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disneyland paris crowds


  1. Eve


    1. neil

      yup – but they are no worse than the democrats.

      1. Joe

        Hillbilly trash says what?

      2. Laura

        Way to bring politics into this. Here’s a golden star and a lollipop. Do you want to sit in the big boy/girl spot too?

        1. Sal

          Disney sucks!

      3. Jo

        Democrats are better educated, statistically. All the while you turds pretend to be Christians. Lol. Loser. Jesus would HATE you. It’s funny.

    2. Latrae Osborne

      What perversion is present in this article

    3. Bob

      Bullish/t, stop with wing nut nonsense

    4. Jo

      Lol. You’re a moron you bigot.

  2. Deb

    Eve get a grip mate get of Disney based chats if u hate Disney that much

  3. Judy

    Will NEVER set foot in Disney anything ever again. Grew up going to Disneyland and Disney World . No longer a magical place to take children.

    1. Doug Rebertus


    2. Jordin

      It’s Disneyland. Crowds are to be expected, pandemic or not. Obviously if you’re going to Disneyland the pandemic isn’t your biggest concern 🙄 Don’t go if you don’t like the crowds it’s literally that simple. Isn’t it ironic how the person was complaining about the crowds while literally being apart of the crowds😂But really what is the point of this post? Are you pro or anti Disney because I can’t figure it out anymore.

    3. Jo

      Good. No one cares. You’re a bigot and pretend Christian. You judging douche bag.

      1. Sal


  4. Lauren Jen

    Will never buy a Disney parks ticket ever again. I’m going to Hershey instead!

    1. Bob

      As my granddaughter would say bye-bye poo poo

    2. Jo

      Bye. Disney doesn’t care about you bigoted, uneducated losers.

  5. Cheryl

    Disney has always been a treasured place. Our hearts are so saddened that our children will not know the innocent magic that we were blessed to experience.

    We have cancelled our Disney+ service and cancelled our extended family vacation planned for this summer.

    This company once so precious to us has positioned itself against protection of our youngest

    1. Jenny

      Do you realize nobody at Disney or the rest of the world cares about Republican hillbilly trash like yourself? The world has passed you by and left you behind while you sit and cry whine and complain. You guys are low IQ snowflakes that are manipulatable and easily influenced. It’s sad embarrassing and I’m glad that most of the world stopped caring about you guys

      1. Cory K

        Oh quite the opposite. A lot of people are tired of these Disney perverts trying to telk our kids to be gay. I am boycotting forever. I am not even a Republican

        1. Latrae Osborne

          They’re not telling anyone anything. The one thing they’re saying is it’s ok to be gay. They’re being considerate of everyone.

        2. Serg

          It’s a business. Including the 1 LGBTQ person in their franchises guarantees them continued and excillerated money from the 15% of people that identify as such, in addition to the 80% of people who don’t care whether or not they are included. Losing 5% of their consumers is no comparison to the 15% they gain.

      2. Cory K

        You love being a pedophile at Disney you democrat

      3. Kurt

        Funny how you people assume anyone with moral value is low IQ that can’t think for themselves. Also interesting how your kind starts name calling when they have nothing intelligent to add to a topic..

      4. David

        I love how when delusional r mentally ill people call everyone else crazy when confronted with facts. Just because you are mentally ill and put a wig on doesn’t make you a women. I for one will not participate in your craziness. Disney has destroyed everything it has built fr a small percentage of sick and confused people. Leave the kids alone sicko.

      5. Byebye

        Ok, lesbo, does the lower part of your face look like a glazed donut?

      6. Bob


    2. Nina

      This isn’t new! Maybe the LGBT stuff is, but Disney has been perverted long before this. Casting spells on us through witchcraft, magic and devil worship. We’ve just been under a spell this entire time! Go back and check out some of the old movies and cartoons as an adult! You’ll see that this has been going on for decades!

  6. E

    So glad to get rid of homophobic , narrow minded people in all businesses

    1. Truth

      No one mentioned anything against homosexuals. Parents don’t want anyone to discuss sex with their little kids. Sorry homosexuals AND heterosexuals can’t talk about their sex lives with kids. We don’t want adults to groom our kids.

      1. Latrae Osborne

        Have you not read this comment section? They’re talking about gays. However the article doesn’t. No one’s grooming kids except maybe republicans. Who’s talking about sex lives with kids? Explain that

      2. Byebye

        Ok, lesbo, does the lower part of your face look like a glazed donut?

      3. Jo

        Gay people don’t groom kids. Whole lot of replublican idiots do though. Losers.

    2. Kaiser

      If you look at the comment section it’s nothing but liquid brained Republican snowflakes freaking out about how they’re canceling Disney not realizing that literally all of us are overjoyed. The entire world has moved on past this stupidity, selfishness and fear mongering of Republicans. The world has moved on little by little and Republicans are beautifully on the losing side of history.

      1. ShutItAlready

        Maybe you should look into all the sex crimes (reported) for Disney Cruise lines and then decide if that’s the possible, very possible “magic” that you want to begin. Smdh.

        I’m a Democrat and will not be returning to Disney anything.

        In general, they have proven themselves over and over again, in more than enough negative light for my liking.

        I grew up at Disneyland. Passes every summer, went every week for as long as I can remember until I was 17 and moved to the east coast. For another 5 years we took 2 trips a year to Disneyworld. This is not the Disney of yesteryear.

        Honestly, after reading stories lately, it sounds more like a nightmare than the happiest place on earth anyway. No thanks.

        1. Latrae Osborne

          And? If you look into the statistics of sex crimes for anything you won’t leave your house. What have they done as a company ?

        2. Jo

          Look at the stats of republicans who are pedos. Omg SO many!!! Sick jerks.

    3. David

      Norman Bates would be the business man of the year and be a senator with today’s democrats. Disney is done.

      1. Jo

        Disney isn’t done, you uneducated fake Christian idiot.

        It’s thriving! You bigoted aholes are the ones who are done. You’re loud, but few. Loser. Haha. Poor white trash.

  7. Hewo my name is Twavis and I wuv wace cars and teddy bews um and I I I awso wuv how in dinsyland uh dey have uh chicken nuggets and uh dey are tasty and yummy and yeah uh yeah um do you wike how in disy land dey have chicken

    1. Byebye


  8. David

    Or they’re just over COVID and not living in fear like you apparently are, and want to get back to normal life. Get over yourself.

  9. Gemma jones

    Can’t wait to go booked for a surprise for my daughter. I went as a child and its always busy no different to alton towers or any other big attraction. Let the magic begin 🙂

  10. Hailey Livre

    I am boycotting Disney. They are Adrenochrome drinkers.

    1. Jo

      Omg. Adrenocrome?? Hahahahaa. You clearly have mental health issues you idiotic Qanon. “The storm is coming!!! Wahhhh”.

      You’re lack of critical thinking is showing. Loser.


    After 15 years of going minus the shutdown we are done with Disney a place that supports hurting children.

    1. Latrae Osborne

      How do they support hurting children. you’re reaching now

      1. Jan

        Disney condems the parental rights bill that stopped the teaching of transgerder teaching of children K through 3rd grade without parents approval. Telling kids they don’t have to tell their parents to about what they have been told. This is a dangerous situation and stinks like a rat for kids in school to be told not to tell their parents.
        I will not be returning to Disney. I no longer have my annual pass. I used to go to Disney twice a week and had an annual pass for over 30 year.

      2. Byebye

        Go back to your tree branch.

  12. Serg

    They really need to increase the price of admission to the parks. Need to weed out people to get them less crowded. Even Genie is becoming useless with the amount of people that can get in.

  13. Monica

    I live in Central Florida and I’ve raised 6 children in Central Florida. No time has any teacher taught or talked about sex nor their sexuality. I am now raising three grandchildren, two are in third grade and they are not taught about sex or their sexuality. This bill was created by a homophobic Society and I’m very proud of Disney for not backing it. This is a republican of forty years speaking. I have also heard a lot of nonsense about the new movie turning red, the movie is rated PG not G.So as a parent find out what the ratings means. Maybe not take your five-year-old to it that’s what PG is telling you

  14. When your 5yr old daughter goes to the restroom and comes out and asks why do they let people with schlongs use the bathroom with me then just maybe a light bulb will go off in your head and you will see the light. Capiche’

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