Comments for Disney Guests Smashed Tower of Terror Ceiling After Sneaking Past Seatbelt Check

Tower of Terror stormy sky

Credit: Disney


  1. BOB

    Pulling up an incident that occurred in 2010 and headlining that it happened recently is a desperate article.

  2. Kevin

    It’s called “deflection” and this site loves to do that. (I got your sarcasm by the way and loved it :))

  3. Aaron Henley

    These guys were lucky to not break their necks. You’re in a 100 foot free-fall in an enclosed space. This was stupidity to the nth degree.

    While I’m confused as to the relevancy of the article, it IS a good reminder of always following the rules to secure yourself properly. Otherwise, it can most certainly be fatal.

    1. Diana Foster

      Wouldn’t have been any great loss if they did break their necks

    2. truth

      i was concerned about him coming down on someone and hurting that person. i couldnt care less about him.

  4. Tom

    If you’re going to go through the trouble of pulling this stunt, you should at least use night-vision on your camera so that we can see the result.

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