Comments for Protestors Intentionally Block Entrance To Disney, “No One Visiting Can Get It”

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  1. Keil Miller

    Extremely biased. You won’t even put the real name of the bill in your article. It’s not simple, as you state. Because it doesn’t include your narrative, the word “gay”.

    1. Louis Cortezortez

      The left are blithering idiots. Our current leadership says it all. Disney and other businesses have no business in politics unless they want ongoing flack from both sides. Pick your poison!

      1. Wesley Baggett

        So I suppose you support Desantis and his authoritorian bent.He may win again but it won’t be with my vote or any of my family. You guys on the right buy into anything he and Trump say. As far as being a “blithering idiot” I have 1 question for you to determine your intellect, do you think Trump really won??

        1. Seahawk

          There’s no helping this lunatics.

        2. Hadituptohere

          Yup, the right tend to be undereducated morons

          1. Daniel Ward

            Interesting. The top 2 states with the lowest adult literacy are California (1) and New York (2). Must be undereducated.

          2. SayNOtowoke

            *The LEFT

        3. Mary

          Wesley- your during the typical liberal straw man defense and personal attack tactics. Get back to the topic. This bill does not discriminate against anyone. It simply is sheltering any instruction or personal discussions of teachers to students involving sexuality for the young kids-whether is heterosexual, homosexual, or any other type. The liberal agenda is to misrepresent, misname, and attack this bill to garner more support, bc the overwhelming majority support it.

        4. Tink

          Wesley, if you don’t like FL’s policies, then move to a blue state like CA. I don’t want my children taught alternative sex in schools. That should be the job of the parents.

          1. Numya

            Or some creep in the backseat of his car in a dark alley ! Idiots, you are all idiots!

        5. Kevin

          Guess what Wesley? As much as you and most everyone on the left wants to believe (and use it to vilify people who don’t agree with you) not everyone who leans right supports Trump. Nice try though.

        6. Daniel Ward

          Leave Florida then. Please 🙂 As someone who came from growing up in California. There is a reason so many people are blue state refugees.

        7. Denise

          What’s interesting is that you godless commies like to accuse us conservatives of the very things you do yourselves.

        8. chuck

          Dont need any french fry votes

      2. KG

        I hope you are actively supporting repealing Citizens United then. Are you letting your representatives know that you feel strongly about this and voting for the ones who also support repealing? I’m going wager that’s a no.

      3. Sue

        Louis you are correct disney needs to mind there own business it’s the parents choice . And Disney needs to stop changing everything bc it might offend someone. The bill never said the word gay.the media and the those groups that’s don’t like the bill out the word in there

      4. Walt

        Actually the right is the best informed in studty after study. I live in Wisconsin – did Trump win? not really sure BUT I have seen the investigation results thus far and when you get 94% voting in nursing homes where some people who are legally restricted from voting voted for the first time in decades, ewhere mark zuckerburg displaced elected clerks with democratic operatives, and the list goes on perhaps you should become better educated in facts as you claim you are. As far as DeSantis’s athoritarian reighn – you only hav eto look to Washington and the totalitarian Biden regime who you have to be willingly blind to pass off as “bringing people together” You don’t get 33% approval for no reason. And finally you have a problem keeping sex education of anykind away from K-3 graders REALLY? To coin a phrase OK groomer…..

        1. Dave

          Whatever you say, Jethro

          1. Kevin

            Nothing else to say except call people who don’t agree with you names, Dave? That’s pretty sad.

        2. Joem

          Walt, by keeping kids ignorant, you are grooming them. They are more likely to be victims in your narrow minded world

        3. Vicky

          What is a “studty”? Posting a comment on how smart you are and can’t spell in the first sentence. Brillant!

          1. Kevin

            Calling out someone over a spelling mistake because you have nothing else to use as a counter argument, I see. That’s just as sad as Dave calling people names.

        4. AD

          Walt – Actually it looks like you need to be further educated. Check your spelling, spacing, and run on sentences in your comment. For anyone who is commenting on this bill, unless you have children, keep your mouth shut. As a parent myself, I decide when and what is taught to my child about sex education, gender, etc. Schools SHOULD NOT be allowed to teach this material. PERIOD! Everyone has their own views on this matter and I WILL NOT trust someone other than myself or my husband to teach my daughter about sex, gender, etc. This is a sensitive topic that needs to be explained properly. Have you sat in on a classroom when some, not all, teachers teach about our current and past presidents during voting season? Some teachers teach this material according to THEIR views, instead of sticking to facts and allowing the kids to have their own thoughts. No teacher should influence a child in politics, religion, or sex education, gender, etc. PERIOD!

      5. chuck

        Agree Louis

  2. Mike Madigan

    One one hand, throws a fit if people don’t like an anti-LGBTQ bill.
    On the other, still somehow think their opponents are the snowflakes.

    1. Mr. B.

      Please explain how this is an anti-LGBTQ bill. Read it!

      1. Daniel Ward

        California is number 1 with the lowest adult literacy rate. The problem is they can’t read. lol

  3. Dulce

    I saw the video, a car broke down, this is piss poor reporting, but typical and expected when media tried to sway your emotions to align with theirs…

    1. Chase Woofer

      The car didn’t break down, they acted that way in order to shut down the traffic. I have several friends that were on site.

      1. Walter

        No you do not STFU.

    2. Paul

      This is how our society has devolved. If someone has an opposite opinion, we physically attack and attempt to ruin them.

      1. Malcolm

        Devolution yeah… going backwards.

    3. Jim

      The guys are online bragging about it now… Faked breakdown… I guess you can’t see that all the way from Tennessee huh Jethro…

  4. Shane

    I’m lost at why Kindergarten thru third grade would need sex education anyways? We learned about that stuff in middle school. Why is this even a controversy? I wonder how many people against this bill even have kids.

    1. Dawn

      It’s not sex education. The bill makes it against the law to discuss families that have two male or two female parents. And if a child says anything about being anything other than “straight” the teachers can get fired/sued for not reporting it to the parents. It removes discussions regarding genders.

      1. Kevin

        Read the bill you propagandist…

        1. Spence

          Projection. The right spews constant propaganda. So now you accuse others. Typical.

          1. Kevin

            And every time the left doesn’t like what someone says and they have no real counter argument they cry “projection”. Hate to break it to you but BOTH sides “spew constant propaganda”. Wake up and open your eyes.

      2. EvolutionaryUturn

        No it does not. This is what it does say: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

        No formal instructions can take place for 4-8 year olds. If the subject does come up, a teacher can always give a simple answer, or direct the child to discuss it with their parents. It’s not the job of grade schools to be teaching this subject matter to extremely young children and is the responsibility of the child’s parents.

        1. Bob

          So what do you do if you’re a kindergardern teacher and a boy walks into the girls room? You can’t tell him boys don’t go in there because that woudl be talking about sexual identity.

          1. EvolutionaryUturn

            That’s not classroom instruction. Try again.

          2. Kevin

            Kindergarten classrooms typically have one bathroom per classroom. Nice try though. Guessing you don’t currently have and never have had kids. Therefore your objections are a moot point.

      3. Shane

        Where does it say teachers will be fired for not reporting gay children to the parents? I can’t find that in the bill.

      4. Leuk

        None of what you are saying is true, or even in the bill. Read it, it is only 7 pages, and not complicated.

      5. Daniel Ward

        You can’t actually be this brain dead, right? It bans ALL sexuality talk. Crazy we even have to say “Don’t sexualize children.” Pedos be pedos I guess.

    2. Nick

      Disney should close down and explore other states to relocate. Let Desantis pay unemployment benefits, explain to the taxpayers reduced tax revenues and surrounding businesses why there are no customers. Stop the political B.S. and help people where it matters. STOP the culture wars.

      1. EvolutionaryUturn

        It was Disney that started this “culture war” as you call it when the CEO came out and publicly stated that the bill was a “challenge to basic human rights” and the company would fight to overturn it. A handful of employees walked out of Disney offices in California and he decided that was enough to target Florida. If you think they can just close down 39 square miles of resort space and move it somewhere else then you haven’t looked at that idea realistically.

        1. Kevin

          I always get a good laugh out of the people that say “Disney should pack up and move out of Florida”. Disney finally bit off more than it can chew and these people don’t want to admit that.

  5. Chase Woofer

    It amazes me at how totally ignorant you comments are. This bill has absolutely no mention of sexual education. If you think gender identity is about sexual orientation, you really have a distorted mind and should really get medical help.

    This bill was written in a manner so that people like yourself could be mislead, and it’s worked. As the bill stands you can not speak to kids about anything related to gender or the makeup of a family. So you can’t tell a boy he is a boy, you can’t tell a girl she is a girl. Both are speaking about gender identity. But it’s targeted towards non cis people. Also it’s not about just k-3 it covers all grades, to think otherwise is just ignorant.

    1. EvolutionaryUturn

      You clearly have not read the bill. This is all it says on the subject: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

      That said, this “blockade” is stupid and did not block a single Disney park. What it did block was guests and workers from getting to the independently owned and operated hotels on Hotel Plaza Blvd that leads to the Disney Springs shopping area.

    2. Kevin

      You didn’t read the bill… nice post, groomer.

    3. Shane

      Are we reading the same bill? I read where it’s focused on K-3 , not finding the part where it covers all grades.

    4. Daniel Ward

      Hey pedophile, the bill literally includes the words “sexual orientation.” Know what words it doesn’t have? Gay, lgbtq, lesbian, etc.

  6. DT

    They blocked one entrance. The least used entrance. It leads to Disney springs. There’s three other entrances that can get you there. This was a joke of a protest led by idiots

    1. Bob

      yeah i foudn that odd. I mean the only entrance they could block that would do anything would be the entrance to Animal Kingdom, all the other parks have multiple entrances and ways to arrive. What they did was even more useless.

  7. Kevin

    Nice bit of propaganda, there. Can’t imagine what side of the fence you’re on…

    Sounds like you didn’t read the bill AND you didn’t follow up on the actual recent news about this. No link to the actual bill for readers to read for themselves and no mention of the leaked videos of Reimagine Tomorrow leasers discussing their agenda for Disney entertainment.

    Piss poor reporting.

  8. James

    There’s a lot of commenters here that obviously don’t know how to interpret legal bills and have never worked on public education where anything said by an employee of the school system is deemed “classroom instruction.” They are obviously being parrots for Tucker Carlson.

    1. Steve

      The part I’m lost on is why it matters to Disneyworld? Universal , Burger King, Amazon, American Airlines have no comment. Does every corporation need to weigh in on elementary education legislation?

      1. Jim

        Read the room Steve. Who goes to Disney? Children.
        More so than the other corporations you mentioned. It seems Disney cares.

    2. Walt is spinning

      Spoken like a true pro-Groomer.

      1. Anna

        Hopefully they’ve burned any book that has a reference to a character having a mom and dad right?

  9. Tim

    My wife and I send our kids to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Period!

    1. Jim

      Seems your schooling failed you…

  10. Dmoon

    I will openly admit I haven’t read the bill. But if reading all these comments, if the few people that “quoted” it did so word for word. As a parent who has had a young adult go through being very confused on their gender. To me this basically sounds like it protects everyone. You address the child by name.. not “hey Joe go stand by the girl over there”.
    Means the educators can not influence a child to be anything more than what they Choose to be one way or another.

    As well as who ever said it sexual orientation is what you prefer as a sex partner.. or what you see as you are examples: bisexual, straight, poly..

    Gender identity is when you define your self with a label of male,female (cis if your born that gender), nonbinary (not identifying with any gender), fluid gender etc..

    So in a sense from just by reading everyone’s comments and again I am sorry if I make a mistake or step on toes since I haven’t read the Florida bill myself.

    But this should please all parties. Families that don’t want their kids influenced by “those” people (you know who you are) and for those of us who are people that have children or young adults trying to figure out who they are.

    The world is crazy enough. We do just need to find a way to coexist without killing everyone and everything. Might be hard but hey we gotta try.

    1. Mr. B.

      Society has allowed this behavior to be normal. Gender dystopia is a psychological issue. These people need help/counseling not encourage.

    2. Deshaun

      Since when is reading a piece of legislation a prerequisite to having an informed opinion on it? You go, girl!

  11. BensonStein

    We must fully support Disney Corporation and their Woke, Liberal, “Grooming Gangs.”

  12. Tennessee

    Hogwash to all this.

  13. Gigi

    Why did you use the incorrect title used by NPR? “Don’t say gay” is NOT the name of it. In fact, if you read the bill it DOES NOT SAY that anywhere. You are adding to the lies, misinformation and manipulation of the media.

  14. Sooo happy to leave the US for Bali. You’re stuck debating each other on all this non issue, while Asia is eating your jobs. Good luck with your protests and boycotts. Why your living wage goes down and the rich take everything… you’re busy with Disney and gay people issues. Hahahaa

    1. EvolutionaryUturn

      You won’t be missed

      1. Chad

        Good, enjoy your obesity.

        1. EvolutionaryUturn

          Enjoy trying to find clean water.

    2. franklin

      Awesome, please keep your promise and don’t come back. Even better, take a few others that are like you along for the trip as well.

  15. Scotty

    Just like a progressive Whenever you can’twin an argument you envoke Trump to try and cover up your stupid ideas.

  16. We, in our community Stand with Governor DeSantis! We don’t want “Groomers” educating our children. I even emailed governor DeSantis to thank him for signing the bill. Why does your article not state the real name of the bill in question?? Quit using make-up names. No Groomers in Florida Schools, Amen

  17. Brenda Suzanne Titus

    Totally support this bill! And so would Walt if he were here. This has nothing to do with supporting the gay community, this is about children!! and giving back Responsibility to the parents to raise their children as they see fit!

  18. Walt's Rolling in his Grave

    It was SO much nicer when this forum wasn’t political. Why in the hell would you write something like this and post it here? If you want to report there was a “blockade”, fine. But save your political commentary for FB or Twitter.

  19. AH

    The Parental Rights In Education bill was supported overwhelmingly by people across the political spectrum.

  20. Robert

    Disney made a huge mistake going political – and has awakened the ‘Giant of Division’ that roams the countryside. How is this in the best interests of parents, children, or Disney stockholders. Expect to see a change of management. Walt would not be pleased.

  21. Bren

    I don’t care personally what the state of Florida does. It has no reach on me or my child’s education since I don’t live there. But I would like to point out to many saying Disney should not donate to those in politics, nor be in politics, you do realize Disney donated to the republican representatives of said state up until this bill got passed. So instead of all of you name calling each other, being so rude, get your head out of the Fox news and CNN news and realize this company is playing both sides. Now they are getting burned because they wanted to have their cake and eat it too. So quit tearing each other down. Live as you want. But my way may not be your way. Your way may not be my way. I would think we could figure out for all to enjoy our freedoms without all this hatred and stupid name calling. Realize corporations are for making money, and Disney has gotten just as dirty as any other one in America. Also time to realize the citizen is no longer represented, but the big businesses are. So quit getting side tracked by the “news” nonsense which is nothing more than trying to pull the wool over your eyes. You stay distracted by nonsense non issues, then you don’t pay attention to what is really going on. So they played both sides, they will hopefully get burned. You can’t donate to the Republican representatives sponsoring a bill, then come back and say you want to fight it. Absolute bull crappery at its finest. Look back through the hatred, realize it does not have to be such nonsense. Businesses are dirty, they play dirty, and they make mega money by doing so. Disney is no different any longer. If anything everyone of you should be pissed that Disney has been playing both sides to get ALL of YOUR money, and making you look like the fool. Sorry for the long rant.

  22. Denise

    We have the best state and the best governor in the country and kudos to those protesting these godless commies.

    1. chuck

      Agree Denise .If they dont like it they dont have to come here

    2. Pinky

      You tell ’em, Senator McCarthy!

  23. Matt Uebele

    Ha! People had no problem when Disney was financially assisting your candidates

  24. John

    When is Heterosexual day?
    Why do the LGTQ want to cram it down our throats?? Why can’t it just be “people” at Disney?
    Leave our children alone. We have a right to teach our own kids, not anyone else. Disney needs to stay out of politics. It’s only a theme park. Where it is supposed to be fun for everyone.

  25. Isaac

    Lovely political discussion full of insight and civility. I came away much better informed than I was before. Great website.

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