Comments for Disney to Make Changes to Beloved Country Bear Jamboree

Big Al Country bear Jamboree

Credit: Disney Parks


  1. Woke maniacs will probably cut out Big Al’s “Blood on the Saddle.”

    1. Christopher Shaw

      Things at Disney world is going to change it so much so fast that you will not even recognize it as the same Disney world that you remembered as a kid all the nostalgia will be gone!

      1. Phil

        Who can really afford to take their kids/ grand kids to Disney? Tickets alone are impossible,and and unless you can have the kids off season.They are going to wait for hours to get on one ride. The food is terrible and super expensive. No place to picnic or even to rest. When I took kids in 1979 it was a pleasure. Now maybe I’ll take them to the Magic Kingdom,in November,and make the best of it for them. I think ole Walt is spinning in his grave,well most of him.

        1. DALLAS

          The Food is AMAZING & AWESOME!!!

          1. Thomas

            Exactly. If you don’t like it, don’t go, means one less person in the line so might get to fit more in.

          2. Frank


          3. Ron

            Typing in all caps makes you look like a lunatic… calm down.

        2. FunAtDisney

          I didn’t realize this article was about the prices at Disney World. Did I miss that part?

          But either way, we will be enjoying our upcoming vacation in June, staying at a Deluxe resort, a full week of park-hopper tickets and enjoying the AMAZING food at Epcot Flower and Garden festival, Sanaa over at Animal Kingdom Lodge and so much more.
          Glad to know you won’t be there!

        3. Actual Floridian

          They need to get rid of it all together. It’s so dated and crass.

          1. Chris


          2. Amilia Chase

            Why touch the country bear jamboree, this is an icon and one of the reasons I go to Disney world. I am not into roller coasters, so I enjoy the country bear exhibit. Why are they intent on changing things that are not broken?
            Leave this ALONE.

        4. F

          @ Phil, totally agreed. Take your kids to any other park in Florida. Save the money and the food poisoning.

      2. Elaine Chambers

        Please leave it alone. It is something I shared with my daughter on her first trip to Disney. I would like to share Country Bears with my grandchildren. I am a southern but everyone seems to enjoy them. Leave something without controverse.

        1. Robbie


      3. Nancy

        I think they should leave Country Bears as it is. Walt Disney was a great man and visionary. It has been one of my favorite attractions to take my kids and now grandkids to.

      4. Dave

        I saw Disneyland twice in the 60s and Epcot in Florida in 1986. I was fortunate. lll never go to either one again.

      5. Thresa Roach

        Why must all the fun,quirky, old rides, show and everything be taken away. As it’s going we are just left with distant memories, some things need a face-lift or sprucing up but why? There will be to many memories of what has lost that to have those flash back moments. Wake up people stop destroying everything you don’t have to ruin it for others!

    2. Rogue

      I will never take my family and friends again! Disney has become so out of touch with American views and values! It’s Wokness is beyond reason and my family doesn’t need their input! Your movie’s even Suck!

      1. Frank

        TOTALLY AGREE !!

      2. Manny

        American views and values? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Maybe you can clarify.

        Yet considering you are grinding the WOKE axe which is code switch for uppity or this people who have fought for a seat at the table and refuse to turn back the clock.

      3. Daniel

        Good. Shorter lines for the rest of us.

      4. Melanie

        What is “wokness”? Does it have anything to do with how they cook noodles? I thought we were talking about Country Bears.

      5. Deb

        You’re so right! Did you see all the Disney employees arrested for human trafficking and sexual abuse? They need to stay out of politics. leave decisions up to parents and quit trying to groom the children!

      6. Vince

        It’s easy to tell when people like to make crap up to make certain people in general look bad. Those “employees” you’re talking about, are a small part of a state wide sting operation targeting human trafficking- aka, prostitutes. The 4 out of 108 that happened to work at the Disney company (including positions not even physically in park) were all straight, some married men soliciting prostitutes while not at work. Soo there’s a higher chance that the straight, married men you apparently trust so much are more likely to have been the ones arrested in the sting operation.. as in, your husband. So, keep being a dramatic Karen trying to make crap up since you wanna try so hard to make this a COMPLETELY different thing. When hateful bigots start LYING about stuff like this, it only makes YOU look worse.

      7. F

        @Rogue couldn’t agree more. Let the leftists take it over. Pedo World, cum feel their “magic”…
        Sick people.

        Not worth time, money, aggravation, or the food poisoning

    3. Rebel

      Wow, Disney will probably once again ruin another classic. I’m sure they’ll make Big AL into some kind of trans/ gay Big Alice with a rainbow outfit. Disney has seen the last of my money while they cater to a depraved minority.

      1. Kathy

        I doubt that mid America will choose to spend thousands of dollars on a predominantly “ gay/ queer “ theme park.

        1. Frank


        2. Jim Wagner

          So go someplace else.

        3. Ugh

          Kathy, then put your money where your MOUTH is and get the f*ck outta here BIOTCH

    4. Jaxx

      No doubt they are going to make it less “racist” and more “woke”…..another reason to stop giving Disney any money! The company needs to keep things as Walt designed – if the “woke” morons don’t want to visit because of it, then GOOD!

      1. Paul

        Actual Christian hillbilly trash.

        1. F

          @Paul you sound like another leftist groomer.

    5. Jim Wagner

      Hate isn’t welcome at Disney. Go someplace else.

    6. Paul

      Anyone who still uses the word woke is factually an unintelligent Republican hillbilly snowflake.

      1. Vince


    7. Li

      I hope not….that is my favorite!

    8. Joe Salamon

      If it is going to be their same PC WOKE junk they will just irritate the majority of visitors.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    They remove the bears and they remove one of my main reasons for ever going to Florida.

    Will they just leave them alone!!!

    1. Catherine L Sweet

      II agree!

  3. Aar77

    Leave it alone. Wokeness defined!!!!

  4. CJA

    They’ve already taken out ‘When I Was Single’ and ‘Tears Will be Your Chaser’, so I hope they leave Big Al alone. On the other hand, I’m not jumping on the woke bandwagon – those animatronics need some sprucing up stat!

    1. Current Disney CEO killing the disney experience, Nickel and dimeing everyone to death. How long before a trip to Disney becomes a bucket list item rather than a vacation ?

      1. Jennifer

        Don’t mess with Big Al!

        1. PC

          Bring back the Country Bear Jamboree to Disneyland in California

        2. Peter

          I think they will put a pink dress on Big Al and have him singing “Tip toe through the tulips”. The female bear on the swing will probably have testicals now.

          1. Frank


          2. Bob

            Peter, did your momma drop you when you were a baby? Or are you just normally that much of a miserable tard?

      2. Joyce orris

        So sad that Disney has become “woke”. Walt would be sick. Glad that my children and grandchildren got to enjoy the park and the Disney movies before this nonsense took over. The family values are gone. Don’t waste your money taking your family. Stay home, make popcorn and watch an old “real” Disney movie!!!°

        1. John De

          It’s not surprising…. when the majority of Disney’s cast members, management and guests are members of the LGBQT+. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but what would you expect them to less than WOKE.

        2. Bob

          The fact that you are THIS miserable by something you imagined in your head means maybe you’ve had enough time on this Earth. Maybe it’s time for you to “move on”.

        3. S1

          Well after I seize Disney in a hostile takeover I will make it great again by bringing back the “What Would Walt Do?” mentality including a no-hire policy against anyone woke, firing everyone woke and ratting them out as communist spies like Walt did during the Red Scare. I’m also planning to write a book like James B. Stewart’s Disney War about Chapek filled with slanderous attacks against him and his whole family too.

          1. Bon

            S1, you amuse me. Good job. 👍

            1. S1

              You won’t be amused when I take over Disney and ban you from Disney property for that comment and your descendants just for being related to you.

    2. Cindy

      Please leave them alone. They are one of the reasons I travel to Disney World. Takes me back to childhood.

    3. Phoebe L Ho

      When did they take out Trixie’s song?

      Maybe she was down and the other bears performed. I saw that happen at D-land a long time ago.


  6. Frank Rizzo

    They’ll probably go to a gay trans parade animatronic , with antifa looting buildings.

    1. Mel

      You are too funny

      1. Tammy

        All I can say is I’m glad we took our family trip with my nieces in 2018 so they got to see everything before all this awoke BS

      2. Donna

        Disney doesn’t care what you all like or don’t they will continue to make millions off of anything this country changes and it doesn’t matter where those changes are made. America is full of pure corruption no matter where you look. Actually, it’s global. We have generations that have gone to Disney but I at at the point that I will not spend another dime on anything Disney. Not to mention the rudeness of the employees and tourists alike.

        1. Anonymous

          Make millions? No. They appear to be losing them quicker than they would think.

    2. Kathy

      Would be funny if it wasn’t true. You’d think that the majority of us were Democrats.

      1. John De

        Or you think the majority of us were members of the LGBQT+, when the reality is only 3% of the country is….

        1. Lance

          You have no idea. We’re ALOT more than 3%, and we’re not GOING ANYWHERE, so stop being so miserable and learn to act like an adult.

          1. F

            @Lance, stop Grooming little kids!

        2. F

          @John Dee, Exactly.

  7. Linda

    While watching the show a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking the set looks tired and worn. I hope they keep the basic premis of the show but spruce it up a bit. And PLEASE, PLEASE, no political correctness or woke or whatever you want to call it.

  8. Alan Shaw

    I should say I am cautiously optimistic, since the actual changes haven’t been revealed. But with everything else going on, I can’t see that it won’t be woke and worse an extra fee that will require advance reservations on an app 2 months in advance. Maybe the bears will even be retooled to wear masks!

  9. Jared

    If you think the sexism in County Bear Jamboree is okay, let’s play WAP by Cardi B.

  10. Quinn Morgan

    To improve inclusivity they will be adding drag Queen bears to the review, and all the bears will announce their pronouns when they are introduced including four bears who will declare themselves transexual.

    1. Ri (They/Them)

      You make it sound like it is a bad thing

      1. Clark

        It’s a very bad thing and a mental health issue, not a theme park attraction.

      2. Mike

        Placing restrictions or requirements on free speech or freedom of thought is a bad thing. All speech has to be protected including speech you don’t like or may find offensive.

    2. Elaine Chambers

      Please leave politics out of this. We are all sharing our memories. Woke this and Woke that. I don’t think anyone said anything about that. If you can’t just share a thought about an innocent exhibit without being nasty then just don’t say anything.

      1. Peter

        Disney executives stuck their nose in politics, making stupid changes to attractions, and couldn’t care less about the middle class family.

        1. Thomas

          People go mad when Disney don’t make a comment about their opinions on political issues, and go mad when they don’t like their response. And bringing class into it? I didn’t realize we were in 1950 again.

  11. Debby

    I am still processing that there is no more “It’s a Small World”. Guess I am showing my age. Been to WDW once in 1974ish.

    1. Marie

      No more Small World?!!!!

    2. Dave

      Really? I had no idea. Beyond sad. I know our generation is being pushed out by this woke garbage heap.

    3. It was still there when we visited in February. L

    4. Jenn

      It’s a small world is still there at WDW and DL. DL will have a projection show on the outside of the building that is Coco themed. It’s for a few weeks only.

  12. Ri (They/Them)

    Yeah, this is the kind of show that needs to be updated to reflect current cultural norms.

    1. Jax

      No, it doesn’t.

    2. Clark

      Maybe ‘they/them’ should open their own park and leave regular people alone?

      1. Peter


      2. Wing


      3. Patti

        It’s changed, not for the better, since they made everything to their movies.

      4. Lance

        We ARE regular people, and if ANY of you SCREECHING KARENS don’t like it, you can ALL go kiss the middle of a busy road you miserable witches

        1. God Has Spoken

          Leviticus 20:13
          ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

          1. Bob

            Lol, you’re gonna rake the ignorant route and quote the Bible? Grow up! Your holier than thou attitudes are no longer taken seriously when you behave WORSE than the people you “think” you’re shunning. Go screech to someone who cares, BIGOTED KAREN!

            1. F

              @Bob, Christians are ignorant? Billions of Christians would disagree. Free Speech, ONLY and IF YOUR latest demonic ideology APPROVES of it? Your “religion” is the most ignorant nonsense ever spewed from the bowels of a human being. Do us a favor GROOMER. STOP GROOMING LITTLE KIDS YOU FREAK.

  13. Elaine Chambers

    Please leave it alone. It is something I shared with my daughter on her first trip to Disney. I would like to share Country Bears with my grandchildren. I am a southern but everyone seems to enjoy them. Leave something without controverse.

  14. Darlene

    Don’t even think about changing Big Al! He’s a classic

  15. Melody Charlton

    17 yearly visits (1991 – 2006) and it was a joyous fun visit for us.
    After what I am hearing and reading it looks like I won’t be taking my grandsons to what was our favorite place.
    Disney current management and board of directors should all be canned with no severance pay. How dare they make these changes so that it’s too expensive for any family ..especially those on a tight budget…to ever come.
    Increased prices, terrible customer service, shows and mascots are no longer family orientated, food service including quality disgusting.

    Disney is now a massive over charged pit of garbage. Too bad

  16. Angela Lane

    I hope they don’t change much. It may not be 4D or virtual reality, but my son is 13 and he still loves it! He also loves the shooting gallery in Frontier Land. Sometimes simple and original is best!

  17. Peter

    Disney executives stuck their nose in politics, making stupid changes to attractions, and couldn’t care less about the middle class family.

    1. Zach, PHD

      Did you miss the Supreme Court decision Citizens United? Corporations are people. Conservatives LOVED that decision, but now it doesn’t apply when you don’t like the result? Come on hypocrite. 😂🤪🙄

    2. M

      Don’t sweat that guy you are absolutely right. Disney has forgotten where they came from and what they’re supposed to be an entertainment company full of Wonder and Imagination. Now it’s degraded to useless activism and useless political ideas. Chapek was supposed to get them out of those ideals and back to a time when Disney was enjoyed by all without the gender pronoun morons and worthless Twitter loving activists. What Disney’s current predicament I don’t see any way he could now

      1. Bob

        What useless political ideas are you talking about, friend??

  18. Jayz

    Who the heck writes all these articles about disney? A computer? They are the same:
    -Several canned paragraph intro about disney ingeneral
    – One paragraph about the topic
    – Several canned paragraphs obout the ride in general “from disney”

    What a waste of time. You could have summed this up in one sentence~‘’Country Bears ride having electrical work done on it’’….. but then no one would have cared or clicked

  19. Zach, PHD

    Here to remind the snowflake conservatives that we live the United States and I love capitalism. If you want a conservative country with a state run church that controls what companies can do that’s Russia. In the USA companies can set their own policy. In the USA a corporation is a person under a conservative Supreme Court ruling Citizens United, they can interact and influence the government. Disney is now interested in courting families that have more money, more education, and are progressive. Why? Because more people are registered Democrats than Republicans. Younger people are more progressive and they’re the ones having the next generation of kids. Now more children are non-white than white. So diversity or as you say “woke” just makes financial sense. So feel free to leave Disney, it will just continue to keep happening. Go visit the Ark in Kentucky or try to make the theme park Jim and Tammy Faye work that they couldn’t finish. I never understood why evangelicals thought Disney was supposed to cater for them anyways. Their movies have never been about religion. They’ve always been about magic, witches, and fairytales. So why are you outraged they don’t meet your expectations for hating lgbt-q people?

    1. S1

      Wow. Everything you just said is completely wrong. Kids are becoming more conservative and becoming clones of their parents. There is no place for progressivism anymore because humanity has gone as far as it can. Also the only guests who matter at Disney are the purists and traditionalists which includes those that were going when Walt himself was around, their descendants, and anyone educated in the way Disney was ran before Eisner even though he did do some great things. When I seize Disney in a hostile takeover and make it great again, I will be catering only to the purists while anyone woke will treated as undesirable and not welcome. I will destroy all traces of Iger and Chapek while bringing back the “What Would Walt Do?” way of thinking. The parks will be treated as private clubs – members only much like the Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters.

      1. MB

        If you really do intend to please make it fast

      2. Riel, Ph.D, Ed.D

        Your fanfiction is so cute, you don’t know how a business works and pretend you do, it’s so adorable.

        1. S1

          It ain’t fanfiction sweetheart, it’s real. I do run a business too, and don’t run it like you think. I run it as a propaganda machine, which is how I will run Disney when I seize 51% of the stock. I won’t be CEO, but outright owner. I will be the Trump that Disney needs and Disney would be better off with Trump himself in charge.

      3. Leonard

        LOL, I could see “S1” was not all there, but I had NO IDEA it was THIS BAD!! Sorry, S1, I didn’t realize you were actually clinically insane. Just remember to take those meds bud. And go to bed… rest is your friend.

        1. S1

          No. YOU are insane and a thought criminal. I’m a military man and outrank you. And when I take over Disney, I’m going to ban your family. Disney will be living off its name and be trapped in the 1960s. I will be training and treating cast members like the military with higher ranking cast members trained like cadets at West Point with Imagineers being trained like the United States Marine Corps. Oorah!

          1. Bob

            HOLY CRAP this guy needs his meds bad!

            1. S1

              No. My job includes gatekeeping the Disney fandom and keeping filth like you out. When I take over Disney, I’ll be destroying everything Cheapek worked for and am planning to write a book filled with slander against him.

    2. F

      @ Zach, your incorrect and completely ignorant diatribe is revealing exactly who and what you are. Your “religion” is never going to accepted. Your socialist ideologies will never be accepted. THIS country was founded on Christian foundation and principles. End of story. 99% of this country as it stands is against your child grooming, your climate BS, your radical socialism, your science denying binary nonsense, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THAN YOU MUST LEAVE. We are done with the entire shame you “people” have brought to this country. Buh bye ignorant fool.

  20. DALLAS

    My family loves the food & the rides.
    I hope & pray the leave the country bears alone!
    I make a point to go see them everytime we go.
    We are pass holders & I would not ever change that.

  21. Linda Patterson

    So much has changed at Disney World. Please don’t change the bears. Our son, who is 52, visited when he was only 1. We lived in Orlando before Disney and visited many times. Change is good but it should be mixed with the old. We have many memories when we visit the old. Please keep it.
    Also, Disney is changing. Walt created a place for the family. Disney is now political, moving away from the family. So disappointed. We are DVC owners but with the political environment, we have no desire to support their political views so consequently, we do not want to visit.

    1. Kevin

      You’re right. A modern evolved society is no longer suitable for hard headed, narrow minded and bigoted older people who still live with the mentality that slavery shouldn’t have been abolished. Don’t you worry, just stay home and crochet your last days away. The world WILL progress without you.

  22. George

    Probably going to make all the bears a bunch of trannys and he/she’s knowing sorry woke Disney!

    1. Bob

      You know, most of the straight men I know have cheated on their wives AT LEAST once, but I LOVE how all you seem to think lgbt people are “immoral” lol. Your miserable ass will also face judgement one day, you twat, and you’re gonna be MIGHTY SURPRISED with that nasty hateful judgemental attitude of yours.

    2. F

      @ george, You know they will. They already used brown haired Hercules as their new herione. Bruno, Encanto, IDK, It’s just gross. It will get worse. There are so many better places to bring your kids and cheaper to. U til Americans cut all strings nothing will stop the destruction.

  23. Matt

    I’m sure that they will remove the “Momma don’t whoop little Buford” song. One of the funniest in the show. Anything to appease the vocal 1%


    Don’t say “FANS” argue for change, it a small group of crybabies asking. Walt would be pissed off if he was still around. There domastic terrorist group have been crying for their way. Disney execs have no back bone. It is not Disney anymore, it is who crys the best. DROP DEAD BOB!!!!!!!

    1. Bob

      You should really complete 1st grade Grammar before spouting your ingorant rants there bud

    2. Bob

      You should really complete 1st grade Grammar before spouting your ignorant rants there bud

  25. Anthony

    personally it might need an update. Maybe smoother animatronics and such. All rides and attractions get updates. some good like pirates others bad like figment.
    Interesting 99% of the negative comments here are by people who have the mindset of “women belong in the kitchen, blacks dont mingle with whites, gay is a mental disease” Yeah they represent anerican values..

    1. Leland Chamness

      No, people are just sick and tired of woke garbage and finally speaking up

      1. Bob

        No Leland, some people are just being dramatic, ignorant SCREECHING KARENS for no reason, you included


    RETHEME/REPLACE the Execs at Disney!

  27. Leland Chamness

    I’m thinking they will target the kids with some sort of LGBT Q and all the other letters with some sort of woke garbage. If Disney we’re alive today he would want his name removed from that place

    1. Bob

      There goes that ignorant SCREECHING KAREN again!!

  28. Thomas

    When I saw the attraction in 2016 it looked tired and vastly in need of a refresh, not because of the content, but because compared to everything else it looked worn down, in need of a freah coat of paint, and some modernisation in it’s technology. My brother and I both said it was the second most painful of all the attractions, after Stitch’s Escape, at Magic Kingdom because of how cheap it looked and felt.

  29. Squid McFeebly

    The technology is old, based on pneumatics and is need of modernization so it needs less maintenance and provides a better experience. Calm down, everyone.

  30. Amy

    Love Country Bear Jamboree. Don’t change a thing.

  31. Randy

    Went to Disney World for my eighth and final time last June. $140 for each ticket and half of the Park was shut down. Made me feel like killing someone. They are nothing but crooks. It was to say the least the worst trip I have ever had. Thanks for nothing Disney.

  32. Ann

    This makes me very sad this attraction is an icon and should be left alone. Woke Disney is out of control and causes more problems than they fix.

    1. Bob

      there goes another SCREECHING KAREN!!
      Being dramatic for no reason!! Lord you must be miserable

  33. Christy

    Wow!!!! Just look at all the racists folks on here complaining. Now threatening they will never go to Disney again. YES! Please stay away. You are not welcome in society anymore.

    1. S1

      No. YOU are not welcome in society. The only guests who matter at Disney are the purists and when I take over Disney in a corporate raid, that’s who I will cater to. I will make Disney great again by being the Trump it needs even if it means keeping Disney frozen in the 1960s for good.

      1. Mark

        P.S. There are no such people as purists. America is a melting pot. Good luck with your corporate raid. BTW: America fired Trump. His “kind” are no longer welcome in our society. So long!

        1. S1

          Yes there are purists. They’re the guests who going when Walt Disney himself was alive, are a descendant of those guests, or are thoroughly educated in the way Disney was ran before Eisner. If you’re not, then you’re not welcome. You’re an undesirable. Disney theme parks are private clubs. Disney under my rule will no longer be a publicly owned corporation, but a private autocracy like a pro sports team. And it’s YOU who’s not welcome in society. Wokes will one day be arrested for thoughtcrimes and sent to Room 101.

        2. F

          OK it’s called a “melding” pot. Always has been. A melting pot means people (ingredients) come in and are destroyed, melted away from excessive heat. A melding pot means people (ingredients) are blended carefully together enhancing the base dish/culture into a stronger, richer, better dish/environment for everyone. Not one ingredient/person stands out more than the others. Equality.

      2. Bob

        LOL, I know what TRASH like you means when you say purists.. if you had your way, America would be 100% straight and white. And I’m sure you’d want to be in charge as well huh bud? Sorry, ain’t gonna happen, so go off yourself you miserable bigot.

        1. S1

          I’m already in charge of of a company sweetheart and yeah it IS gonna happen. I will make Disney great again. You are an undesirable and not welcome at Disney. Some aren’t worthy of enjoying Disney theme parks like Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic at Hogwarts.

          1. Vince

            I believe in you, S1, I believe you can still change and be a good man! WE LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT S1!

            1. S1

              No I will not change. You will learn to do what you’re told and keep your mouth shut. To quote Fa Zhou “I know my place and its time you learned yours.” Disney under my rule will stay in the 20th century where it belongs, asking “What Would Walt Do?” which includes ratting out communist spies like you to Congress like Walt did during the Red Scare.

  34. Woke

    Beautiful gorgeous gets 100 points for using woke good job.

    1. Peter

      Yup. Our co-worker got fired last week for ranting about our “woke” culture. Good bye! See ya!

      1. Bob

        Wish I was there. There miserable Karens need to be taught a lesson.

  35. Alina Jaime

    Please, please, please dont change this Disney staple! I enjoyed it as a teenager when Disney World first opened. We enjoyed it with our kids and now with our grandkids. Walt’s great vision is constantly being changed and diminished and we need to keep all the original magic!!!

  36. Kerri Reed

    The Country Bear Jamboree was my Dad’s favorite thing to see at Disney Land. He never missed it. Please don’t change it!!

  37. Jesi

    Love it.. Will miss it.

  38. Lee

    Walt is rolling over in his grave. Why can’t we mix the new with some of the classics. It is awful to read that Country Bear Jamboree was the last thing that Walt had a hand in. Is the idea to get rid of Walt and some of things that are great for all ages ??

    1. Raven

      Not this no don’t change it at all and this is an original like it’s says this this was the last attraction Walt helped design and build keep something original so all can remember that when the visit this they’ll remember Walt this is the most classic original icon so leave it the hell alone this attraction is the reason I’d come to Disney world for just to see this DON’T copy Disneyland and do away with it like they did with the one there KEEP THE COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE IN TACT DON’T CHANGE IT AT ALL

  39. Eric

    To change these bears it horrible some time thing should stay the same

  40. Please leave a little original Walt. Legacy of what once was. I always go to the show and remember how much my grandma loved it! Heck I still love it. Reconsider

  41. Ann M Hoffman

    O.M.G..is nothing at this place sacred..ITS PERFECT JUST THE WAY ITS BEEN..LEAVE IT U FOOLS..

    1. Bob

      You’re calling people fools?? LOL, they’re doing some freakin maintenance on the thing and you give yourself a freakin rage attack?

  42. Sooz

    Disney needs to just STOP changing things and concentrate on new things! So sick of it! Disney CALM the heck DOWN!

    1. Bob

      LOL. Take your own advice. Disney usually announces when they’re making significant changes to a ride or permanently closing it. Please don’t freaking give YOURSELF an aneurism by being this dramatic over nothing

  43. Chris

    Here comes the Disney Change ‘O’ Matic crew trying to make a name for themselves by means of wokeness and destruction.

    1. Bob

      You’re so ignorant and miserable it hurts.

  44. Mary Lou

    So upset to hear this!!
    As it is, I had to go through the trauma of my childhood show being taken down at Disneyland. No more. 😢 Never again. Can’t have future generations share in what we kids grew up with. And we didn’t get out to the other coast until we hand a family reunion in 2014! So excited to see it once more! Now, before we can make it back again…even after Covid and new crazy astronomical pricing, they take it away…sigh.

    1. Bob

      They are seriously probably only doing maintenance work on it. They usually announce when there will be changes or a permanent closure of a ride. Please don’t fall for all of these dramatic people being ridiculous for no reason.

  45. Daniel

    I’m tired of these”WOKE” changes Disney keeps making. Me and my family are about to boycott everything Disney. They cater to the few and expect the rest of us to just deal with it.

    1. Ugh

      Stop screeching like the Karen that you are and learn to read, you twat!
      They’re just doing freakin maintenance on the ride! You MEGA KARENS are really something

  46. Carol

    Do not !!!! Change this icon n . I’ve come every year dunce it opened . It’s the first place my dad and dad go plus small world . old favorites. Too many memories Ben taken away ! .. happy fun and love bears . Walt Disney would not approve 🥲😱😱😱😱

  47. Carol

    Do not !!!! Change this icon n. I’ve come every year dunce it opened . It’s the first place my dad and dad go plus small world . old favorites. Too many memories Ben taken away ! .. happy fun and love bears . Walt Disney would not approve 🥲😱😱😱😱

  48. Frank Jones

    I do not do business with companies that are anti-American you have chosen the path of wokism. Goodbye and may Walt have mercy on your soul.

    1. Ugh

      Stop screeching like the Karen that you are and learn to read, you twat!
      They’re just doing freakin maintenance on the ride! You MEGA KARENS are really something

  49. RNicholsMartin

    Normally this story probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow but in today’s very politically correct and woke executives at Disney in California and considering their beef with the state of Florida and the hornet’s nest they stirred up with Governor Ron DeSantis, I say leave it as is! Even that aside I would leave the attraction as is considering Walt had something to do with the creation. I think the smartest thing would be to put a sign out front of the attraction with some kind of polite disclaimer… Let’s not forget how they socially engineered the pirates of the Caribbean ride and it’s a joke!

  50. Ken

    Had a trip planned. After the reports that I have seen, changes being made to both parks and entertainment, we will be spending out money somewhere else. It was nice while it lasted, I think Walt would be turning over in his grave. Focus should be returning parks and entertainment to family focus.

    1. Ugh

      Ugh, another SCREECHING KAREN. Don’t you understand Disney IN FACT DOESNT Want HATEFUL BIGOTS at the park. So stop complaining and GO AWAY ALREADY!

  51. Steven Zettlemoyer

    Honestly, who cares. Once Disney went “woke” I hope they go “BROKE”. I’m not spending a dime in that overpriced dump.

    1. Ugh

      Ugh, another SCREECHING KAREN. Don’t you understand Disney IN FACT DOESNT Want HATEFUL BIGOTS at the park. So stop complaining and GO AWAY ALREADY!

      1. F


  52. Ian Michalski

    Good thing there are so many professional marketing exec’s on these boards who know exactly what Disney is going to change. I’m gonna go ahead and take their word as gospel.

  53. Lenny

    Don’t mess with perfection

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