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  1. J (They/Them)


  2. JoJo Dancer

    Ridiculous. How does eliminating “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” make them more inclusive? Pretty much everybody identifies as one of those. This culture has lost its mind.

    1. Leeann Jacket

      I used to say that but apparently some don’t know yet & some don’t identify as either.

    2. Julianne

      Agreed! There’s absolutely no reason that they needed to change the intro. Cancel culture & way over sensitive society is ruining our culture.

  3. J

    Guess this means we don’t have any real problems if this is the sort of thing we feel needs fixing. (eye rolling)

  4. Maria

    They’re not doing the lgbt community any favors by isolating and only covering a 3-second segment of the whole event.. but that’s the thing.. they KNOW they’re not. All you have to do is look at this website’s pattern as of late. It doesn’t take a genius to know what kinds of people an article like this is going to bring out & start those typical comments.
    ITM,.. Don’t “do the lgbt community any favors” and just stick to trying to come up with good, non-biased articles that actually COVER all sides and details of upcoming events and merchandise as a whole.

    1. Walt

      Wow with both of your comments about “The kind of people this will bring out” it almost sounds like you are a biggot against traditional values?!? Gee there is finally a pushback against all your liberal crap and now you have to claim hate? how bout racism as well – that is usually a card the left plays too.

      1. Maria

        I personally am PROUD to stand against hate ANY DAY, and am just tired of the people who immediately make ANY little change Disney does as an opportunity to show your hatred. That’s why I wish this site would stop focusing on those small changes and review or cover the events as a whole. No need to provide “fuel” for these people who CANT WAIT to start talking crap.

        1. Kevin

          People are allowed to have different opinions from you. Just because you don’t like them or it doesn’t fit YOUR narrow view doesn’t make it “hatred”. One could accuse you of the same thing you are accusing others of on here.

          1. Maria

            LOL, really Kevin? YOURE talking about narrow views?? Holy crap have you read YOUR OWN comments lately?

  5. Phoebe L Ho

    How long is the parade staying? All summer long?

  6. Kevin

    Keep bowing down to the 3% MINORITY who can’t seem to understand that there are SCIENTIFICALLY only TWO genders. (Male and Female) Wouldn’t want a miniscule percentage of that miniscule percentage to have hurt feelings now. Ridiculous.

    1. Maria

      My point above proven.
      How do those “3%” affect you?? Because there are a few words at the beginning of this parade that are different now? Is your life turned upside down because of it?
      If such an insignificant change makes even 3% feel welcome, what right is it of yours to be such a jerk over it? Unbelievable.

      1. Kevin

        If the change , as you say, is so “insignificant” why make it in the first place at all? Why should it bother such a small percentage of the world population if it was left alone? Seeing as its so “insignificant” and all. The fact that you can’t see that this is yet another in a long line of publicity stunts by Disney to look like they are catering to the overly vocal minority in this country is sad. And last time I checked, in this country, I have every right to say what I want. You can take your bleeding hearts and move on if you don’t like it.

        1. Maria

          Don’t worry Kevin, my heart doesn’t bleed for you. I will continue to enjoy the parks, including the new changes. I doubt you even visit the parks or care to have anything to do with Disney yourself. You seem to be hellbent on talking trash about a company that doesn’t align with YOUR beliefs for no other reason than a heart filled with bigotry. But alas, like you said, it’s YOUR choice to be that petty in life. Enjoy.

          1. Kevin

            “waaaah you don’t agree with me so you are a bigot waaaaah”. Typical lefty response. YAWN.

          2. Kevin

            Nice deflection away from actually addressing anything I said in my response to you btw. Another typical Lefty tactic.

          3. Maria

            Yet you’re the one assuming my “political sides“now??

          4. Kevin

            Well if it quacks like a Lefty and it’s heart bleeds like a Lefty… it’s a Lefty. Now please, go tell me that you are not. Your reasoning should be comedic gold.

    2. Deborah

      I’ve seen the new parade on YouTube videos. They actually did a GREAT job by now incorporating Walt’s welcome speech to the parade. Anyone who has a problem with this at this point really DOESN’T have anything better to “worry about” in life.

      1. david

        Yeah I thought it was a nice touch to use part of Walt’s opening day speech for the intro to MSEP. I have a hard time getting to worked up about that.

    3. 007

      Kevin, why all the screeching and wailing over a freaking theme park parade? Do you have nothing better going on in your life?

      1. Kevin

        What do you care? Or are you another one that thinks everybody needs to think like you do?

  7. Mickeymouse3

    So as not to offend anyone, Disney should just get a couple of robots and parade a string of multi-colored (you know, so no one is offended) lights down main street. That’ll get the guests all happy with all that magic.

    1. Dan

      This is all so ridiculous. “Inclusion” and “acceptance” are just buzzwords that really have no meaning. By removing the original introduction Disney is actively excluding people in the name of “tolerance.” The people that scream the loudest as well about standing up against hate are some of the most hateful people, who will attack, ridicule and try to dox anyone that doesn’t accept the narrative they are trying to push.

  8. T

    As a gay. CONSERVATIVE man I find that this cancel culture one sidedness is getting ridiculous. I use to love Disney. I even worked at WDW. Now I could care less about Disney. They are just one of so many corporations spewing ths cancel culture crap if they don’t agree with your view.
    This world has gone NUTS. No wonder people can’t get aling anymore. Each side tvinks they are better than the other.

  9. Not a Gay

    Go cry with the other gays, you cry baby GAY WAD

    1. Maria

      Here you go. The adult, mature people who are telling millions of lgbt people that they don’t matter.
      THIS above is what we’ve put up with from the beginning. This hateful, immature behavior. This is what we as a country stand for? Really??

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