Comments for Disney Places Same Restrictions On New Collectibles Despite Figment Popcorn Bucket Disaster

Disney popcorn buckets


  1. Dr Yensid

    My guess is they will have to be mobile ordered and in the process the buyer will have to agree to not resell the product. Then once they go up on eBay or other websites, Disney will somehow have the listing removed and go after the seller.

    1. Puckles

      Hitler lover?

      1. EricJ

        No, other sellers.

  2. Chris

    Mobile order would be a great idea and limit it truly to.two.per person, not 2 per person per day.

  3. Erjen

    I don’t care about the bucket, but can we get ONE nighttime parade at WDW??? CA gets 2???

  4. CD

    I don’t see the resellers not getting these. They are Passholders and will go just to get whatever it is. They also have friends that don’t want them to go and buy them also. It should be 2 per family not per person. They have their kids buy them too, which is why you will see more than 2 in a family group. The only other thing is if they flood the market. Meaning they need to make millions vs hundred thousands. Pin trading sucks because of the companies being allowed to make knock offs… The resellers and the people purchasing the fake pins and reselling them made it harder for those who just wanted to collect actual Disney pins.

    1. Kate

      Two per family is fair when you have a small family. But there are families out there with 4, 5, or more kids plus parents. If they limit say a particular shirt to 2 per family…which kids get the special shirt?
      Limits are there for a good reason but maybe they could track it by ticket or annual pass. That way each ticketed person would be allowed one. Once you’ve been to the park and made your purchase, it’s on your purchase history and then you can’t buy that item again – unless you buy a completely new ticket for each day which would get expensive and maybe deter some of these resellers.
      There are still going to be some who have a legitimate need and get excluded (for young kids who don’t have tickets maybe), but at least it would prevent some of the merchandise grabs that have been going on.

  5. Anon2

    Please, please, *please* learn some basic writing skills. “Despite” doesn’t mean what you think it means — “Disney Places Same Restrictions On New Collectibles *Because Of* Figment Popcorn Bucket Disaster” — the opposite of “Despite.” Also, your use of “absolute” and “absolutely” in the same sentence is laughable.

  6. Bryan

    They should honestly make it one per person, or like how someone else said 2 per person.

    Even then I barely even care what Disney does at this point.

    1. DLand

      Your ending sentence says it all Bryan. Those have become my same feelings unfortunately 😞😞😞

  7. DLand

    I would Love to get one of each, but I can’t even afford a Disneyland ticket to get in any more. My family and I were Annual Passholders three days before they closed Disneyland down because of the pandemic. Can’t afford the massive amount upgrade. I have a family of 7, but only 4 of us had the Passes. Unfortunately not anymore 😭😭😭😭

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