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  1. Bill

    So sorry to have to agree with the downhill slope that Disney has taken. I’ve been going to MK since it opened (yes I am a local). I’m so sad that the corporate greed and woke-ism killed the mouse.

    1. L. Jen

      Don’t go anymore they only listen to money.

      Go to Hershey instead! The cleanest park I have ever been to and affordable.

      1. DVC Ray

        I’ve been the Hersheypark many times and WDW dozens of time. If you think Hershey is as clean as Disney you are frankly delusional.

    2. Victor Nazarian

      If you REALLY want to experience lack of cast member quality and sub standard interpersonal capabilities take a $2.65/min. cruise on the Star Wars Starcruiser. Apparently 50-80% of the ‘crew’ are inexperienced, under trained college program kids who have been told they have to act like seasoned ‘face’ actors or be fired. Fully half of the ‘crew’ members seemed too young to buy a beer and most could only interact with one of a couple dozen canned responses. There are good crew members aboard but way too many others are “trick talking meat” as I believe one Star Wars movie star said it.

      Disney has lots of good people. They need more of them and they surely should not be charging $3,000.00/night for a slave age hotel with a sub-standard cast/crew.

      1. Victor Nazarian

        That is supposed to say “space” age, not “slave” age.

        Stupid autocorrect

        1. Ryan Porzel

          It is becoming like a Six Flag theme park. You just go for the rides and leave.

          1. justsaying

            Disneyland was a magical experience before the Covid shut down.I understand the need to operate again because of the money involved although they are not prepared to operate.They opened to soon and because we are eager to return we that do go must endure the change.

          2. justsaying

            I have witnessed many horrible Cast Members they should not be allowed near sweet little children that are so excited to be in the magic of it all.

      2. Goheidigo

        It all starts at the top. Seasoned employees were left stranded during the pandemic with no assistance or support. If you’re upset with the little guy working in the park, you have to look at the big guy at the top. Cast members are no longer treated as they once were.

        1. Bob Mask

          I work at Disneyworld and this is an accurate statement. The ‘Pandemic” changed the company because thousands of long time salary cast were fired, was that wrong, no because nobody knew what to do, they had to try and survive. But what you ended up with is a whole new culture inside and one who has no idea what they are doing as a whole.

          1. Karen

            I get it Bob, but Disney CMs were not the only ones to suffer. It happened across all types of employment all around the globe and people are still suffering. Sorry, but no excuse for rudeness, in any profession!

        2. The Patriot

          Yup, fire your employees during the pandemic and *shock* the best and most talented either retire or leave the industry altogether. Disney crapping on their employees during the pandemic instead of keeping them on staff as part of park maintenance (heck, just keep the grounds clean, that doesn’t take specialist skills) would have raised morale and kept the park rides from breaking down.

          1. Abdul Kader

            Agreed. Disney needs to stop hiring crappy college students and actually market for top talent. But, first, they need to actually treasure their employees.

      3. DVC Ray

        I just did the Gallactic Starcruiser and it was awesome..don’t believe this silly anti-woke troll.

      4. Grandmas r great

        What a coincidence…bashing Disney right after the DeSantis kerfuffle. No motive here, I’m sure. My son and his family just came back from Disney World. They had a spectacular time with absolutely no problems. The kids were beside themselves with joy and enthusiasm, telling me about their visit.

      5. Abdul Kader

        Why would anyone with a brain entertain the thought of paying 6k to stay in that dumpster fire? Seriously. No.

    3. JG

      Wokeism is killing Disney? Sure thing. And your type of anti-inclusion is killing this country. The word woke, which most liberal minded people don’t even use, literally means aware of social injustice, esp racism. Thankfully demographic changes are clearly happening in the US. Now, if you want to talk about corporate greed and resting on your laurels then yes. And their staff friendliness and general customer service has dropped significantly over the past several years.

      1. Jiminy Flippit

        Nobody goes to Orlando for hypocrite BLM seminars and heightened awareness of paranoid Antifa whiners. They go to rides some rides, see a few shows, get sunburned, and leave. That’s it. No more, no less. If you jam your personal problems down other people’s throats? You go CNN. Or you get bought out and become DisneyX.

        1. Grandmas r great

          I think you’re confused about who’s jamming what down who’s throat. Disney wants to be inclusive. You….not so much.

      2. DVC Ray

        50 trips to WDW & DL and I have never been touched by a CM..Guess you’ re unlucky. And also might I add…Boo Hoo

    4. Holly

      Had a similar experience at the Guest relations where I was dismissed after asking a question by a CM. He was too busy waving to someone he knew walking by as I was in the middle of asking for directions. I got a surly look from him and I then witnessed him do an about face as he entered the building with e doors shut behind him. I decided to not renew my annual pass right then. So thank you, John, for making it that much easier to say no to the mouse. This was three Mondays ago.

    5. Renea

      Why is there a disclaimer by the writer? My family had numerous “u magical” and extremely rude experiences 20 years ago. After 3 separate visits that were less than tolerable we never went back. Long lines, rude employees, and problems with dining years ago soured us on Disney, I would certainly not go now. We have met several former Disney employees with horror stories – every female we have met in 20 plus years that worked for Disney was fired for getting/being pregnant. Disney has discriminated against women for years and nothing has ever been done. 1 lady who now works at Universal told us how she worked at Disney for 16 years. When she informed her manager that she was pregnant they moved her to a job carrying cases of water and cola despite the fact she had always worked in guest services and customer service. She refused to lift heavy objects that exceeded 50 lbs and they told her she could quit. She did, Universal hired her the next day. That is one of many stories we have heard straight from the women themselves.

  2. We had bad service at Caribbean Beach Resort when we went during the pandemic. Extremely bad. We have disabilities in our family and we could not get an internal bus to pick us up at the skyliner station. While standing at the bus stop at the skyliner, we called the front desk for assistance as we watched multiple buses ride past us. The person in charge of transportation said that there was no bus stop at the skyliner station while we were sitting in it. Very disconnected. The next time we came we upgraded to deluxe.

  3. John de

    Everyone please get over Disney having lost its magic. Yes it has…The vloggers have stolen the magic…

    1. The Patriot

      The live streamers are trash and they ruin everything, theme parks, anime conventions, casinos, video games, etc.

  4. Kathy

    Vloggers are just saying like it is.
    We went to Disneyworld last fall. I tried to ask a cast member a simple question. He had been screaming at people to put on their masks. He wouldn’t even look at me, he just kept screaming. And I do mean screaming. It was like he was an animatronic figure. That screamed.

  5. Sabrina

    I am at the Disney World complex now and I am so sad to say that coming from a ex cast member the magic 🪄 is gone !!! I have 4 more days and I wish I did not feel this way . Sad 😞 and heart aches For my Disney memories

  6. Jay

    I would be extremely cautious of this story, as a recently ex cast member, it is almost obsurb and most definitely a lie to hear of a cast member using a cell phone while on stage,aka,,,doing their job. Only management cast members have cell phone access while on stage and they would most assuredly find an answer to a guest question versus doing their regular intended obligations. More than most of you could even dane to do the day to day activities these folks have to do and endure your criticisms you feel so entitled to express all over social medias. Don’t like your visit, go somewhere else, but I would suppose the same complainers, complain anywhere they go.

    1. L. Jen

      As a former cast member I go to Hershey instead for the wholesome family experience with way more affordability and cedar point for real thrill rides.

      Sometimes universal cause it’s better. Disney is trash.

      1. AH

        Try holiday world. Drinks are included with admission and it is the cleanest park I have ever bern to.

        1. Vicki

          Where is tgat?

          1. Erica

            Holiday world and Splashing Saphari are in Indiana. Super clean, very friendly, 2 parks for the price of 1. And free drinks and sunscreen all day are included!

        2. Vicki

          Where is that?

      2. Jiminy Flippit

        Try Silver Dollar City in Branson. Nice people, excellent park, no spoiled union member attitude. Haven’t been to Dollywood but also told excellent. Hersheypark and many of the older parks are great too. Six Flags has improved coast to coast, and they have great rides and very good ticket and pass deals. Haven’t been to Knott’s lately, but good rides there and their log flume may be the best anywhere.

      3. DVC Ray

        Disney is rich and I’m poor…boo hoo

    2. Julian h

      How can you say it is a lie, just because you do not like what was said. I wish it was not true but sadly even the cast members can see what Disney has become Greedy money grabbers.

    3. Gary

      Wow not only do you declare what this person said is a lie, but just read the last two lines of your text and maybe you will see what the problem is. Disney is not the same

    4. Jennifer Lower

      We’ve been every month since Aug 2020. I’ve seen CMs on their phones most every trip.

    5. Jay, no offense, but you’re displaying the precise behavior people are complaining about.

    6. Grandmas r great

      They’re astroturfing. Me and my family had wonderful experiences at DisneyWorld.

  7. L. Jen

    When guiding guests I heard a cast member breaking at least 3 of the original look book protocols calls out to the crowd where I can hear them 4 feet away ” follow my directions and God don’t be an a$$hole”

    The fall of the Disney is going hard I hope it continues the company is trash now

    1. Disappointed

      Had a CM yell the F word at another CM from my Jeep at Wilderness Lodge as he sped off. Nice. You bet you butt I got both their names went inside got a manager made a complaint… the driver apologized and said he wasn’t used to these newer cars (it’s a 2015).
      He was moved to the Polynesian resort where we saw him driving a few nights later.
      Disney has lost more than its magic

    2. Chris

      We have seen and heard this many times. The swearing, disrespectful attitudes. Saw a lady get dismissed by a staff member at the customer service in Disney springs when she was asking for directions! She looked defeated, and the guy just walked away talking to another person when she was clearly asking him something! My wife went over and helped her out… why is wrong with these people!

  8. AH

    You do not need to order food through the app. You can go onto any restaurant and order. Did that every time when we were there over Thanksgiving and week after last year. Just had to walk past the door guard to get in side.

    1. Justin

      Not true. I was given the same reaction when trying to order a corn dog from a cart 2 weeks ago.
      Use the app you can’t pay here

      1. Dawn

        I pay with cash every time I go, and have since the reopening. They have to make concessions, as so many people do not use “smart phones” or credit cards.

      2. DVC Ray

        Boo hoo. Disney is crowded, expensive and people are mean. But then I want to say they’re Woke. And then I’m mean and intolerant. Love hypocrisy.

  9. Elnator

    We’ve been twice recently. In October and again just recently over Easter break with our kids. The cast members, park staff and resort staff were all amazing during our stay. Surprised to hear this report. I’d have submitted a complaint with the cast members names regarding those incidents so that they could be trained in proper guest relations at Disney.

    As for the lightning lane complaints? I love the changes. With an autistic child being able to pay a little extra to get him on rides with no wait for the ones he’s doing to ride is a god send. Yes there’s the DAS but even that sometimes isn’t quite enough. The LL service is just a paid version of the old fast pass system and while I do wish it was still free I don’t really get why people moan about a $15 free for such a good system.

    Be glad you’re not at universal. Their fast pass system is awful and their paid upgrade is over 100/day per ticket

    1. Jiminy Flippit

      Universal can be done in 2 days with no express pass use. They’re doing it right, not alienating their long time customers, and not conducting political platform building on the guest’s dime and time. The decline in Disney services and cast quality isn’t a conspiracy, but a sign of poor leadership, indifferent staff, and lacking foresight. When the Disney heiress starts railing in public against at least half the country you know you’ve got big problems.

    2. DVC Ray

      I agree Disney makes Universal look like 6 Flags. Be honest folks, Disney is great…pricey but great.

    3. I Tell The Truth

      This is a shill account for sure. Universal is expensive but you walk on any ride without having to make a reservation. Lightnig lane you may not even get a reservation for what you want and the DAS would be far superior for autistic as you can ride anything you want you just have to get a return time based on the current wait which is almost always faster than lighting lane. What a liar this person is.

  10. Jess

    Honestly it’s been significantly downhill since probably at least the last 5 years. I went in December of 2017 and was pushed so hard by a CM onto jungle cruise that I had to catch myself on the pole opposite us, otherwise I would have gone into the water. they acted like nothing happened. why was he touching me in the FIRST place? I’m pretty fit/strong, imagine if it had been someone older or with mobility problems??? since then as an AP holder I’ve had multiple instances of bad encounters like these listed, especially in Disneyland (moreso than DCA).

    1. DVC Ray

      I think a lot of things have gone downhill the last couple years ???? Restaurants, stores, service in general. Disney deals with these things too, and on a much larger scope, and still does it as well as anyone..THANK YOU DISNEY !!

  11. Leah

    Our pictures were terrible. We did better with cell phones. They use decent cameras that even if you set on an Auto mode should be ok…. these pictures are terrible. What happened? That was one thing that as a HUGE family my family looked forward to and we chose a cell photo instead

  12. Justin

    2 weeks ago in disneyland, my wife was told to tell.our 7 y.o to stop making gun fingers at the storm triopers(who were carrying guns). When she queried this and explained they were arguing guns (which can be purchased 10 feet away) she was told, and I quote,
    “They are not pointing them at you though are they?
    And if you think they are real you are very much mistaken.
    They are not real!”
    No s%#t sherlock.
    She was extremely rude and smug and it ruined the star wars edge experience.

    1. Get bent

      Hahaha! I would have told her to stick it up her ass! Unreal.

  13. Hodgson

    I’m from the U.K. Farther of two. Husband of one. Recently returned from a near 3 week Holiday to Florida. Two of those weeks spend staying on Disney property. Each day visiting one of the four main parks. And I can stand in witness that the magic is slipping away. Sadly.

    I’ve been before… Pre pandemic… So I know what Disney world was. It now seems to be a place designed to strip you of all your money while simultaneously boiling your blood. That may have always been the parks intension. But only now is it visible with crystal clarity.

    The Disney genie + doesn’t work… Has major faults due to the parks poor internet service… And even knowing the system (and how to manipulate it) will only result in you getting on maybe two of the premium rides. It’s horrible.
    The cast members are an entirely other type of horror show.
    To me Disney customer service was always the best. I’d say it was top tier service stuff. Now it is diabolical. This is what I witnessed–
    Staff on the phones. Staff berating customers. Staff making snide comments about the customers to other customers. New staff being trained by rude obnoxious staff. Even the park photographers are now rude. Oh and I didn’t mention being charged for meals twice… hours after leaving the restaurtants. Sneaky sneaky! Disney will not get more of my money until it sorts itself and it’s employees out. Which is a shame because it was always our holiday of choice.

  14. Terrance M Williams

    It’s absolutely true! Some of these cast members are very rude and dismissive. Just had a bad experience last month and we go every other month for 7 days for the past 5 yrs. It definitely has changed and we can thank COVID for that. It allowed all of these companies change how they do business with the consumer. The magic isn’t gone but it’s not as strong as it used to be.

    1. Lighten up Francis

      👈👍👈👆👇👆sorry had to be a smart ass. These people need to lighten up

    2. I Tell The Truth

      I have said the same. Companies are using Covid as an excuse to lower their standards and service. Its all a lie to make more money. Don’t give them any of your cash any longer.

  15. usetolovedisney

    I took the family (6) to Walt Disney World back the beginning of March, I bought the Memory maker, I received a lot of other peoples pictures from the rides, not my families, when I went to guest services , no one could help, I even sent a email to Disney, there response was thank you for the email….nothing done about the pictures that I spent money on…very disappointed.

    1. Rooftop Voter

      Look at it this way: You have a new family now

  16. Jeannette

    For those of you who say the magic is still here, obviously you have not been coming to Disney too long. There is a HUGE difference in cast member attitude and interaction. Rudeness is definitely among us and not just from guests. As simple as it sounds, about 5 years ago, I had a cast member give me an “i don’t know” answer. Ehhhhhh wrong answer. Didn’t even direct me to the proper area. Found out myself.

    1. Hopefully this will all get back to normal in a few years. It’s hard to get staff when people don’t want to work. I wonder if they’re employing mostly Americans now? Remember how many exchange students they used to hire? They were happy to be here and be working at Disney.

  17. Drew

    First of all, this is obviously a lie. I don’t like Disney at all so I’m impartial, but my son, who is 7, tells similar “stories”. Second, maybe consider how little these employees are paid compared to how expensive tickets are. Close that gap and quality will improve…assuming quality is even lacking

    1. Julian H

      Drew – How do you know its a lie? Seriously.

      Regardless of how much staff are paid if they are a bad apple then just being paid more does not mean they will act any different. They need good training, well and a CEO whom should lead by example, sadly Bob Chapek is a greedy pig.

      The quality, service and value sadly at Disney is these days severely lacking…

  18. Patrick

    I was just in Disney, and am not shocked by this series of happenings. Mind you, when we went, COVID was still in swing, but Disney was almost fully open (some hotels were still not open), and FULLY packed with people (I say that very deliberately, due to the picking and choosing of what causes to push for).

    What we noticed almost immediately. The “app” as referenced in this article, was glitchy at best. To the point where we cancelled a reservation in the required time period, only to find it did not cancel, and we had to then argue with someone why we should be refunded our reservation cost (or basically not charged a no show fee). As we checked into the hotel (Caribbean), we had adjoining rooms on purpose, but only one room was clean and ready by the check in time. The other….did was not ready until 8pm that night (imagine this joy with two small children and a mother in law). I observed several screaming incidents with cast members and masks, to the extent that one family (the entire family) was removed from a ride, quite abruptly and rudely.

    Simply what I found overall was that there is an arrogance within the parks, and that “everyone should just know this is Disney”. Not surprising as I have had exposure to their top brass on other matters, and let’s just say it is clear the attitude fits the behaviors. What you are most likely seeing with curt cast members and staff, is the lack of leadership, positive treatment, and in general exhaustion and frustration themselves.

    Bottom Line….I did not think it was the happiest place on Earth.

  19. Al

    Get woke, go broke. It’s more than just wokeness though. It’s the general direction the left has taken this country and it’s on display here thru Disney employees. Disney can crash and burn for all I care

    1. Manny

      Al, you can say woke all you want. It’s got nothing to do with it pal.

    2. Vicki

      Do you even know what @woje@ means? Guess you don’t care if certain people are discriminated against as long as it isn’t you. That’s what this is all about with Florida Republicans! They are so afraid that EVERYONE will be treated the same way they are! Perhaps those who think they are so privileged should be treated like so many others have been for years! Sadly, many of these law makers have forgotten where their families came from! They make laws that everyone but themselves have to follow. A poor girl can’t get an abortion but their daughters (or mistresses) can! They send their kids to elite private schools while trying very hard to limit what other kids learn (so they can assure that there are people to do the dirty work that they would never do!).

      1. Pam

        Such ignorance based on your reply. This vlog is for Disney info not political theater and lies.
        Maybe you’re the problem

      2. Sounds like you’re watching propaganda, not real news. I love Disney, but I also like Ron deSantis. And as a mother, having already raised 2 kids and dealt with our teachers and schools, knowing what is said and pushed on our kids, I wholeheartedly agree that any child age 9 and under should be able to go to school and focus on basic learning, not weird questions about sex and gender. My sons were so beaten down in school by a few of their teachers, simply because they were White, male, heterosexual Christians, and in that order. One teacher routinely told one of my sons who liked to participate in class, “you are a white male and part of the problem. Your opinion doesn’t matter in here.” Still makes me grit my teeth all these years later. And still affects that son. Politics do not belong in the classroom… or rather, a teacher’s politics or beliefs do not belong in the classroom.

      3. I Tell The Truth

        Wow Vicki you’re an idiot. So even if the law maker has their “mistress” get an illegal abortion it makes it right for your you to get one? NO it still makes you both wrong and them a hypocrite. Maybe the whores getting abortions should have thought about this before they went out giving themselves up. Oh and while Im sympathetic to the rape angle you can’t even go down that road because then you’ll have all these metoo idiots screaming rape every 5 seconds.

    3. DVC Ray

      DISNEY isn’t going to crash and burn just because Trump told you to say get woke go broke. Checked out Disney crowds lately buckaroo ?

      1. Drew

        Checked their stock recently?

  20. Shannon Kernahan

    One more voice in agreement with the loss of magic 🪄
    Money, Money, Money must be funny in a Chapek world.
    Our last experience wasn’t horrible, but definitely a corporate experience. That’s not why we used to go.
    I think Cast Members are also worn down, and that was noticed and felt. We definitely gave out cast compliments when people went above and beyond even taking Cast Members gift cards to say thank you because we don’t feel that they’re appreciated from their management. The trickle down affect, starts from The Top.
    Magic is a revolving door there now. Even after buying the upgrades (Genie +) it only expedited the experience. Hopefully this is a growing pain getting through a tough couple of years.
    They can do better.

  21. Kim

    I’m 57 and have loved Disney as long as I can remember. My girls grew up going yearly, sometimes twice, from the time my youngest was 2. The cast members were always amazing. My daughter and I were there December 9-12th. We had some really great cast members, 2 even provided some much appreciated Disney Magic, and some not so great cast members. We experienced several who couldn’t answer our questions and couldn’t direct us as to who to speak with for help. Several were rude. One appeared to not have washed his hair in months. It wasn’t anything that would keep us from going back, but it’s just not the same. They are having a hard time getting good workers, and even had a job fair (WHAT? People used to want to work there) the day after we left.
    HOWEVER, this recent “wokeness” that has been revealed will keep my family from going. It has made me so sad because I have always LOVED DISNEY. We have been looking forward to taking our new granddaughter when she is older. It truly breaks my heart to see the direction this company is going.

    1. Julie

      I agree with you on the staffing issues which are mainly composed of the college program kids. This used to be a highly competitive program to get into but now almost anyone who applies is “accepted” No interviews or online testing/questions like in the past. I know this for a fact since my daughter applied thinking she would not make the first round of cuts since she was just 18 and one semester into college and would apply again later on. Surprise that then very next day after filling out the short application she was accepted??? Hmmm sounds like they need staff and are taking them all without looking deeper into if they are all Disney material

      1. What?

        So you are saying that your own daughter isn’t qualified to be a nice, thoughtful person who is polite to strangers?

    2. Jg

      Love how people feel they have been permitted to openly acknowledge their level of selfishness and privilege and religious elitism (all while speaking about family values and Christian values) by citing the word woke. Look up the definition and justify why you stand in stark opposition to it. Maybe the Disney employees, who I don’t excuse for rudeness, are worn out from years of dealing with people like you. Complaining about woke is unAmerican, look up the definition.

      1. Maybe you actually don’t understand what the word means. When you’re young, you’re liberal-minded because you have a heart. When you’re older, you’re more conservative because you have a brain. To you it may seem cool to have Disney stand up to Governor DeSantis. To me, a voter, an independent, a Florida resident, a parent, and a stockholder of and lover of Disney, it’s dangerous for Disney to start telling the elected Governor how to run our state. Disney? In politics?? NO. Now that’s what I call “Woke”

        1. Bren

          Sorry, Karen. I disagree. Nice of you to try to put someone in their place. But you don’t get what the word “woke” means at all. It’s nothing but a slang term invented by ultra conservatives to instill fear into other conservatives to keep their bias against others raging. Also, so how do you justify all those who are going against Disney for them choosing to be inclusive of all walks of life in their new movies, rides, etc.? All those saying it’s against Walt’s dreams of what “family” means? Sorry, being “conservative” does not mean you have a brain if you fall for the catch all term of “woke” being used as your constant argument when you don’t agree with something someone else does or says. That is called being biased and ignorant if all you can say is “woke this” and “woke that” as every argument. About the only thing I agree with is Disney should stay out of politics. But considering they were donating to the conservatives in Florida, who by the way had no problem taking that money from Disney, shows Disney is two faced as all get out. Trying to play both sides, and got their arses burned! Now when the conservatives want to have a real debate regarding the state of affairs, without trying to use their name calling, put me down terms, an actual intelligent conversation, I’d be down for that. Until then keep on with the snowflakes, libtard, and woke crap. Gives the rest of us a great laugh!

          1. Bo

            But it wasn’t invented by conservatives. Progressive activists coined it to explain the revelations that come once you wake up from your dream world and realize that racism is everywhere.

            Some embrace this attitude and some don’t.

    3. DVC Ray

      Right wingers are really creepy with these catch phrases which are nothing but racism and intolerance in disguise. Has nothing to do with mighty Disney…which will succeed long after they are gone.

      1. Bren

        Pretty rich since the other side only knows the terms woke, snowflake, groomer, and libtard. Oh, and stop the steal. And that is the problem with your “groupthink” you follow like little lambs instead of thinking for yourself. You repeat, repeat, repeat. LMAO! See how silly your argument sounds now?

  22. Sal M

    We went at the end of September 2021, right before the 50th began and stayed at the Contemporary. We knew there was going to be some construction at the resort. We did not know that almost the entire resort would be under construction. We did not know we would struggle to find parking each day we returned to the parks because all the spots were taken up by construction workers.

    I could go on about the lack of food selection or seriously outdated rooms, but the worst part of all is, the cast members, from the food service to the front desk at the Contemporary were rude. What are we paying almost $700 per night before tax to stay at a deluxe resort for when the staff seemed stressed and bothered by our presence? On our final day, I asked about their lobby ATM which had been down for almost a week because I wanted to tip out housekeeping when we departed. We had actually called the reservation line and waited on hold for 2 hours to switch resorts to the Wilderness Lodge because the Contemp was so bad. The front desk worker rudely told me that she wasn’t aware of the ATM issues, and when I explained that I just wanted to leave a tip, she tilted her head and sharply said, “oh I think we’ll be fine.” And immediately went back to whatever she was doing.

  23. jon

    I took the family (7 of us) in October 21. It was not the same as it was the other 7 times I have gone in my life. It was about $15k for the trip. We will not be back until Disney changes its ways. I fear it will take many years. If not it will become only a memory. It is just a cash grab park anymore. I can go anywhere for that experience for a fraction of the price. This whole getting into politics will hopefully be the tipping point. They need a complete facelift from CEO to park employees that has lost the magic….

    1. Lissa

      Yes, my last trip made up my mind as well. It’s not the same – from sarcastic rude cast members to prices, people, in general, are just ruder in the lines – every single line we stood in there were couples groping each other, it was disgusting.., It took our last experience to open our eyes to realize, we can travel to so many other places in this world for a fraction of what a Disney World trip costs.

  24. Marley C.

    Yep. I was at ticketing/ help windows outside the mk and was getting a refund on some tickets (long story). I told the cast member ” sorry for all the trouble” expecting a ” no problem” back instead got a smirk. Changed entire transaction to a negative experience.

  25. Manny

    After 30 trips, usually a week or more a visit, in the last 13 years , I must say I agree. I’m at WDW now and although we love Disney this is our last visit for quite a while. The magic is not here anymore. Wake up every day before 7 just to try to plan a decent day using Genie+$$$, and LL$$$ after already buying a ticket. PH only after 2pm, rides breaking down at constantly. We were at HS yesterday. We had LL for Rise and of course it broke down . We had LL for RNR and that was broken. We were able to do our other LL rides and Rise was finally back up so we did get on it and it was great again. But finally Disney sent out a notification that RNR was not operating for the day at 7pm. Okay so I walk to TOT and ask if I can use my LL on that. CM says no, there’s a list of things on your app that you can use it for. TOT, Rise And slinky we’re not on the list. Give me a break. I pay for Genie+, can’t use my RNR LL because it breaks and they tell me to go to a sing along. So Disney has added many great rides since we really started visiting multiple times a year in 2013 and that’s fantastic. But what’s not is I can’t just wing it everyday I’m there and do whatever whenever I want. Now, your face is buried in your phone, pay extra for this and that, no magical express, park hope only after 2, etc etc. We are Dvc owners and we aren’t going to sell at this point, but they way things are here now moving forward we see ourselves vacationing in places other than WDW

  26. Patti

    The magic is gone. Details. Everything about Disney centered around details. Every bulb must be lit. Every surface must be spotless. Every cast member had to look the part by being groomed properly with a smile on their face. The little things all mattered. Trash wasn’t found in every crevice of an attraction queue. The place was magical because of the attention to details. That’s gone out the window thanks to Disney being more concerned with “inclusiveness” and “diversity.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t mean you have to be so inclusive that you’re letting in apathetic employees. Yes, hiring people is tough these days, but maybe if Disney took a few hundred steps backward and decided to be more like they were decades ago, they could start getting decent people interested in working there again.

    1. Jg

      You were so spot on until the “diversity” part. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but come on…
      We all expect more out of Disney, esp for the (constantly skyrocketing) cost. But this is also a national trend anywhere that has customer interaction. It’s bad. I can’t even find decent graduate trained professionals, so I try not to be surprised when the girl at Arbys is a monster. Disney should do better. Their reinforcer though, is $ and people are still paying.

  27. Renay

    We had the same experience on a trip that we took back in November. Various cast members were rude or just bitter. At the resort that we were staying at we have gotten into a conversation with a cast member and they had stated that they are overworked and that was mandatory days of work. It’s sad to see it turned this way after so many wonderful trips in the past. We have a trip coming up and unfortunately it will be the last one for a long time until Disney can figure things out and get back to the way they were! I’m sure Walt is very disappointed in what his Parks have become and what current management has deemed more important then a vacation to remember.

  28. The comments above seem to be the personal experiences people are having.
    It starts at the top. Disney needs to find a CEO who is invested not only in Disney+ but the one Big item that folks see and experience first. That being the Parks.
    Training and choosing the Cast Members is an IMPORTANT item! I have been going to Disney Parks over 50yrs and maybe it is the times we are in where dissociation with people, and relating to texts, cell phones and the internet, has become a way of life. Used to be walking down the street you would smile or acknowledge a passer by or evening getting on an elevator. Now I notice most people, basically young, the head is down, buried in there cell phone.
    Sure Disney has changed, from 2015 to our trip in 2022..
    The Cast members are paid very little to be on STAGE at their best selves and catering to all the visitors. McDonalds pays better, which is a shame to Disney Cast.
    Blame the Management at the top! A great CEO on the ground, Boots on, involved as a leader can bring back the magic, that has been a trademark of Disney, as penned in the beginning by Walt..
    In pictures of past Disney, you can see CEO’s, boots on, involved with the Parks.
    Keep the magic, live the dream and forget the politics. Stay true to family values!
    And yes, when you spend 5 thousand + for a few days at the parks, this is for 2 people, you expect a bit of pixy dust to float around you.

    1. All well-said. I remember back in 2015, before I had my smartphone, going to a doctor’s office on the 15th floor with beautiful river views. I had weekly appointments, and I sometimes took my binoculars. One visit, I walked into the building (a hospital), into the elevator, all the way up to the 15th floor, and not one person in my path had looked me in the face or spoken or even smiled. I got to the office, awaited my appt with my binoculars, and I made a comment about the beautiful view to another lady that was there with me most weeks. She actually said, “oh! You can see the river? I had no idea.” Floor-to-ceiling windows with straight-on, unobstructed river views on 2 sides of the room. I cried when I got home. I knew our society would never be the same.

    2. Rooftop Voter


      Hit Orange Blossom Trail and you will find ‘dust’ and just about everything else you can imagine.

  29. BdBum

    There was a time when WDW had very high standards for their employees and that is what set them apart. Either you followed their rules or you did not work for them. Unfortunately this has fallen by the way side in today’s world. Disney has given up their standards to the left. You can still be a left leaning company and still expect and maintain standards. Now the tail is wagging the dog.

    On our last visit we noticed no one says “Welcome Home” anymore when you check into a DVC resort.

    We love the cast members and go out of our way to give them a smile, a hello and try to be extra nice because we know they deal with a lot of jerks. But there have been times when we walk up to a cast member and can see the attitude before uttering a word.

    We are seasoned Disney vacationers and can deal with almost any situation. Will be there in a few weeks and will be able to judge for ourselves what is really going on.

  30. NotWoke

    Disney is a great company with thousands of remarkable employees. Your wokeness is a contrived right wing contraption. At the end of the day, who is really the woke one? Folks just doing their job and quietly living their lives or the right wing wokers themselves? We could care less about your own wokeness that attempts to enslaves us in your culture wars.

    1. Pam

      Maybe you should not comment if you have nothing useful to say. Also, try to stay on topic, you ramblings are only showing the world what kind of person you

  31. Puckles

    Eddie M needs to stop acting like a male Karen. He needs to man up.

  32. halloweenguy

    Sad this is the case. I encountered rude cast members between 2011-2013. At that time FastPass had just been introduced. It ruined Disney for me. 2009-2010 were my best times with the recession keeping many people away. I used to be able to look down Main Street from the gate and see the castle without a lot of people in it. The crowds started to pick up in 2013 and I mainly paid for an annual pass I seldom used. One of our discount hotel nights I was excited for. Went there and found out it was discounted because Disney invited every cheerleader (high school and junior high) group to the parks for a national event.

    The time to avoid is when college kids are working there. They are the worst and to them its just a paycheck.

  33. Daniel

    I am a long time cast member. Within the last 2 years this company has had to re-hire thousands of new faces. Fact is we are a seniority based company for all hourly employees which was the only real fair way to go about things. with the recently added thousands of new employees we now have a new culture that wants to do away with seniority and replace it with ” Fairness ” and equitable distribution. That sort of mindset is detrimental to every cast member who has been with the company for any amount of time beyond 5 years as there are thousands of us. Thanks to the new selfish mindset of the young, those who have been here any any amount of time are now being treated as ” equal ” no matter how long they’ve been with the company, does that effect us, you bet ! Is that breeding hatred towards the company we once liked, you bet ! Will it overflow onto the guests, you bet !

    1. Rooftop Voter


      Don’t forget the H1B crowd

  34. Jason

    Ex cast member of 10 years here, so glad I left in 2016 they definitely don’t get paid enough to deal with crazy guests, other cms and management. Oh the horror stories I have from my 10 years of slavery. They will tell you cms are the #1 reason people come but don’t treat you like it. The most evil greedy company selling it off like the happiest magical place ever for the low low price of your life savings

    1. Nehn

      Exactly. They don’t pay us enough to deal with it all. I work nights at Disney’s main competition. $16/hr just isn’t enough and $15 for daytime TMs to deal with customers? Lol nope. My raise was a whole $.50. I can barely afford to live in the area at this point.

  35. Jason

    On a positive note though, I moved halfway cross the country living more comfortably then I would ever get working at disney. And yes I’d have to work 60 plus hours a week to barely survive.

  36. Michelle

    Donated a patch to fire museum and it ended up in a cast members pocket. Tired of being treated rudely by cast members and guests. Gave up yearly passes. The magic is gone!

  37. Deb G

    Completely agree on the lost magic… I had a cast member yell at me because I didn’t want to park on the tight spot he was telling me to park. The car next to the spot, he was telling me to park, had parked on top of the lines and I a baby to unload on that side. Mind you, this was at preferred parking, 2x regular parking price!! Very disappointing.

  38. John McNabb

    We just went to Disneyland last week. I was shocked at how many cast members lacked information or shared with us incorrect information. I had an electric scooter and cast members had lots of different policies they seemed to follow I relation to attraction access. Sometimes there was a lot of confusion on park policies and it felt like there was very little communication of policies in a consistent way. There were numerous occasions where there were these shown.

  39. Hannah

    My husband and I encountered an extremely rude waitress in one of Epcot’s Mexican restaurants. Our dinner experience was ALOT less than magical, and it reflected in her tip.

  40. Getserious

    Sounds like someone has difficulty with change and did no research before their trip. It’s a harder job than most people think

  41. Mary

    Standards have been lowered and employees are now comfortable being disrespectful and lazy. There is such thing as being too comfortable at a job. When a company prioritizes individual expression over basic expectations quality goes by the wayside. Employees setting their own bar for excellence is a recipe for failure.

  42. Suzanne Witter

    Was at AK this past week was getting on Expedition Everest as we parked our ECVs cast member Nick told my husband and daughter’s girlfriend to get into this row and get on without my daughter and myself. The friend had never been to Disney or even on a roller coaster. He took this experience away from us. My husband tried to tell him there was 4 of us and was told get on or leave. WTF DISNEY thanks for taking this experience from us.

  43. Alan Keller

    Management will not be happy until it is “Six Flags Orlando.”

  44. Connie

    I was just there last week. We encountered some amazing cast members and, unfortunately, some who were rude and unhelpful. They acted like we were bothering them!!! Saw it happen to some other guests, too. They were also surprised at the attitude. And, had one cast member take the time to complain about Florida’s governor and that whole situation. We did not ask!!! And, frankly, I go to WDW to get away from the problems of the real world. I didn’t want or need to hear that.

  45. Abdul Kader

    While I honestly think grown-ups who are obsessed w/ Disney are weird, Disney has been losing its “magic” for the longest time. I’ve only been to Disney a few times since the pandemic. Disney only cares about money. It no longer cares about guests. This is evident with its merch, ticket prices, attractions, particularly with Star Wars, and so forth.

  46. Phillip

    Umm…maybe that cast member was having a bad day. I know they are supposed to smile like everything is perfect. It might had been their.last day.

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