Comments for Guest Loses Consciousness While Onboard Disney’s Intense Thrill Ride


Credit: Disney


  1. Jen

    I’m confused. When did Disney build an intense thrill ride? They’re all pretty tame to me.

    1. Claudia

      He may have had a medical problem that he was not aware of which the ride enhanced

  2. Nah

    Guy is weaksauce. My kids go on this ride .

  3. Leeann Jacket

    My kids go on this ride. Granted! It is 55mph but they’ve been riding thrill rides since 7. I guess some people hate heights, some people hate rollercoasters, some people hate spinning rides, but I don’t understand why people pass out on rides.

    1. carol

      So, someone was taking a video of someone else on the ride, rather than enjoying the ride. I’m wondering if it was all fake so they’d have a cool (not in my opinion) video

  4. I grew up down the street from knotts Berry farm and Disneyland and let me tell you there has never been a ride that is intense at Disneyland. I’ve been a kid riding space mountain not that scary. And the incredit coaster if you pass out because that’s intense for you just don’t visit the park’s snowflake

  5. Ls

    How is she still hanging on?

  6. Charlie R

    The one time I rode this, I was so terrified after I could barely walk and I was shaking uncontrollably. I didn’t breathe for most of the ride due to utter Terror. NEVER AGAIN

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