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  1. Ben

    It’s a strange choice to make at a time when Disney is being criticized for being too politically motivated. She seems wildly partisan for a corporation that is trying to appeal to everyone. I guess they’re leaning into the criticism to defuse it?

  2. Beverly Warren

    You cannot serve God and Satan at the same time Walt would roll over in his grave if he knew Disney Land/World took God out of his parks Seeing gays make out in parks is not good for small children to see and Christian people definitely don’t want to see it either

  3. Greg Van Curen

    Another reason not to trust Disney with our children. They are devil worshipping company and needs to be boycotted.

  4. Carmen Rodriguez

    Disney is not what it used to be. Thank you to Governor DeSantis for passing the new bill save our children and parents rights. Boycott Disney and all their products I already cancel all Disney products

  5. Jasmine

    No not sketchy at all , seems very odd they’d appoint a former White House employee to run global communications

  6. Beverly

    Has Disney gone completely off the rails? With all the recent revelations about DISNEY and their “woke” leftist agenda and arrests they must want to go out of business hiring someone who was the head of propaganda and misinformation durin Covid for BIDEN. GOOD BYE MICKEY 😭. GOOD BYE DISNEY.

  7. PJ

    Walt Disney is probably rolling over in his grave!! What a disgrace! It’s not a place for family any more!
    Sex is not a subject for children period!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tom

    Bad move, another woke anti-capitalist with a Biden seal of approval. Every stinking day I want to dump my Disney stock because this company’s direction is straight downhill.

  9. Mickeymouse3

    Kristina Schake is going to attempt to put a big spin on the heat Disney is getting.
    Between Susan Arnold (Disney’s board president and openly gay), Disney’s President of General Entertainment Content, Karey Burke stating Disney would make 50% of their future characters transgender/gay and now Kristina Schake who sits on the board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights, a nonprofit fighting for gay marriage in California. Disney will further promote more of what most Americans do not want from Disney.

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