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disneyland cast member with sleeping beauty castle

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  1. Jarli

    It is a real shame that one Vlogger aboard the Sailing Ship Columbia was using the LIVE medium for commercial purposes to promote her own line of non-Disney affiliated merchandise.

    That just doesn’t seem within the Spirit of Disneyland allowing LIVE Vlogs and if she hadn’t been doing it – the incident would have been completely avoided.

    1. c0ast3r_fan

      I wonder how many people complaining about vloggers in the parks have actually watched vlogs themselves for tips and info before going.

      1. Jarli Arnga

        There are 100% a group of respectful Vloggers that edit in post-production to make sure children are not being the main focus and that don’t promote a tip jar during the entire time. The issue with LIVE Vloggers is that they perform “Pay Per Crowd Watching” through their casts. The Columbia video shows that Vlogger’s main focus was NOT filming the attraction.

    2. Cindy

      You’re either the creep that thought it was ok to cough in her face out of spite, or one of the miserable Karens who actually has a YouTube channel MAKING FUN of this “oh so mysterious” vlogger. Either way, you KNOW you’re exaggerating the incident in YOUR favor. But what would one expect from someone who just seems to find misery in everything. “She” was in NO WAY being rude to the other guests or blocking anyones view, but keep up the misery. Some people don’t know any better, I guess.

      1. Gwen

        BLAB called that man horrible things LIVE on their video and then falsified a report with security and he was trespassed from the park. This is NOT OK!! He did not harass her, but she sure did during a live video where she made horrible accusations about him. I believe she even called him an a$$hole. Wow, classy lady right there.
        BLAB violated Disney policy and should have their magic keys revoked.
        For all the fans than don’t want to believe it, a simple internet search will show the truth.

      2. Jarli Arnga

        I wasn’t on the Sailing Ship Columbia during the incident. I also don’t have a YouTube channel. I just believe there need to be policies for the commercial Vloggers and expectations of behavior (I.e. not continuing to film the incident and shouting the term “a-hole” so everyone can hear it on the vessel. I hope that the Vlogger on the ship doesn’t ruin it for everyone.

    3. Eduj

      And as I understand it the “person” that was being filmed and berated on a vloggers live stream was trespassed out of the park with his young daughter. What a shame that this guest was not treated fairly and his daughter had less than a magical day, By Far, BY FAR!

      1. Jarli Arnga

        You bring up good points!

  2. Serf

    Thanks, Katie.

  3. Monica

    I’m not too bothered in general, but the incident where a live streamer got a guest who objected banned from the park seems a step too far.

    1. Kerri Cuellar

      This was so shocking. Especially when this blogger was promoting their merchandise and getting money from super chats. I’m disappointed Disney didn’t ban the blogger. I’m ok with them filming but quietly and point the camera at yourself.

      1. Ugh

        LOL, this is all the same person filling this page with comments about that incident!
        you have to be kidding me, how can you be THIS miserable?
        “A guest who objected”?? The guy was being a TOTAL CREEP And even went as far as to try and instigate her by purposefully passing her by and coughing in her face! Guess you didn’t catch any of THAT, right? I was wondering who this was, but I’m sure now. You’re talking bad about this vlogger as YOU take clips of her from her channel, only to MAKE FUN OF HER on YOUR channel!
        Talk about pathetic desperation.

        1. Kerri Cuellar

          Woah! Sorry for sharing my opinion. My first and last name are real. I don’t know who you think this is. I found the incident through Twitter. It shocked me. I have had people say things to me before that are grumpy at Disneyland – the airport – the grocery store. I choose to move on and not film them, call them names, and monetize it. Just my opinion. You can have yours.

          1. Julian H

            Kerri this Ugh (ugly) person never has a descent word to say about anyone, or anything, seriously don’t waste your breath on this idiot.

          2. LLL

            And yet, here you are obsessing over something that doesn’t concern you!! Go figure

  4. Kathleen

    This is all ridiculous. It seems like today there are more and more people who have to complain about something. This has all been happening for years and now….all of a sudden the complaining begins. They should stay out of the parks if they are not happy! Disney is for happy people and to help make people happy!

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Kathleen, it is one thing for you to be in the background of a family photo with Mickey, however, I believe there should be protocols for the commercial Vloggers so they don’t film our six year old daughters in their Princess Jasmine outfits and then use it as a thumbnail to their 100k followers without a parent’s consent. The Columbia incident just brought to everyone’s attention the lack of policies for these LIVE Vlogger and how the one lady’s infomercial for her non-licensed Disney merchandise sparked an incident.

  5. Kat

    I was there in June and I had to listen to a vlogger (while on a bus to the parks) begging his followers for money for a churro, and then when they stopped streaming he was like “we got a lot of good money for that let’s say we want some other food and see how much more money we can get”. He also had his disabled son with him and was being super nice to him while streaming but once they stopped he was ignoring his son completely who kept trying to vocalize something and the Dad kept swatting him away. I don’t usually mind vloggers who are respectful but listening to him beg for money the whole bus ride was super annoying, and deceiving because he was a totally different person on the stream vs when the cameras were off.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      That’s awful. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Stephen

    Next up…people complaining that other people are looking at them. It’s a public setting, live with it or stay home. As long as they aren’t physically disrupting you then move along.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Stephen, there is an understood expectation that you could end up in the background of someone else’s private video with Goofy. However, the Columbia incident highlights the main issue that there are a lack of policies for commercial vloggers that Vlog for profit. Would you be ok if a Vlogger video taped your six year old daughter in a Princess Jasmine costumer and then used it as a thumbnail to an audience of 100k subscribers without your consent? I think a line should be drawn for the commercial vloggers on what is acceptable behavior.

      1. Os Das

        Yes. I would be fine with it. So many things to be sad about. 🙁

  7. Pat

    Thankfully spokesmayne stopped live streaming. His entitled attitude had him getting into arguments with CMs at the swan and grand floridian to name a few. CMs dont need that treatment from a glorified panhandler.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Wow! I am not aware of that Vlogger but it seems like the Columbia incident is similar where some disrespectful LIVE Vloggers are giving a bad name to our well behaved Vloggers that are being respectful of privacy.

      1. Michael

        First off, the term “Karen” is so overused and 2021. Move on everyone.

        Secondly, people shouldn’t purposefully hinder others (willfully, or out of a complete lack of basic situational awareness), invade the personal space of others, or attempt to make others the center of attention (when those folks aren’t trying to be the center of attention otherwise). These are basic public behavior rules/norms that have apparently been lost for many in the new social media age.

        Thirdly, if you are in public you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy most of the time. As long as the vlogger isn’t violating one of those previously mentioned common sense behavior rules/norms, don’t make a fuss! Move on and don’t violate those rules yourself!

  8. Mason

    Vloggers are very annoying at times since I had two jobs one of the times I rode Smuggler’s Run because of one. had to be engineer and gunner because of one.I was assigned engineer but the guy obviously thought his YouTube channel was more important because he was videoing it the entire time. I was trying to get his attention but he didn’t listen. Besides that I don’t care about them.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Thanks for sharing your story. That is unfortunate that the Vlogger took away from your experience by prioritizing filming commercial content over being a good fellow citizen of Disneyland in your attraction experience.

      1. Leeann Jacket

        Are you Mark Brickey? He always says citizens of Disneyland. Either that, or you watch his YouTube channel. Lol! 😂

        1. Jarli Arnga


  9. Seth

    I thought there were rules at Disney around professional video and photography. Seems if they are talking photos and videos for work it is professional and should be controlled.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      I agree with your comment, Seth. Thanks for sharing as you made your point very eloquently.

  10. Janette

    Difference between an uploaded vlog and a monetized commercial livestream – I’m fine with vlogs(those can be edited and filmed to blur faces or keep faces off camera) but don’t do a livestream in the park while on a ride or in a queue with super chats turned on or selling your crappy merch, you moochers. I (or my kids) should be able to get out of the way of your camera on a livestream and I can’t do that while on a ride or in a queue. I don’t mind being in someone’s home movie or photo but don’t broadcast me in your livestream monetized commercial because you don’t want to get a real job. These blab vloggers are notoriously problematic/dramatic and they’re going to ruing live-streaming for other creators.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Well said! Thanks for taking the time to give this clear explanation of the issue.

  11. Mike

    If I’m filmed by accident while someone is simply recording their park experience I’m fine with it. But the moment my likeness is used to earn money,, I expect to be compensated.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Agreed! In the background of someone’s personal photo with Mickey – that is fine! Someone using a screen shot from a LIVE Vlog of my six year old daughter in her princess Jasmine costumer to get more viewers – not cool!

  12. Jarli Arnga

    Can we agree that there is a fundamental difference between being in the background of someone’s photo with Mickey versus a Vlogger focusing in on your six year old child wearing a Jasmine costume and then using it as a thumbnail without your consent to their 100k subscribers? I just feel Disney needs defined policies for the commercial vloggers.

  13. Robert

    There are numerous vloggers specific to Disney that are gay baiting and gay coding in exchange to pretending to be lgbt are receiving gift cards and other merchandise, expensive too and also using patreon sites to confidentially solicit expensive gifts, money and merchandise. Which should all be STOPPED PROOF? Just watch YOUTUBE Disney vloggers

  14. Shaughn Hicks-Jackson

    I feel the same about actors and athletes as you do about vloggers. Why should someone get millions of dollars a year because they can throw or hit a ball?

  15. Barby

    I think people have become ultra sensitive. Vloggers are very important. Without them, many will never see or experience certain events or places. They also provide tips for food, travel, & more. They are just doing their job & doing it for free or for peanuts because vlogging doesn’t make people millionaires. I say just ask. They are human. If you don’t want to be directly vlogged, just ask them not to target you or move out of their way. None of us are honestly paying attention to the background when watching the videos. We are paying attention to the vlogger & whatever item/ topic they are discussing. We are on camera all the time. More than you think. 90% of people have a smartphone. Trust me, you are in someone’s video &/or picture at some point.

    1. Janette

      There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.

      1. Tina

        Maybe begin with Disney is private property that I pay a lot of money to enter. I don’t want to spend my time there dodging vloggers who sell my child’s image on the internet. This is pretty simple!

  16. me

    This is why I can’t go anywhere anymore. I have a stalker ex, who tried to kill me TWICE! Found me at a restaurant someone was live streaming. So just STOP

    1. Ugh

      I found you again BIOTCH!! Watch ya back!

  17. Guy

    Disneyland isn’t in public, it’s on private property and the owners and lease holders get to charge admission to enter the property. To be able to use someone’s likeness from private property it needs a model’s release to show someone and the person being shown online without signing a release can sue the video creator. It takes a property release also but perhaps the Disney parks have an implied property release so that images shot from within the park can be shared in public domain. That’s why when you are walked off a ride the CMs can demand you do not take photos or videos. They have the legal right to force out of bounds images or videos to be taken off social media.
    If your image was shot while within private property you have the right to force them to take it down or pay royalties to you (video creators make income from affiliate sales and if that includes your unreleased images you are entitled to restitution.
    If your image was taken while on federal, state, or city property no releases are needed, but the copyright laws are different when images are taken while on private property.

    1. LLL

      OHHH MYY GAWWD, ain’t NOBODY gonna read all that, calm down Cletus!

  18. As a Creator and Podcaster, I find it very important to gain permission before using any guest. One reason, it will allow them control to opt out and feel you are respecting boundaries.They are times as you read they don’t mind, but always be courteous and remember No is No. Do not pursue, simply move on to avoid feelings of distrust.

    1. Jarli Arnga

      Thank you for being a thoughtful And courteous Content Creator!

      I hope the Vlogger from the Columbia doesn’t ruin it for the good citizens of Disneyland that want to continue to create content at the Parks.

  19. Ben

    if you expect privacy and there’s strangers around, that’s a problem. Your actions are your actions. As long as WHAT you are doing isn’t expected to be private or personal, it doesn’t matter whether the action is in front of one person or one million people, It is what it is at that point.

  20. johnf

    As I recall from my photography stint, anyone in a photo that I sold or published that was recognizable had to sign a waiver to allow their image to be released. The only exception I was aware of was for news teams.

    People need to start suing those that use their image for monetary gain without getting consent.

  21. Doug Roberts

    You know the phrase “the backside of water”? What about my backside recorded from entering the park down Main street to New Orleans Square. When a well know vlogger pair did this, when they could have recorded the scenery, builders, the beautiful grounds.

  22. John Novak

    Just do what I do I boycott all over priced commercial
    Tourist traps like Disney who care nothing about people
    But the all holy dollar and pushing. Woke culture and political
    Correctness on you and your children

  23. Joxua

    This practice should be totally banned by the streaming platforms.
    Some of these “content creators” are making money and accepting “patreon donations” and they are not even on the screen.
    It should be illegal to profit from videos where the people in the images are not consenting and not getting any compensation.
    These YouTube platforms are making money from these videos and the “content creators” are making money from these videos,
    But the people that are actually featured in these videos do not consent to be in them at all and they don’t receive any money or credits .

    This should be illegal

  24. Joxua

    “A pirates life for them”
    It’s like oldschool pirate-video at its modern day finest.

    The streaming platforms and “content creators” make money from these videos but the people featured on the screen are unwilling and unaware and not consented or compensated.
    Seems like this should be illegal.
    I think it fits in the gray area between celebrity paparazzi and voyeur stalker types. They all have the same excuse of “expectations of public privacy “ to rationalize what’s really going on.
    YouTube punks and the platform are profiting from recording videos of people without consent or compensation for the people who are in the images.

  25. Rmk

    Last weekend I was at disney with family. I was sitting at the ice cream shop and 2 to 3 girls were kind of being funny but at the same time I believe racially passing some comments about us. I couldnt hear them converse properly so I tried to record them but wasnt successful..u sit to have a nice ice cream and then this happens. Anyways situations like this need to be brought to light however I agree with above comments that recording for making money is unacceptable. Cheers and be kind to everyone

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