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  1. Mechafx

    What do I think of this Cast Member’s story about the working environments at the Disney Reservation Center? I believe it.

  2. The Eat Ticket

    When you work for Disney there’s an inevitable point when all cast members realize the dream has ended. For some that moment comes much faster than others, and for most the burden outweighs the benefits of working at the “Happy Place On Earth.”

    At Disney priority is given to salaried personnel, those at the Big Orange Building, Team Disney Anaheim, Burbank and of course the talent. The perks and amenities are endless, and the compensation is wildly enormous but in contrast stands vastly different than the earnings of the folks whom do the heavy lifting out in the trenches with the guests.

    Another longstanding problem and as equally decrepit are the unions at Disney who work tireless to line the pockets of cast members who’ve been with Disney longer than they should have. Some of these cast members are disabled, so much so they practically have to be carried out for their shifts. These cast members are retired from other professions and careers and have come to Disney to ride out their twilight years being overly paid top dollar all while the junior cast members struggle through grueling shifts and very meager pay with little to no room for advancement.

    Racism actually does exist at Disney though it’s not what you’re probably thinking. Certain folks in their respective departments and areas tend to quietly hire or advance those of a certain preference while other more qualified individuals languish due to not being of a certain minority class or identity politics. Disney says it’s an equal opportunity employer, but really for whom? A lot of the folks who do the actual grunt work at the parks and other areas of Disney are just normal Americans with no political affiliations or abnormal views.

  3. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    I’m serious about scratching the Reservation System. Scratch the reservation system all together, so I can get into Disney World anytime I wish.

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