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Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

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  1. F

    Hey WDWC, STOP! GROOMING little kids, you freaks!
    Oh and STOP enabling and promoting MENTAL ILLNESS as a lifestyle!!!

    1. SenseiThroatPunch


    2. AH

      Trans is almost totally limited to white educated leftists. I guess they are the ones with the most mental issues.

      1. d00d


  2. Cindi

    So proud of they/them for coming out

    1. d00d


  3. Mark

    Its about timrle they camr out. The regions cults can keep to themselves fir the next 2 000 years.

    1. Geo

      Again! It is not The Don’t Say Gay bill you idiot! Do your research! The bill does not say that anywhere in it. I canceled my Disney+. Hey, what people do is there business but don’t push or impose it on everybody. They only make less than one percent of the population!

  4. Mark

    Arrrrrghhh, the religious cults can keep to themselves for the next 2000 years.

    1. AH

      Which is exactly what Trans is. It is a religious cult.

      1. d00d

        uh, whutTF? wow, ignernt much?

  5. SenseiThroatPunch


  6. JOHN

    They should remove “gender” period. There is no gender, we are all human.

  7. Who, me?

    If you want to identify as a doorknob, that’s your buisiness.
    But forcing those without this “issue” to play along and agree that yes you were a boy but now your a girl, nope. Not happening.
    If this idiocy is to be accepted, does that mean I can put Harley stickers on my Honda and everyone has to believe it, even when I sell it or trade it in?
    It always starts with, “ Growing up I didn’t feel normal.”
    Gee, maybe because it’s not. The majority of people want to live their lives without being assailed by those who demand we look at and accept their sexuality as normal just like your Aunt Edna demanding you look at the mole on her forehead and tell her it’s beautiful.

  8. A

    How is this news? Please stop wasting our time.

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