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Credit: Disney


  1. Paula

    They were all older, there are warning signs at the park and I don’t believe any of these incidents were due to the rides.

    1. Ed

      Thank-you Paula. I don’t go often but I understand at my age (68) there are things I don’t really need to be doing! Time to enjoy your grandchildren riding these rides!!!

      1. Change your evil ways Disney, bad things happening!

        1. StLH2O

          It’s noit Disney that is evil. It’s people like our governor and you, trying to ram your hypocritical attempts to run every one else’s lives, while letting false (orange) prophets run yours.

          1. JJ

            Agree, remember when in 2016 Trumpers called Liberals snowflakes because they were upset Hillary lost? Well the Trumpers as it turns out are the biggest snowflakes because everything upsets them. Now they are upset with Disney because because Disney because Disney doesn’t support DeSantis’s Gay Bill.
            I think that these snowflakes and their families need to stay home and don’t go out for anything that way they will be safe from freedoms that soldiers fought for the United States of America. This way they they can control what their family experiences in life, homeschool their children so teachers can teach without being afraid a Karen will try to get them fired for a reading list of books that these Karen’s read and never had a problem with until someone told them they should have a problem with it. This way the majority of Americans can go about life as Americans have for years and let their kids experience real life and not be in a bubble created by their parents. These kids that live in this bubble and never experience real life and learn decision making are in for a big surprise once their bubble bursts when they’ve old enough to go out into the real world.
            I don’t understand these people that are ok with their government controling their lives, what they can read, what they can do with their bodies, who they can love, their religion, their childs learning, etc. No Thank You, I live in America land of the free where I have the freedom to let my child grow and learn about real life. So if you want a life where government controls your life please move to Russia, North Korea, China any dictatorship and stop trying to turn America into an Authoritarian country!

        2. Tracy

          My comment on these incidents is… know your own limits. The rides did not cause these accidents.

    2. JT

      I agree!!

  2. Sarah

    It hurts to fall off your high horse 😂

    1. Rodger


    2. Puckles

      There’s nothing funny AT ALL about what you just said in your failed attempt to make a pun. You think it’s funny to laugh at an elderly woman falling? Seems like you didn’t get punched enough as a kid I’ll punch you.

      1. Not a sheep

        Sure you will. 🐔

        1. I IDontBelieveYouI

          …said the sheep

      2. StLH2O

        If you can’t see humor in life, then you are not living, only existing..

        1. Tracy

          Sarah – Are you a Gen Xer? Good sarcasm going on. Love it.

      3. Toughguy!! Hahaha

  3. Rodger

    Riding around on YOUR high horse all the time doesn’t necessarily qualify you to ride a carosel horse! Everyone knows this.

    1. Janet Oconnell

      Any opportunity to throw shade on Disney .these people were hurt either thru their own actions or underlying medical condition. What is your agenda in dissing Disney EVERY DAY???

  4. DonB

    Wow. What cruel and unacceptable comments about people older than some of you getting hurt.
    I had a minor stroke at WDW when I was 52 and I couldn’t believe how quickly the paramedics arrived to help me. Maybe we should be grateful for the help we sometimes need and receive.

    1. Debra Rusovick

      Well said.

    2. StLH2O

      I am older, and use common sense about what is appropriate. But accidents do happen, and people do get sick unexpectedly. Considering how many thousands of visitors Disney gets daily, I’d say their rate of incidents is superior, better than just walking around your home.
      But there is nothing wrong with seeing the humorous side of life. There are even shows (which I find distasteful) whose whole premise is showing the funny side of people getting hurt. These are all based on the unsaid thought, thank G-d it wasn’t me. You laugh because you don’t want to cry.
      But judging others who do find the humor, while you remain untouched by the humanity, is despicable.

  5. I think some folks should be aware of their limitations. In other incidents an accident is just that, an accident. The 14-year-old is not Disney related but negligence on more that one party as all are aware of now.

    1. Raquel

      Well first off you don’t fall and break your hip. The hip actually breaks first then you fall..

      1. Nik

        Idk who toldnu thay but u are incorrect

        1. Pat

          No that is correct

      2. Pat

        She shouldn’t have been on the ride then

      3. DLand

        Nope, you’re TOTALLY WRONG MISS Raquel. I have a Bone disease and didn’t know I had it until I thought I had refractured one of my feet & I collapsed. My hip was already Fractured, but I didn’t know that it was Fractured until I saw the X-rays in my local ER & the ER Dr said that my fractured hip was healing great. My mouth hit the floor because I hadn’t fallen at at all nor did I know that I had had a fractured hip. I’m super pain tolerant and my hip never hurt. Even with the severe fracture that I had. So no Dear ANYTHING can happen to a Hip getting a fracture. It did with me & I never even knew about it. Go figure. Hope that they were all alright.

      4. Dawn

        My grandmother tripped over a planter in her front yard and her hip broke when she hit the ground. Not sure where you get the idea from that the break happens prior to a fall or being hit, but that’s not how it tends to happen. Some do have calcium deficiencies or bone disease that leads to fractures or breaks by just standing or walking, but more often than not there an injury occurs as a result of a fall.

  6. Some Body

    ALL Disney rides have warnings and suggest you NOT ride them if you have heart conditions, they also warn of possible seizures on certain attractions. Guests need to pay attention and follow the suggested guidelines. Maybe they should also accept the outcome of their own choices.

  7. Katrina G

    If every one of these ‘senior citizens’ had had their medical emergencies at home instead of Disney, we wouldn’t have even heard about them. There are no dates, no information about underlying medical conditions, no context at all. They could have happened over the past 30 years for all we know. People with seizure disorders should know better than to go on a ride with flashing lights, and there ARE warning signs.
    This seems suspiciously like a Witch Hunt.

    1. Raquel

      If your 55 that’s not a senior citizen just saying

      1. Pat

        According yo AARP its 50

        1. Travis Weberling

          Pat, & believe it or not, there are people that are 47 & 48 who are members of AARP

    2. Vicki Elkins

      The article said these are from a report that is filed quarterly about incidents that happened in January through March.

  8. James

    I honestly don’t know what to say about someone who had a stroke from riding the People Mover.

    1. Phil McCracken

      Maybe she freaked at the woman getting her hair done.

    2. Leeann Jacket

      It said she passed out. I bet she fell asleep.

      1. Diane Seidel


    3. Patti

      She could have had a stroke sitting on the couch at home. Same thing except that isn’t “newsworthy.”

    4. Shel

      I had a stroke in the parking lot after a 4 hour shift at work.. I was only 26 years old.. it can happen anywhere.

  9. Deb

    Based on experience as a cast member and knowledge of Disney’s commitment to safety, a close look at these incidents would most likely reveal they had little to nothing to do with the attraction itself. It is infrequent that there is a safety issue and often, injuries can be attributed to the rider not obeying safety instructions.

    1. Travis Weberling

      Deb, you’re exactly right, I’ve seen & heard of people not doing the simple things like keeping their hands & arms in the ride at all times,& are surprised whenever they get hurt on the rides.

  10. Tori

    These all sound like user error and not ride operation issues. There are warning signs for seizures and things like that. The lady that fell, if she had unsteady gait should have been sitting lower to the ground

    1. Sorcerer

      You’re aware that carousel riders have no control over how high or low the horse stops, right? There have been many times when I’ve ridden a carousel (which most people view as a pretty benign ride) and stopped at the top and had a bit of trouble dismounting.

  11. Bubble tea

    Maybe they should pay more attention to their guests instead of trying to shove gay pride down children’s throats. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Flowerbinder

      Bubble tea, I’d say bless your heart but you just proved that you don’t have the intelligence to understand sarcasm or enough heart to demonstrate love and compassion. Hopefully, you’re one of “those people” who have sworn off everything Disney

    2. Dave


  12. Get over yourself

    Or maybe, just maybe, an elderly person shouldn’t have been trying to climb on and off a high ride without help🤔🤔🤔🤔 but you go ahead and blame gay pride, cuz that’s makes so much sense 🙄

  13. Walt is spinning


  14. VIXEN

    Regardless of The age, maybe those elderly people had no business being on the rides but Ride should be safe they said even a 14-year-old had it issue so it’s not just elderly people young people can get hurt too and if you ask me the charge for Disneyland is too much and you canGet her because these people don’t check the rides and make sure they are OK that’s BS if you ask me You won’t catch me going to Disneyland anytime soon or Disney World for that matter they’re just not worth it anymore they’re too woke they’re too liberal there to everything but what they should be and what Walt intended them to be

    1. Dan

      Based on your grammar and horrible writing skills I don’t even think you’d be able to find your way to the entrance gates.

  15. ScottishLassie

    The only one where there sounds like the theme park could be held liable it the 14 yr old (unless the lady who fell from the carousel did so due to a malfunction related to the horse itself eg the foot hold failed etc. Otherwise Disney could not have prevented the incident and had already installed signs safety getting on and off the ride.

    The others appear to be purely Ill health incidents so again, Disney not liable as warning signs present on rides like Flight of Passage. Just because the incident details are posted, doesn’t automatically make the incident due to Disney errors in health and safety. The fact the cast members responded quickly to aid the person(s) and receive treatment should be applauded. Not every incident is a compensation claim.

  16. Michele

    You can’t blame Disney for underlying health issues. The people mover is the calmest ride i don’t even know what to say about that. They should have been aware of their own limitations. Not Disney’s fault.

  17. Joc cr

    I am 67 and realize that health emergencies could happen anytime, but could be exacerbated by fear, excitement, motion….things out of the ordinary. Falls, no matter when or where can cause a break in an older person. I do not see these as caused by attractions.

  18. KP

    The title lured me in…it suggested that a 12 year old boy was injured at Disney. Did I miss that in the article?

  19. Ed

    I’m 75 and I agree.

  20. Tamie Simmons

    Almost all were older folks with medical episodes and not injuries. Except for the older lady that broke her hip… common injury for that age group…

  21. TG

    This article should not have this heading wording. The heading of the article makes it look like it was due to Disneys negligence, when in reality, these were park goers that sustained injuries independently. Disney didn’t break her hip and riders should read the signs posted about possible seizure triggers. Not a fair article. Disney has their own mess they have created, but it isn’t this…

  22. Kelly

    I think these things are to be expected. People are going to have strokes and heart attacks. People do things they shouldn’t and get injured all the time. Im an ER nurse of 35yrs, these things happen. The only incident that seems possibly DISNEYS fault would be the kid who had a faulty seat harness.

    1. Dawn

      The kid wasn’t in a Disney park, it was another place in Florida, which is now being sued by the family.

    2. Dawn

      “This incident report also mentions the tragedy of 14-year-old Tyree Samson, who was released from his seat while experiencing the Orlando FreeFall at ICON Park. The attraction has since been closed indefinitely for investigation and SlingShot Group, which operates the attraction, also was demanded by ICON Park to stop its operation of the Orlando SlingShot. The family announced that it is planning to file a lawsuit.”

  23. Shirley Evans

    Most if these incidents could happen anytime except the lady falling getting off the horse on Prince Charmibgs Carousel. I am 72 and until pandemic I was a regular visitor and rode most of these rides with my grandchildren. Would I do them again possibly but the carousel is one I avoid because I am short and getting on and off the horses is a struggle. Wish everyone affected well though, it’s awful when your vacation is affected by I’ll health and accidents

  24. Denise

    So, now since the fatality at icon park, they are going to publicize every single incident now everywhere.

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