Comments for Disney Guest Notices Same Piece of Litter In Beloved Attraction Has Not Moved Since 2018

"it's a small world"

Credit: Disney


  1. Kelvington

    How can the title of this article NOT BE… It’s A Small Wad After All?

    1. Susie-Q

      LOL! That made my day!

  2. Seth

    This is what would make Walt roll in his grave. The lack of care being taken with the park.

    1. California mom

      I was thinking the same thing. Walt is rolling in his grave! I’ve been annoyed at bird droppings on the panther along the train tracks at Disneyland. It doesn’t look realistic, but hard to even pretend when bird droppings are on it for months and months! Takes the magic out of it!

      1. Leeann Jacket

        Well that explains why they moved it.

      2. LOL

        Roll, roll, roll.

    2. Tarah

      He’s rolling in the grave about the whole park going down and the ridiculous prices.
      I was amazed at prices when I went to Disneyland.
      Balloon costing over ten dollars 🙄

      1. LOL

        Roll, roll.. Roly poly..
        Roll, roll..

    3. NotThatGuy™

      I dont want to be That Guy™ but Walt Disney was cremated.

      1. Bob

        LOL.. thanks for that 🤣

      2. Cydney

        Walt Disney is in a cryogenic facility. He was frozen.

    4. PAULYT

      EXACTLY! Walt’s ashes are disturbed! 😢

      1. NotThatGuy™

        He’s quaking in his urn.

      2. LOL

        I think YOURE disturbed, darling!

    5. Disneyland in CA was on my bucket list, BUT I REMOVED IT FROM MY BUCKET LIST as of NOW!

      1. LOL

        Awwwwwww… ok buh-bye now then!

    6. LOL

      Roll, roll, roll.

      1. Margaret

        I was at Disney on Monday 4th 2022, my first ever visit i thought this, over priced for parents with little kids, majority of rides are old just lost there mojo!!!! I hated to have to show my card every ride what a pain!!!!each year i think a day for kids that would probably never go due to circumstances. I did enjoy the parade those young adults do a fantastic job. For the price though they need to step up the rides i understand nostalgic rides, but like i said after a long time just not the dame thrill!!!!why buy yearly pass once you see no need to return.

  3. Danielle

    In 2019 there was a large bloody band aide on Splash Mountain for over 5 months even after an extensive renovation it remained. It wasn’t in a hidden nook it was right out in the open after the drop. I brought it up to the cast members and this one girl was so rude. She rolled her eyes and said “you don’t know our parks safety procedures” and basically as rude as possible told me it couldn’t be cleaned. I found a random manager (the ones dressed nice picking up trash) by New Orleans station, he had me email him directly pictures. It was forwarded to Critter County management and within a week was gone. Still pretty bad it took that long and a guest complaint for it to be cleaned up.

    1. PAULYT

      Good for you for following thru!!! Walt’s ghost smiles over your extra efforts! ❤️

  4. Andy

    Was at WDW over thanksgiving and it was a filthy mess. Felt like I was the state fair or a local carnival. And cast members were a bit sloppy and unprofessional looking. Saw several groups of cast members just hanging out and chatting with each other and not working. The kids working at Cedar Point last summer looked and acted more professional.

    1. Raymond Winiecki

      This is just the beginning of the chapek woke version of Disney!

      1. Bob

        Hey Raymond, you clicked on this story specifically to add your little hateful comment on here? You know you don’t HAVE to go to the parks right?? Don’t be a miserable twat.

        1. DeLaunhardt

          …another insult heard from a member of the “tolerant, virtue signaling and kind left”….

          1. Ugh

            SCREECHING KAREN alert!!

          2. Billie Hanson

            DeLaunhardt (WTF?) likes to point his weak little finger and call names. Pathetic and weak but oh so typical of the small-minded right.

        2. Julian H

          Hey Bob thats not hateful, thats the truth, what is hateful is your manner and tone. Open your eyes to what is happening in the parks, do not blindly follow Disney. Its not a patch on what it used to be, its lost its way and people need to make comment in the small hope it will change or at least get rid of Chapek.

          1. Ugh


          2. Billie Hanson

            Oh brother. YES! It WAS hateful. How typical that you refuse to recognize this poor behavior.

    2. Vince

      We were there for thanksgiving weekend as well! I absolutely did not notice a “filthy mess” anywhere though. Definitely crowded, but the cast members were all very nice to my elderly mother and I. I’m starting to believe people are making this stuff up just out of some sort of spite! I don’t care about politics, and funny enough, didn’t notice any. My mother loved the park. It’s really sad if it is the case that people are being this hateful over nonsense.

  5. Claire shannon

    I have been to WDW many times and find the park to be the cleanest resort ever. It is tacky to see litter and do nothing. The custodians clean after thousands of people daily, many of whom feel entitled to dispose of debris at will. These people work hard and have daily tasks to do at certain times. You see what you are looking for. I left a purse on the back a door for 3 years because I stopped seeing it after 3 months. If you come to WDW to do a “white glove” inspection, you’re not going to enjoy what you paid for. Lighten up.

    1. Pete

      Lighten up !!! I don’t think so.It just isn’t the same.Catering to the wealthy,Cast members with crappy attitudes,political correctness more important then what Disney was always about.I’m done with Disney till we get back to Walts vison.

      1. Ugh


  6. Tarah

    He’s rolling in the grave about the whole park going down and the ridiculous prices.
    I was amazed at prices when I went to Disneyland.
    Balloon costing over ten dollars 🙄

    1. Ugh

      Roll roll roll. Just rolling rolling down down down.
      Rolling rolling

  7. Richard Fitch

    I went to Disney world Florida two years ago and was amazed how clean it was , it seemed that if you accidently dropped any litter a member of staff would catch it before it hit the ground !

    1. Raymond Winiecki

      You said it 2 years ago pre Chapek Era!

  8. A

    How about people taking responsibility for their own actions and NOT throw garbage/stick gum and/or disgusting used band-aids where it doesn’t belong?

    1. PAULYT

      RIGHT!!! It’s sad how some people have really become less concerned about trashing our parks and public spaces! 😢

  9. Laurie

    There were candy wrappers inside the fence when I was standing watching the gorillas at Animal Kingdom in December. I was sad to see it, but not surprised.

  10. Summer McRae

    Not litter related, but definitely an indication of standards lowering – we went to the boardwalk a few months ago and I stopped by the restroom close to the front lobby – they had a giant plastic jug of hand soap- like the kind you see on the janitors cart to refill the soap dispensers- sitting on the sink counter. They had stuck a pump in it for guests to use instead of filling the soap dispensers with it. This at a resort that used to offer fresh linen hand towels to dry your hands on in the same bathroom. I was very disappointed to see the obvious lack of care or professionalism at this resort. We’ve been going there for over twenty years, and I have never seen anything like that before. Just one thing of many that we have noticed lately.

  11. N

    It all comes down to management. Did I say management yepper key word. If management is to busy trying to figure out how to make the next buck his people that make the little and get anored want care and do just the bear necessities.

    1. I agree that prices are out site. However look at what happened in the last 2 years. Covid has affected many businesses in a negative way. Closing for long periods of time then trying to reopen with less employees than they really need. Also dealing with entitled patrons who think they have the right to act like Jerks. Look at the businesses in your own cities and see how they have fared.

      1. Julian H

        Glenna it has been tough for business, well eveyone, BUT not every business is ripping its customers off like Disney is.

        So much less for your money and yet the costs are so much higher. Inclusives are now an extra charge and still the prices go up. Staff are cut and you get less service for your money the list goes on, this is what Disney is doing, not many Companies are following suit thankfully.

  12. Stephen long

    This person really has to get a real life! How embarrassing to reveal this is his problem in life as the world falling apart. Guess they are looking for something free!!!

  13. Margaret

    I have found Disney resorts simply the best – coast to coast.
    And this website is one guys opinion. One guy with an axe to grind and an agenda to spread.
    Don’t be fooled.

  14. Betsy

    I am a Florida resident and have enjoyed Disney for 50 years. I was just at WDW within the last month and I would agree that the cleanliness is not nearly what it used to be. I also think the cast members are not as upbeat and cheery as they were in years past. Overall, I feel sad to see Disney take this slide. I used to love having a Florida Resident pass but I have not had one since 2018 and I will not be wasting my money on one ever again. Disney is definitely NOT what it used to be.

  15. LOL

    This website has become a rat traP for Karens. Nothing more. Bait the Karens with a little Disney negativity and they come a runnin’.
    We need a fumigator, STAT!

  16. SD

    Actually I was just at Magic Kingdom and Epcot in Florida in early April 2022 and the rest rooms were the messiness I have ever seen. Toilet paper all over the floors, unflushed toilets etc. I was last there in 2014 when everything was immaculate. I sure hope they return to the clean state of previous years, esp for the admission fees.

  17. Michael

    Okay, have you SEEN the endless piles of trash along the roads in California? And you expect Disney to avoid that forever too? Don’t worry though, Gov Gavin says he’ll solve those nasty trash problems with a few billion more in taxes. Good luck with that!

  18. Michael

    Have you seen the roads in California? Trashiest place I’ve ever been, outside of some real third world countries. And you expect Disneyland can escape that forever? But don’t worry Californians, your good buddy Gavin says that with a few more billion in taxes he’ll get that all cleaned up for you…

  19. Michelle

    I have also noticed the park dirtier than I have EVER seen it. The overflowing trash cans, dirty restrooms, and the associates not the same Disneyland associates from years ago. I am a pass holder and pay $25 for parking every time I go! They are making money and not using it to be sure our experience is a good one. Miss the old Disneyland days no one cares anymore!! Sad

  20. Chris

    Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll remove the gum next time I’m over that way.

  21. Chuck


  22. Eric

    I wouldn’t say that Disney “prides itself on cleanliness.” I went in February, and the entire part was gross and unmaintained, from trash, to neglecting routine cleaning like carpets inside buildings. Really rough looking in general.

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