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Magic Kingdom crowds on happily ever after finale night

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  1. Sam

    That’s really sad but park reservations have been a thing for a while now, it’s nothing new. That’s really unfortunate but they are probably better off postponing their trip or just going to the few parks that have availability, even if that includes non-Disney parks in Orlando. They can keep checking every day but it’s a gamble and the closer they get to their vacation dates, the harder it will be to cancel things.

    1. Robin

      It is really sad, and it can be hard to keep track of everything when making plans. There is an easy fix, either get rid of the reservation system entirely, or don’t allow completion of the booking until park reservations are confirmed.

      1. Rusty

        The system is faulty. If just one of you appears (in a party of say 3-4) and you have a reservation, they get a plaid CM to check a tablet and let you all in.
        How I know?
        I thought I booked Epcot. I woke up and it showed me The magic kingdom.
        We showed up and the finger machine made weird noises.
        The CM checked me, confirmed Epcot and when I showed her my app and the MK for today, she let the 3 of us in. 🤷🏼‍♀️
        What a mess. Still can’t figure out why my app defaults to the MK.

        1. Sherri

          DISNEY NEEDS TO GET RID OF RESERVATION SYSTEM AS IT IS BROKEN AND TOTALLY SCREWS INCREDIPASS HOLDERS WHO BOUGHT ANNUAL PASS FOR ANY TIME USE. Its greatly reduced our trips because there are never any reservations available for pass holders.

          1. Kanan

            By design, it seems. Universal is doing fine with no reservation system.

          2. Christine

            I’ve had to use the reservation system 3times for recent vacations and haven’t had a single problem yet. I guess I’m not understanding how people are finding this so difficult to use.

        2. Disney doesn’t need to worry about park capacity anymore!! This silly reservation thing needs to end!!! You buy a ticket you should get to go in no matter what!!!!

        3. Randall

          We just returned yesterday and somebody told me, from WDW, that guest services at Disney springs does handle these cases on a case by case basis.

      2. Dee

        Where is the Disney Magic? If Walt Disney were alive he would fix it.

        1. Linda Horst

          Disneyland was greAt in 2019, I took my grandkids every year not now! Walt Disney would hate what has happened in his beloved park ‘

        2. Me

          I’m surprised just how many people still go and support Disney by buying trips there when The CEO is a joke, they are rude to guests, throwing some out of the park. They hire and have working for them sex traffickers, yes employees of Disney have been arrested for that, and these people are taking their kids around them. Plan your vacation in a safer place.

      3. Jamie

        The only issue with that is if your buying military passes. You cannot purchase those through Disney, they are a completely separate thing and they the ticket office for the military passes, mails them to you, they will not give you your tickets numbers via email or over the phone. Gicen that, people have to have the ability to go in at a later date to make reservations.

        1. O

          I just buy mine through GOVX. Then I print them out….

      4. Bobby

        We just went with a large group of people 12 and we made reservations together so everyone was on the same page. It’s pretty explanatory

    2. This plan stinks! Disney should contol how many tickeys it sells instead of expecting the consumer to do their work! If it takes a computer update get busy Disney we pay enough for you to have the best systems iin town. Wuit being lazy.

      1. Nick

        You all are crazy. I love the reservations. The parks aren’t as busy and it’s more enjoyable to be there with reduced capacity. We bought season passes this year just because it’s on reduced capacity. It’s not that hard to buy a ticket and pick a day. I am shocked that anyone buying a ticket today isn’t aware of the need for a reservation, it’s in bold writing everywhere on their site. I hope they never get rid of the reservations, I’d rather not go than just show up on a day that is at max capacity and spend the entire day in line. Just like I don’t stand in line for 2 hrs at a restaurant, I make a reservation weeks in advance.

        1. J

          You couldn’t have just bought “season passes” this year. They aren’t for sale

          1. Alison

            Yes, actually they are for Florida residents. It’s a weekday pass because I bought it this year as well.

          2. Raven Goode

            You’re all spoiled whiney children. Get over yourselves. You people batching about reservations are the reasons why the parks are so packed. Entitlement is strong here.

          3. LauRa m

            Lol u have no idea!!! “Batching reservations” lol i can have 3 at a time. So batching right lmbo!

        2. Ben

          But what your missing is the confined windows people may have to travel in relation to “reservations”And from the stories I have heard, capacity is still over stuffed at the parks.

          1. Bruce

            It was fine way it was before.
            Pay ticket go in,ride the rides. If you didn’t want to wait in line u paid for fast pass.
            Nowadays they trying to cater to all the whiners and entilited aholes.

        3. TraderSam

          Interesting, I find the parks to be packed.

        4. Christine

          I’m with you. I have had zero problems with the reservation system.

    3. Jeffery

      I had the best time going to Disney Jan 2021. No wait at all for lines. The longest we waited was 3 minutes. Got to do every ride we wanted 3 time. Animal kingdom 10 times on safari ride

    4. Dan

      When you buy tickets for the park you have to tell Disney the dates so why do you need additional reservations dosen’t doesn’t make sense

  2. It’s called greed. WDW knows people will have to purchase the more expensive park hopper ID their 1st park choice is booked, plus if they purchases a standard ticket it expires 14 days from 1st day use this may force you to add no expiration in order nor to lose days if u can’t get reservations for all the ticket days while there.

    1. Mario

      Reduced capacity is greedy? Makes no sense

      1. KK

        They literally just explained it…

      2. Bob

        There is a reason they will not say what capacity is. They probably increased capacity so they could say reduced captivity. It’s all word play and manipulation of numbers to make it sound like they are not responsible. It’s a money grab. Ok Zbib is trying to get another big bonus before he is fired.

    2. Bill

      The days of just enjoying the parks have ended. Corporate greed wants to have guests that are robots, to be directed by the computer to the most profitable locations.

  3. Chris Kinney

    Simply have the website force park pass registration like Disneyland does. Problem solved!

  4. Zara

    The first thing you do is check availability before booking any holiday to Disney, use your common sense

  5. Joe

    Go to Universal! Problem solved and you’ll have a better time!

    1. Katie

      Yea simulation rides that you can pretty kuch get the experience watching the ride at home is totally worth the ticket price for universal….. barf. Universal need to step it up and give the studio side a much needed rework before I purchase any tickets from them.

  6. Kelli

    That is very unfortunate for that family. I took my daughters and granddaughter for a week in March 2022. I shudder the thought that they are not back to full capacity because we were elbow to elbow people. I personally think they have always been back to full capacity but do not want to release their “numbers” because Disney follows a completely different set of rules than the rest of us.
    You definitely need someone to help you book and guide you through the “New Disney” booking. There were pros & cons on the new system. However we did have a wonderful time and Disney transportation system is top notch.

  7. I second the Universal idea! No park reservation or dining reservations needed! Loads of fun and much easier to navigate. This, coming from a DVC member whose family has been going to Disney for 16 years. My family refuses to play the Disney game. It’s that simple!

    1. The parks seem more crowded than ever. Except for holiday weekends. Prices are up, line lengths are up. We are going to take a break from Disney until they get their stuff back together.

    2. Jack in Burbank

      Forget Florida. Come to California. Forget Disney. Repeat after me “Knott’s Berry Farm.”

      1. neil

        I would rather go to Florida than California and I don’t want to go to Disney – so I will stay home here in Texas and avoid the woke.

        1. Sounds great!

          Perfect! Please stay in Texas. We don’t want your kind here in our beautiful state.

          1. Joe

            More like crappy bum/trash infested state!…..

  8. I have not been to WDW in years. For reasons beyond my control. But, from what I have been reading WDW is having people make reservations at a park so it doesn’t over crowd it. Still with covid-omni-crom ( whatever they are calling it now) I rather like the new system. Of course just going wherever I felt like going was the best. But, for whatever reason. Times are changing. I never liked being packed in like sardines. So, when I do make my own arraignments ( never used an agency) I will make my park picks in advance. You are able to do this. I love WDW! No kids, Hubby and myself hand in hand. Plus, I appreciate people watching. That’s why we stay 10 days at a time. Good luck to everyone!

    1. Heather Weber

      Trish they are packed in like sardines even with the reservation system in place. Been going to disney for 40 yrs and never had crowds this bad in my life. Lines are long for everything and most guests are stressed, frustrated and rude.

    2. Beth

      Just got back from wdw. It was so crowded the good rides had a 3 to 4 hour wait. We tried to buy the extra charge fast pass since the ride isn’t in the regular genie+ system. At 7:03am all of the extra passes were also sold out. Their new system isn’t working. It’s overcrowded and you can only do a few rides in a whole day and a majority of your vacation is spent in line. Also, the person who has everyone’s tickets on their phone to make genie+ reservations spends their whole day stressed out with their nose in their phone. We spent a lot of money to travel 2500 miles and be frustrated.

  9. Dave Hebler

    First we know how people are now in wdw with all the rude entitled people who “woke” up and now try to ruin everyone else’s experience? We read about it every day. Also I’m glad I’ve been to wdw because with all the greed that Disney is showing with this new system we’ll never go back.

    1. Allison

      We will never go back either! Glad we went when there was still some magic left.

  10. Greg

    I wonder how Walt Disney would feel about this???Disney eas meant for all people (poor and rich) to enjoy…now it seems they only want to cater to the rich!…All they see and are concernedcabout is $$$$$….shame on you Disney…Bring back Walt’s Disney…the disney i grew up with………☹

    1. Linda Horst

      Do agree? I loved Disney when there were no reservations, now it is like everyone has to follow ridiculous new rules! Pay more, less hours, and can ‘t move around parks spontaneously! Not magical by any means’
      I used to go every year, not now, price gouging is unacceptable! Shame on you Disney CEO snd other bandits’

  11. Use2bademocRat

    Y go to the disney, democrat, groomer parks why? C’mon man. Disney can pound sand. Let’s Go Brandon.

    1. TrumpU Grad

      Aren’t you busy invading the Ukraine?

    2. Big Rick

      Your mom can pound sand

  12. Stacey

    The whole reservation system and genie plus is ridiculous and a total piece of junk.

    1. Bob

      Increased capacity and an add an extra $15/person for genie + on top of an admission price increase. MONEY GRAB. Don’t be fooled.

  13. TacoCat

    You must be living under a rock to not know reservations are required. Not very smart to not reserve your day.

  14. Bill

    No sympathy at all for this moron. Hope they end up with zero tickets.

  15. What happens if you don’t have a computer… never been there and by the time you get there you can’t get in. Sounds like a major problem!!!

    1. Dawn

      Then you don’t go…. it’s all online.

  16. Steven Zettlemoyer

    I will never take my family to that overpriced “woke infested” dump they call Disney. People save up for years to go there only to find out that their new system now requires reservations when purchasing tickets. What an absolute disaster Disney has created due to their corporate greed.

  17. Mike

    Why is it that this site has become so Anti Disney?

    Is it run by DeSantis?

    Disney is not perfect, never has been. But, over the last few months this site has seem to have shifted to only negative POSTS.

    1. TraderSam

      Look at Disney’s stock price – they aren’t doing anything right – makes it hard to be positive.

  18. Mike

    Why is it that this site has become so Anti Disney?
    Better now the site is now stopping comments that are showing the bias of the site

    Disney is not perfect, never has been. But, over the last few months this site has seem to have shifted to only negative POSTS.

  19. Marie

    I thought it was pretty easy to book my trip using the app. I did research ahead of time, learned they were doing it by reservation only, and booked base on if they had availability that day. I like that they aren’t at full compacity. Its still a hefty amount of people but still less people around is much better than more people. Disney does operate by their own rules thats true but they’ve also been transparent about it and every site booking tickets are really direct about stipulations to visit.

    1. Been there Done That

      Yes, you have to “choose your park” on the My Disney Experience app at 7 am ( if you’re staying on Disney property) the day of going. If not on Disney property, you can only choose it when the park opens. If you have a park hopper, you only have to choose your first park of the day, then park hop to whichever other parks you want.

    2. If they were transparent they would tell you what park capacity is. I’ve never seen crowds like this excerpt holidays. Could it be a scam? Long lines, increased prices, overwhelmed cast members, frustrated and angry guests. Obviously the bottom line isn’t guest experience. A new CEO and board members are needed to fix the problem.

  20. Carol

    Last summer, we stayed at the Yacht Club. I had major surgery a few months before and needed lots of naps. I skipped going to my reservation (Magic Kingdom) because I needed to rest. (I have a paralyzed diaphragm.) When it came time for my dinner reservation in Epcot, I was stopped because I hadn’t first checked in at the Magic Kingdom. After 5 minutes of authorities discussing my issue, they let me in.
    Thankful but frustrating.

  21. Sharon sofka

    Im in aww, why the heck wouldn’t the resort your staying, not offer park reservations. People are that clueless, to think people, especially with kids would not want to go to the parks… Makes no sense! I get the reservations etc smart for not being at capacity. But why wouldn’t someone say hey, you do know if your staying at our resort, you still have to make reservations. Last time i was there, near by hotels had tickets, but your saying, even though you buy tickets, you have to call & make reservations ?

  22. Kirk

    This park reservations is an absolute joke!!! The purpose behind this was to regulate crowd capacity….and yet the crowds are the worst I’ve ever seen!!! What capacity!!?? What regulations!!???

    1. Lei

      So true I was just there as well and it was crowded as heck. I just figured they were booking up to normal capacity and did not want to over book. Lines we’re 2 hours long each ride. Universal was more enjoyable but Disney is my ❤️

  23. Lei

    I was there April 10-18 did not realize they were still doing reservations at whatever capacity they have and was only able to get into 3 parks but that was with 1 of those parks as a park hopper. I checked reservations every 30 min and that was how I got my tickets. I suggest if Epot opens buy that one then a park hopper and go to Magic Kingdom. Epcot was the one that would open up almost everyday and you can get through that park and be done by 3pm if you start first thing it opens. Almost everyday around Florida time 10am-12noon is when parks opened up on the reservations app but you have to be fast to book it. I got a ticket at 9:30pm as well. I’m starting ahead of time now and hope to go back in October when it is supposedly slower and cooler.

  24. PJ

    The system implemented is terrible. Yearly pass holders can reserve every day all year, and some do. This allows the ability of locals what like to walk the park each morning the ability to do so. The reservation is for the whole day even f they are there 30 minutes. Park hopping after 2 only demonstrates the flaw in crowd size control and an unknown capacity limit. Military families lose out. They often do not have the luxury to plan trips to Disney weeks or months in advance, and ticket purchases for military personnel are non refundable. Making reservations at a Disney Resort offers no flexibility for access either. We were in Orlando last week for work (with military status) and wanted to bring the family for a trip to WDW. I went to purchase my tickets, and the agent asked if I reserved the park yet. However you need verified tickets to reserve a park. Each park has it’s own unknown capacity limit. We wanted Hollywood Studios. We checked….booked…all the perks were booked. I called the Resort and they said I could buy tix and check for cancellation each day and hope to get in. So I was to purchase 5 Tix for a park not available and hope someone actually updates with a cancellation? We went to Universal, Sea World, and Kennedy Space Center and had a great time. I will be moving 90% of my stock shares out of Disney. This is not sustainable for guests, families, employees, or investors.
    This is the new ‘Magic of Disney’

  25. sjewels

    I have owned a Disney time share for nearly 15 yrs.But I am soooo disgusted with their new money grubbing tactics ! They are no longer the happiest place in the world.Not only are there park reservations ,but my dues were over 1800 dollars this yr.& you can only borrow HALF your pts from the following yr.Next purchace wont be a Disney time share.To crowed,to expensive & no longer fun !

  26. Kj

    They are a disgusting company that want to groom your children. Why would you ever support such an evil and pro pedophile organization

    1. KC

      You are a moron

  27. Gman

    Universal still loves you.

  28. Debbie

    Not the “Happiest Place on Earth” anymore! I myself will never return. I will hold onto the memories I have from my youth as to when it was magical. I grew up in S. Calif in the early 60’s. Disney was great then. Not now.

  29. KC

    So it seems the point of this piece is: Don’t try to plan your vacation yourself. Get a travel agent.

  30. Kathy

    As soon as we booked our next vacation for 2022 back in 2021 we booked our park reservations immediately.

  31. Dale

    This is why if you’re booking a full on Disney vacation. Do it through a CERTIFIED Disney travel agent. They will handle the room, reservation, food, transportation everything for you all you need to do is provide the days and payment. I recently got back from Disney with my family and we had next to no hiccups. Only thing missing was our charcuterie board for our room (their refrigerator malfunctioned) but yes reservations are key EVERYWHERE. the rooms, parks, restaurants, even the rides with the genie+ and or Das pass

  32. Michele Przybylak

    I just went to disney for the first time In my 51 years of life and it will be my last time. The fact that you have to basically schedule every move you make is not a vacation. The genie plus is a joke. I will go back to universal in a heartbeat. Disney is a joke.

  33. Luis

    Instead of a park pass system why not just limit the number of tickets sold? It does the same thing without stressing people out about getting a park reservation.

  34. Mary

    If you have a hopper pass and you can hop after 2:00 pm to any park does the system know if you actually had a reservation to another park and attended that park prior to 2 pm? I was there in February/March time frame and although Disney keeps saying they aren’t operating at full capacity I find it hard to believe. By the afternoon you can hardly move there were so many people.

  35. Victoria

    That’s so upsetting, but at the same time… if I was planning a full family trip where I’m spendong a good amount of money, I would try to be as prepared as possible. I feel like Disney does a great job reminding everyone about reserving spots, and I’m sure there’s also a reminder when you’re buying a ticket?

    1. Victoria


  36. Chris

    How about Disney go back to first come first serve and full capacity and NO MASKS just like other parks in the Orlando Fl area. Me and my wife went on a cruise with friends from California and they so wanted to go to Disney World since they’ve only been to Disney Land, unfortunately due to Disney’s stupid makes no sense stance on the plandemic we couldn’t get in!!! But we gladly spent all our money and enjoyed freedom from masks at Sea World!!! Your loss stupid leftist owned and operated Disney!!! May you go under someday and get bought out just like Twitter did!!!

  37. April

    We were just at MK on April 5 and it was so extremely packed it was so disappointing. We had decided to take our grandchildren who are 5 and 3 there only for a day as MK just has so much more to offer little ones vs some of the other parks. We sprung for the Disney Genie plus passes to help get to see as much as possible. We were there from 9am to 1015pm and were only able to do 8 rides/shows in that whole amount of time! Its crazy they are doing reservations to control capacity supposedly and I just did not see that at all!!! It’s crazy the amount of money people are spending to get in there and missing so much! A lot of people can’t afford to stay at Disney or have other things they are also trying to fit in on their vacation. If they are going to require these reservations they really should be doing capacity control! In this situation of someone needing in and not getting in I feel terrible for them and I would definitely suggest park hopping if possible because you may find if you do get in you won’t be able to see much. Which is also extremely disappointing for kids. There were things with 100 minute waits. Or things we could not use the pass for because it gave us reservations for 3 to 4 hours later. If thats the case you put in your res and you can not use it until that 3 to 4 hour window again and when almost everything is at the very least an hour wait its nuts! My 13 year old daughter and my husband chose to ride Space Mountain when the 9pm special fire works show was going to be going on while I took the little ones to see it and it still took the an hour and a half to get on. This has happened to us the last two times we have went to Disney this trip as well as 6 years ago when we took our now 13 year old. We stayed at Disney 3 days that trip and all 3 days were jam packed at every park. We went to Legoland this trip for 2 days as well and it was so awesome! First time we went there and I was so impressed. Not sure if you can change your plans around but it is definitely a great place if possible. Its huge and not so incredibly packed. Good luck!

    1. Beth

      They are at 100% capacity , March and April are some of the busiest months because of Spring Break.

  38. Katie

    To everyone complaining about the park reservation, it takes you RIGHT to the screen to book the parks you want to go to RIGHT AFTER purchasing the tickets…. it’s really not that big of a deal. You can see what days/ parks are super busy or totally open and it works great if your trying to plan a vacation that you can get the most of. Disney has always been a plan ahead trip to make sure you are not blowing money and having fun. Does no one remember the fast pass reservations? 🤔 even though you paid for the day, you still have to make that “extra effort ” to book your fast passes in hopes to ride a super busy ride without the insane wait. Granted, you are able to get inside the park whether you have fast passes set up or not but the point of the argument is that it’s all planning. Poor planning on someone’s part is unfortunate but not a cooperate move to take your money….. it’s FREE to book the days. Please get over yourselves and make sure you read CAREFULLY the website of ANY place you go to. People need to pay more attention to what they are signing up/buying tickets for before they complain the systems rigged cause you look silly.

    Also, everyone talking about to go to universal, they are TRASH on the studio side of things. Seriously ALL simulation rides and I still have to pay a huge premium when I can pretty much enjoy the ride just watching it from home for free. Minions? Simulation ride that’s shakes you in front of a screen. Jimmy Fallon? Simulation rides that shakes you infrastructure of a screen. Simpsons? Simulation ride that shakes you in front of a screen. Fast and furious (🤮)? Simulation ride that’s shakes you in front of a screen. See the problem here? That’s 4 rides I picked up that’s are essentially the same side just slightly different and makes the pricing/visit NOT WORTH IT. Now you want to argue about the Islands side, that’s a fun time since there is more enjoyable rides that makes it worth that day ticket.

    Seriously, people complaining can solve their problems by reading. If not CALL and they will tell you everything you need/want to know. If calling is to long, they also have live chats, there is no excuses to get the information you need.

  39. Beth

    Park reservations have been a thing for 2 years now..
    There’s no excuse for not knowing about reservations.

  40. Mat

    My family was lucky enough to get passholder preview tickets for the new guardians of the galaxy ride only to find out we could not get reservations for epcot. We have been passholders for 10 years and sadly this will be our last year. Disney is all about the money and doesn’t seem to care at all about the guests anymore.

  41. McKenzie

    As much as it sucks, I have no sympathy. There a banners ALL OVER the site when you purchase to remind you to make reservations and that the tickets don’t serve as that. Yet another example of people not reading and trying to play victim.

  42. Pamela Dixon

    I really though reservations were guaranteed with a vacation package. I didn’t see article but I’d never book a vacation unless I knew I could get in.i also think at this point reservations are not necessary. They didn’t use them before.

  43. me

    That is nothing new. When we went in 2020, it was made very clear on all of the reservation information that park reservations were separate and required. Sorry but next time pay more attention.

  44. Manda Vee

    I’m glad I was able to make a reservation. It helps make it fair for those who can’t afford an annual pass. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t go to Disney. But I bought my tickets and made reservations all at once on checkout online at least 3 months prior.

  45. Dianne

    We have Dream Keys! No black out dates!😂🤣we are trying to get a Sunday in May and the reservation system shows every weekend gone and we pay $1400 a year for our passes. I’m said the family is upset , but Disney care about us!

  46. Yanet

    I get that you need park reservations but the system is set up for failure. How is it that a guest can buy passes and not be able to go to the park of purchased admission because reservationsare not available?? One can’t make a reservation without a ticket but can purchase a ticket without a guaranteed reservation. They should be one in the same. If reservations aren’t available, then one shouldn’t be able to buy a ticket. Disney needs to do better. The only ones left with serious disappointments are the kids 🙁

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