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Disney Merch Fail

Credit: @didneyvoiceguy


  1. Deb

    Maybe it’s meant to have a “space” coz it’s space mountain 🤷

    1. Rob

      The exhaust for the rocket was supposed to form the C. Someone screwed up and moved the rocket so it would be centered.

      1. Leuk

        I wish you were correct, but I cannot find any reference image to prove your theory is correct. Every image I find is the exhaust going completely around the words. Thinking it is just another mistake to add to the other “lack of quality” issues that keep presenting themselves.

  2. Susan

    I bought that bag and the ‘C’ is correct on mine and it has the same font, color and type (printed vs embroidery).

  3. Not a low IQ chimp

    Even the queer guy recording the TikTok sounds faggoty. Must be contagious at that sodomite place.

    1. Nelly

      What a ridiculously incompetent person you sound like. Homophobia is not a good luck, hun.

  4. Cora

    I just came back from Disney world and I got a sweatshirt that has Disney world on both sleeves. None of the other sweatshirts we bought have it on both sleeves, it’s unique

  5. ROMY

    Disney needs to dump Loungefly. Merchandise has gone down in quality, and skyrocketed in price. The old (pre-2020 Disney) would have pulled them all and sent them to Property Control.

  6. Rya

    Bob Paycheck hopes it sells anyway. He won’t lose profits by taking merch off the shelf. He hopes some foolish person buys it. Fire Bob Paycheck.

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