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  1. John Wayne

    Did I hear a female voice in the car? Was “karen” acting up again? Driver of the car, you are NOT entitled to a damn thing except to be entertained while adhering to Disney’s rules! No gender, entitlement, race or just plain ignorant attitude changes this! It would appear since both garages were closed maybe “karen” had no business being there anyway?

    1. FL-Dad

      Could be. I often see people driving into the garages that are posted as “Full.” I guess they think that “Full” just means for everyone *else* and not them. I just laugh because they think they are getting over, but likely spend more time driving around a full garage, than just going to the next garage.

  2. FL-Dad

    It was just a matter of time before the idiots took their trouble to the Disney Springs parking garages…

  3. chuck

    That was for sure spring breakers in the car and the girl saying have a good day was the Disney employee .Florida doesnt need Spring Breakers that are trouble and littering the Beach that cost tax payers money ,Stay Home

  4. Pete

    I live in Cocoa Beach. We have cops that put up with nothing. Breakers who think they own the place get a rude awakening. Should be like that all over FL including DW.

  5. Leeann Jacket

    I thought they were all being rude.

  6. Tad

    Retirees from the Villages. Only ones north of Boca Raton still driving a 1999 Buick LaSabre.

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