying about Disney’s prices, services, what-have-you. With the parks boasting record numbers, people are only too happy to put up with the sub-standard garbage pit WDW has become. Disney thrives off your willingness to settle for less. If you’re one of those complaining, you’re clearly too stupid not to give Disney your money, in which case, you can’t be taken seriously. And you’re owed zero sympathy.

    1. Diesel


  49. I miss the days of Disney being affordable. I understand that money rules but we can’t afford to take our family there. We understand that it was our decision to have a larger family but after the death of our kids grandpa (my dad), and our kids sacrificing their entire summer two years ago to spend literally every day at his side in the hospital before Covid hit and then sacrificing so much due to Covid and having to limit going out because our daughter has an immunocompromised system due to a heart condition, we wanted to reward them with a trip to the “happiest place on earth “ only to realize the prices prevent that. We took them once ten years ago and while we were there their great grandma passed away and we had to cut the trip short. We look forward to maybe some day going back.

  50. Sharon kirk

    Having travelled to Florida from the UK Every year,for 10 years before the pandemic. We are not sure we will be returning any time soon. The cost is absolutely incredible, there are no perks, Disney dining plan, fast passes .I now believe you have to book to go into the parks. We love the atmosphere of Disney and the resort that we stayed in, Port Orleans Riverside. We travel with our daughter and son-in-law with our grandchildren and my brother and his wife. So you can imagine the cost. They make it so difficult now for UK residents to save up and enjoy the Disney experience. When we first started going it was magical, It really was the most amazing place we have ever been. now with all the changes it doesn’t sound so appealing. Disney has had thousands upon thousands Of pounds from us. Unless there is a drastic change on the pricing and All the other changes, I think we will be holidaying and having a completely different experience somewhere else.

    1. Diesel

      Give Universal Studios Orlando a shot. We stopped going to Disney and Only go tonUniversal bc of pricing.

      1. Sharon

        We are actually considering Universal and Getting the three park tickets. The options look really tempting.We are definitely not going to Disney.

  51. Stark

    What can Disney do? They already limit how many people can get in the park, they are building new rides and are just as affected by the worker shortage as every other company out there. So what do you do? Do you raise prices to get crowds down or drastically lower the amount of people that can make a reservation to get in the parks? Chapek chose option 1 – except I don’t think he cares about the crowds part.

  52. John

    As I’ve said before, Disney has their hand in your pocket from the time you make your reservation till the time you get home. And no matter the price people will come and pay it.

  53. Scot

    I just got back from Disney a few weeks ago. Family.of five for a.hamburger meal was $160. Bottoled water can cost you over $50 a day. Gift shop items were ridiculously price. Bought a single bottle.of beer for $14. Crowed beyond belief resulted played into a not so magical experience. Combine that with their willingness to.plug into strong political stances. I am not coming back to Disney and I am telling everyone I know about it. The magic was totally gone for me. I told my kids the next time they go to Disney will be withput me and with their own kids. Then we went to Universal and had a 180 experience. Will definitely return to Universal.

    1. Diesel

      Scot, you are correct. We stopped going to Disney a few years ago due to cost and crowds. It has gotten out of hand. We also exclusively go to Universal now. More bang for your buck and better discounts on Hotels, Food and Merch. Worth being a passholder at Universal(Comcast).

  54. Diesel

    Funny how the CFO talks about cutting portions and other areas of the parks but not their exorbinant paychecks worth tens to hundreds of millions.

  55. Brandy Bennett

    I have to go every year due to my daughter’s cheer. Her last comp there, no one on her team stepped foot in a park. This next week, I dread it so much. The lines, waiting on food, the crowds etc. The rides aren’t even that exciting and one of the few Coasters they have is always broke. We’ve gone to many theme parks and Disney is by far the most expensive with not much to show for it after all these years. Outside of seeing the castle, once it’s enough btw, what are you really paying for big picture? Crowds, rude people, rude kids, no place to sit, overpriced everything, lines?

  56. LK

    Disneyland is already way out priced for a normal family to go and enjoy they have to save for years to afford it . I have been there years and years ago second time I took whole family 10 people for a week on family plan air fare meals rooms parks all for 12,000 try to do that today impossible hate to see what it would cost today no more.

  57. Chris

    We need to Control Disney Prices Pay Employees better and BUILD A NEW DISNEY in the Great State of TEXAS !!!! Giving people better accessibly to Disney 😊😊❤️

  58. Ryan

    Disney would never classify you by gender but certainly doesn’t mind economic classes on public display. Smh .

  59. John L

    I agree that the cost to go to Disney is out of control. I am sure they are making record profits . People should stop going and I can guarantee that they will drop prices. To me, this is not a vacation. Paying exorbitant dollars to wait 2 hours to get in line? I would prefer to go to Hawaii for less and truly have a vacation.

  60. Barbara

    We’re going to be going to eat at Hollywood and Vine restaurant at Hollywood studios park, AKA MGM studios park, too, on top of that. Hopefully I’ll have a good time there, but not sure, since we had to pay almost $400 for 2 Disney tickets to get in the park. Plus pay between $20 to $30 for parking on top of that. Now since the Hollywood and Vine restaurant is not a buffet it may/may not be that great, but we’ll see. What should’ve happened when the park reopened sort of during Covid is lower their park prices, and lower their parking prices temporarily to see how it goes, but they didn’t do that. They should’ve also let about 1/3 of the guests in the park temporarily too. Instead they decided to raise park prices which is very stupid, and let more than 1/3 of the people back in the park which is very stupid as well. I still think they should distance people about 6 to 10 feet apart because of Covid. There is a new variant and about 2 new sub variants out there now, and they’re coming this way. They’re in New York now, but they’re still coming this way. So you need to prepare for it. Will update you on my trip to Disney when we get down there in May 2022. We’ve been going to Disney on and off for years, going to chef Mickey’s for years, but couldn’t get in this year and was really upset about that because I wanted to see Mickey. This trip may be the last because of the high prices in everything, including park tickets and parking and the Disney experience. We will see.

    1. Dave

      I wouldn’t go anymore, so it will make parks less busy for me. Make stand !!

    2. Dave

      Think of all the money you will save, and less stress. Teach them a lesson and don’t go. Makes my trip more enjoyable, thank you.

  61. Holly

    When Disney made their food portions smaller, they are not worried about the consumers waist line. They are looking for more profit margins. Also what a way to call your patrons fat.
    Disney World would have happier patrons if they would go back to their original meal sizes.
    Patrons were more happy with Disney World pre COVID. and Disney was more successful.

  62. Melissa Sheppard

    I have wanted to take my children to Disney since I went as a young girl. But even a few years ago I could not afford the cost of tickets. Now, having that my children had injured a brutal assault as babies especially Alex who the doctors said would not survive when he was assaulted at 13 months old . He has endured 13 surgeries and more to come. But has been a proven fighter. He has many issues but he is a blessing. Just so sad he and other children will never be able to enjoy the Disney adventures its sad when you serve your country and perish for it that you can never be able to afford a enjoyment for your family.

  63. Sara

    How about Disney guests are horrified by Disney’s critical race theory agenda!

  64. Barry

    I have been to Disney more times than I can count but they have got so out of control with the cost and more than anything I will never go back or support a company that feels it has to make its opinion on things that are political, Disney has become one of those woke companies.

  65. Mar-Mar

    I have been a loyal WDW visitor for years now- even to the point of purchasing DVC points and annual passes. But the last two visits were not ‘magical’. Prices were too high, too many hoops to jump through, and a real drop in the quality of their customer service. After much thought.. I sold my DVC properties and let my annual pass expire.

    I began visiting when I was a single mom with two little boys. We stayed at the values, visited in September when free dining was still offered, and I would save for two years so we could make the ten day trip every other year. If I was in the same situation now, I wouldn’t be able to visit.

    As much as I loved Disney World- I will probably not return and will, instead, spend my vacation dollars elsewhere.

  66. H

    Lots of ‘negative news’ around Disney out there now ever since DeSantis did not agree with their stand against ‘Don’t say Gay’.
    Scary to think that he’s behind this.

    1. Dave

      I love it more negative thoughts and people taking a stand and not going makes the parks less busy for me.

  67. Dave

    It’s this simple, don’t go, think of all the money you will save, less stress. There are other Theme Parks that are cheaper and not as crowded.

  68. Tamie Simmons

    We are taking our 9y old twins for the first time May 20th. We will be there for 8 days. We are staying onsite and having been trying to get restaurant reservations since our window opened. We still can not get character meal reservations!!!! We are being very flexible with our times, days, and places!! We are beyond frustrated! You would think that without having meal plans it would help with the demand for reservations, but sadly it hasn’t… Definitely NOT the Disney I grew up going to….

  69. John Folaron

    Collage or Disney
    Send the kids to collage or take them the Disney
    That is the question, the price is the same for a one week stay vs 1 year at a public collage for two? Hmmm
    And Its not a place for Grandma and Grandpa to take the grand children anymore. It’s Magical how this place can suck the life out your wallet and savings. It was fun while it lasted, and now for real life outdoor adventures and not make believe. , too. Yellowstone, Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yosemite , Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, and Beyond… you can get all for the low price of a 2 night stay at Disney, or by a camper and tour Alaska, same price, but you can resale the camper after the trip.

  70. OhNoAO

    Worst layout for a comments section ever. Contact your IT guy for Christ’s sake it’s 2022

  71. Kathy

    Cutting costs and raising prices. I don’t think even Chapek believes this can last. I’ve gone to Disney for decades. I won’t go back until, and if, this calms down. Theiy’re cashing in while they can.

  72. Rose K

    ‘I understand that certain people due to economic circumstances should not have access to this place.’

    Everyone says that until they are them. The. Writer should be careful with the ‘should not’ rather than ‘could not’.

    Btw, I’m neither. I go every year…and I’d still never say certain people ‘should not’ have access….it’s the reason there’s an All Star resort vs a Grand Floridian – to give options to almost all.

  73. Rose K

    Wait…were you attempting a Yogism?

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