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Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Scott Lee-Ross

    Umm, actually the park is open till 1 am that day for Extra Magic Hours for Deluxe resort guests. She will not be able to redeem the snack unless she is staying at a Deluxe resort.
    Not a Hack, a misunderstanding.

    1. JS

      As someone who had to often work past 2am when Pleasure Island existed as a night club, all I can say is who cares. If the time is available then the cast members are already scheduled to work. At that time of night her “hack” isn’t really going to drastically change the amount of people that show up. Why are people not more upset about the low pay and super entitled people they have to deal with everyday. When I did the College Program 28 years ago I got paid a lousy $6 per hour. However, I honestly didn’t care because it was only for four months and I was working at Disney World which actually meant something back then (except it never helped my career as no one else gave a crap). These days cast members deal with more crap these days especially during the pandemic and it sounds like they don’t make much than I did in the internship. Them have to stay for their scheduled hours isn’t the problem. This poor woman who was just giving a hack wasn’t the problem. The problem is the Walt Disney Company. Be mad at them.

      1. JS

        Sorry, 18 years ago…not 28 years. I’m not that old.

  2. Al

    This is a another stupid article, the amount of “hacks” online are numerous…

    1. Mar (Xe/Xhe)

      I don’t think they know what “hack” means.

      This is a “tip,” not a “hack,” the writer is a hack for improperly using hack

      1. nNark

        I don’t bother responding to comments in this site, but I had to now, just to say, YES! That word “hacks” has been thrown around so carelessly, it’s insane. For years, I’ve been correcting people on this very word. TIPS aren’t HACKS!

    2. stephen

      >the amount of “hacks” online are numerous

      Yep and quite a few of them write for ITM.

  3. Colin

    If they’re already scheduled, I don’t see any problems at all!

    1. Jeanne Guarnieri

      Hmmmm…. 160,000 guests at $600 are recorded going to all four parks each day. That’s 96,000,000 per per day. That’s four billion nine for each four parks. Or? That’s four billion, nine hundred and nintey two million dollars a year. Are we really worried 😟 that Disney World is being slighted in any way by trying to meet our needs? Even after paying 77,000 employees, they are making over two billion in profits every year. I think small inconveniences should be overlooked as they are richer than rich.

      1. Mark

        The concern isn’t for Disney. It’s for their famously underpaid park employees.

      2. I’m not sure where you’re getting your data, but 160k is all four parks, combined, not each. Is the $600 figure an estimate from a data aggregator? Regardless, they’re making a lot of money at the parks, so your point stands. 🙂

        In 2019, ~58,770,000 guests visited Walt Disney World’s four primary parks. At an average of $122 per guest (ticket prices shift throughout the year), ticket sales alone accounted for $7,169,940,000. When you factor in the immense cost of staying at a Disney property, food, souvenirs, etc., and you’re looking at tens of billions, without breaking a sweat. Of course, they invest a huge amount back into the park “experiences,” but they obviously pocket far more. Quite the racket.

  4. Marla

    Cant stand Disney now. Gay run place. Hope they lose all their guests!!

    1. LACitizen

      Grow up racist and homophobic hack.

    2. Debbie

      Careful marla, you’re showing your ugly bigotry

    3. franklin

      Great, please stay away and actually keep your promise. It just means more space for the rest of us the next time we go.

  5. Marla

    Cant stand Disney now. Gay run place. Hope they lose all their guests!! Theres lots of places to get late nite snacks

    1. Jedi

      And your probably home sitting in your 1 bedroom shack wishing you were 1% as successful as the Disney CEO.

      1. Marla Sadd

        Marla is a sad sad soul. She only lashes out at that which she so desperately desires. Don’t do anything stupid, Marla. Stupid. Marla. Go hand in hand.

      2. Ben

        That CEO Chapek is not SUCCESSFUL he is a greedy and Disastrous for Disney replace tht Looser sooner rather than later, for Gods Sake.

    2. Marlas Karen

      One more thing Marla. Don’t reproduce. You clearly have no grip on reality or knowledge of 2022. Marla is the new Karen.

    3. Cindy

      LOL.. “Marla”, I’d rather hang out with a “gay” than a miserable MEGA-KAREN any day!
      Stay at home and eat your TV dinner hag!

    4. One Of Those Gays

      You sound like a hurt person. I hope some day you open your heart up to those who are different than yourself.

    5. Penelope

      Poor snowflakes. Gayest place on earth still makes them sad.

    6. franklin

      Great, please keep your promise and stay home. It will mean more space for the rest of us the next time we go to the parks.

  6. Cookie

    We are scheduled after closing to set up and clean our area for the next day and to close out our registers, not to continue to serve guests.

    1. Raymond Winiecki

      If you are a Disney employee and they see what you wrote !you definitely will be fired.

      1. Walt D

        Oh yeah? The secret Disney police are going to get that cast member..

        Be quiet before you accidentally break something.

        1. JS

          Yes, there is time after closing where cast members close up for the day. That is why when I worked at Pleasure Island I was scheduled to work until about 2am after the area closed at 1am. If the times are available on the app then it is not the guest’s fault or the fault if this woman who shared this tip. It is the company’s fault. If you don’t like it blame the company or quit. I do feel for you as cast members deal with a lot of crap, but you can quit. (Unless they are holding you hostage. Please give us a sign if you need help.)

      2. Julian H

        The cast menber have lives too you know, let them close and closing time and gethome to their families without hearing your crap Raymond. For god Sake, I bet you go home on time after work…. Or do you not have a job.

    2. Anon

      You cannot speak in any capacity on the company.

  7. Walt D

    LGBTQRSTUV+ controlled 8th layer of you know where…

    That’s Disney now.

    1. Bob

      Your miserable self can stay at home and stare at the walls.. no one’s gonna miss you, idiot!

      1. Penelope

        More like Sad D. Wahhh

    2. Rick D

      Disney would be rolling over in his grave if you don’t accept everyone.

  8. JoeMommaSan

    What, you guys really thought Disney was going to do something that might obligate them to pay overtime to an employee? Seriously?

  9. Kevin

    Heaven forbid people are asked to actually work for a living.

    1. Anna

      And forbid I’ve worked my 8 hours and now you want me to stay longer? How many hours longer do you stay at your job to assist customers? Working people are still allowed to have lives outside of their jobs.

      1. Denise

        It’s obvious that you did not bother to even read the whole article. Employees work beyond the closing hours. No one is being forced to work extra hours because of it. Regardless, even if they did, which they’re not, most would welcome the extra pay.

      2. Julian H

        Spot on Anna, these other people are on another planet

    2. Penelope

      Said Keven the Karen.

  10. Inside the Garbage

    This entire website is based on finding stupid social media posts and writing an article about moron’s comments on said post.

    1. Paul W

      And yet you still read it…

  11. Mark

    The same people who do this are the same people who will show up at a restaurant within the last hour before close and then be surprised that they might be out of some items and that literally no one in the building is happy to see them.

    1. Debbie

      I know what those people are going through. I’ve worked it stores where customers would come in 5 minutes before we locked the door. We’d pleasantly remind them that the store was closing in 5 minutes. That didn’t usually make a difference with them and they’d leave the store a half hour later without even buying anything. I wasn’t paid for that time and I was just stunned by how thoughtless they were.

  12. Debbie

    Careful marla, you’re showing your ugly bigotry

  13. Bee

    I worked in the college program at one of the only quick service locations in Hollywood Studios that stays open til park close (a lot of places close at 5). Yeah, we were scheduled “extra hours” (an hour past close) but we couldn’t start closing til we got the last mobile order out and it sucked. At the end of a 10 or 12 hour day all you wanna do is go home on time

    1. Julian H

      I feel your pain Bee, some of these self righteous so and so’s do not have a clue. Its all about them it would seem entilted SOB’s.

  14. Susie-Q

    Listen… I get it… I’ve been in management positions, where I’ve had to stay and help people. And most salaried jobs, do not pay overtime. Businesses are hurting for employees all over the country… and most likely in your town too. If you don’t like your job… change it!! There are some states where people would love to work a job that they could get paid $15 an hour. But I believe if you work overtime, you should be paid for it. I am under the impression that Disney employees get “perks”? The jobs I have worked over the past 50 years, most offered some kind of employee discount or perk. So, while I am sympathetic to cast member’s issue of not being paid overtime (which correct me if I’m wrong, is required in all states unless you work salary), I suspect that the “perks” may be what keeps you working there. I have always felt the companies I worked for that offered “perks” were on top of my pay. And I worked harder to deserve them. Be happy to have a job and do your best at it. And on the other side, have curtesy toward the people you want to help you.

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