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  1. ChasUGC

    So, it looks like Disney is going to take this assault on their independence, by the Florida governor, lying down.

    1. Ken

      Oh boy, that will teach them a lesson… NOT!
      Just another lesson in how not to retaliate. I feel sorry for Micky and Minni, as goofy takes control of Disney.

  2. Mike Jefferson

    Disney is reimagineering the golf course to install rainbow pin flags and to groom the bunkers for children.

    1. You’re talking about the numerous Republicans currently in jail for sex crimes, or the ones awaiting trial. DeSatan is a liar…stop swallowing the BS.

      1. Jarvis

        Where is your proof the child pervs arrested Disney employees are Republicans? We are waiting for that one. 😜

    2. CJA

      Silly statement.

  3. Nate

    Could this possibly be an indication Disney is going to begin the road work around GF now? In the proposed blue prints, Disney was going to bump out the road around GF and cut into Magnolia golf course. This would require an extend closure and a “reimagining” of the course.

  4. Dorinda P.

    The Mag needs the work, but no matter what they do it won’t be as great a course as Eagle Pines and Osprey Ridge were.

  5. Jarvis

    When Democrats use the term “reimagine”, it is a buzzword for destroying, raping, and installing the worst people into positions.

    Disney’s downfall will take awhile, but it is inevitable now.

    1. CJA

      And when Republicans use the word reimagine – wait, they never do because they have no imagination. Just party like it’s 1849!

  6. Disney has been lacking in maintaining facilities, grounds, and attractions as of late. The covid shut down seems to be magnifying it. Chapek needs to spend money on maintaining the magic. Refurbishing a golf course will pay for itself. The 1% like golf. Makes sense to me. The monorails need to be replaced (something they should have done when they were not running during covid). During covid, they just did cosmetic changes to the monorail (new carpet, lights underneath). Open the wallet Bob! You have fleeced us enough.

  7. Kala Lea Plante

    As a former cast member, this is not news! Disney is constantly renovating and updating since WDW is now over 50 yrs old!

  8. John de

    People are so over Disney! Universal is the new theme park standard! Thank goodness I own Comcast stock!

    1. Nick

      Nope, they’re just the newer park.
      Any complaint you have with Disney is either the same or will be the same at Universal.

    2. The patriod

      Universal sucks, they are just as crazy liberal as Disney is, they difference is that they just show it in their movies and TV shows, and don’t make statements.

      1. Mike

        Oh no! Universal is liberal! Oh the horror! Not.

  9. Kevin

    I’d rather play at Mar-a-Lago anyway.

    1. CJA

      Just remember that the owner cheats.

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