Comments for Guests Shocked By Disney’s Current State, “It’s Like We Were At Six Flags”

trash cans at tomorrowland in disneyland

Credit: Disneyland Cast and Community


  1. Walt

    When Disney spends years only staffing certain racial demographics it’s no surprise how the parks have been let go.

    1. JOHN

      Racist much? Walt would be spinning in his grave knowing his fans are such bigots

      1. Bob

        Walt was a racist. He hung out with Henry Ford an company. Now it’s the complete opposite a liberal cespool

      2. Legoguru2000

        Actually he wouldn’t be. Your preconceived fantasy of who is was makes you think he’d be upset by that comment. The fact of certain ethnic groups ate better workers than avg and some through their own reputation in the US for being on average bad are the worst. Doesn’t mean everyone within that ethnic group I’d like the avg.

        1. Will

          Average? Like 90%?

      3. Facts

        Dont be mad that he said the truth.

    2. Waltz Ballz

      stfu honky

      1. Waltz mom

        Thats cracker to you

    3. djtjr

      Chill guys, he was talking about the white folks they’ve been hiring.

      1. David

        Disney is just the next victim of this new narrative were no one is held accountable and the assault on traditional American values. Kids and adults with mental illness are being coerced to change genders. Open borders. No law and order. Who’s fault does this lay , democrats. Good thing November is coming. Things will change for the better.

        1. StupidRepliesForStupidPeople

          Yikes you’re stupid and blatantly uneducated. But it’s perfectly understandable, you simply don’t know any better. Pretty sad, honestly. Luckily racist and ignorant bigots like you will mostly be in the ground in a few decades so neither your children or the general populace has to deal with you.

          1. pope francis

            Spend time living overseas and you won’t find a land of happyness and rainbows. Outside of a couple of countries in Asia, and in western Europe you will find that most of society is low trust and a relatively unDisneylike experience for cleanliness.

            There’s a ton of xenophobia and intolerance among non-western cultures and those are the largest drivers of immigration.

          2. Beverly

            How did you disprove David’s point?

          3. Facts

            You clearly have the IQ of a pine cone.

          4. Rolanda Shaniqua

            I’m not following you. What exactly was racist in David’s comment?

        2. notbrainwashed

          its giving brainrot

        3. Oz

          You need to stop listening to the fear-mongering propaganda of Fox News.

          1. Jeff

            and you need to open your eyes and see the things happening around you.

        4. Donnie, is that you?

        5. Patriot666


      2. Legoguru2000

        The white progressive SJW types moat certainly do fall within the category of the personality only another entitled SJW could tolerate

      3. Dave

        Yeah that’s it. The one’s that shrug their shoulders when asked a question.

    4. Mike D

      I agree totally! They should get rid of the greedy white and caucasian people and hire hispanics and africans. Give jobs to the people who will appreciate it and take pride in their work, unlike the snobby spoiled group of people who don’t know how to use seasoning in their food.

      1. Amy

        Wow, such a racist comment. So unnecessary.

        1. Facts

          Not racist at all, its pure facts.

        2. Kim

          Amy, really?? Look at ALL THE COMMENTS before this one and you have the nerve to call THIS ONE racist?? Shows how racist YOU ARE that you were ok with the ACTUAL racist comments above this one. Figures.

      2. Legoguru2000

        If it’s American born POCs especially under 30s then no you’ll end up with lazy instead of disrespectful

      3. Deb

        Racism is in every demographic. Sad

      4. Rolanda Shaniqua

        Somebody’s got a huge chip on their shoulder.

    5. Jarvis


      Exactly. Americana is gone. Now it’s nasty Haitians complaining and being lazy the day after hire. While management bows to woke culture and apologizing for lack of diversity. It’s all sickening and very noticeable.

      1. Vince

        LOL, I’m now convinced these comment sections are filled with even worse people than the parks are supposedly filled with. You wanna see us at our lowest?? Just read a few of these comment sections!! I’m embarrassed to be witnessing humanity at its “finest” right now.

        1. Bruce

          I couldn’t agree with you more. These commenters are the exact representation of the complete degradation of society. Anger, disrespect and malicious behavior and only gets worse everyday.

  2. Honestly, this is pathetic! Your constant “oh they’ve suffered so much during this “pandemic” is pathetic!!! It is all a money grab now!! It’s not fun anymore, it’s not clean anymore and service sucks!! So if your not on board with that, then just don’t go!! They think they have you where they want you, so prove em wrong!! Just stop batching about it!!

    1. Legoguru2000

      Exactly. Vote with your wallet. Choose an alternative park like Paramount where they aren’t so arrogant with their customers

  3. Tiffany

    Just got back from Italy and the UK. Ya know what Biden must be the President there too because they have higher inflation.

  4. Mike Jefferson

    Never going back or buying a single Disney product. Go woke, go broke!

    1. Bd

      Good stay away
      More fun for me
      Go any where and you will get any better customer service
      People who go there are slobs

      1. Lj

        At the end of the day, Disney is a business. Venting on social media may feel great for a moment, but will not have any true impact. If customers want to send an impactful message, stop filling Disney coffers. We all have to choose our own priorities.

        1. Jeff

          well said Lj!

      2. Ugh

        Well said, LOSERS!!

  5. Oz

    Boo hoo.

  6. DonB

    This is what happens to ANY company that mistreats their core employees and develops a strategy of pay more for less. It’s a proven short sightedness and it will damage the brand if those in charge aren’t gone soon. Disney Parks were always miles above the competition because that was always a fundamental strategy; to exceed expectations. Now the focus is nothing more than a carnival money grab.

  7. Lauren

    Honestly, our Six Flags (Six Flags Over Texas) is cleaner, had better customer service, and a higher percentage of running rides at a recent spring break visit than wdw during a light crowds season last September.

  8. Heather

    Disneyland Anaheim is historically visited by locals. With the changes to the reservation system (park entry, Genie+, Lightning Lane) has made it more difficult for locals to visit. This needs to change before anything else can be fixed.

    1. G

      The locals are who destroyed the park, if anything, they should ban all locals. Show a California ID, banned for life.

      1. Ugh

        LOLOLLLOL…. You’re a dimwhitt!

  9. DarthCalypso

    Wow. Too much propaganda on here. Honestly, I had a great time last week. But as a manager outside of the park, I noticed a lot of training going on. Some people even berated the trainees when I rode “Soarin”. Not cool. This place was shut down for a number of months before coming back online with minimal maintenance. Covid. We’ve seen in the past what happens every time WDW does a complete shutdown. Not great. WDW is doing what it can in present time just as much as any other business. Are they capatalizing on it? Sure. I don’t like that fact either. But, if you’re having a crappy stay and you can lightning lane passes for everybody and not get up at 6am to get to rope drop, I’d say you did alright. By the way, I would also say that the way guests have entitled themselves has gone sideways over the years. Somewhere along the line, we were raised that this is our wonderland. Our freedom. Our adventure, fantasy, frontier, or future. But the progeny got spoiled. They became self entitled. Guests are ruining most of the magic because of this. Not the cast.

    1. Joe

      Back in 2006 I was there and the Tower of Terror was always broken, we got stuck on the Rocking Rollercoaster and Space Mountain went down after an hour and a half wait.

    2. Legoguru2000

      Entitled customers? Even if you hadn’t said you were a manager I would have guessed it based on that. Only those on the other side see an expectation of services in proportion to monies paid is somehow Entitlement. Yes there are some real ahole customers out there, I worked retail mgt for over a decade before escaping but those customers are not representative of the average. One exception is if your dealing with a member of the woke generation who are Entitled little shifts but they’re to busy saving the world from atrocities like improper pronoun use to save up money to got to WDW.

      1. Ugh

        The “woke generation”??
        Try Screeching, Wailing MEGA Karens who imagine “political drama” in the parks where there is none. Aren’t you the one who refused to let your “precious little prince” get his thumbprint taken as REQUIRED by the entrance workers because you thought they were encroaching on your “rights”??
        Don’t blame anyone else for your bigoted, racist and homophobic ways. Oh, I’m sorry.. “values”.

  10. Jeff

    I have only been to Disney World once, over 5 years ago. It was okay but a year or so ago I went to Universal Studios Orlando and it was so much better. Disney can do whatever it wants and I do feel bad for the workers but Universal is a better fit for me.

  11. Richard

    1. It’s hordes, not hoards. 2. In our almost 50 years of visiting WDW, things are definitely the worst we’ve ever seen them (even worse than the Eisner years, when they didn’t even bother to paint the faded facades for a couple of years and everything looked “dingy”). We probably won’t be back — there’s just too many other things to see and do here in central Florida.

  12. I have been going to Disney for 35 years and it has become just another dirty theme park. Everything that used to make Disney special no longer exists. Disney’s customer service used to be the standard everyone other theme park should strive for now it is subpar at best. Disney now nickel and dimes you for everything. Years ago extravagant and I mean very elaborate face paintings for kids were free, the electric parade was worth the price of admission which at that time I think was $59, character greetings were not rushed and fun, Parades at HS and Animal Kingdom that were phenomenal, an afternoon parade at MK, every morning there was early opening at one park and every night one park stayed open extra hours in the evening, dirt neon longer hit the ground before it was picked up and it was unheard of to find the disgusting bathrooms that now exist everywhere, cast members ALWAYS fixed complaints and never let a guest go away unhappy!!!! Disney needs a complete overhaul and go back to what made DisneyDisney and not just another blow grade Six Flags if you could even call it that. Disney could bring back the magic and still make millions and stop the corporate greed!

    1. lisa

      Totally agree!

  13. sam

    is it fair to blame the complexity? when the original rides debuted they were complex as well.

    1. Legoguru2000

      Its a different type of complexity, it’s programming troubleshooting versus mechanical troubleshooting a mechanical is easier

  14. Not-A-Celebrity

    I can’t believe I read all those comments.
    I should have stopped, but could not (my bad)

    My 2c: I go on vacation (e.g: disney, hawaii, beach, whereever) – to spend time with my family – if they are having fun, I am having fun.
    Yes, I complain about it, but still go – because (see above – family).
    One day, we will look back at all the places we went and then decide whether it was fun or another dirty-park – until then, if you dont like it – my advice – dont go – these parks are overcrowded anyway?

  15. David M

    This post and most comments should be deleted! This is a Disney site for Disney People not negative rants.
    This is for comments on the state of Disney Parks, not politics.
    The parks have changed! In 2020 prior to covid, I visited WDW in 2022 and there was a difference in quality especially DISNEY folks visiting for the most part. We met a few die hard Disney folks, but a lot were just rude. Did not see very many Cast members around. I am one of those people who will not visit the parks until something is done about crowding and ride breakdowns. This all comes down to the Administration in charge and falls to current CEO, who needs to be released from his duties in the Disney organization. (His focus is $$$ with Disney+) not on the park system. The Magic was overshadowed by issues. (50yrs I have been visiting the Parks) and never seen issues like I experienced in February 2022. Even getting on the first bus at the Hotel, the lines for robe drop to get to the parks was long enough for 3 bus loads of people for Magic Kingdom. Never have I seen this type of crowding. The Genie+ and lightning lane, are a bad system, you book 2 rides, wait an hour after you ride those rides and then can book another. (Disney executives…. fix the system) Cutting out Transportation, increasing food prices, while cutting portions is not the answer. Even though inflation is out of control in the USA, raising the prices to balance costs and keeping happy Cast members by paying a living wage is important.

    1. lisa

      I agree. I also hate that Disney is making visits so dependent on phones. I want to spend my time looking for hidden Mickey’s…not booking rides, ordering food or anything else. We used to bring one phone for emergencies and leave the rest at the hotel so we could immerse ourselves in vacation. Can’t do that anymore. Also, so obscenely expensive that the “magic” is gone. We canceled our annual Christmas visit and have no more planned.

  16. Dani

    We just went to Disneyland this past weekend and I cannot agree more with the post. Every ride we stood in line for broke down, our first ride even though we were in the park at 7:30 wasn’t until after 2 PM due to this issue. I had commented that it felt more like a regular amusement park and has lost its magic. Grew up at Disneyland and raised my kids there as well but we won’t be going back. The magic seems to be gone forever. So terribly disappointing.

  17. Kp

    I used to work at restaurant at Disney springs. Guy up there that said guests are entitled is correct. When people ( not all but more than most would believe) act like scum all time it wears on the workers. When people save for years to come they want it their way. Over crowded and people have zero decency in the parks. I used to get in for free I went like twice, not my cup of tea.

  18. Dave

    No more pesky grooming and appearance standards helped a lot.

  19. Deb

    My husband and I are older. They are not thinking of us at all! All we did was log on to our cell phones all day staring down at what to do! We had to figure out how to get an account, how to reserve days to go, pay for all that, pay for higher parking, pay for several apps to use in the park, figure out how to get on each app whenever we wanted to ride a ride (few of our favorites available on our day) figure out how to use our phones to get discounts when we bought food and merchandise) Every table we sat at in the park had food, sticky, trash on them. Don’t even discuss the bathrooms…. What we thought would take a day, was a 4 hour day as we were so frustrated. We had such high hopes thinking the reservation system would make more room in the parks. We reserved Magic Kingdom – you have to register for each park one at a time. We go to reserve the other park and it said it was sold out! No park hopper even though minutes before that, both parks were available. I think they block it out so you have to come back and pay $30 in the parking lot again! We’ve been coming since 1955. i remember talking to Walt on Main Street when he would sit on the benches and watch people come into the park. I know it can never be like the days of old, but this!? I cant wait until our passes expire, but I must say it brings tears of sadness to my eyes….so much for retiring and spending days at Disney!

    1. Dawn

      What apps did you have to pay for, for in the parks?!?! The Disney parks app is free, and everything needed in in that app. When you pay for something through the app, if you are a pass holder the discount is automatically applied for food and merch. As for park hopping, you schedule your day for the park you want to begin your day at. After 2 you can park hop, no additional reservation is necessary. You just go to the other park, just have to have an annual pass or a park-hopper ticket.

      1. Dawn

        As for parking, if you leave the lot you just show your parking stub when you come back…. They don’t charge you again.

  20. Dale

    The Disney you know and love is GONE ! Only the name remains, stop giving money to greedy people and find something enjoyable to do with your money. Boycott Disney and anything else that thinks they are untouchable.

  21. Raf

    A gentle reminder that gangs hang out in Six Flags and that Dineyland priced most gangs out of becoming regulars. So no, it isn’t like Six Flags.

    1. Andrew

      Thanks. I was about to say the same thing. But apparently Disney needs to raise the prices again because there have still been way too many low class incidents there lately. What is it now? $150 per person per park per day?

  22. Mason

    What happens when you go woke. Because hey like what a wise orange man once said,”everything woke turns to $h!t”.

    1. Lola

      Wow.. YOU need a breath mint REAL BAD.. Cuz your breath stinks like sh*t from being wayyyy up Donald Trump’s A$$.

      1. Pam

        Lola, you are rude and disrespectful, but this is what I’ve come to expect from Liberals.

        1. Gus

          PAM, I LOVE how “your kind” is always TOTALLY cool with your own side spewing trash out your mouths, but when a “liberal” does it… “OHHHH MYYY GAWWWD YOU LIBERALS ARE SOOO RUDE!!!!”
          Lol. Typical

        2. Leila

          Gus, what do you expect from a type of person who builds their case on being complete hypocrites. Their own rules NEVER apply to them. You should know that by now.

  23. Pam

    We went to Disneyland for my 65th birthday. The queue for Space Mountain was terrible. No movement, just standing in dirty places for more than an hour. The “cast members” at our dining location were rude. I said “thank you” to one and we received no response. I repeated myself twice and finally got a “welcome.” I am done with Disney. Covid or no Covid, Disney of old is gone.

    1. 007

      Awww, Karen didn’t get her feet kissed by a cast member, so she’s “done with Disney”, like every other high maintenance, holier-than-thou Karen.. it’s ok precious, maybe these “dirty places” aren’t for you then. Btw, I go all the time, and the queue for Space Mountain isn’t dirty, but I know people like you need to make stuff up and be dramatic to maintain your Karen status. Hope to never come across you at the parks then!! Bye! 👋👋

  24. Turtle

    Upkeep has really fallen off. On a recent Epcot trip the grounds were not up to the usual level of cleanliness I’m used to seeing. Long time dust and dirt in cracks and corners, even BIG cobwebs in Morocco’s pavilion. This would be unheard of even a couple years ago. Disney slipping all around

    1. Bud

      There is a nationwide employment shortage… probably due to the ridiculous hand outs for over a year when people were sent home for covid vacation and given $3700 each monthly to do nothing. Now the parks are packed (everyone who did nothing for a year spending their free money), and no one wanting to work (same reason, see above)… so while I understand that the parks are not pristine, you have to take into consideration that no one wants to work ANYWHERE right now. Sure, there are those of us who had no choice, worked through out the whole thing and continue to work, but there is a MASSIVE percentage of the population that is just out there, spending their collected free money and not working. Hopefully that money stash ends soon and people start realizing they have to get back to work.

  25. Benson Stein

    We must support Disney Corporation and it’s Woke, Liberal ‘Grooming Gangs.”

  26. Kathy

    They don’t have enough cast members to maintain rides, cleaning, food and everything thing else. THAT’S the problem. It’s got nothing to do with woke culture or democrats or republicans. How silly.
    It’s all about $$$$.
    I’ve been going ito Disneyland Anaheim since I was literally in a baby buggy. It’s just lost that special magic.
    I don’t mind the reservations, I think that may help cut down on the number of locals flooding the parks all the time. However, the focus of money has just ruined everything. So sad. I will not spending my money there for a long time. 😢

  27. Truth

    If your idea of a vacation is visiting Disney, you need to think again. There are so many better places at lower costs.

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