Comments for Disney Fireworks Turn Off Mid-Show as Wind Forcefully Whips

disneyland forever concept art

Credit: Disney


  1. John Roberts

    It definitely didn’t hit capacity. I got in with my wife and kids 10 minutes before the first electrical parade. Most likely what happened is they held people at the gate till it was over because of the crowd that was on the parade route. You could barely walk because of the sheer amount of people along the parade route.

    1. MC

      This is true. I was working outside the walkways in front of Disney Clothiers and guests clogged up traffic after being told all viewing areas had been filled. I get it, 8:30 is the most convenient time for the little ones and being the “first” ones to watch the first show of its run but if you so badly wanted to watch the parade maybe plan out a little better or ask around why people are lining up to watch the parade. Anyway, it was a nightmare and felt like the 60th all over again but first days are usually like this so I shouldn’t belly ache too much. Always have a plan.

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